Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So, I've been keeping an eye on PugPros (our local pug rescue) to see if Flat Puglet is making a difference. I figure if the number of adoptable pugs goes down, the Flat Puglet Project must be working.

Well. I was totally heartbroken to see how many homeless pugs PugPros has. There are 32.
That's 32 too many!!! There were 27 when my human made this little collage of their pictures last week and I remember hearing there's a waiting list for pugs to get IN to the rescue (not enough foster homes). Not good.

Pug Pros Adoptable Pugs

And that's just pugs. And just here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I suck at math, but I'd guess you probably have to multiply these 32 pugs by about a gazillion to find out how many homeless dogs there really are. Totally not good.

Flat Puglet has been busy spreading the word. And his hosts are doing a completely awesome job showing him around and telling people about his mission (seriously - we've been really amazed by the awesomeness of his visits!!). But if FP is going to change the world, he needs to get major attention. So I think it's time for Phase II of the project:


Phase II is all about getting FP noticed, big time. Like Oprah-big-time. OK, maybe Oprah is more like Phase III. But you know what I mean. He needs to go places where gazillions of people will see him.
He needs like, an audience.

And here's where I ask for your help!

I need your most brilliant-est ideas. Where should FP go? Who should he try to meet?? My human has a few totally ran
dom places in mind (the Ace of Cakes place, Dogtown, Cesar Milan's k9 rehab center) but her brain's been working overtime and is gimpier than usual so the list pretty much stops there.

So..... Any ideas???

* * *

My flat self loved Florida, but needed to cool off a little after so much time in the sun. So he headed back to Illinois, where he was welcomed with fresh snow (and and a bully stick!).

FP and his host Scamper went on to meet lots of pugs at a place called ADOPT!

about it here at

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hi everybody ~ I'm baaaack! I really missed you all yesterday, but moocho thanks for listening to Dutch's story. I had no idea he had soooo much to say! Poor guy is totally exhausted now. Maybe I should let him take over more often!?!

Anyway. Since yesterday was so wordy, I won't say much today. But I do have an extrasuperspecial video for you. The last one we did was so much fun to make, I asked my human if we could do another one. I haven't done anything special for Jenny The Pug in awhile, so I
decided to dedicate the new video to her.

(I also want her to know I'm not just a model, but an actor too)

My human said I'd have to learn some serious new moves to impress a girl like Jenny. And I also still need to get famous so I can use my fame to save recycled dogs. So I tried reeeally hard to make every new move count. I really hope you like them! Oh, and don't worry -- I picked out the music this time...

(Can't see my new video?? Click here to watch it on YouTube)

* * *

Today my flat self is in sunny South Florida and I'm stuck here in rainy North California. He sees the other ocean for the first time, passes the sniff test (barely) and learns more about rescue in the Sunshine State.

You can read about it here on

Monday, March 29, 2010


Hi everybody. This is Dutch. I know this is Puglet's blog but he said it'd be OK if I borrowed it for a day.

I really liked reading all of your stories. I know Puglet told you a little bit of mine, but he doesn't know my whole story. My human said maybe I should share more of it in case anyone's wondering what it's like to be recycled....

I used to live with a lady and a bunch of other Dalmatians. The Lady imported me from my homeland (The Netherlands) when I was a puppy. She wanted a show dog and she wanted a winner. My parents were winners, so The Lady thought I would be a winner too.

I never wanted to be a show dog, but I didn't have any choice. Luckily there's a height limit for my breed, and by the time I was a year old, I was half an inch too tall for the show ring. Dalmatians in The Netherlands are bigger than American Dalmatians. I guess The Lady didn't know this.

That extra half inch made me an official loser. The Lady lost interest in me and I spent the next few years in the kennel. She let me make babies a few times and that was fun, but that was about it.

Until one day, a visitor came to se
e me. It was very exciting because I didn't get many visitors. I tried to be on my best behavior for the visitor, but it was hard to contain my happiness. The Lady yelled at me to be good, but the visitor didn't yell. She just tried to hold me still so she could pet me.

I didn't know who the visitor was, but I loved h
er instantly.

After a few hours, the visitor put me in a crate with a blue fuzzy blanket. I had no idea she was my new human (I found out later that Dalmatian Rescue helped her find me) and didn't know what was happening or where we were going. It was very scary. We rode in the car for a very long time.

We got to San Francisco in the middle of the night. It was nothing like the kennel and I was so overwhelmed I couldn't pee. When we got to our house, there were more stairs than I'd ever seen in my whole entire life. This is a little embarrassing, but I was 3 years old and didn't know how to walk up a flight of stairs. It took a long time, but eventually I made it to my new home on the second floor.

My first day in my new home.

Stairs were the first of many many MANY things I knew nothing about and found completely terrifying. Like mailboxes. And traffic cones. And garbage cans. And those things newspapers live in. And bikes. And buses. And skateboards. And people - lots and lots of people. People who wanted to pet me. People who looked me right in the eyes. People in hats and glasses. People with scary shopping carts full of cans. Way too many people. And dogs. I was never allowed to play with other dogs so I didn't know how. The vet said I was too skinny to have my boy parts removed and other dogs didn't seem to like them very much.

My human could tell I was overwhelmed by all the new stuff so we spent our fist day together hiking with the cows. It was my first time off-leash and I ran around like crazy. I didn't get much exercise in the kennel and my legs didn't enjoy running as much as I did. By the time we got home, my back legs wouldn't bend.

New yoga pose: Rigid Dog?

I didn't want to be any trouble on my very first day, so I tried to sle
ep without bending. At first my human thought my yoga pose was kinda funny, but we ended up at the emergency vet. They had to give me a shot to make my legs bend again.

I want to say everything got easier after that, but it took me a little while to understand the real world. My human said I was like a puppy in a dog body. So we took it slow. And I grew up. And the world got less scary every day.

Today, the world isn't scary at all (except for cameras). And if you met me on the street, you'd never guess I used to be afraid of mailboxes.

* * *

Today the flat me heads back to the Sunshine State on a very important mission (on top of his usual mission). He enjoys the sunniness, spends time with Central Florida Pug Rescue, meets two little puggies and learns that gators need love too!

You can read about it here on

Friday, March 26, 2010


Yesterday I overheard my human telling someone at the park how me and Dutch came to live here. I've heard her tell our stories about a billion times, but never really thought about how we each have our own story to tell.

Like my friends Stubby, Frank and Wendell. Their people KNEW they wanted a pug named Stubby. Or Frank. Or Wendell. And now I have pug friends named Stubby and Frank and Wendell. Pretty cool, huh?

I really liked when we swapped stories about our names - so let's swap stories about our, uh, stories!

Dutch was my human's first recycled dog. As a kid, she raised puppies for the Seeing Eye. The puppies would stay for a year, then go into training to be guide dogs. When she grew up got her first apartment, she immediately found a breeder and got her first forever puppy - a Rottweiler named Moby. A few years after Moby, came Grendel.

Twelve years later, Moby and Grendel were both asleep. My human was very sad and had to wait a few years before her life was ready for another dog. When the time was finally right, she decided not to get another puppy. She liked the idea of adopting an older dog, but knew it would be impossible to go in the local shelter and not come out with like twenty dogs. So she spent a lot of time talking to Google and
narrowed things down to a breed: The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.

Swiss Dogs were supposed to be a lot like Rottweilers (big, sweet, goofy), but minus something called a "stigma" that made being a Rottweiler mom kinda hard sometimes. But when she talked to some Swiss Mtn Dog people, they all said city life isn't the best life for a Swiss Dog. Back to Google. More talks with
dog people. A few breeds later (Weimaraner, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Catahoula) she finally decided on a Dalmatian.

My human met two other Dalmatians before Dutch. She said they were both nice dogs, but something wasn't right. There was no connection; something was missing. When she met Dutch, he was a total mess inside and out. But there was just something about him. Right away, she knew he was the one.

I came along a few years after Dutch. My first humans had too many dogs to take care of so they recycled me. I wasn't supposed to stay here forever, but nobody told me that.

My human had been thinking about getting a second dog, but our city compartment is a little small for another Dutch. She never in a million years imagined getting a small dog -- until she met me. After two days (maybe less) she was completely in love with me, smallness and all. Obviously, I stayed.

I've heard my human tell people she never really understood 'the whole pug thing' until I came along. I think that means she didn't really like pugs. Can you believe that?? Not liking a pug? Crazy! Of course now my human is a total pug freak. She might like pugs even more than I do -- and I am one.

So, what's your story?

* * *

Today the flat me goes to the big city. The REALLY big one - New York. He meets lots of people (including an Oscar) and gets to eat ridiculously tasty food.

You can read about it here at

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I'm a little late today because of something my human calls 'technical difficulties'. But I just call them Jack and Vegas.

So, last night we went to The Man's house. It's where our friends Jack and Vegas - aka The Crazy Labrador Brothers - live. I love T
he Man and Jack and Vegas are ridiculously fun. I little bit crazy, but totally fun.

Anyway, my human and The Man went out to eat and left us all at home to have some serious play time. As usual, we went completely nuts. Even Dutch - and he hardly ever plays and never goes nuts. It was all fun and games... until Jack and Vegas played tug of war with my human's laptop, Mac!

I have no idea what they were thinking. Mac was waaaay up on the kitchen counter, just hibernating away in his little carry pouch,
totally minding his own business.... and next thing you know, Jack and Vegas are out in the backyard playing keep away. With Mac.

Me and Dutch knew it was wrong and tried to stop them, but Jack and Vegas wouldn't listen. They didn't stop until Mac's carry pouch was torn to bits. Which was right about the time my human and The Man came home to find poor little Mac lying in the driveway, full of teeth marks.

And that's pretty much when the f
un ended.

My human says it's a miracle little Mac survived the attack. This morning she took him to the laptop vet and they said he will be fine in
a few days. Luckily my human's other computer, HAL 4, is too big to leave the house so he didn't get eaten. I'm pretty sure if Jack & Vegas ate HAL, the world might come to an end. At least for Jack & Vegas.


Today's visit with Flat Puglet is very cool. He goes to Phoebe & Kizzy's house in Oregon and meets a BRAND NEW baby! (He does other stuff too, I've just never seen a new baby before)

You can read about it here (and meet the VERY cute Mr. Chance Wayne) at

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Awhile ago, someone suggested we do a behind-the-scenes video of my human taking pictures of me. Everyone's always saying she's such a great picture taker, so good with a camera, blah blah blah. What they don't know is that I am the talent. I do all the hard work. All she does is use her thumbs to push a few buttons.

Seriously. Just telling it like it is.

And so you don't think
I'm all full of myself or something, yesterday we brought a little video camera to the beach and made a movie. Of me. Y'know, doing the supermodel thing. Sorry if the music gets stuck in your head. It was my human's idea.

Here I am, workin' it for the camera:

(Can't see my video? Click here to view on YouTube)

* * *

Today my flat self meets another flat self in a place called Utah (home of the famous Bonneville salt flats).

You can read about his visit here on

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


To everyone who got a visit from Flat Puglet, I owe you a great big HUGE apology.

I swear, I had no idea how totally freaky it is to have some strange flat pug lurking around your house. Staring at you ALL the time with its creepy, uh, stare. Yeah, I've seen plenty of Flat Puglets. But there's a difference between being stalked by your own flat self and being stalked by someone else's.

Like my friend Spencer's:

My human made Flat Spencer for our friend Bellatrix. We wanted to thank her for the Yak milk chewy things, but she just started a new diet so anything edible was totally out. The real Spencer is Bellatrix's best friend/boyfriend (?) and my human thought she might like to have him around 24/7.

I think sticking Flat Spencer to the fridge might also motivate Bellatrix to shed some tubey-ness. I mean, having some strange flat pug stuck to my fridge would totally keep me away from the food. No offense Spencer, I really like the real you - but your flat self FREAKED ME OUT! I totally don't blame you for barking at mine.

I hope Bellatrix likes Flat Spencer. And if she does decide to nibble on his flatness, my human says he's 100% fat and calorie free.

* * *

Today my flat self visits Buford T Justice in Petaluma, CA.
He makes loads of new friends, goes to doggy daycare and - holy cowpies! Can you even count how many bullysticks he finds there?

Read about it here on

Monday, March 22, 2010


So my human has this thing called a pet peeve about dog butts. Yes, dog butts. In pictures. She hates when a perfectly good picture gets ruined by a, uhm, doggy butthole.

Whenever we're out with the camera, it's always Puglet, turn around! I don't want a picture of your butt! I could be doing something really cool like climbing straight up a wall and all I hear is Pug! The butt! Not the butt!

Weird, right? Wel
l, I guess she's not the only one who doesn't like dog butts. Because someone actually makes butthole covers for dogs. You heard me. They're called Rear Gear and they look like this:

According to their website, Rear Gear comes in many designs including a disco ball, air freshener, smiley face, and cupcake. You can even make a custom Rear Gear!?!

Uhm, people - hiding your dog's butthole behind a smiley face might sound fun, but there are soooo many things wrong with this idea. First, would YOU want someone messing with your butt?? No, you wouldn't. Trust me on this - having your butt messed with is why most dogs hate going to the vet.

And number two, what about number two. I mean, what happens when it's time for #2 to leave the building and your dog's backdoor is blocked by the cutout of a cupcake??? Ye
ah. Not good.

I've never actually seen my own butt, but I've seen lots of other dogs' butts and I don't see what the big deal is. If you think dog butts are really that bad, look away! Point the camera at something else! But please, please leave our rears alone.

* * *

Today the flat me visits Montreal, Canada. He learns a lot of new words I can't pronounce, obeys the local customs and munches on a smorgasbord of French-Canadian delicacies (sort of).

You can read about it here at

Friday, March 19, 2010


Late last night I heard screams coming from the kitchen. This has never happened before and it was really scary.

It was like 3 a.m. and my human and Brother Dutch weren't in bed with me. This has never happened before either. I've seen Law & Order on the TV and know what can happen when there's screaming and people disappear. So I psyched myself up for some kind of fight and crept down the hallway towards the kitchen.

When I got there, it looked like a crime scene. There was blood splattered everywhere. JUST LIKE on Law & Order. I could hear my human outside screaming. Dutch was nowhere to be found, but I could smell his fear.

This TOTALLY freaked me out so I ran back to bed. And hid.

I stayed hidden for what seemed like forever. When my human and Dutch came back to bed, Dutch had this funny thing on his head that made him look like an Amish homeboy. I couldn't help laughing at him. Even if there was a bloody crime scene in the kitchen.

Dutch wouldn't talk to me because I laughed at his 'do rag and m
y human fell asleep before I could ask what happened. So I stayed up all night, just in case there was an axe murderer in our kitchen.

Well, I found out this morning what all the blood and screaming was about. The blood came from Dutch's ear. Somehow he flapped his ears so hard that one ear split open. Then he kept flapping because his ear hurt and every time he flapped, blood flew all over the place. That's where the yelling came from: my human was yelling at Dutch to stop flapping so she could fix his bloody ear.

And that is where Dutch's Amish homie 'do rag came from: he has to wear it
to stop the flapping until his ear is better.

I'm glad there wasn't an axe murderer in the kitchen because I totally can't stop laughing at Dutch's 'do rag.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


So, I couldn't wait for Frank to leave so I could eat my new Himalayan Yak Milk chew (TOTALLY love the yak chew, by the way). But now that Frank's gone, I kinda really miss him.

It was so much fun having another pug in the house, I asked my human if we could get another one. Of course she said no. But she did say she
'd make me a flat pug of my own. Not exactly what I had in mind, but everyone seems to like Flat Puglet so much, I figured - why not? A flat pug is better than no pug at all.

So I asked my human to make me a Flat Stubby. I've never met Stubby because he lives far away in a place with snow, but there's something about him that is just... special. Kinda like a boy version of Jenny.

Google says it's called a bro-mance.

Anyway. My human had a picture of Stubby left over from the No-Contest. She said the picture would be totally perfect for Stubby's flat self. Said it would look just like Flat Puglet, but Stubby. I thought this sounded pretty cool. Well. Flat Stubby didn't exactly turn out as planned. It looked like he had legs growing out of his ears. So my human cut his legs off.

Yeah. She cut off his legs.

Of course Flat Stubby looked kinda funny without legs, so my human stuck him to the blackboard wall and drew him a whole new body. That made him very cool. Not as cool as the real Stubby, but I still gave him a bromantic kiss on the cheek to welcome him to San Francisco.

Stubbs, I love you man!

* * *

My lucky flat self is back in the land of Vegemite (
a gooey brown yeast extract snack) and marsupials (kangaroos, koalas and wombats). During his stay in the Country Music Capital of Australia, he relaxes with a new recycled friend named Cindy.

You can read about it here on

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Awhile ago my human promised we could go to a place called Flax and buy stuff for me to paint with. Google says Flax is where creative people shop and lucky for me, pugs can shop there too.

The people at Flax were all supernice. We told them I wanted to learn how to paint, and they told us all about the different kinds of paints and brushes and stuff. I found a huge bag of brushes, picked out some col
ors and was ready to go home and start making paintings.

There was only one problem: my human is afraid of paint. Not afraid afraid, like of the dark or spiders. But afraid like she's not sure what to do with it so she doesn't want to go near it (technical term: intimidated). Great. How was I supposed to learn to paint if my human couldn't teach me?

Luckily I remembered seeing something on Emmitt's human's website about how she makes paintings. So we went back to the website and saw how paintings are made. I also read that Emmitt's human (Melissa) kinda used to be afraid of paints too, but she overcame the fear and is now a real painter.

So now I have cool new brushes, paints and this thing called inspiration. Paintings coming soon.
* * *

Today my flat self visits Yoda & Brutus in Indiana. He helps their human out at work, gets busy in the kitchen with COOKIES and goes to a real pug fundraiser.

You can read about it here at

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Frank was supposed to go home on Sunday, but ended up staying a few more days. I love Frank and will be very very VERY sad to see him go, but there's a part of me that kinda can't wait for him to leave.

Because of these:

Himalayan Yak Milk chews. Google says they are an "edible treat that keeps the attention of even the most powerfully neurotic canine jaws". Miss Bellatrix bought them as a surprise for me and Dutch. She gave them to my human last weekend at Pug Sunday, which just so happened to be the same day Frank came to our house.

My human said since there were now three dogs and only two Yak thingys, we couldn't eat our treats until Frank went home. Frank, I love you man, but seriously? A week is a reeeeally long time to have to wait for a treat. Honestly though, I think it will betotally worth the wait.

These Yak Milk things smell soooooo insanely good. Google says they're made for humans to eat and we all know that human food is always super tasty. Extra good news is
Yak thingys are low-fat and seem to last forever. I think they should be the official treat of pugs!

Thanks to Bellatrix, I think I'm going to have a new favorite chew thing! If you want to try one, I found a place on
the internet called Helping Udders that donates money to rescues for every chewy thing they sell. Kinda cool for everyone, huh?

* * *


ay Flat Puglet visits two sweet Chicago puggirls named Gen & The Foo. He learns that snow can be really fun, has his first brewski and doesn't melt in a sauna!

You can read about it here on

Monday, March 15, 2010


When I woke up yesterday, my human said she had a big day planned for us. First, I was going to learn agility. I've been waiting for like years to try agility and it turns out our spotted friends Boka and Miley have a practice course in their back yard. After agility, we'd go to Pug Sunday (East Bay style) and have some more fun.

Sounded to me like the best day ever made.

So we did the agility stuff. And by we, I really mean me. Dutch was sort of afraid and Frank just ate cookies. I went up and over this giant A-shaped thing, weaved through polls, jumped over a jump waaay higher than it should have been for a pug like me, and ate lots of cheddar goldfish. Except for a scary see-saw thingy that whacked me on the head, it was all fun and not at all scary.

After I'd eaten about half a bag of goldfish, my human said it was time to take a break. I wasn't ready to stop having fun, so when Miley started a game of chase I was all for it.

But Miley is FAST and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't catch her. So I decided to go with a Plan B: the ambush. I would let her come to me then BAM! launch a surprise attack. So I waited and then BAM! Except the BAM! wasn't me doing any kind of ambush. The BAM! was Miley plowing into me at mach speed.

My human didn't get a picture of the BAM!, but Miley The Destroyer did the exact same thing to Flat Puglet last week right when her human happened to be taking a picture:

Miley didn't mean to hurt me, but after the BAM! it was really hard to walk. One of my front legs hurt so much I wouldn't let it touch the ground. I'm usually a pretty tough guy, so this totally freaked out the humans. There was lots of poking, an ice pack and a pill that made me feel good.

Thanks to the stupid gimpy leg, there was no Pug Sunday for me yesterday. Don't worry - I'm doing better today. A little gimpy, but I can still woop Frank's snail-tailed butt at Couch King.

* * *

Today the flat me visits a pack of very cool recycled Bassett hounds in Florida. He meets a space dude, a spider and some other native creatures.... and gets his very own special Haiku.

You can read about it here on

Friday, March 12, 2010


Thanks for humoring brother Dutch. And Frank. They both said blogging made them feel very special. Even though I was in a coma half the time, I kinda really missed you all. I guess you make me feel special too.

(with all the Frank-tivity, my human forgot to take a picture for today so FP standing in as my body double. The photo is of that little creep visiting a spa in today's trip to Denver!)


I get lots of emails from people asking me to write nice things about them or their stuff. Most of the time, their stuff isn't stuff I've ever use
d or know anything about. Like inspirational speakers:

Our client, inspirational speaker Nik Halik [...] is a multi-millionaire who has traveled to over 100 countries and made it his mission to create 1 million "Thrillionaires" around the world. He's appeared on such shows as Larry King and Fox News and others.

I thought you might be interested in having him on your blog so he can give advice to some of your readers. (We can even provide customized interview questions and answers just for you that you could cut & paste on your blog if you're limited on time.)

Kinda flattering I guess, but do you think this Nik Halik dude knows I'm a PUG?? And that half of my readers are also PUGS???

Since I am a pug, I only write about stuff I like and think you might like too. And t
oday I have something very cool to share. It started with an address label on one of my valentine cards. The label had very cute pug on it and my human promised she'd ask the sender where they got such cute label thingys. Of course she totally forgot.

A few days later I saw pictures of Stubby wearing this ridiculously cute sweater to a Valenpug party:

Even though winter here is almost over, I really wanted a cute sweater like Stubby's. My human said she'd email his mom to find out where they got it. But Miss GimpyBrain forgot to do that too.

Then a few days ago I saw Flat Puglet's visit to a pug named Emmitt's house Colorado. And FP was modeling sweaters just like Stubby's! Turns out Emmitt's human makes all the sweaters, the cute pug label thingys and loads of other very cool stuff. Her website is full of cuteness (both puggy and not puggy).

Emmitt's human didn't ask me to write nice stuff about her stuff, but I TOTALLY would have if she did :)

* * *

Today Flat Puglet pays a special visit to my human's sister in Denver, CO. She doesn't have a dog and was a little nervous about FP's visit, but of course they had an awesome time together.

After a brief bout of altitude sickness, FP chilled at a spa, found a tasty alternative to Popeyes and hunted for mutant fish in a radioactive lake. Really! I swear- I'm not making this stuff up.!

You can read about it here at

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hi. This is Frank. That's me on the right. Puglit said I could talk today. Don't get upset, he isn't in a coma. He is just being nice.

Puglit and Dutch have both been very nice to me. They didn't get mad when I peed on their bed and have
let me play with all the toys. They have so many toys! Their human has been nice to me too. She feeds me new foods like carrots and lamb lung and Booty. She lets me ride in the front seat of the car and makes sure no one else eats my food until my stomach is full. She calls me Frankie, but that's OK.

Puglit is like the brother I used to have. He taught me how to go out the hole in the door and didn't laugh at me when I waited outside the downstairs neighbor's door instead of coming back inside through the hole. I made up a fun game called Couch King for me and Puglit to play. There aren't any rules, but I think I win most of the time. I am the one on the couch:

I really like Dutch. He likes to sleep under the covers and says it's OK for me to spoon with him. Dutch's ears are very soft and when I suck on them
he doesn't get mad. The only thing I don't like about Dutch is that he's so tall and I am so short. I like to pee where he pees but if I don't wait long enough to go, I end up with his pee on my head. This has happened too many times to remember.

I've been having a lot of fun with Dutch & Puglit and would stay here forever. But I really miss my mom & dad and can't wait for them to come home.

* * *

Today Flat Puglet is back in the land of snow... and ice fishing??

During his stay in Madison, WI he sees the Statue of Liberty (sort of), visits the Capitol and learns that Abe Lincoln has a very shiny toe.

You can read about it here on

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hi everybody, Dutch here. Pug and Frank finally Sumo-ed themselves into a coma so my human said I could be the voice of today's Daily Puglet. So, uhm. Uh... I've never been a voice before and I'm not sure what to say. I should probably talk about pugs, right? Or food. Or perhaps naps? Or, possibly all the things you can eat that aren't meant to be eaten?

All those things seem to be very puggy topics. I have to admit though that all pugs are not created equal. Pug is the first pug I've ev
er known, so I just assumed all pugs were just like him: nice but bossy, a little too smart, and kinda funny looking. But Frank isn't bossy or too smart - he's just funny looking.

I've noticed some other differences too. Pug sucks food d
own like it's been years since his last meal; Frank takes ten minutes to eat a bowl of food (and still doesn't finish). Pug doesn't fart or snore; Frank farts and snores. Pug's tail looks like a cheese doodle; Frank's tail looks like a snail. Pug pushes me off the bed; Frank just sleeps on top of me.

I know you can't really judge a dog by its breed, but I thought some Pug things were universal.

* * *

Flat Puglet is back on the other coast today, visiting two pugs named Petunia and Sequoia in a place called Virginia. After almost getting eaten by Tuni, he helps perform medical tests and rides in one very cool airplane (the real Puglet is sooooooooo jealous about the airplane).

You can read about it here on

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I was superexcited when the fun from Pug Sunday followed us home. His name is Frank and he is one cool pug.

Don't get too excited though - Frank is staying with us, but not STAYING with us. My human warned me about that right away. Still, she wants us to have as much fun as pugly possible during Frank's time here.
And that's exactly what we've been doing. Non-stop.

There's bee
n tug-o-warring and sumo-wrestling and constant running, chasing and jumping on the furniture. We've been playing so hard, we couldn't even keep our eyes open for today's picture.

I love brother Dutch and all, but he's not as much fun as a pug. Frank learned how to go out the dog door and I'm learning a new trick called STOP HUMPING FRANK!!! I really want him to teach me how to do that crazy head tilt thing, but I don't think my head is able to do that.

* * *

Flat me continues his world tour in beautiful snowy Colorado. He tries his paws at modeling, gets in touch with his inner baker and gets a lit-tle bit spoiled with a doggie massage.

Me & my human are still working on adding the visit to the website, but you can read about it later this afternoon at

Monday, March 8, 2010


I guess one advantage to being flat is you never get tired. So even though I take the weekends off from blogging, the flat me just keeps on going. My human said this might have to change because she's not flat and definitely gets tired, but over the weekend His Flatness managed to talk her into doing a few posts.

As usual, you can read everything over at The REAL me will be back tomorrow with a very exciting, totally non-flat adventure.


The flat me was extrasupersurprised to arrive on the
exact same day as another recycled dog. Except he is a real 3D pug named Noodle, newly adopted from pugPROS!

Noodle and his people showed FP saw all sorts of cool stuff on the Monterey Peninsula - including some animals that make the tubey-ist pug look skinny.

My flat self LOVED staying with the Palmieri family in NJ. They kept him very well-fed, took him on a special trip to a totally different state, and introduced him to a girly pug who's right up there with Jenny... And, uhm, Josie too!

And last but not least, FP's very first international destination: Australia!

I still can't believe Flat Puglet made it all the way to Australia!?!? That's like a totally different planet. I mean, my human hasn't even been there!

He befriended indigenous people, saw some very cool local sights and got so excited he almost flew away.