Friday, September 30, 2011


I don't want to make anyone sad two days in a row, but there's a serious juju situation happening.

Last night I heard my human on the phone with the Pug Rescue Lady. I guess one of the pugs I met at Dutch's Big 8 beach party (yeah, we're still pretending it the party was for him)
hasn't been feeling well. I called her Red Harness but her name is really Gracie.

I don't know all the details, but when she had her girl parts removed yes
terday, the doctor fished around in there for stuff that might be making her sick. Bad stuff like the c-word. And I guess the doctor found lots of bad stuff on one of her lungs. And I mean lots.

They did one of those biopsy things and there's a chance the bad stuff isn't c-word
... the results should be back later today. So it looks like we have between now and later today to juju the bejeezus out of Gracie's possible c-word.

Please help scare away the c-word by sending every bit of good juju you can find to Gracie. We've done it before. Let's do it again!

* * * UPDATE * * *

I don't have any news about Gracie's biopsy thing, but it looks like she isn't the only one in need of some serious good juju (see today's comments). I just sent my man Fredzik in Poland & Nugget's brother Murphy a big fat dose of extrasuper-strength juju. If you have any more juju in you, please send it their way.

OH - and I also got an email from Lafayette Lola. She won the who-weighs-what giveaway and has decided to donate her Omegas to Gracie. How awesome is that? I mean, juju and Omegas. Gracie's possible c-word better be afraid!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


This morning we found Swedish doing the Big Float. He'd been acting a little weird lately, hiding in the rocks and stuff instead of hanging out with Meatball like he usually does. Swedish was eating so my human didn't think he was sick (not eating = sick here at Casa de Puglet). It's been super hot this week, so maybe his water got too tropical...

It made me sad to say goodbye, but Swedish will get to swim with the big fishes now. He looked kinda peaceful floating in the Big White Bowl, before we flushed him out to sea.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So I broke into HAL4 last night to look for more Top Secret Stuff clues. I found a bunch of pictures from the weekend, but still have no idea what it's all about.

Like this dude in the mask. We met him in the mural alley when my human was taking TSS pictures and video of Dutch and Frank. He was painting a new picture and was totally cool about letting us invade the space he was working on. My human was superexcited about that.

Masked Dude kinda freaked me out at first because he sounded like a giant human pug. And I mean Freaked. Me. Out. But once I figured out the pug noises were coming from the mask thing, I was cool with it. I even did some supermodeling for Nikon while he painted.

Yeah. About that...

I want everyone to please remind my human (again) how awesome I am at this modeling thing. I mean, do you see Dutch or Frank posing with a scary masked dude? No. Frank tried to eat him and Dutch was too busy pretending to be a model to actually be one.


While Dutch was off posing like some sort of poser-model, I was supermodeling my butt off. I almost got eaten alive by a killer bee, but I didn't break my concentration. Because that's what separates the supermodels from the superposers.

Even bees can't stop me.

You won't see Dutch staring down a bee *and* posing at the same time. Nope. And you definitely won't see him Jimmying on some cold, hard curb thing that's skinnier than he is.

Super Model.

I guess my part could still be coming. Because if I am the star of the TSS, I probably shouldn't be spending most of the time at home or stuck in the back of Mazda.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


In one corner, wearing skull + crossbones, we have me. A lean, mean carrot eating machine. In the other corner there's Frank, wearing my harness with planes and stuff on it. Frank likes carrots and can be kinda mean to bikes and stuff with wheels, but he's not exactly lean.

Our combined weight is 49.9 lbs. The big question is: who weighs more and who weighs what? Be the first to guess each of our weights and you'll win a package of supertasty Omega treats (duck, chicken or salmon).

If nobody guesses right by this time tomorrow, whoever comes closest without going over wins. And trust
me - you totally want to win.

Since most of you have never met either of us, here are some clues:

Me + Frank, side x side

Frank + Me, frontal

Frank + Me, Jimmy view

Good luck & happy guessing!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Have you ever done something really bad and blamed it on someone else? Well, yesterday I did. Or at least I tried to, but I totally got caught. And now I'm in major trouble and kinda feel really bad about it.

It happened yesterday. My human was filming more Top Secret Stuff and I got stuck in the car for most of it - again. I was kinda mad about this and also super bored and slightly hungry, so I decided to break out of the dog pod and, uh, explore the front seat.

The front seat of Mazda is a No Dog Zone. I know this. My human even put stupid metal bars between the dog pod and the front seat to remind us. But when there are bags of tasty snacks lying all over the No Dog Zone and I'm stuck in the car watching Dutch pose for Nikon, rules will be broken...

And so yesterday I broke into the No Dog Zone and stuff got eaten. And by stuff I mean an entire mega-sized bag of salmon Omegas, half a bag of Stella+Chewy's canine crunch and two ginormous carrots. It all tasted so good, I totally couldn't stop eating.

By the time my human came back to the car, I was back in the pod with Frank. My human's brain has been supergimpy lately so I was hoping she wouldn't notice all the missing snacks. And she might not have - except I totally forgot to get rid of the evidence.

Yeah. I was so excited about the food, I totally forgot about the stupid bags. Which meant my human was double mad: once mad about the missing food, and twice mad about the huge mess of chewed up bags. I hate making my human mad, so I did what any pug with a chubby friend would do and blamed it all on Frank.

I almost got away with it too, until my belly freaked out about halfway through the interrogation. All those treats I ate wanted OUT of my belly. And I guess the fastest way out was the same way stuff goes in because I yakked up a big pile of fishy smelling puke right in front of my human. No blaming Frank for that.

Totally busted :/

* * *

Happy days to Meatball in Winston-Salen, NC and also to Gweneth + Lucy (not sure where). I don't think I'll be getting any treats for awhile, so please eat lots of cookies for Gweneth, Lacy + Meatball!

Friday, September 23, 2011


Well. I did find out more about the Top Secret Stuff. But first I have to say HUGE thanks for coming up with so many awesome pug names yesterday. The rescue people will be so excited when they see the list.

Since my name is so lame, I asked my human if she could give me a new one. Not instead of Puglet or Pug or anything, but one that goes after it. Y'know, like a middle name. She said ok so now I'm trying to decide between 'Spam' and 'Bacon'. I kinda like Spam better - but my human says Spam is made up of 'nasty bits'. Everybody (except my human) loves bacon, so maybe I should go with that instead. What do you think?




Now for the TSS. There was filming yesterday and I did get to be there for some of it. Dutch and Frank got baths again (no idea) while I had to wait in the car with the Crazy Labrador Brothers. They were too busy barking their heads off to tell me much, but I do know they killed two Henrietta rubbber chickens at some point during the filming. I don't think that was part of the plan though.

My human always says The Labs kill her head, but until I sat in the car with them I had no idea. Holy Spam do they bark LOUD! It hurt my head after awhile and my head still hurts. My human says I have a Labover, aka Labrador hangover.

Bellatrix's Mom and Man were there yesterday too. Her Mom was in charge of video-ing and her Man was the stuntdriver (no idea) and can tie really good knots. I'm really hoping Bellatrix can find out some more clues because right now all I know is what you know and it isn't much :/

Thursday, September 22, 2011


So, the good news is Frank is back. And that's SUPERGOOD news because we all know he's way more fun than Dutch. The bad news is he's here because my human is working on more Top Secret Stuff today and apparently Frank is practically the star of it.

You heard me. Frank is practically the star.

I tried to get some info out of him last night when we were face wrestling, but he pulled a Dutch and claimed to know nothing. Well, practically nothing. He did say they got to eat watermelon last time. But that's all he remembers.

Frank did help me do some recon by distracting my human so I could snoop around HAL4. There's a LOT of stuff in HAL4's brain and I still haven't found where all the clues live. I definitely didn't find any TSS pictures of me, but I did find one of Dutch eating watermelon and looking very VERY happy about it.

According to my human's calendar, today might be the last day of making the TSS. Which means this could me my last day to kill Frank and Dutch off and become the star. OK, maybe not really kill them off - but you know what I mean.

** if anyone has any ideas, PLEASE let me know**

If/when I find out more, you'll know what I know. Until then, I have a semi-favor to ask. I heard my human talking to a pug rescue person about dog names (it was after she named everyone at the beach party by harness color) and I guess it's not easy to come up with cool names for all the needy pugs who come into rescue. My human clearly isn't the best dog-namer on the planet but everyone here is pretty genius, so I figured you could help come up with a list.

Pug rescue has saved a lot of pugs over the years, so try to make your names special. Y'know, so we don't end up with lots of pugs named, uh, Pug.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I could spend the rest of the week telling you about all the things Dutch got for turning 8. But there's something way more important I want to talk about instead. Her name is Daisy, she's lost and is kinda starving.

We saw signs about Daisy last weekend where we parked our car for the c
ow hike. Some ridiculously nice people named Susan + Bill made sort of treasure map so people can help look for Daisy.

On the trail, Susan + Bill left more clues. It's kinda hard to read Droid's picture, but the sign gives directions to Daisy's favorite place and a food bowl Susan + Bill have been filling. They also left their phone number so anyone who wants to help can join Operation Daisy.

I know it's really really sad to think about Daisy out there with the cows, hungry and lost. But it's also really really REALLY awesome that people like Susan + Bill took the time to try and help her. I mean, if I was lost and hungry I'd totally want complete strangers making treasure maps to help other complete strangers find me. Wouldn't you?

Yeah, I thought so.

Anyway.. my human called Susan + Bill to thank them for being so awesome and we volunteered to fill Daisy's food bowl on Saturdays. The sort of good news is Daisy found a friend and isn't so alone - but this means there are now TWO lost dogs living in the wild with the cows.

We'll let you know what happens on our first mission. And if there's any extra juju out there, please send it to Daisy and her friend in Wildcat Canyon.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Dutch was starting to get a big head from all the nice things you all were saying about him so I'm back to tell you about his Big 8 beach party celebration.

But first there's one big and very secret thing you need to know about Dutch's Big 8 beach party: it wasn't really a party for Dutch. It was a pugfest that just so happened to be the same weekend as his big day so he thought everyone was there to celebrate him. I don't want to make Dutch sad, so we're just going to pretend they were.

So, uhm, Dutch's Big 8 Beach Party was huge fun. It happens every year (just like Dutch's birthday) at a place called Dillon Beach waaaaay up the coast. It was warm and sunny and there were tons of pugs and even more of pug-loving people.

There wasn't a ton of food at the beach party, but there were BBQs happening nearby so it smelled really good. There weren't any pit pulls at the party because Dillon Beach does not let them in.

Very weird and not so cool. I mean, we have Pit Bull friends. What if we really were having a party for Dutch? Would our friends not get to come? My human told the guy at the gate that I'm part pit bull to see if the sign is maybe a joke or something but he just laughed.

Anyway. Even though there weren't any pit bulls, there were lots of ridiculously cute pugs. PugPROS rescue was there and brought a whole pack of adoptables to help, uh, celebrate Dutch's big day.

All the adoptable dogs were really really nice. I only know them by smell, so we'll call these girl pugs Red Harness and Purple Harness. They snuggled up on my human's lap and she took their pictures and fed them my Booty and I didn't even care - that's how nice they were.

I was too busy with the Harness Girls to get to know everyone, but I'm guessing they're all just as awesome. My human says your head might explode if you look at these little guys for too long. Whatever.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Hello everybody! Pug said I could tell you how I celebrated my Big 8th birthday. 'Year of the Pink' is what he calls it. Yes, I know he is mocking me but I don't care.

It amuses me that Pug likes to make fun of pink, but got very excited when I asked my human if we could please go to the PINK cupcake store to get bite-sized cakes for my birthday. He became even more excited when she said yes.

The genius people at Cups and Cakes Bakery have a saying: if cupcakes are wrong, we don't wanna to be right. I don't think they or the cupcakes they make are wrong at all. Cups + Cakes puts bacon in their cupcakes and have excellent taste in colors. Both things are all right with me.

Of course my human insisted on shoving Nikon in my face before obtaining my birthday cupcake. And of course Pug insisted on posing for Nikon even though it was supposed to be my Big 8 birthday moment.

I did not mind Pug's posing, but I did mind him talking my human into waiting 10 minutes for the Cupcake Super Happy Hour to start so he could get a free cupcake.

Ten minutes is a very long time to wait for a cupcake. Especially on your birthday. And especially when it is Pug's idea. And very especially when someone is shoving Nikon in your face the whole entire time you must wait.

All the waiting was forgotten when my cupcake came. Bacon Maple (alias, Pancake Breakfast) was not on the menu, so I celebrated the Big 8 with a Killer Carrot cupcake instead. It was soft, a little sweet and topped with a blob of exquisite white goo. As Pug would say, it was Supertasty.

There was more celebrating, but that will come tomorrow. I overheard my human say we are trying to get back on our old morning schedule. It didn't work the last time she tried, but we've had no fog for three whole days so it might happen this time. Where there is sun, there is hope.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Before I start talking about me, I want to thank everyone who raffled to support Pacific Pug Rescue. And I want to extra-thank Ollie the Canadian Beagle + Jasper and Megan from Maine + anyone else who raffled AND gave their ticket to me. I mean us. I mean Dutch... for his birthday. You're the best!

On Monday I'll let Dutch tell you all about his birthday, so today let's just talk about me. Because
I think my human has forgotten how awesome I am in front of the camera. I've barely gotten to do any of the Top Secret Stuff and I can't tell you the last time we played with Nikon. She's been supergimpy lately, so I think we just need to remind her.

And by we, I guess I mean you.

In case you need a reminder of just how awesome I am at being videoed, here's a Droid clip from our trip to Truckee:

Seriously? How could my human not give me the starring role in all her Top Secret Stuff? Please help her realize how talented I am. And how wrong she is.

* * *

I hope everyone's hungry - we've got a lot of eating to do...

Today is Tia's Gotcha Day way over in Fredrick, MD.
Tomorrow is Dutch's Big 8.
Sunday is Barneys Gotcha Day in Denver, CO

Happy days everyone!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I've been so worried/obsessed about the Top Secret Stuff, I almost totally forgot that Dutch turns 8 on Saturday. The only reason I remembered is I overheard my human talking to the vet this morning about getting Dutch bloodwork or something for his birthday.

Birthday bloodwork? Seriously? I don't know about you, but I think a trip to the vet has to be the worst birthday present ever. I tried explaining this to my human, but she told me to shut up before I ruined the surprise. Yeah, because surprise birthday bloodwork is even better!?!

Poor Dutch. Even though I kinda make fun of him sometimes, Dutch is my bro and I totally love him. Turning 8 is also kind of a big deal, so I think some serious specialness needs to happen.

Luckily I just got an email reminding us about a very cool 'Road Trip' raffle for Pacific Pug Rescue (yeah, that's me on the flyer). My human stayed at one of the hotels on the flyer when she was in Seattle cheating on us and I remember her saying it was awesome.

I think Dutch would love to take a road trip that didn't involve a tent, so I bought him a raffle ticket. Hopefully we'll celebrate Dutch's Big 8 with a trip to Washington. But even if we don't win, pugs-in-need will and I know that will make Dutch superhappy.

If you want to buy a raffle ticket, it's not too late! You don't have to live in Washington or give it to Dutch for his birthday. The raffle closes at Midnight (pacific time) on Dutch's birthday (Saturday, September 17th). You can read all about the Road Trip raffle & Pacific Pug Rescue on their website,

* * *

Happy Whelp Day to Riley in Tonronto :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Since we didn't get very far trying to figure out the Top Secret Stuff (TSS) yesterday, today I tried some other, more - uhm, aggressive tactics.

My original plan was to go on a hunger strike. Y'know, refuse to eat until my human spilled the beans. But when breakfast came and my bowl was full of food it was really really really hard not to eat it. So... the hunger strike lasted about 30 seconds.

Plan B was to get Dutch to spill the beans. I'm way smarter than he is, so I figured I could just trick him to telling me what this TSS is all about. I'm not sure if he was playing dumb or just being dumb, but when I asked for details he claimed not to know a thing.

I even tried beating the truth out of him....

But he still said nothing.

Plan C was to wait until my human was asleep, then secretly log on to HAL4 and snoop around the Nikon folder for clues. But I couldn't wait for her to sleep so I tried to do it when she wasn't looking. I didn't have much time and only found this one TSS picture:


Anyone have any freaking idea what this could be about???

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


You will probably notice that there are no pictures of me today. That's because the Top Secret Stuff my human is working on isn't really about me. I guess I'm part of it, but not the biggest part and whatever part I have hasn't really happened yet.

Kinda sucks.

Still, you all must be dying to know what the Top Secret Stuff is. I know I totally am. I didn't get to see much of it, but I do have some clues. They are really really random clues, but maybe we can figure it out together.

Oh yeah - since there aren't any pictures of ME and Dutch looks too traumatized to be cute, I'm supposed to show you this shot of Frank's ridiculous cuteness. Yup. The dude is Jimmy-ing for Nikon. In a bathtub.

Really really random clues:

  • Nikon has a big part. HUGE!
  • Kodak (video camera) does too
  • Me + Frank + Dutch + Jack + Vegas + 2 humans rode together in Mazda
  • Frank and Dutch got baths
  • My human freaked out because watermelons don't have seeds anymore
  • Jack + Vegas killed Dutch's Henrietta chicken (and mauled Bellatrix's mom)
  • Dutch did nothing wrong because he is perfect
  • Lily got scared by a garage door
  • Frank attacked a bike and some lady's shorts
  • Harry did nothing wrong because he is perfect like Dutch
  • Everyone but me got loads of bacon treats (I got some, but not loads)
  • My human slept for a very long time when it was all over
  • Bellatrix's mom got a really bad headache
  • Harry + Lily's mom also got mauled, but was totally fine otherwise

Monday, September 12, 2011


I'm kind of a little tired today from the weekend. First we were crazy busy with more top secret stuff, then last night me & my human stayed up late to watch 9/11 on the History channel. Neither one of us had seen much TV from that day and it was very very VERY sad. Heartbreaking, my human says.

The whole thing was so supersad, but one thing that made me really supersad was seeing all the firemen running INTO the towers when everyone else was running OUT of them. I didn't understand why anyone would run into a burning building until my human explained they did it to save lives. Because that's what firemen do.

So for my good deed I've decided to Not-Forget all the people who ran the wrong way. There's now a section dedicated to Not-Forgetting
at the bottom of the sidebar thingy over there ->->->
Each day, I'm going to Not-Forget one of the firefighters who died on 9/11 by listing their name.

I know this isn't a big huge thing and it won't bring anyone back, but it will help all of us here & out there on the internet Not-Forget what happened that day.

I hope I'm not making everyone sad. Tomorrow I'll tell you about the rest of my weekend - here's a preview:

* * *

YESTERDAY WAS SPECIAL... A big fat international Happy Whelp Day goes out to Fred the pug in Rio. Y'know, the one all the way over in Brazil?? Yeah. That one. I asked my human to get me some exotic cookies to celebrate.

Another Special Day shout out goes to Gracie in South Glensfalls, NY. I'll eat some exotic cookies for you too, Gracie. Because New York is really far away too :)

Friday, September 9, 2011


If your human watches or listens to or reads any kind of news stuff, you probably know this Sunday is the ten year anniversary or whatever for the 9/11 attacks. I don't like talking about the bad things you hear about on human news. But I kinda think 9/11 is different. My human says it was such a supersad day for so many people, we should never forget what happened. And even though 9/11 happened way before I was even born, I want to not-forget it too.

I wasn't exactly sure how to not-forget something that happened before I was born, so I asked my human to tell me what she remembers. She said 9/11 was a week before her brain went gimpy in the accident so she remembers a lot...

* * *
She was in California for the first time and visiting a place called Morro Bay. I guess phones like Droid hadn't been born yet either, so my human had to go to coffee places to use the internet. She was heading to a coffee place when the NPR radio man said something about a plane hitting a building in New York. They didn't know many details and didn't make it sound like a big deal. My human remembers turning off the news and listening to music instead.

When she walked into the coffee place in Morro Bay, everyone was frozen still and staring at a TV. A lady was crying and she didn't know why. My human grew up near New York City and recognized the two buildings everyone was staring at. One was on fire. Then a plane came and crashed into the other one. Everyone in the coffee place either yelled or screamed or gasped or cried or just stood there totally still and quiet.

My human was one of the totally still & quiet people. As soon as she could talk, she called her family & friends back on the East Coast. One friend was stuck in the NYC subway and freaking out, but safe. Another worked at the towers but was on vacation that day. Everyone else was OK. When the phone calls were over, she cried.

* * *

Now that I know what my human remembers from 9/11, it's easier for me to not-forget what happened. A few nights ago I saw a lady on TV whose son died on one of the 9/11 planes. She said we can remember 9/11 and everyone who stopped living that day by doing a good deed in their honor. I think this is the most awesome way to no-forget, so that's how we'll be remembering 9/11 here at Casa de Puglet.

There's even a website called where you can share your good deed plans with rest of the internet (and learn about good deeds that need doing, in case you can't think of one... or want to do two!). Now I just have to figure out the best good deed ever. I'll let you know what I decide and will post it on the site.

Are you old enough to remember 9/11? If not, does your human remember what they were doing when it happened? Let's all not-forget together!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I just found out we're working on a new, supertopsecret project today. It's so secret, even I don't know what it is yet. My human says this picture is a clue.

Any clue what this clue could mean???

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Hello everyone. It's me, Dutch. I know Pug has already told you about our trip to the mountains, but our human said I could tell you some things too. I promise this will be the last we speak of it.

If you've never camped, there are some things you should know. Pug did not mention these things, so I will...


Camping is dark. Very dark. There are no lights except for the moon and stars and they don't count. Camping is also creepy, probably because it is so dark. The darkness makes everything feel creepy. Even the happy trees.


Camping is hell and even though hell is hot like Texas, the wilderness can be freezing. Especially at night and in the morning. Cold + darkness + creepy things makes it very hard to sleep.


Because it is hard to sleep at night, you may to take a nap during the day. But there is no furniture when you are camping. No couches. No beds. You are forced to sleep on the ground like some sort of wild animal. Your human might bring a blanket to protect you from the dirt, but a blanket is not the same as a bed. Don't let anyone tell you any different.


You may have guessed that I do not enjoy camping or spending time in the wild. And you would be right. But I did enjoy spending time with my human (and I guess also Pug). I love being with my human, no matter where we are, or how cold or dark or dirty or creepy it is. And I really enjoyed going back to our warm, clean house full of light and comfortable furnishings.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TRIP PART ? : Mountain Eatables!

I kinda forget where we left off, but I don't think I got to the part about how much there food they have in Truckee. And I don't just mean the wild stuff you'll probably get in trouble for eating, like dead frogs and cat poo. Nope. I mean real, completely eatable F-O-O-D.

I really wanted to go to Burger Me. When we walked by it smelled a lot like a Baconator, but better. Waaay better. The sign said "real. fresh." and even though my human doesn't eat burgers, she likes that kinda stuff. But I guess lots of people like that kinda stuff because Burger Me was packed! Maybe next time, my human said, then told us to keep walking.

So we walked until I spotted this sign. My stomach wanted to eat at Jax Diner way before I saw the 'Guy Ate Here' sign, but knowing that Guy the TV food guy who drives around the country eating good food ate at Jax, made me want to eat there even more. But Jax was also packed. I guess goodbye-to-summer weekend isn't the best time to eat? My human told us to keep moving. Again.

I was really starting to wonder if we'd ever get to eat any of Truckee's food... but then I saw another sign. This one had a bone on it and signs with bones usually mean dog stores. Since all the humans were busy eating at Burger Me and Jax, I knew it wouldn't be packed.

Of course I was totally right. Scraps wasn't crazy busy, but it was full of tasty eatables. A whole entire case full of them. Not exactly mountainy eatables, but definitely not the kind of stuff we usually get to eat. I picked out a blue cupcake looking thing with little colored dots on top and Dutch picked out a pink poodle. Of course.

I was so happy to get a taste of Truckee that I didn't even care when my human left our eatables to melt in the car when we went swimming. My blue cupcake still tasted supergood and Dutch said his pink poodle was divine.

I hope I don't have to wait another whole year to visit Truckee. And I really hope the next time we go I get to eat at Burger Me and Jax Diner.

* * *

Uh. The official Special Day calendar is now on the right month (somehow July has been hanging on the wall until now?) but we missed some specialness during our Truckee trip. So...

Much specialness to my girl Lola in Lafayette and Frodo's sister Molly way over in NJ. Also sending some Whelp Day happies to Reggie in Frederick, Maryland. More than one person in the last week said I look skinny, so I'm pretty sure my human will have no problem giving me loads of extra snacks to celebrate your days!

Ok, maybe not LOADS of extra snacks...