Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Uh, I'm starting to think my human has totally lost her brain. We're leaving for Atlanta like NOW and she hasn't even unpacked from Dallas yet. So I thought it might help if I sat in the suitcase to remind her we're going somewhere. I also thought it wouldn't hurt to remind her I'm supposed to go too.

But when I got in the suitcase I noticed something was very, very wrong. There was a smell like no smell I've smelled before. And not a good smell either. 

Then I saw the ziplock bag. With a piece of bacon in it. A sweet little pug named Fergie gave me the bacon in Dallas. She stole it off someone's breakfast plate just for me, but my human only let me eat one piece because she wanted to take pictures of me with the other one. 

Yeah. That was like a month ago. Before her brain liquefied. 

Now I have a ziplock bag of bacon thats's sooooo stinky, even I won't eat it. And you know I'll eat anything... except month old bacon.


Augustus said...

Watch out! Because I'm pretty sure Dutch will eat it. He's into stinky stuff. Ha, stink and pink.

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Um, ew. Yes, that is not a good thing to eat Puglet.

Demand fresh bacon.

Meredith & Scarlet

Augustus said...

I changed my picture so you could see how yummy the Lickety thing is, I thought it would change the ones already here, but they look the same so I am pretty much posting a message to see if I messed up or to show you my Lickety Licker.

Noodles said...

I imagine eating it would make you feel like Dutch did when he ate that bacon grease off your neighbor's porch. I don't think he felt too good. It LOOKS okay - good thing you leapt with your nose first.
Love Noodles

Sabrina PugTails said...

Meh, bacon's bacon, even if it's old bacon. I would have eaten it anyways.