Friday, November 5, 2010

FFF: Operation Aussie

Sorry I kinda blogged and ran yesterday, but my human said we had a big surprise to go to and you know how I *love* surprises.

So me, Dutch and Frank loaded up in the car and drove about 2 minutes from our house to a street I walk down all the time. No surprises there. Until I saw Mel and her Man, Nye. I met them here on the DP and they came all the way from Australia to meet me. Ok, I think they were here for other things too, but meeting me was also on their list.


Mel loves pugs. But she doesn't have one of her own (yet!), so I got to sponge up soooo much love and attention. You have no idea. I was in pug heaven. Nye is pug fan too, but I let him have Frank most of the time. Except for when Frank was busy chasing after bikes and strollers and jogging people - but that's a whole other story.

Peanut Butter bubbles!!!

Me and Frank had MEGAfun when Mel blew peanut butter flavored bubbles for us. None of the humans thought they smelled anything like peanuts, but me and Frank disagree. They were tasty *and* fun to pop!

Nye is superawesome and surprised Mel by secretly arranging for my human to shoot her. Y'know, with Nikon. I don't think Mel likes the camera as much as I do, but I mean, who does? My human was a little nervous about shooting people because she usually just shoots dogs, so me and Frank got in the pictures to make things easier.

My human the snuffalufagus (and FRANK!)

I don't know what's with people and not liking cameras, but my human doesn't like them either. At least not when someone's pointing one at her. So there are like three pictures of her on the whole entire planet (you've seen one of them on the stupid Frolic site). Nye was sneaky and got this one of her (loving on FRANK!) so now there are four pictures. Thanks Nye!


Molly in PA said...

Hi Puglet!

TGIF, buddy, TGIF. You totally scored meeting the Aussies, and how cool of them to come alll the way to SF to meet YOU, you're such a celebrity! My human is obsessed with San Fran too and hopes to make it out there one day!

Peanut butter BUBBLES?! You can probably totally eat like millions of them and not gain any tubeyness.

And thanks for sharing the photo of Frank and your Human, it's nice to see her in the fur again :)

Molly in PA

Ollie said...

What a surprise Puglet!
Mel & Nye are super nice for coming all the way from Australia to blow peanut butter bubbles for you and Frank.
And your human's pictures documenting their visit are wonderful. She should shoot more humans (with dogs of course).
I really like Nye's photo of your human but I smell trouble. See how cute and cuddly Frank is? See how charmed your human is? See what I mean?

DMBY said...

I love the picture of you two trying to get the peanut butter bubbles. Nice work!

Crabbie Chris said...

I loved hanging with Mel and Nye too, they are super nice. You're really lucky that you got to hang out with them a few times this week. I'd watch out or that Frank though, he's cashing in on hugs and kisses that are meant for you. I agree with Ollie, I smell trouble with all those kisses going to Frank. You should send him my way instead.

Minnie Moo said...

That's a pretty good pic of your mum (I tried to be an aussie for a second too, I think I failed.). It was really cool that peeps came all the way over the big ocean to visit you!


Minnie Moo

Anonymous said...

Puglet - you are the man (or pug)!! That is too cool how humans from other countries want to meet you. Pretty soon you'll be giving out autographs too! Better keep on eye on that Frank, he is trying to move in on your territory...

Frodo, Cleo & Molly

Suki said...

Hi Pug,
What a great time for you & Frank. There is really such a think about peanut butter bubbles? I love chasing the original soapy flavored ones. Mom says when I eat the bubbles, they will end out coming out the other end.

Mom hates having pics taken too, what's up w/ that?


SpencerBartholomew said...

Wow... all the way from Australia and you got to hang out with them? You are a lucky Pug. And those peanut butter bubbles sound yummy... what fun!

THE PUGLET said...

I really liked hanging out with Mel & Nye. I wish they would stay here in San Francisco forever. Nye works for that Steve Jobs dude my human swears at anytime she touches Tofu (the iPad). I'm thinking maybe they could move to America and live with Steve??

THE PUGLET said...

YES! There really are PB bubbles:

(amazon has them too)

And holy cowpies, they make bubbles in BACON flavor too!

Mel said...

Oh Puglet, we wish we could move here too. Well I do, I might have to convince my Man. :)

I can't get over what an awesome photographer your human is. I know that you get jealous of her taking pictures of other dogs and smelling of them, but it's nice that she can spread her talent.

I'm so in love with the bubbles picture!

Can't wait for Pug Sunday! So much Pug love. :D

pugsmom said...

That comment from Frodo, Cleo and Molly about the autographs is a great idea. My human said she would donate $10 to any pug rescue place if you'd send me your autograph (paw print), so I could frame it and hang it on my wall. After all, you're famous!!!

Now, about those flavored bubbles; I wonder where the ordinary pug can find something like that in Oregon if they don't have thumbs to type with. My human promised to ask google about it to see if Portland, Oregon has flavored bubbles.

I'm excited.

We are only from Oregon, but if we ever get to SF we promise to let you know we are coming.

Great pictures of your visit with the Aussies.
Phoebe in Oregon