Wednesday, February 29, 2012


And I'm a pooaholic. My human says admitting this is the first step to something called recovery which I think is the same thing as not eating any more poo. I think she's been watching too much Intervention, but we had a really bad moment yesterday and my human says I will stay on-leash forever if I don't quit the poo ASAP.

She'll also take away The DP. And I won't get to go to Texas or anywhere else.
I REALLY don't want any of those things to happen, so I'm going to do everything I can to kick the poo. Even if it means eating a nasty banana for breakfast (nasty!) and admitting to stuff I'm not 100% guilty of.

So here goes...

I am powerless over poo and this is hurting me
and the people I love. Yesterday my human had to throw Droid at me to my stop poo-inhaling. It didn't hurt because she was like 30 feet away and has no aim, but I guess it could have hurt so I guess that counts. Google says I can get sick from eating poo, and I guess that could hurt too.
Being stuck on a leash doesn't exactly hurt but it does totally suck.

I know my human must be hurting at least a little because poo-eating makes her yell and she never yells. I also know she wouldn't throw Droid or cancel yesterday's Daily Puglet unless something was really wrong with her.

Poo is everywhere and hard to resist, but I don't want to hurt anyone. Or lose you. Or spend the rest of eternity on a leash. If anyone here has ever kicked the poo habit, please please please tell me how you did it!

Monday, February 27, 2012


My human said I need to apologize for grossing out any of the other humans on Friday with all the poo talk. Especially right before lunch. So I'm sorry. But I still say if you've never eaten poo, you don't know what you're missing. Seriously. But I guess the less poo-eaters there are, the more poo there is to eat so don't listen to me.

Anyway. It's insanely crazy here at the Casa right now, but we did see th
e light of day (and the cows, and the awesome Bill+Susan) on Saturday. On the way to the cows, we drove past the stupid Pear wall and my human said if she had any spare time (and/or a clone) she'd go on Craigslist and wrangle up a bunch of people to paint over it.

I thought that sounded like an awesome idea. But if my human doe
sn't have time, I don't have thumbs so there wasn't much I could do. Luckily somebody with time (and thumbs and/or a clone) also wanted to get rid of Pear because on Sunday we drove by again and the whole entire wall was green. Not nearly as cool as the happy watermelons, but way better than the evil Pear.



I was kinda hoping whoever painted the watermelons would come back and make the green wall happy again. I totally thought maybe it could happen. Until we passed by the wall today and saw it's already being repainted. And not with cool new murals, just a stupid new name: Pico 121.

Pico is smaller and cuter and pinker than Pear, but still not very cool. Dutch says Pico will never make people happy the way the watermelons did, even though pink is the best most happiest color on earth (his words not mine). And I kinda have to agree with him. Not about the pink part though. Just about Pico.

Friday, February 24, 2012


I know humans (or at least my human) thinks eating poo is nasty. Well, I think lettuce is nasty and my human eats that all the time. And what she totally doesn't understand is there's a lot more too poo than just eating it. The best part about poo the hunt.

OK, maybe not the best part. But almost.

Because poo hunting is kinda like playing fetch. It's fun, not always easy and makes walks waaay more interesting. Poo is sneaky. It can't run away but it can hide. Poo in the wild is camouflaged. It's practically invisible in dirt and grass so you have to track it down by smell and tracking things by smell isn't easy when you have no snout.

Poo also likes to hide in grass and plants so even when you do find some, it's not exactly easy to catch.
And by catch I mean eat. Separating poo from plant isn't easy, especially when your human is standing there threatening to kill you. I mean, who wants grass in their poo? Not me.

To make hunting even harder, all poo is not the same. Some is totally eatable, some definitely is not. But you won't know this until you track it down and get a good sniff. Humans (or at least mine) freak out when you even sniff poo, so sometimes you get shouted at for no good reason and that kinda sucks.

I won't freak out any of the humans by saying what's its like when you finally do track down a stash of totally eatable poo. Or how it smells. Or tastes. But I will say it is exciting, a little stinky and usually very VERY tasty. Oh, and fun. At least until your human sees you face down in a plant and threatens to kill you for eating poo.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I was so excited about Texas and the longhorn pies and flying and meeting everybody that I totally missed something. Something big. Something spotted and big.

Because I might be going to Texas, but Dutch isn't. He's going to Bellatrix's house - which is almost as cool, but he won't be with me and that's not cool at all. I've never not been with Dutch. We've been together every day and every night since I came here. And even though I make fun of him sometimes, I don't know what I'd do without him. Even for a single day. And I'll be in Texas for like seven.

I'm not scared of anything (except that scary noise plastic bags and tin foil make) but I'm a little afraid of being away from Dutch. Not terrified or anything, just a little bit afraid.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hey everybody, remember me? Well, I'm back. And even though you totally got sucked into some evil plot to make me feel bad about having a fat neck and eating poo, I still love you.

In my defense, I do have a few things to say about poo. But I'm not going to say them today in case my human freaks out about it. Poo is a four letter word here at Casa de Puglet and I don't want to get grounded or tortured again. Especially since I'll be going to Dallas two weeks from now.

Yep, Dallas. Y'know, the one in Texas. I guess I did such a good job greeting pugs here in San Fran that my human wants me to greet pugs in Texas too. I've never been anywhere but California and Reno, so Texas is practically another planet. I get to fly on an airplane and everything.

So. Freaking. Excited.

And the coolest thing? You all get to come to Texas with me! Here on the DP, anyway. I'm not sure exactly where we're going yet, but I do know one place called Fort Worth has cows. Google says everything is bigger in Texas, so I can't wait to eat some of their extra big and tasty pies. Yumm!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Yes, me again. Puglet is still on lockdown for being a poo eater. There was another incident yesterday and now my human is using me to torture him into submission. I don't think this technique will work, but I will torture Pug if it makes my human happy.

Pug will be quite tortured if I talk about how easy it is to be a supermodel and you tell me how excellent I am at it. Here is my part, you can do yours in the comment section.

Supermodeling is so easy I can do it in my sleep. Even on a hideous green bench in the middle of the sidewalk.

Pug is also quite jealous of my lean neck, which you cannot see in the first picture so here is another. It doesn't look skinny to me, but it's skinnier than Pug's. Perhaps you can mention that in your commenting too.

I hope this silly plan works. I don't like it when my human gets mad and she gets very mad about the poo. If having me torture Pug doesn't work, my human will have to do it and I don't think any of us want that to happen. I heard her say something about:

* a remote control device

* high powered water gun
* a bee hat

And bananas. Just in case Anonymous' comment yesterday was right.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Hello everyone, today you get me. Our human has taken the blog away from Puglet as punishment for completely ignoring her instructions during our morning walk. I do not know what part of PUGLET, DO NOT EAT THAT POO! he doesn't understand but he didn't understand twice. On the same walk. Which made my human very, VERY angry.

My human desperately needs her thumbs, so I cannot stay long. But before I leave the internet I would like to send out a message to whoever ruined the watermelon mural.

Dear "Pear",

I have known this mural for 3 years. We walk by it almost every day. The melon slices look like smiles and always made me feel happy, even when I wasn't happy. I think that's why someone painted them on the wall, to make people happy.

Your stupid name in big white letters does not make me happy. Instead I am sad and a little angry at you for ruining the watermelons.

Why did you have to ruin the watermelons?

Sad with anger too,


Friday, February 17, 2012


Waaaaay back in April of 2009, when all my face furs were still black, I hurt my foot fighting with the neighbor's evil chihuahuas through the fence. It must have been super traumatic because I don't really remember much about it, but according to my human, the pug in today's photo, his human AND the DP archives, my foot was so gimpy I couldn't go hiking.

Instead of staying home with me and my bad foot, Dutch and my human went hiking anyway. Nice, huh? Even worse, they met a pug on the hike to replace me. Kinda like a body double, I guess. But still.

Fast forward to last Sunday. Me and my girl Bellatrix were greeters at a 1000 Pugs photoshoot when in came Pug 81, aka Prince Charming. His human introduced him as "the replacement pug" and my human got all excited. Of course I had no idea what was going on because somebody was sitting home alone with a bad foot when Prince Charming came along.

I kinda didn't want to like the guy for replacing me and then showing up years later to suck down treats and show off for Nikon. But Charmy (that's what his friends call him) turned out to be a pretty cool guy.
He promised not to eat all the treats and totally sold my human on getting me a very studly Paco collar that makes my skully harness seem so lame it might as well be pink.

I don't always 100% love the whole other 999 pugs thing. It kinda sucks when my human comes home smelling like 20 other pugs and then stares at them on HAL4 for days.
And it really sucks when she's too tired or too busy staring at HAL4 to take us for a hike. But after meeting Charmy/81 and all the other pugs & their people at the photoshoots, I'm starting to think 1000 pugs is mostly kinda cool.

* * * JUJU FOR ROSE, Pug 98 * * *

Even though it kinda sucks sometimes to be 1/1000 and not just #1, I still love the other 999 (+). And right now there's a pug in Texas named Rose (pug 98) who really needs some good juju.

Rose is 12 years old and her heart is doing something funky that's making her cough. The vet doesn't know exactly what's going on yet, but she has an ultrasound appointment on Monday to find out more. That gives us 3 whole days to flood Rose's funky heart with a ton of juju (her worried human could probably use a little too).

Rose - all paws are crossed & loads of good juju is on the way...

Thursday, February 16, 2012


So I waited 29 hours for another little cake to come. But it never did. Kinda like how you've been waiting all day for a Daily Puglet, except I'm cuter than a cake and not eatable. And I'm here! Late, but here.

At least one of us will get what we've been waiting for.

Anyway. You haven't missed much. While I was busy waiting for the cake that never came, my human celebrated her Special Day by not touching any technology for 24 whole hours. No HAL4. No Droid. No Nikon. Nothing but me, Dutch and, uhm, me and Dutch.

Yeah. Kinda weird. And boring. But I guess when you get old, that's how you celebrate stuff. I'll never be too old to celebrate with cake, so if anyone else out there gets too old to eat cake on their special day, please send it my way.

See you in the AM!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

100% HAPPY

So, last year The Man brought us a little box of little cakes to celebrate my human's special day. One of the cakes even had bacon in it, just for me. I was kinda hoping that would happen again this year, but I haven't seen The Man in like forever so I didn't think it would happen... until Dutch pointed out that other people can buy cakes too.

Uhm, since when is Dutch so smart??

Anyway. I asked my human if she could please get me a little cake so I could celebrate her big day. I really wanted another bacon one, but told her any flavor would be OK. She didn't say yes, but she didn't exactly say no either. When I woke up this morning, there was a cake waiting for me.

Well, sort of. Because yesterday was Love Day or whatever and I guess people want to eat red things on Love Day, there weren't any bacon cakes at the store. And because my human is clueless about cakes, she didn't know that Red Velvet cakes are made of chocolate. Even though Red Velvet is red and chocolate is brown.

Yeah, I know. Kinda confused me too.
And since chocolate is bad for dogs, my human said I could only eat the white part of my cake. Uhm, hello! 99% of my cake was red. What kind of celebration would that be??


So I told my human I love her waaaay too much to only celebrate with the white part. And then snarfed down 100% of my cake before she could stop me.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

#75, aka NOODLES

So it looks like my man Boy George is waaaaay more famous than the Luke dude who follows 1000 Pugs. Normally I might feel kinda bad for Luke. But after what happened on Saturday, I need all the love I can get. Even if it's from some dude who dressed funny in the 80s.

Because not only did my human cheat on me with who knows how many other pugs, she also brought one home. Yeah. Like to our house. Luckily it was Noodles and not a complete stranger-pug. But still. Coming home covered in pug smell is one thing, but coming home with a real, live pug? That's totally crossing the line.

Nothing against Noodles, but I can't compete with a cute little girly pug. I learned that when Gracie was here. Noodles is totally cool and we even played for a few minutes until I went in for the hump and my human reminded me that girly pugs aren't the same as boy or hermaphrodite pugs. Then Noodles reminded both of us that according to official girl-rules what's hers is hers and what's mine is also hers.


Luckily Noodles didn't take over the whole entire house, just my human's lap and a bully penis - and only for a few hours. When the Chinese New Year parade was over,
her people came and I got my human's lap back.

The official boy-rules say no blood no foul, so I guess it wasn't a big deal that my human brought Noodles home with her. But I hope this sort of thing doesn't happen again. And if it does I want it to be with a boy pug who doesn't mind being humped and isn't so much cuter than I am.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Ok. I have a TON of stuff to tell you about. Noodles. Bacon. Prince Charming. The Central Coast Pugs Axis party... but before all that I need help answering a very important question: who has the more famous new follower on Twitter, me or 1000 Pugs?

Famous Follower #1 is the dude in this picture. The one who has hair. His name is Luke Russert and he was on our TV last night talking to that other dude in jail. I don't exactly know who Luke is, but he's famous enough to be on TV and Google says he's superfamous in Washington DC.

Famous Follower #1: Luke Russert

Famous Follower #2 is this, uhm, dude. His name is Boy George. My human said that's a really old picture of him from the 80's and everybody dressed funny back then. Especially supercool famous people like Boy George.

Famous Follower #2: Boy George

So.... Luke was on our TV, but even my gimpy-brained human knows all the words to George's songs (she won't/can't stop singing one about a chameleon). Of course I want me to be #1, so I say George is more famous. My human wants 1000 Pugs to be awesome, so she says it's Luke. We tried to use Dutch as a tie-breaker, but he just said George has "more style and better hair".

So the big question is...


Friday, February 10, 2012


I wish I could blame a hike for making me so late again today, but this time it's my human's fault. She was running around all morning getting ready to cheat on me (again) tomorrow and we finally just got home.

She gave away all my cookies last weekend so I knew she'd be making a run to the dogfood store to get some more. I figured I could score free snacks from the checkout lady and complete the first phase of Operation Bacon.

Phase One: convince my human I'm not too tubey to eat a Bacon Shake.

The last time I weighed in, I had a really bad scale day (26.7lbs). But the scale was at my friend Lulu's vet and I thought their scale just sucked. I was afraid my human might remember the number and say no to the Shake, so I suggested we weight me in again today on the official dogfood store scale.

Uhm, yeah. Bad idea. The official scale said I'm even tubier than Lulu's vet's scale. I peed a million times and everything but I'm still officially 1.8 lbs over my 25lbs or no-treats weight limit.

Thank Bacon Mr. Skinnyneck wanted to show off his weight perfection because the official scale said he's tubey too! Yep. Mr I-never-gain-weight is usually 68 lbs but today the scale said 70.

My human totally sucks at math so I pointed out that 70lbs - 68lbs = 2lbs and if you suck 2lbs of scale-induced tubiness out of me, my official weight = 24.8 and 24.8 is waaay under the 25 lb no-treat mark. Numbers don't lie so she couldn't exactly argue with me.


Phase One: mission accomplished.
I don't know what Phase Two is yet, but I'm definitely one step closer to scoring a Bacon Shake.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Sorry I'm so late today. Now that my human spends all weekend cheating on me with other pugs, we don't get to hike with the cows on Saturday. When you don't hike you get tubey and when you get tubey you don't get to eat cookies, so today I guilted my human into going hiking.

It's extrasuper important that my human thinks I'm skinny because last night I got an email from Bill (of the awesome Bill + Susan of Operation Daisy) about a ridiculous new eatable he thought I might enjoy.

Two words: Bacon Milkshake.

Uhm. Yeah, I think I might enjoy that! So what if I have no idea what a milkshake is, anything made with bacon is going to be good. Move over Baconator, here comes the Bacon Shake!

The only problem is my human. One, she's not a bacon-eater. Two, she doesn't want me to be a bacon-eater either. I did some recon and found out I can get a Bacon Shake at some place called Jack in the Box, but only for a limited time so we must act fast.

I you were me, how would you convince/trick/guilt your human into getting you a Bacon Shake??


Google says there's a whole world of bacon I knew nothing about. Seriously. Like there's this dude Neal who loves bacon so much he wants to marry it. Seems like kind of a freak, but he knows all about crazy bacon stuff. Hello Bacon of the Month club! And an online Baconery (bacon bakery) that makes bacon muffins and stuff for humans and special pig-shaped bacon cookies for dogs (!).

Bacon Milkshakes are just the beginning.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I don't know about your human, but mine can do some pretty dumb things. And I don't mean Gimpy-dumb, or even blonde-dumb. Just... dumb.

Y'know, stuff like trying to stop a robbery. With Mazda.

Yeah. It happened Saturday after she'd just cheated on me with 13 more pugs. We were on the way to the beach, then all of a sudden made this crazy detour. I know where the beach is and we were definitely not going there.

I was about to pitch a fit when I heard her tell someone on the phone that some guy just stole another guy's laptop and she was going to stop him. Or try to stop him. Or something.
That's when I saw this dude running down the street with a Mac, and another dude chasing after him. It was not good.

I don't know what my human thought she could do, but she followed the Mac-thief anyway... down the street and around a corner to where the getaway car was waiting. Uh huh, the getaway car. Full of dudes waiting to drive off with the thief and his hot Mac.

So my human pulls in front of the car, like she was going to block it with Mazda or something -- with me and Dutch and Gracie all stuck in the dog pod. I mean, Hello! People get shot for way less stupider things.
I've seen Law & Order.

Luckily the guy behind the wheel was the worst getaway car driver ever, so my human had time to think about how stupid she was being. And I guess she realized we could all be shot or killed or worse if she didn't move Mazda out of the way. So she pulled over to let the getaway car through, just as the angry Mac-owner showed up.

Well, this guy was even stupider than my human and tried to stop the getaway car by standing in front of it with a cell phone. Of course the driver dude drove right at him and the Mac-owner jumped out of the way to let the getaway car get away. Which it totally did. But not before hitting Mazda in the butt.

We got hit by the getaway car. It sounded REALLY scary from inside the pod, but nobody got shot or hurt and Mazda is ok. The Law & Order people call this kind of thing "collateral damage", but I call it lucky. Mazda's missing butt paint and a smear of paint from the getaway car (a teal Honda civic) is waaay better than getting shot for having a dumb human.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


So, like a year ago I had this incident with a homeless man and a sandwich. I won't go into all the gory details, but the dude had a sandwich and I ate it.

Yeah, I know. But I really didn't mean to eat a homeless person's food. That would be so wrong. The sandwich was just sitting on the sidewalk so I figured it was a stray. Nothing wrong with eating a stray sandwich, right?

Wrong. I got in serious trouble *and* my human
said I'd go to Hell for eating a homeless dude's food. Especially since she didn't have any money with her to buy him a new sandwich. But that's where the redemption thing comes in.

Because yesterday she was taking pictures of Gracie in the alley where I met the homeless dude & his food.... and she saw the dude! My human's brain is completely gimpy, but she says even she 'couldn't forget the face of the homeless man whose food I ate'.

[I swear, it was an accident]

Of course she didn't have her wallet (again!) but she did have $5 in her pocket and gave it to the man to buy a new sandwich. He probably doesn't remember me or the sandwich I ate, but my human said the $5 made him SO happy.
I hope this means I'm not going to Hell anymore.

* * *

There's a party happening this weekend and it's just for pugs! Well, humans can come too, but it's mostly for us. And to raise money for Central Coast Pug Rescue. Last year's event was superfun: no leashes, plates of tasty eatables to steal from, and lots of cool pugs.

WHERE: Axis Cafe in San Francisco
WHEN: Sunday Feb 12th, 3 - 6pm
HOW: you can find tickets & all the info on Central Coast Pug Rescue's website

Hope to see you there!

Monday, February 6, 2012


HI! I think you already know I'm Gracie but if you don't know me, that's who I am. I usually live at Pug Mecca but my blonde lady went away so I'm at Casa Pug until she comes back.

The Pug's blonde lady said I could be here today and he couldn't do anything about it because I'm a girl and I have cancer and everyone knows you have to be nice to girls and extremely nice to girls who have cancer. I think it's a law.

I don't know what The Pug told you about me but anything not nice is not true. I am perfect. I like to snuggle and give kisses. I LOVE to eat food and kill stuffies. Sometimes I LOVE food and stuffies I get a little crazy.
The Spotted One is afraid of me and Pug will probably say I tried to rip his face off. The blonde ladies think the cancer medicine is what makes me crazy so I just let them think that.


Did I say I like food? LOVE food. That's me about to hoover down a flying Zuke's salmon snack. SOOOOO tasty! The Pug says the pink on my sweater is also "salmon" but The Spotted One says he's just saying that because it's his sweater and he makes fun of boys who like pink. Boys are weird.

I also love the beach. Not as much as food but I still love it. The ocean makes bubbles that are fun to chase and the waves spit seafood onto the sand. The beach was full of crabs the day we went and I ate one or two or five. The pincher parts are the best - just make sure the crab is dead first or it can be scary.

The blonde ladies are all worried about me being sick but nobody has to worry about me, I'm Gracie! Besides, girls with cancer get to snark at boys and blame the drugs, hog 99% of the bed and 100% of the covers and eat dead crabs on the beach without getting yelled at. This cancer stuff isn't so bad if you ask me. I think The Pug is jealous!!

Friday, February 3, 2012


Thanks for sending Lulu so much awesome Juju! Her leg isn't better yet, but I know it would be way worse without your help. The xray expert said there aren't any broken bones or anything, but Lulu will need to see a special vet if things she's not walking by Monday. I'll have my paws crossed all weekend for walking.

So, today I was going to tell you all about the terrible thing that happened to me at Lulu's vet (hint: starts with an S and tells you you're fat). But right now I have bigger problems than a bad scale day. MUCH bigger problems.

Gracie = Girl

Gracie from Pug Mecca is staying with us this weekend. Gracie's cool and everything, so I guess this isn't a problem, exactly. It's just... weird. I mean, my man Frank stays here all the time - but Frank is a dude and Gracie is a girl.

I don't hang out with many girls other than Bellatrix, but she's a Hermaphrodite so I'm not sure she even counts.
I know girls don't like to be humped the way Frank does and I've never met a girl (other than Bellatrix) who likes to face wrestle. Girls smell kinda funny too.

I'm pretty sure girls have their own special rules, but I don't really know what they are and that makes me kinda nervous.

Do I have to let Gracie play with my toys because she's a girl?
If she tries to hog Nikon, can I shove her out of the way?
If she goes in for the hump, am I allowed to hump back?

And the big #1 question:

Am I supposed to let a girl sleep in my bed??

If any girls out there (or dudes with girl experience) have any clue what I'm supposed to do/not do with Gracie, please let me know ASAP. She might look all sweet and innocent, but I'm afraid she'll totally kick my butt if I do the wrong thing.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Before I say who The Randomizer picked to win the Carnivore Crunch snacks, I need to ask for some juju. Big time juju.

It's for my friend Lulu. That's her in today's picture, laying in the dirt looking really unhappy. Lulu isn't usually unhappy, but she'd just done a Flying Wallenda maneuver off the side of a hill and landed funny. And I don't mean ha-ha funny. I mean the kind of funny that lands you here:

Yeah. The vet. Because after Lulu got up from her crazy landing, one of her back legs wouldn't work. Like, at all. Our humans even had to carry her back to the car and Lulu isn't exactly little. Or light.

The vet was worried about something called an ACL, or thought maybe Lulu's hip popped out, so they pumped her full of drugs and did some xrays. Nothing really showed up, so the vet sent Lulu home to rest and sent the xrays to an expert.
Word from the xray expert will come today and we want it to be good, no-surgery news.

So please send juju to Lulu's right back leg. Here's what she looks like, so you know exactly where to send it:

* * *

OK! Now, for the lucky winner of the Mr. Chewy's snack giveaway.....

Out of 80 comments, The Randomizer thought 6 was a good number and 6 = Spike. So congratulations Spike & Laurie! Yesterday was their three year anniversary together and now they celebrate it again with supertasty Carnivore Crunch.

Spike, have your human send my human an email with your address so we know where to send your eatables. You can mail me at dailypuglet -at-

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Thanks to a comment yesterday from Dutchess the pug, today I get to show you all the stuff Mr. Chewy sent me. For the record, the box came two whole days earlier than it was supposed to but my Gimpy Brained, China-handed, Benedryl comatose human completely forgot it ever came.

That's right. An entire box of eatables sat unopened for FIVE DAYS. Lucky for my human, it was totally worth the wait.
The box was full of so much awesome stuff, I'm not sure where to start. Hmmm. How about these Sojos BACON treats?

Blue = BACON

Before Mr Chewy's, I'd never even seen Sojos and now I get to eat a whole entire box of them. Don't worry, Dutch isn't going to starve or anything. He got his own *pink* box of Sojos. They're peanut butter & jelly, not bacon, but that's what he gets for being such a freak about pink.

Pink = PB&J

When my human was taking these pictures, I made the mistake of telling Dutch he needs to work on the 'eyes up' part of his Jimmy. He hates Nikon so much I totally didn't think he'd listen, but now he's a Jimmying machine and I have to compete with THIS:

Dutch: Jimmy Machine?

Anyway. There was a bunch of other stuff in Mr. Chewy's box. Like treats for the other 999 pugs (grrr), turkey jerky bars, this ginormous bag of body parts and a special snack called Carnivore Crunch I picked out for a Randomizer give away. The website says it's for cats and dogs, so even the kitties can be Randomized!

If you've new and never been Randomized, it's super easy. Just leave a comment between now and 2am (Puglet time), then check back tomorrow to see if you're the lucky winner. Saying nice things about me won't make the Randomizer pick you, but you can do it anyway.