Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Holy cowpies. Yesterday happened so late that I completely forgot today still needed to happen.


Since it is sooo late, I won't tell you about the awesome stuff we did on Sunday right now. That will come tomorrow. IN THE MORNING this time! Until then, here's the other half of last week's blackberry video.

This advanced berry-picking technique is superhelpful when all the low-hanging berries are red.
Jut don't blame me if it makes your human call you stupid things like 'Berry Bear'. Oh, and remember: black = yummy, red = nasty!

* * *

My girl/boy (uhm, hermaphrodite?) Bellatrix turned two on Saturday and Jackson in Allentown, PA had his Whelp Day on Sunday.

I already ate stuff for Bella-T (more on that tomorrow) but I'll be demanding an extra cookie for dessert to celebrate you, Jackson!


Payton said...

Wow, Pug! You have mad berry picking skills. But it seems like a lot of work to get those higher berries. Are you sure the red ones are that bad? By the way, I love that picture of you...very handsome and rugged...kinda like you are growing some stubble on your chin.

PS. I already wished Bellatrix a happy birthday, but I sure as heck want a cookie!

PPS. Jackson, I hope you had a great birthday! I'm getting a cookie for you too!

Mimi, Diva Dog Extraordinare said...

i do that stance too when i'm trying to smell something on the big table, or the small table near momma's couch. rather than jump on the small table or knock something off, its stealthier to just smell. and mischief requires stealth. when i do it she calls me Mimisaurus rex because there is some type of huge extinct lizard thing that had really tiny arms. she says my front paws dangle like the big lizard thing's tiny arms.

Crabbie Chris said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Pug.
Hmmm....where are those berries again? I think I might venture out and try one. They look like they are worth the effort, I mean we even hear your nom noms.

citydog said...

Puglet, you are a Pug of many talents.

We had a bunch of those berry bushes right here in our own yard(!) but they were surrounded by some sort of plant called ivy something or something ivy that our humans seem to be afraid of, so they sent in some sheep to eat it (we don't really understand this whole thing, but whatever) and they ate all the berry bushes, too. Not just the berries, the whole plants.

The non-Pug dogs here are much taller than me and Charlie and have long, pointy noses, so they were always better at picking berries (though not at eating, because Pugs always win at eating), but now that we've seen your instructional videos I bet our numbers will totally improve and our bellies will be filled with more berries when the bushes grow back.

Thanks, Puglet!

Your Vermont Pug pals,
Iggy and Charlie

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
So now we know the secret to good berries, next we have to FIND the berries. Mom doesn't think we have berry bushes nearby so she said she'll get some from the organic berry store. No idea where that is either but as long as we get berries ... yippee!

We agree with Payton, seems like a lot of work to get a berry! Let someone else do the picking as long as we get to do the eating.

3E's from San Antonio

Anonymous said...

OH OH OH, Happy Birthday Bellatrix and Jackson. Our mom is from Pennsylvania she knows where Allentown is.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you're including an exercise workout while you partake of the berry bush buffet.

Happy birthday Bellatrix and Jackson!!

Roxi, Riley & Lea
The Jersey Shore Puggles

Anonymous said...

Puglet, you never cease to amaze me with your smartness!! You are crazy smart! Let's see what else you can do!!

Deb and Daisy said...

Puglet it would seem your humans gimpy brain is working pretty well. Hermaphrodite? As applied to a puppy? That took a few brain cells to figure out!

Love reading about your adventures every day!

Love Deb and Daisy

Anonymous said...

Pug, we apologize... mama came back from girls vacation yessterday, mean time, papa took pugs (gummy pugs) to work and shared all of them with his co workers. Last night, mama realized it's all gone.. created "divorce" like situation. Her friend will go to Germany later this month, we will ask her again. Papa slept on a couch last night... maybe tonight too.

ps. Happy b-day Bellatrix and Jackson

Sabrina said...

Hi Puglet, if you’ll indulge me Beulah wanted me to pass on her secret to eating harvest fresh tomatoes. Since it is tomato season, these should come in handy to you and your readers!

Step 1: Wait until human is not paying attention and run into the tomato bed. Try to hide yourself as well as you can so human cannot easily spot you and yell at you.

Step 2: Find the biggest, juiciest, and ripest tomato you can. Pull it off the vine and run like hell to a safe spot.

Step 3: Eat as much as you can as fast as you can.

Step 4: By now, human will hear you snorkling down the tomato and will start yelling. Pick up tomato and run into zucchini bed. The zucchini plants are spiky and will bother human skin, but pugs are protected by their fur.

Step 5: Keep eating until human grabs broom and starts poking you with it while yelling louder and looking like a 10 on the crazy scale

Step 6: Run out of zucchini bed to avoid being poked with broom but LEAVE THE TOMATO THERE

Step 7: Look very sad. Human will stop yelling and put broom away. They will relax and stop paying attention to you. Run back into the zucchini bed and keep eating. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until tomato is done or human confiscates it.

Step 8: Wait until 3am then york up the tomato on the human’s bed. This is to remind the human that she should have paid more attention to you, and that she should not pok you with brooms. Karma!

Good luck to all pugs on getting their tummies fill of tomatoes!

Sabrina said...

Oh! And happy day to Bellatrix and Jackson! Beulah will probably eat tomatoes for you!

Ollie said...

Hi Puglet,
Come to think of it, you do look like a little bear trying to get at those berries. But what's a dog to do when there's eatables to be had and an uncooperative human?

You have to be resourceful and clever like you and Beulah, with her excellent eight step technique for pilfering a garden patch and teaching your human a valuable lesson.

I'm pretty good at discreet grab and run raids of tables and garbage receptacles (blink and I'm gone!).

So, in honor of Bellatrix and Jackson's special day, I'll help myself to something extra tasty for you guys today.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
Amazing your berry picking skills - and you really look like a little berry bear!There is nothing wrong with it ´cause somebody calls me "Teddy" all the time. This might be a very tiny reference to my waistline but I am not taking it too hard.

Belated happy Cookie day to Bellatrix and Jackson, I had two cookies for you in the park.

Puglet, looking at this photo again I now understand the term "walrus" perfectly well and believe me, we cousins look all the same.

Thanks for photos, blog and video and pug greetings from Berlin almost in the autumn mood

Carlos Santana

Pug Slope said...

Amazing technique, Puglet! Way to use that tail for balance. I use a similar technique to reach up to counter-level. Unfortunately my 'rents are on to me and never leave anything edible on the counter for me. I need to find some berry bushes in my neighborhood! -Love, Sid.

gini said...

Tawnie and Winston were so delighted to see that other pugs LOVED berries too! Tawnie prefers raspberries and blueberries and Winston prefers anything FOOD! LOL! We have berries outside our door, and this has encouraged our human to take us out to try to pick them ourselves! Hope none of us gets poison OAK!