Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Houston... we have a problem. Ok, we don't exactly have a problem. But I do. And it's one of those sucky moral-dilemma kinds. Y'know, like eating a sidewalk person's unattended Nugget. Sucky if you do, sucky if you don't.

So. As you know, I've been going through the stages of grief or whatever about my human's stupid Frolic stuff. And I thought I was at the acceptance stage.
I haven't gone poodle on anyone but Dutch in, like forever. And I even asked you all to 'Vote Frolic' to help my human get on some best of ballot. I mean, if that isn't acceptance, I don't know what is.

Well. Acceptance left the building when I saw today's picture. That's my human. And Nikon. And a pug... a pug that is not me. Apparently another dog photographer snuck up on her and took the picture when my human was doing a photoshoot. Just a few days ago. With a pug that is not me.

Even though I know my human cheats on me with other dogs, I've never seen her do it, like, behind my back. Trust me - seeing is different than knowing.

When I kinda freaked out about it, my human laughed at me. Laughed! She said that pug she's loving to death in the picture is Petey, that I've met Petey and his brother Brodie a few times, and that I like them. It's hard to know if this is true without sniffing Petey's butt, so I guess I should believe her. At least until I can prove she's cheating and lying.

I love my human and want her to be happy, but I don't want her to be happy with a pug that isn't me. I'm supposed to remind everyone to 'Vote Frolic' because today is the last day of voting - but I kinda don't want her to win anymore. I mean, the more people know about Frolic, the more she's going to cheat on me.
And give away my cookies. And Google knows what else?!?

Monday, November 29, 2010


One thing I've noticed about humans is that they get really into the specialness of their special days. Google says it's called tradition. And apparently one tradition we have after Pie Day is walking off the pie weight. Before pie turns into rolls, my human says. Whatever that means.

Last year, we walked off our pie on the Big Orange Bridge. So this year, we headed over there to do it again. Because I guess doing something two years in a row is how traditions happen.

On the way to the bridge my human stopped to take our pictures. N
othing new there. Until a bunch of people rolled by. Yeah - rolled. Like on a bike, minus the bike part. Dutch was kind of afraid of the rolling people, but I wasn't. What I was was kinda tired from eating pie and canned white stuff. And rolling off the pie weight sounded a whole lot easier than walking it off. Right?

By the time I caught up with the rolling people, they'd parked the roller-y things (technical term: Segways) and wandered off to take pictures of the Big Orange Bridge. I didn't think they'd mind if I tried out one of their Segways, so I hopped on and tried to roll away. It wobbled a little, but didn't roll.

I thought it might be a thumbs-only situation because sometimes there a things a pug just can't do - but the leader of the Segway people said it's more of a helmet thing. No helmet - no Segway. He didn't have a pug-sized helmet, so I didn't get to roll off the pie weight. Before it, uhm, turned to rolls.

* * *
Have you voted?

Not to be annoying or anything, but I'm asking everyone I know to help put Frolic on the ballot for "Best Bay Area pet photographer". It takes like 10 seconds - you just skip to question #29/Best Pet Photographer on the survey and tell 'em Frolic Photography is #1. Or whatever. Just as long as you mention Frolic, I'm pretty sure your vote will count.


So please vote. Whatever happens after that is up to the whole Fate thing. You can only do it once, but if you have friends who like to vote - they can vote for Frolic too!

Oh, one more thing. In the beginning of the survey they ask you what's the best thing that's happened to Bay Area dogs in 2010. I think it's to make sure you're not a robot or something, so when I voted for Frolic I just said 'the weather'.

(Don't worry, polls close tomorrow so I won't be annoying too many more times)

Friday, November 26, 2010


So. You might be wondering how I spent my Pie Day - the *worst* Pie Day in the history of Pugdom. Well, it went something like this...

First my human left me and Dutch at home for like EVER. When she finally came home, she had a can of white stuff and two tiny little tinfoil triangles. One for me, one for Dutch.

She took my picture with the triangles. And then said she felt sick. Mumbled something about stuffing. And then ran out of the room, made some gross hacking noises and went to bed. Yeah. To bed. WITHOUT feeding us white stuff OR our pie!

I was really not happy. And I stayed not happy... until my human crawled out of bed today and apologized for ruining Pie Day... filled up two plates with a giant pile of white stuff and pie... and wished me and Dutch a late, but happy Thanksgiving. She even let me eat my pie on the table.

Nom. Nom. Nom.


I guess a pie delay is better than no pie at all, so my Thanksgiving was pretty happy. I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving too - full of white stuff and pie and love from your human!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Pie Day!

(to everyone who actually got to CELEBRATE pie day)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So, I found out last night that someone nominated my human as 'Best Pet Photographer' in some Bay Area contest thing. We all know how I feel about voting in contests. And how much I hate her stupid Frolic stuff. But she was kind of all excited about it. And it'd be kinda cool if she became famous like me. I mean, then we'd have twice the fame and who knows what would happen then.


Apparently the first round of voting will decide who gets to be on the ballot. My human isn't exactly competitive, but I am. And I want Frolic on the ballot! Because even though I'm not a huge fan of the stupid Frolic stuff, I am a huge fan of my human. And having her stupid Frolic stuff on the ballot would be cool.

So. I'm asking everyone I know to help put Frolic on the ballot. Whatever happens after that is up to the whole Fate thing. It takes like 10 seconds to vote. You just skip to question #29/Best Pet Photographer on the survey and tell 'em Frolic Photography is #1. Or whatever. Just as long as you mention Frolic, I'm pretty sure your vote will count.

So please vote. You can only do it once, but if you have friends who like to vote - they can vote for Frolic too!


Oh, one more thing. In the beginning of the survey they ask you what's the best thing that's happened to Bay Area dogs in 2010. I think it's to make sure you're not a robot or something, so when I voted for Frolic I just said 'the weather'.

* * *
I'll be here tomorrow eating pie - but in case I miss you, have a happy pie day. Or turkey day. Or stuffing day. Or whatever it is your people let you eat on tomorrow's special day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Ugh. I know everyone's been totally dying to know who the Randomizer picked to win the Omegas. Sorry - my human had to take Mazda to the vet this morning and left me here alone. Without thumbs.


A total of 63 comments happened before San Francisco-midnight on yesterday's Omega giveaway post. I got an email from Lola asking me to add her to the list because the comment thingy didn't work for her. So I added her to the end of the list and made her #64.

I gave that number to the Randomizer and got back the #18. Then my human counted and re-counted and re-counted again (I think that's what took so long, she's REALLY bad with numbers) to make sure she counted right...

And the #18 commenter was....Lucy! As in ILoveLucy. Congratulations! You get to eat a whole entire bag of Omegas. Unless you have brothers and sisters. Then you're probably going to have to share. But I guess sharing is better than not having anything to share. Right?

Anyway. Let us all know what flavor Omegas you want and email your address to me dailypuglet[at]gmail[dot]com so I know where to send 'em!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Thanks everybody for having a favorite Daisy picture! I think my extrasupercurly tail might have been #1, which is pretty cool if you think about it. I mean, who knew a tail could be so cute??

Anyway. As a thank you... and because this week it's thanks-giving... and just because I can... I'm going to pick one random pug/dog/cat/person to win a bag of Omega treats. My human bought a few different kinds at the store the other day, so whoever wins gets to pick from Salmon, Duck, Chicken and maybe Tuna (we can't seem to find where the Tuna ones went; I think Dutch might have eaten them).

I'm going to use this cool Randomizer thing to pick a winner from everyone who leaves a comment. You don't have to say anything special - you just have to say something so the Randomizer knows you were here. Don't ask me how it works, but my human says it's super fair and kinda scientific (?).


1) Randomizer will pick a winner based on the number of comments there are at the end of the day. Please leave only ONE comment so my human doesn't have to do any counting. Trust me, we don't want her to do any counting.

2) You don't have to say anything special in your comment, but if you're an anonymous commenter - please leave your name or at least some kind of alias so we know what to call you if you get picked.

3) Winner will be picked from all comments received by midnight here in San Francisco and posted tomorrow morning.

Telling me how cute I am in your comments would be nice, but won't make the Randomizer pick you because the Randomizer is 100% totally random.

PS: I will read everyone's comments (like I always do) but won't comment back so I don't throw off the Randomizer. I told you - very scientific.

Friday, November 19, 2010

FFF: Wednesday with Daisy

So, I guess Daisy got bored taking pictures of Dutch and asked if she could shoot me instead. He hee. Another win for the fat necks! Here's some of what we did on Wednesday:

I played with bubbles.

Posed with wall art (made my tail extra curly too).

I posed my butt off all over The Mission.

Found a magic snack bucket (it's on Valencia Street & 22nd!)

And helped Daisy practice her timing by catching falling snacks.

We (meaning Daisy and my human - I don't think dogs are allowed) are doing a gallery show for SPARK (the mentoring people) next month we're going to need to pick favorites. I really like the one where I'm watching food fall from the sky.

Which one is your favorite??

Thursday, November 18, 2010


So I have this, uhm, friend. And he has a little problem that I - uhm, I mean he - could use some advice on. Ok. Here goes...

This friend was at the park the other day, minding his own business, when a pile of stray poop called to him from the top of a hill. And the poop said EAT ME! Poop had never spoken to my friend before. And he had never eaten poop. It never even occurred to him that poop was eatable. But when the poop
invited him over for a snack, well, let's just say my friend isn't the kind of dog who can say no to a snack.

So he ate the poop. And he liked it.

Once my friend realized poop is totally eatable, it was really hard not to eat it. And once you start sniffing around for poop, the stuff is everywhere! This was like, a huge revelation to him. And a major freak out moment for his human. She totally does not consider poop eatable, so her reaction went something like:


So my friend wants to eat poop. Like, all the time. And his human does NOT want a poop-eating pug. So she tries to stop him. But my friend REALLY wants to eat the poop. It's so tasty and irresistible. He's like, powerless.

And that's the problem.

Because my friend's human says that if he eats one more bite of poop, he'll never see the light of day again. Or at least will be leashed at all times. My friend knows he should listen to his human, but when the poop is talking, he can't really hear her. And everywhere he goes, there's some stray poop saying EAT ME!

So, uhm, does anyone here know how to stop eating poop?
Y'know, so I can tell my friend. Google only knows how to stop eating your own poop. I need to know how to not eat stray poop. Or at least how to do it without getting caught.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So, I get a lot of emails asking me to do stuff. I guess that's what happens when you've had 15 seconds of fame and are a semi-celebrity. When I get an email asking me to help fight cancer or something, I'm totally into helping. But when I get an email asking if I'll, say, write about a product that soothes chapped snouts, I'm not so into the idea.

Not because I don't think chapped snouts should be soothed. If I had a chapped snout, I'd probably want to try some. But my snout is fine, so I can't exactly review something that soothes it.
But food? Food I can do. I can never get enough food.

So when I got an email from the Omega people asking if I'd do a taste test on their treats I totally said yes. Omega said the treats are low calorie, all natural and good for me. But honestly? I didn't really care about that. I just wanted something to eat.

When the treats came in the mail, I smelled them right away and they smelled supertasty. I wanted to eat the whole bag, but my human said I had to wait. I didn't know why and I don't think she did either. Sometimes humans can be weird like that - they just tell you things because they can.

Anyway. When I finally got to actually eat some of the Omega treats, I really liked them. They were fishy, a little squishy and full of sweet potato. They looked like little pieces of layer cake I've seen people make on TV. I wanted to eat the whole bag, but my human said no. I pointed out that they were healthy and low calorie, but she still said no. I think just because she could.

The only thing I don't like about Omega treats is the packaging. Uhm, an Aussie dog? Nothing against Aussie dogs or anything, but I think a pug would be a better choice here. Don't you? I'm just saying.

PS: My human fed the rest of my Omega treats to a stranger dog during a photoshoot. He was very picky about food and didn't want anything to do with the liver, lamb or other salmon snacks she brought. Loved the Omegas though. Go figure.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So, lately Dutch has been getting way more camera time than me. First he took my place modeling for Daisy on Wednesdays. Then yesterday he modeled collars for Cheengoo's new catalogue. Yeah. Cheengoo. MY Cheengoo.

Mr Skinny Neck

Well. I guess they picked Dutch to be a collar model because he has a nice neck. And by nice, I mean skinny. But his skinny neck is also spotted and spotted necks are definitely not model material when it comes to showing off a cool Cheengoo collar.

Skinny but spotty.

So Dutch and his skinny spotty neck got fired, and me and my fat puggy neck took his place! Cheengoo Liz dressed me up in cool stuff and I got to supermodel my butt off around town. Strangers stopped to watch and Awww at me. And I got loads of cookies. It was awesome.

When it was over, I got to keep a Cheengoo harness and non-matching leash (my human has this thing about not-matching, don't ask). And since my human lost my skull+crossbones harness like months ago, I really needed a new one. Score one for the fat necks!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Since Dutch got to hog the blog so much last week, my human promised me we'd do a special Monday Edition of Freeze Frame Friday. And here it is: me, Bellatrix and a can of white stuff.

You've got white stuff on your chin. Let me clean it off for you.

You have some on your nose too. Let me get it for you!

Whenever our humans stopped giving us the can, we'd stare at them as a team. Two pugs are definitely better than one when it comes to begging for food. I'm pretty sure our humans wanted to stop, but just couldn't do it.

Nom. Nom. Nom.

But after awhile, even the team begging didn't work. I'm not sure if the can was empty, or if our humans developed immunity. All I know is the white stuff stopped flowing and Bellatrix was not happy about it. And neither was I.

Our humans were worried about "repercussions" from the white stuff, but there weren't any. And the can had the words "Fat Free" on it, so I can't be any tubier. Right? I highly recommend orbing your human (as BellaT would say) into getting you a can of the white stuff. And if you get pictures, please share them!

Friday, November 12, 2010

FFF: crazy ears (and white stuff in a can)

Flying Dutchman

My human asked me to let Dutch hog the blog again today. I think he's getting a big head from all this attention, but my human just laughed when I said that so I don't think she agrees.


So, my human's been working on some top secret Frolic thing with DUTCH(!) her official logo dog(!). I don't know anything about it, except that she's ta
ken like a billion pictures of Dutch running around with his ears in the air. And I've gotten in trouble for messing up more than a few of those pictures by going poodle on him. I guess Dutch's grandpuppy inherited the crazy ears, because his do the same exact same thing.

Flying mini-Dutchman (aka Denver)

You might be wondering why there's no pictures of my ears going crazy, seeing as this is the Daily PUGLET and all. Well, I guess it's because my ears don't go crazy. They kinda just stick up straight and make me look like a hayena. Or a bat. Neither of which is very flattering.

2 pugs + 1 can whipped cream = very funny things

But my human said we can have a special Freeze Frame Monday edition to make up for my lame ears. And Dutch won't get to be in it because he's afraid of white stuff in cans. This picture of me & Bellatrix is a preview (it gets SO much better).

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Daisy's picture of DUTCH!

I'm going to let Dutch hog the blog today - even though he got to model for Daisy yesterday and I didn't. Totally not happy about the Daisy situation, but he still gets to hog the blog because I just found out he's a grandfather.

One of these is not like the others.

Yup. Before he got recycled, Dutch had babies and one of those babies (her name is Serena) just had babies of her own. My spotted friends Miley & Boka know pretty much everyone who has spots and their mom told my human about the puppies and arranged for us to meet two of them.

Denver the mini-Dutch.

One puppy has black spots like Dutch (they call him Denver) and the other has liver spots (they call him Lil' Little because he used to be really small). They're four months old and only a little bigger than me. Both of them are supercute and still looking for a perfect home.

Big little spot.

Oh. Almost forgot - the baby spots are part of this cool thing called the Dalmatian Heritage Project. The project makes special dalmatians who don't have something wrong with their pee that makes boy dogs get stoned or something? It's a little confusing to me, but you can read about it on their website.

The baby spots & my new squeaky bee.

Anyway. We had a whole bunch of fun with the spotted puppies. Lil Little took grandpaw Dutch for a walk around the yard and that made the humans laugh. I started a game of keep away with my new squeaky bee and the little spots chased me around trying to get it. I won most of the time.

There's going to be a bunch of more pictures on the stupid Frolic blog. I'm sure my human will make me tell you about it. Oh, and if you know any awesome humans who are looking for a spotted puppy, let me know!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So I was all ready to ask everyone to think B-word thoughts for my friend Bouncer in Florida. The vet thought he might have some C-word in his toe.

I thought positive thoughts and so did Dutch, but it wasn't enough to beat the C-word.
So Bouncer had the bad C-word toe taken off and has been waiting for a letter from the C-word doctors to see what would happen next.

Chemo? Radiation? Ugh. Neither of them sound like much fun, so this morning I took a special picture for Bouncer and his missing toe. A picture to tell the C-word to go away and leave my friend alone.

And it totally worked!!

When we were done taking the picture, my human's phone made the noise it makes when she has a new email. It was an email for me (of course) from Bouncer! And it said this:

Even though I've got one less toe now, all the vets say I'm in the clear. No Chemo or Radiation. My mommy got a letter that had a sentence that said, "likelihood of reoccurance is minimal". I've got one more week of wearing this silly cast on my foot, but after that I can be the pug that I want to be! Thank goodness too because the weather is finally becoming pug-friendly here in fort lauderdale. Dog Park here I come!!!

Woo hoo! How awesome is that?? Even though Bouncer is now C-word free, I decided to post the picture anyway. Just in case it gets any stupid ideas about bothering him, or any of my friends, again!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Single Fawn Pug


So, we all know my buddy Frank. Right? He's my best friend and he's awesome. He stayed with us last week and we sumo'd and had tons of fun just like we always do. Blah blah blah.

But there's something kinda... weird going on with Frank.
And it's not just that he eats slow and tries to kill bikes. Weird, but whatever. The weird thing is I think he's trying to be ME. I saw it happen once in this really bad movie called Single White Female. There's this girl and she tries to pretend - like, become - this totally other girl. She kills a bunch of people too, but Frank would never kill anyone. Except maybe a bike.


So, first Frank got my human to fall in love with him and call him Frankie - now he gets her lap and I get her feet. Then he started liking carrots (like me) and made friends with the Aussies (like me) and even started posing for Nikon (just like you know who). He even weasled into my birthday greeting to Spencer's Mom (wearing a scary birthday hat!).

Don't even get me started on Frank doing The Jimmy. Except that my human just put a picture on today's stupid Frolic thing of Frank doing an insanely good one-pawed Jimmy:


I love Frank. He's my bro. But does this all seem a little strange? Do you think Frank is trying to become me like that krazy girl in the movie? Google isn't good at these kind of questions and Dutch just thinks I'm jealous because Frank is 'so much cuter' than me or whatever. If there was a Dear Puglet advice thingy, I'd ask myself what to do -- but my human keeps forgetting and I don't think I know the answer anyway.

What do you guys think??

Monday, November 8, 2010


Remember a few weeks ago when my human got all freaked out because the end was near? Well, I guess the end finally came yesterday. We lost an hour of sun *and* it rained.

I don't know what the sun thing is about, but I do know I'm not a huge rain fan. And Dutch wants me to tell you that he likes rain almost as much as he likes having his butt messed with at the vet (Dutch really hates when the vet does stuff to his butt). As if the rain isn't bad enough, my human makes us wear these stupid yellow outfits whenever it happens. My rain outfit makes people go AWWWWW an
d that's cool - but it also has a dorky hood thing that pokes me in the eye. Not cool. At all.


So yesterday when we woke up to rain and darkness I was totally expecting my human to 1) freak out and 2) break out the dorky yellow rain suits. But for some reason she was all excited about the rain (not the darkness) and said she had a surprise for us. A surprise from the land down under, from our Aussie friends Mel & Nye. O
ur very own Driza-Bones!


In case you're not up on your Aussie stuff, Driza-Bones are not edible snacks. They're the rain outfits cowboys (aka "drovers") in Australia wear to keep dry. Really dry. Dry as a bone, Aussie Mel explained to us. Because Aussie people talk funny, dry-as-a-bone sounds like driza-bone, so that's what they call the cowboy rain outfits.

And they totally work! I stayed dry and looked very cool. There was no dorky hood but people still AWWWWed at me. Dutch chased invisible squirrels wearing his Driza-Bone and didn't even notice it was raining. He even posed with me for a picture. In the rain.

Together we give the Driza-Bones 8 paws up (
even though Dutch wishes they came in pink). If you have weather where you live and don't have an Aussie friend, I'm sure Google knows where you can get one. Uhm. A Driza-Bone I mean, not an Aussie.

Superthanks for the dry coolness Mel & Nye!

Friday, November 5, 2010

FFF: Operation Aussie

Sorry I kinda blogged and ran yesterday, but my human said we had a big surprise to go to and you know how I *love* surprises.

So me, Dutch and Frank loaded up in the car and drove about 2 minutes from our house to a street I walk down all the time. No surprises there. Until I saw Mel and her Man, Nye. I met them here on the DP and they came all the way from Australia to meet me. Ok, I think they were here for other things too, but meeting me was also on their list.


Mel loves pugs. But she doesn't have one of her own (yet!), so I got to sponge up soooo much love and attention. You have no idea. I was in pug heaven. Nye is pug fan too, but I let him have Frank most of the time. Except for when Frank was busy chasing after bikes and strollers and jogging people - but that's a whole other story.

Peanut Butter bubbles!!!

Me and Frank had MEGAfun when Mel blew peanut butter flavored bubbles for us. None of the humans thought they smelled anything like peanuts, but me and Frank disagree. They were tasty *and* fun to pop!

Nye is superawesome and surprised Mel by secretly arranging for my human to shoot her. Y'know, with Nikon. I don't think Mel likes the camera as much as I do, but I mean, who does? My human was a little nervous about shooting people because she usually just shoots dogs, so me and Frank got in the pictures to make things easier.

My human the snuffalufagus (and FRANK!)

I don't know what's with people and not liking cameras, but my human doesn't like them either. At least not when someone's pointing one at her. So there are like three pictures of her on the whole entire planet (you've seen one of them on the stupid Frolic site). Nye was sneaky and got this one of her (loving on FRANK!) so now there are four pictures. Thanks Nye!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Thanks sooooo much for helping me out with the whole going-to-hell thing yesterday. My human temporarily abandoned me (more on that later) so I didn't have any thumbs around to help me respond to everyone's awesome ides.

(she promises we'll get to that later today)

Because right now we're getting ready to leave on some secret mission. I don't even know what it is yet, but when we get back, I'll totally fill you in. Until then, here's a really bad video my human took last night of me and Frank.

She says it will be much cuter when we have eyes.
Frank is already ridiculously cute, not sure I want him to get any cuter. Especially now that he can Jimmy!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


OK. I know I should probably write about the Giants winning the world or whatever, but there's something important I reeeally need to talk about. And I know I'm not supposed to talk about sex, religion or politics but since I broke the rules yesterday, I might was well keep going.

So here goes. My human says I'm going to Hell.
And Google says it's not a very nice place, so I need to know how to get out of going there. I'm hoping someone here can help me. Here's what happened...

I was out with my human and Nikon when we stopped so I could supermodel in front of some painted walls. A lot of other people were taking pictures of the walls, so I supermodeled for them too.

So far, so good.

A bunch of people from Germany wanted to know about me, so my human was kinda busy answering questions and I guess I got kinda bored. I saw a man sitting on the sidewalk and he looked kinda lonely sitting on the ground all by himself, so I walked over and invited myself onto his lap. He seemed happy to have some company and pet me on the spot that makes one of my back legs go crazy.

That's when I smelled the Nugget.

And then I saw the Nugget. A great big giant Nugget, smushed between two pieces of bread. Just sitting there. On the sidewalk. Kinda sorta next to the man, but not really.
Kinda wrapped in paper, but not really. It smelled sooooooo good.

So I ate it.

At least I tried to eat it. Because my human swooped in and tried to wrestle the Nugget from my mouth. I held on. Sidewalk Man tried to defend me.

SIDEWALK MAN: oh, it's just chicken. It won't hurt him any.
MY HUMAN: yeah, I just don't know how long it's been sitting there.
SIDEWALK MAN: not very long. I just bought it a few hours ago.

Uhm. I should probably mention that Sidewalk Man was sitting on the sidewalk because he is homeless. And the stray Nugget on the sidewalk belonged to him. Oh. And my human says I also have to mention that she didn't have her wallet with her. J
ust some change in her jacket pocket.

So, my human gave Sidewalk Man the 77 cents from her pocket, said I'm SO sorry a whole bunch of times and dragged me home to get her wallet.
By the time we got back, Sidewalk Man was gone. Which is when my human told me I'm going to Hell.

Straight to Hell
, she said.

or eating a homeless man's Nugget. The stuff Google told me about Hell and how to stay out of it didn't really make sense. Does anyone here have any ideas??

PS: that sidewalk thing I talked about yesterday? It passed. It's now illegal to sit or lie on the sidewalk in San Francisco.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


My human says I'm not allowed to talk about sex, religion or politics here on The Daily Puglet. And that's usually fine by me because I don't usually care about any of those things. But not today. Today, I care.

Because yesterday I saw this dude holding a sign telling people to vote NO on something called Proposition L. The dude said if enough people vote yes, San Francisco will ban sitting or lying on public sidewalks - something I do all the time. His sign, as you can see, says sidewalks are for people.

Are they trying to ban dogs from just being on the sidewalks too??

I was a little worried (and confused) by the whole thing, but Google cleared things up in about 2 seconds. Nobody's trying to ban dogs from sitting or lying or doing anything on the sidewalk - but a lot of important things will be decided on tomorrow. And I don't get to help decide because I'm 'just' a pug.

It kinda sucks that dogs aren't allowed to vote, because I have all sorts of opinions about politics now. But you can. So please do.

Like, now. OK?

* * * Election Day Update * * *

I tried to vote even though I don't have thumbs. The man at the voting place was supernice but still said no. He gave my human extra 'I VOTED' stickers for me & Dutch so we could at least pretend to have a political voice.

Of course she just stuck them on our heads and took pictures.