Monday, April 30, 2012


So, I've been back in San Francisco for almost a week. And I know you're totally dying to hear about Atlanta. And Miami. And all the pugs I met, fountains I swam in and bagels I ate. You've also probably been wondering what on earth I've been doing since we got back and why I haven't been here telling you all about it.

Well. It mostly has to do with you-know-who and her gimpy brain. I guess travel and long days of pug-shooting are hard on brains so after we went to Sacramento on Tuesday to get Dutch, my human ran out of brain and slept for like 3 whole days. 

I didn't mind this so much because I was supertired too. I mean, my brain is perfectly fine and everything but being a world traveler isn't easy. First you have to get to the plane without missing it (gimpy brains = missed planes). Then you have to get past the security dudes. If you're lucky, the nice airline people give you a seat. Unlucky means riding under the seat with a bunch of feet. 

If you survive the plane ride this thing called jet lag that totally messes with your sleep. The whole time zone thing is way too confusing to explain, but that's OK because we totally sucked at it anyway. And by we I mean my human. 

The gist is we'd go to bed at our normal California time except it would really be 3 hours later because we were on a different coast. It's a time zone thing. Yeah. I told you. Confusing. 

Anyway, even though we went to bed in California, we still had to wake up in Atlanta or Miami. And I don't know what time the rest of the east coast gets up, but we woke up before the sun. Y'know, so my human could spend the whole entire day giving away my food to stranger pugs. 

Most days went something like this: 

6am {3am west coast}
Wake up. Eat, pee and stuff.

Drive to pug shooting location, stop for a bagel on the way. Eat again, if lucky. Probably get lost and listen to my human curse the GPS lady at least once.

Pug shooting begins. Human abandons me. People bring me snacks, but I don't get to nap or anything. My human doesn't stop to eat or pee or anything. Sometimes she has a minute to pet me. Sometimes she does not.
I try not to let it bother me, but sometimes it is just too much and I howl. Yes, howl.

Another day of pug shooting is over. Reunite with human.

Back at hotel, cuddle with my human and eat food. In Dallas we weren't near any easy food so my human ate random things like Milk Duds for dinner. Atlanta + Miami had Whole Foods and a place called Panera near by so she got to eat her stupid vegetables. I got to eat the random piece of bread Panera sometimes throws in your bag. No idea, but it was tasty.

Enjoy a guilt-chewy and wait for my human to finish doing stuff with the camera.
Guilt her into giving me a few extra snacks and a lot more love than usual.

2am east coast {11pm west coast}

See what I mean? Kinda crazy. But also very cool. Next week we get to do it again too - this time in the 2 Ms: Minneapolis + Milwaukee. My human had it with the stupid Blogger app thing and just turned Droid into some kind of hotspot so now we'll have internet everywhere we go. That means I can write you from any place, anytime. 

As long as the thumbs are still breathing, anyway.

* * *  BACONY GOODNESS  * * *

Before I announce the Bacon giveaway winners, I have one more bit of bacony goodness to give! It came in the mail when we were gone from the supernice people at Oregon Trail Foods. They thought I might like their new Bacon Jellybeans so they sent me a big fat bag to try.

Uh... might like? Yeah. I was supposed to pose with the bag of Bacon Beans but they smelled soooooo tasty I tried to eat it instead. It's a pretty ginormous bag so my human suggested we split it up into a bunch of little ones. That way more pugs can enjoy them. Sounds good to me - as long I as I get too enjoy them too.

Monday, April 23, 2012


You were fun. You were hot. And I am very, very tired. We are on the plane right now. See you in SF!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Before I tell you all how hot it is in Florida, my human says I need to give a great big fat thanks to everyone who volunteered to take care of me this weekend. I'm not entirely sure what that's all about but BIG FAT THANKS anyway.

So we almost got caught up with Daily Puglets today. Still have to do the Atlanta bagel reviews though. Maybe an airport review too because my human says airports are like bagels. Don't ask - I have no freaking idea why.

My human also fixed the dates on all the bacon posts she helped me write before we left for Atlanta in case things got crazy. Of course things in Atlanta did get crazy. And of course Miss Gimpy scheduled my bacon posts for 2013 by mistake so you still didn't have anything to read. But be sure to read backwards a week or so -- you could score yourself a snack :)

Oh. I almost forgot. Florida is HOT but everyone here loves me so it's cool. The beaches are way prettier than the ones back home, but SF beaches don't melt you. Today I lasted just long enough to take this picture. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Uhm. I mean me. I'm alive. Not so sure about my human (I think her brain melted or something) but the thumbs still work and she finally said I could use them. 

So here I am!

And by here I mean Miami. Before that, here was Atlanta. Being a world traveler/supermodel isn't easy, but it is fun. And even though my thoughts haven't made it onto the internet because of Miss Gimpy and her melted brain, I've totally been thinking about everyone and writing to you in my head. 

Tomorrow is my human's off-day to rest her brain before the pugsanity starts again on Friday and she p-r-o-m-i-s-e-d we will spend part of it catching you up on everything I've been doing. And fix all the bacon posts she accidentally scheduled for 2013. 

Yeah. Told you. Melted brain.

Anyway. Here's a preview of what I've been up to -- and this is just in the last 24 hours! 

Friday, April 13, 2012


Don't worry, I didn't hop a plane to China or anything. This is Atlanta. Seriously. Atlanta has bamboo. We found it when my human was scouting locations for this weekend's photoshoots. 

Rumor has it people in the city grow the bamboo for the pandas who live in the Atlanta Zoo. No idea what that's all about, but Google says pandas eat the stuff. If you ask me, bamboo is about as eatable as a table leg. 

But I guess I'm not a panda.

And that's a good thing too because today we started the great bagel hunt. First up: Bagel Palace. My human says I should try all the bagels in Atlanta before doing my reviews so I can compare them all and pick the best one. 

Did she really say all the bagels in Atlanta??

Yes, she did. I swear. There were witnesses. And I'm not going to argue with her so you'll just have to wait until next week to find out where you can get the best bagels in Atlanta.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I'm not sure what's going to happen when my human starts shooting pugs, so just in case I'm not here every day please please please don't forget about me. I'll be thinking about you and my human promised to take pictures of ME this time too - unlike our trip to Dallas. 

I also talked my human into letting me do more bagel reviews this trip. Just in case she and Gracie/Arnie's mom aren't the only bagel freaks out there. I'm not 100% sure what's so exciting about a hunk of bread with a hole in it, but I'm not turning down the chance to score an eatable.

More soon...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So we made it to Atlanta. And it only took about 3 years and a stop in Dallas to get here. Last time we flew on a plane named United and I got my own seat. This time we flew on a plane named American and I had to sit under a stupid seat next to my human's feet. 

You'd think being a world traveler would be fun and exciting, but the flying part can be really lame. Especially if you're stuck down by a bunch of feet. But if you're lucky enough to score your own seat, or sneak up into your human's lap when she's asleep, you can look out the window and see the whole entire world. 

Or at least an airplane wing. Travel tip: if you do get to fly, tell your human to pick a stupid seat ahead of time so you don't get stuck in the back of the airplane by the wing. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Uh, I'm starting to think my human has totally lost her brain. We're leaving for Atlanta like NOW and she hasn't even unpacked from Dallas yet. So I thought it might help if I sat in the suitcase to remind her we're going somewhere. I also thought it wouldn't hurt to remind her I'm supposed to go too.

But when I got in the suitcase I noticed something was very, very wrong. There was a smell like no smell I've smelled before. And not a good smell either. 

Then I saw the ziplock bag. With a piece of bacon in it. A sweet little pug named Fergie gave me the bacon in Dallas. She stole it off someone's breakfast plate just for me, but my human only let me eat one piece because she wanted to take pictures of me with the other one. 

Yeah. That was like a month ago. Before her brain liquefied. 

Now I have a ziplock bag of bacon thats's sooooo stinky, even I won't eat it. And you know I'll eat anything... except month old bacon.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Uhm. Yeah. My friend Miley gave me these because she & her brother Boka got to taste a Bacon Shake and I didn't. I think "effervescent" means fizzy and I guess maybe that's kinda like a shake?

No idea. 

But Miley said it's OK for me to share the fizzy bacon love *if* whoever gets is promises to tell us what fizzy bacon water tastes like. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012


So, today's Bacon Week eatable isn't 100% eatable. Because you can't really eat a Lickety Stick - you have to lick it. I guess that makes it a lickable?


Even though you can't eat the Lickety Stick, it still tastes like bacon and that's all that counts, right? And there are like 2 calories in every lick so you can lick it A LOT without getting tubey. 

Woo hoo!

Tell me how much you love bacon and The Randomizer might pick you to get the Lickety Stick. 

Friday, April 6, 2012


Today's Bacon Week giveaway item is Gummy Bacon. Yep. That's right - Gummy Bacon. My human says it's kinda creepy how real it looks, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't taste like bacon because it smells like strawberry.

I've never had Gummy Bacon before but I have had Gummy Worms and Gummy Pugs and they are both supertasty. Bacon makes everything better - even if it is made of Gummy.

Tell me how cute I am and at the end of bacon week I'll let The Randomizer pick one lucky winner to get the Gummy Bacon!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


 Hmmmm. Bacony goodness.

Since I decided to give away my bacon stash, my human can't take pictures of me to show how supertasty everything is. But I'm pretty sure anything that tastes like BACON has to be good. I do have loads of pictures of me eating the marshmallows so if you can pretend marshmallows are full of bacony goodness, I'll pretend they are too.

You won't have to pretend anything about this first bacony giveaway though. It says BACON right on the bag. Yup. 100% real, supertasty Bacon-flavored popcorn. My spotted friend Miley gave it to me, but I know she won't mind if I share the bacon love with you.

Besides, somebody must have shared the love already because the box of Bacon Pop was open and 2 of the 3 bags are missing!?! I don't have thumbs, Dutch doesn't have thumbs and my human doesn't eat bacon... or does she??? 

Anyway. For chance to score the last bag of Bacon Pop, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me how cute I am and I'll ask the Randomizer who should get to enjoy it :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


So, we went up to Sacramento again yesterday. Rupert's mom is helping with the Other 999 and Dutch needed some practice being at their house so he doesn't freak out when my human leaves him there next week. I looked for the missing pug signs but didn't see any and I really really hope that means he isn't missing anymore. 

Since we don't know for sure, I'm just going to pretend he isn't. Because who could think about bacon when some poor pug is missing? Well, I guess I could. But I'll pretend about that too. 

Now. The bacon. I've had this stash of bacon-y goodness for awhile that we've been saving for a 'special occasion'. And by 'we' I mean my human. If you ask me, bacon is for eating - not saving. But I'm not the one with the thumbs. 

Anyway. I think the 3 year anniversary of the DP is definitely a special enough time to break into the bacon stash. My human agreed... sort of. She thinks it would be even awesomer to give my bacon stash away instead of breaking into it.


Give away my bacon stash? Without eating it? At first this sounded like a really bad idea, but the more I thought about it, the better it felt. One because I love you guys. And two because my human has been testing out the autofocus on the new Nikon (!!!!!) using me, Dutch + a bag full of marshmallows. Dutch is a really sucky marshmallow catcher so I've already eaten like half of a whole entire bag of them and I'm not sure my belly has room for any bacony goodness.

So. Before I change my mind, I hereby declare it Bacon Week. Starting tomorrow I will give away something from my Bacon stash. Since it's Wednesday and the week is half over, most next week will be Bacon Week too. My human says I have plenty of Bacony goodness to share. I say she better keep the marshmallows coming.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A. P. B !!

 Be on the lookout for this pug (the one on the left!)

Before I get to the bacon, I need to put out an APB for a missing pug in Sacramento. I saw his face on a telephone pole. LOTS of telephone poles.

I saw the poles two weeks ago when we were visiting my friend Rupert and his mom. She was showing us cool places in her neighborhood to play with Nikon when I saw the signs. Then a man in a store came outside and told our humans that they better watch out for us because a pug had just been dog-napped.

I guess some crazy lazy took this pug from his human and when his human tried to stop her, she freaked out. People thought the man was trying to hurt the crazy lady but all he wanted to do was save his pug. I think the man even got arrested or punched or something? Not sure. All I know is the man wasn't able to stop the pug napper, his pug is gone and the whole thing made us all really sad.

I guess it's been more than a week since this happened and hopefully this pug is back with his man now. But just in case he's not and you live near Sacramento, please be on the lookout for an 11 year old pug who misses his man.

Hear that Sacramento Pugnapper? The whole entire internet knows about you now. There is no place to hide. Give Rudy back to his people. Like, NOW.

Monday, April 2, 2012


 Still Pitying fools!

Last week was NOT a good one here at Casa de Puglet. Any time an entire week (week!) goes by without hearing from me, things are not good. I mean even with the other 999 pugsanity, I've never ever missed a whole entire week. Especially right before the 3 year anniversary of the Daily Puglet.

It all started on Tuesday when my human was tying her shoe. Or trying to tie her shoe. I don't think it got tied before she fell over. Yeah, like tipped and fell over. Kinda like a dead cockroach, except alive and human.

I thought it was kinda funny until she didn't get up. Then when she did get up, she acted all weird and wobbly. Funny, but not in a ha ha way. I guess it was really hard for her to walk because she spent the rest of the day in bed staring at the ceiling to keep the room from moving.

No idea.

That went on for awhile and totally freaked us all out. The doctor said it's not Lupus because my human passed that test already but isn't 100% sure what's wrong. I guess one of her eyes is dilated but the other isn't and that's weird. I also heard her say something about Benign Something-with-a-P Something-else-with-a-P Vertigo.

I stopped listening after the 'benign' part because I know benign is good, but Google says Vertigo has something to do with rocks in your ears messing with balance. All I know is it made my human walk funny and stare at the ceiling for 3 days. 

Juju must have found its way to my human because when she woke up on Saturday the room wasn't moving anymore. And it hasn't moved since. She's afraid to tie her shoes - just in case that wakes up the rocks in her ears - but I think the Juju totally fixed the rocks. I mean, anything that can cure cancer can totally fix ear rocks.

Kinda scary, but one really good thing happened during the 3 days of ceiling-staring. About halfway through Day 2, my human told me it's not good for her to be away from the Daily Puglet. She says it and you and everything Daily and Puglet is her rock (not the ear kind). It's been that way for 3 whole years and even though things have been crazy lately, that can't stop now. Definitely not now. 

Tomorrow, we celebrate year #3.... with baaaaaacon!