Thursday, September 1, 2011


Well, so much for in the morning. I think when my human's brain imploded it might have ended up in a different time zone or something. I seriously need to get her back on Puglet time.

Like now.

I guess this weekend is the official end of summer (even though summer never really happened here) and today my human said we might take a special trip to celebrate. Or say goodbye. Or whatever.

We haven't gone anywhere special in forever, and even though I don't know where or even if we're going, I'm superexcited. Special trips are always fun. Unless it's a trip to the vet... or you're Dutch.

Because Dutch is definitely not superexcited about maybe going on a special trip. He says 'special' is just another word for 'camping' and 'camping' is just another word for 'hell'.

We'll know more tomorrow. In the morning. Or afternoon. Depending on the timezone.


Anonymous said...

Dutch is right about camping hell! Camping is only fun if you get to go back to a hotel to sleep. You can have all the fun in the woods you want and play in the river but a shower and a real bed is definately the way to go!!

Rocky the Texas Pug (Where we have endured 81 days of +100ยบ heat!)

Anonymous said...

Dutch is so wrong! Camping is great - lots of stuff to sniff, and last time, my human gave me some of this eatable white gooey stuff on a stick that tasted really good. It got all over my face. :)

-Annie in Reston, VA

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
I also think that Dutch is right what camping is concerned. I love going on holiday and on huge hikes exploring mother nature, if at the beach or in the woods. But I want to sleep comfy in a hotel bed *laughter*, here for once I am in agreement with my human.

Your photo is so cute - what a pity that you and Dutch are living across that big huge water hole.

Autumn greetings from Berlin
(by the way, we have finally perfect pug weather after a summer that was no summer, heat and lots of pouring rain)

Carlos Santana

Anonymous said...

ohhhh Puglet, we are hoping that your special "surprise" turns out to be a really cool trip to a really cool place and that you'll have memories that you'll share with us. Oh, Oh, Oh! Maybe your human's gona take you and Dutch back to House of Meats ..... OMG!!! Can't wait to hear.

Lea, Roxi and Riley
Those Jersey Shore Puggles

Wilma said...

I hope where ever you go, you have a great trip. I hope Dutch loves it too, so I guess camping is out. Either way, I can't wait to hear all about it!

Payton said...

Hey Pug, it's so cute to see you and Dutch cuddling. I guess he's hiding his eyes at the thought of camping? I really don't blame him. I think I would only agree to that if it meant an air-conditioned RV. Regardless, I can't wait to hear all about it! I just may have to drag my mom and dad out this weekend too!

Suzy said...

I'm with Dutch-my definition of "roughing it" is staying at a Holiday Inn. Enjoy your adventure, wherever it is xoox

Barbara said...

I agree with Dutch - camping sucks! I hope you get a nice, fun trip. Weren't you going to tell us about another one? I'm confused!

Kitty+Coco said...

Gasp! AHHHHHHHH! Don't say the evil word "camping". I'm with you Dutch. How about a nice stay at the Waldorf-Astoria?

Kitty (and Coco)

Crabbie Chris said...

Yuck! I'm a city girl, so camping is a huge no-no. Mom says I'd manage to find a way to hurt myself, I think she's right. I have an idea....Dutchie and I can snuggle while you and your mom head off into the wilderness. I would love to snuggle with him.
Whatever your surprise, I hope it involves food. That's the best kind of surprise possible.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pugley,
Camping is not a word in our vocabulary. We like hotels.. with big comfy beds and lots of soft blankets to snuggle in. Besides our mom won't camp she has this thing about flush toilet, real plumbing and a place to plug in her hair dryer.

When we go to agility trials the hotel people know us...its not like they have black pugs at their establishments every day of the week.

Hey ROCKY... when are we ever gonna get a break from the heat in Texas. can vaca with us, we can sneak into the pool for a quick dip and then run so we don't get caught.

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from San Antonio
Hey... Lucy the house says 'HI'

Ollie said...

Puglet, you look like you're going through either Frank withdrawl or post-Frank recovery. Either way, I think it's a great idea for the pack to get away.

I've never been camping (my human couldn't put a tent together if her life depended on it) but I've been to (dog) camp up north which I absolutely love.

I'm keeping my paws crossed that you get to go camping this weekend and experience your inner wolf out there in the wild (but with regular meals in bowls and treats and such).

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

Super excited to find out where you are going!