Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Y'know, I really hope Nikon comes home soon because Droid doesn't make me look nearly as cute as I really am. But I guess it doesn't matter how cute you are when you're doing something that really really REALLY drives your human nuts. Like barking your head off.

We have a strict no-barking policy at my house and most of the time I obey that rule. I yell at the mail dude for putting junk through the slot in our door (total barkfest) and I yell back at the demon chihuahuas next door (insane barkfest),
and sometimes I bark on Tuesday nights because Tuesday is garbage night and garbage night is freaking noisy. But other than that, I'm about as loud as Swedish & Meatball.

Well, last night was Tuesday/garbage night. And someone was making an insane amount of noise with our garbage cans. And I didn't really like it, so I ran downstairs and barked. A lot.

I guess my human whispered PUGLET!!!! as loud as she could (it was late and she didn't want to yell) but I was barking too much to hear her. So you know what she did when I didn't stop barking? She threw a big pink Croc at me. And not even a real Croc, but an even more hideous faux-Croc!

Yeah. She threw a pink dorky faux-Croc down the stairs at me! She claims it was supposed to scare me into shutting up. She also claims that said Croc weighs practically nothing and could never in a million years hurt me. But I don't think it's ever OK to throw a Croc at someone. Do you??

Does anyone else here (besides Frank & Scoutie) have a barking problem? What does your human do to stop it?

PS: I'm supposed to tell you that my human has never, ever worn the hideous pink faux-crocs in public. They are her "house shoes". Whatever.


Stewey said...

Well - I can honestly say that I've never been crocked before. But, sometimes I get muzzled for my barking. And, lately I've been Thundershirted, to calm me down. If I have barked too much, I get both the muzzle and the

Payton said...

Pug! My parents have given up on disciplining me, especially now since I can't hear. Does them no good to tell me to stop barking. Too bad you don't have thumbs (that work) to try throwing the pink croc back at your human...that would get her back (and probably freak her out a bit) for sure!

Anonymous said...

The dog next door barks...a lot...a lot! Tessa likes to go and bark at him (which is why we don't have a doggie door yet). So, Tessa sometimes gets squirted with a water gun. But honestly, our human say's Tessa's bark is so cute, its hard to get to mad with her. We both like to bark at animal noises on TV and door bells (both on TV and real). Lots of crocs in our house, none have ever been thrown.

Pearl and Tessa

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Uh...Puglet, I hardly ever bark. I mean if the front door is open and someone walks by on the sidewalk I run to the door and make a big fuss for about a second to let them know they walked by my house, but other than that I'm pretty quite, so can't say I've ever had a crock or other stuff thrown at me!

And...good to know your human doesn't wear those ugly things out in public!

Gracie the Agility Pug said... big brother, Puck, got crocked yesterday. He's old and deaf, but still obnoxious. He was barking and biting his tail at the dog next door, so mom let the old crock fly! Mom's is bright blue, and she never goes on public with them, either.

We don't bark much, but when we do, mom just ignores us. If it's really bad, she tries to "redirect". But that rarely works. Puck barks at the world, Levi barks at thin air, Arnie barks at animals on TV, and I bark for attention. The only quiet one is Snap, the Boxer. She's barked like 3 times in her whole life. No wonder mom says she's perfect.

Crabbie Chris said...

I swear our moms are twin sisters! She has pink croc house shoes too!! Dad said she is never to set foot in public with them on, or he may divorce her. I am not so fond of them either. I have never had one thrown at me, but it sounds like she may have been trying to play with ya!
I have a barking problem when it comes to protecting the car or the house. There is the vacuum and my "attack" word. I hear it and I instantly bark like crazy and run around trying to attack. If I happen to just bark and not stop, mom says "ENOUGH!". I get the hint...shesh.
Keep protecting the house Pug. It's our job man.

Anonymous said...

OMG Puglet! You know what's worse than Crocs. Faux Crocs! Yuck, get those things out of your house. I recommend next Tuesday, you continue to bark at the garbage truck, get her to throw the other fC down the stairs and make them magically disappear. Voila. Problem solved :)

Anonymous said...

Hiya Pug - I'm a big barker - I think I sound like 10 pugs when I get into it!! My mom has started squirting us with a little water pistol, but it doesn't stop me or sister Molly!!
The croc thing is really funny!!!

Frodo, Molly & Cleo

SpencerBartholomew said...

Man, that's brutal Pug. A croc...a PINK croc? I bark at the same things: mailman, waterman, garbageman, etc. It's all part of our job. Sometimes I'll get a wild hair up my butt and start barking in the zip darn middle of the night. Ha, try that one Pug- but first, hide the crocs!

Anonymous said...

This is your old Pug buddy Rocky in Texas. I bark ALOT at the demon chihuahua that lives in my home and calls herself my sister. I also bark when I need to go outside and hike a leg. That's not really a big deal to my humans but what really makes them nuts is when I bark at night. I don't know why, I am only trying to tell them that it's time for bed. What do they do? They take me to bed and go night-night!! In this house, THE PUG RULES!!!

Ollie said...

No crocs at our place but I've had slippers thrown at me (for helping myself to unauthorized snacks) and I spent my puppyhood being squirted on my behind with a water bottle for being a whirling dervish of destruction.

I'm a pretty quiet and mellow guy at home. I don't bark at anything, including the Westie upstairs, who starts yapping from his balcony the minute he sees me outside. I just lie there staring at him which only makes him more nuts.

In nine years, I've probably barked three times. I whine when I want to express my feelings. My human says I'm noisier when I'm dreaming than when I'm awake.

Pug Slope said...

Pug, your story is hilarious! I wish I could have seen it go down in person. I always bark at the garbage trucks, too. I mean, they are hauling away all those perfectly good un-eaten treats. Humans call that stuff "rotten food scraps" but they just don't understand. Doesn't your human know that when you are barking you are just telling the garbage men to come back and give you that old banana peel and half-eaten hamburger?! -Love, Sid.

Suki said...

Hi Pug,

Blogger had another melt down, geeze.

I'm not much of a barker except for two neighborhood schnauzers & the sprinkler that goes off when I'm sleeping. But then Mom breaks out an empty soda can with a few coins. All she has to do it pick up the can, no rattling needed anymore. But I have to get the last word in... I back quietly under my breath and give Mom the look.


Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
no crocs in this house - hide one and the problem is automatically solved.

I bark at the garbage people, too but they come every morning at 5 AM. Lateron, when we meet them somewhere in the street, one has treats for me hidden in his bag - he is a pug lover and well prepared for me.

I bark at people passing by our flat, not all but a few (I am selective), I bark at big black dogs, at ladies wearing long coats and carrying shopping bags, alternatively at ladies wearing boots, and at night during my last walk I bark at anybody and everything - I feel responsible for the safety in my district, guarding the streets like superpug.

And sometimes I do not bark at all. Humans think I am cute when I bark.
My human takes all this good-naturedly, who can stop a barking, totally dangerous pug?

Love from Berlin,

Carlos Santana

Mimi, Diva Dog Extraordinare said...

I bark at thunder, noises outside, and when i see my reflection. (this is my turf, no other pugs allowed!)that is just regular ol' barking, but when someone knocks on the door, my mom says it sounds like she's torturing me! I scream and wail like she's stomping me to death, even if she's 10 feet away. she says the people knocking, usually the chinese food or pizza dudes, must think she's a terrible person because it sounds like she's killing me! when i get that wound up she has to poke her head out the door and ask them to wait while she shuffles me into my x-pen. but even then i wail and fuss till she gets her food and closes the door. she'll put the food down then i run to the door and give a final "buff" then i'm fine.

i've never been croc'ed for barking but sometime she'll throw things at me cuz i have really itchy paws so i chew on them and make a "snorgley" type noise which she hates. she throws couch pillows and sometimes a rawhide bone but these are more-so dropped on me rather than thrown...

THE PUGLET said...

Hey everybody!

I'm so glad I'm not the only barker here. Especially since Dutch is perfect and quiet like Snap the boxer, Maggie and Ollie. He only barks when my human gets up to pee in the middle of the night. One loud WOOF, then it's over. He's never been Croc'd.

I'm also glad other humans have hideous crocs to throw around. I can't believe my human wears those things - even if they are comfortable and have never seen the light of day.

I suggested we leave a jar of treats outside the door for the mailman to feed me through the slot so I won't hate the daily slot-feeding so much. But my human likes the idea of shooting me with a water gun better (thanks Frodo, Molly & Cleo + Tessa too). Awesome. I'll let you know how that goes....

Salinger The Pug said...

HOLY CRAP DUDE! You got CROCKED? SO wrong! Ok...FIRST order of business....I'm calling the ASPCA right now, THEN calling the Fashion Police on Mom.

As for the barking...dude, you're just doing your JOB! I bark at the birds in the backyard, bugs, neighbor dogs barking, kids yelling, clouds, raindrops, wind/air, etc. etc.

I've never been 'crocked' but I do get a lot of rated R things yelled at me fairly often.


Sabrina said...

Beulah barks, but she's usually pretty shut-upable and she barks for what I consider okay reasons (doorbells, thunder, there's a SQUIRREL in the BACKYARD!!!!!). Barney isn't much of a noisemaker unless he's in the car. He LOVES the car...until it starts to move. Then he starts his high-pitched crying. If I can't keep his window open, he unclips the seatbelt holding him in place (via his harness), places his head on my shoulder, and whines right into my ear! This could last for a full 5 hour drive. So, next week when we take a long drive to visit friends, I'm going to have to turn to drugs to keep him quiet. Because frankly, there aren't enough Crocs in the world to stop me from throwing him out of the car otherwise...

Guy Noir said...

Me and Chelu go out to the gate in the yard to bark at: chihuhuas, strollers, skateboarders, squirrels. Then we have to sit and stay. And stay. Sometimes we have to go in the way back yard. Where there is nothing but grass and flowers and maybe a squirrel or a bird. I keep the yard safe from birds. Then I have to sit and stay. If I'm real bad we go inside and then to bed. I hate going to bed early. But I think I would hate a croc worse. I have never been croced, thank goodness. Your friend in barkfests, Guy Noir

Holdin27 said...

Puglet, did the faux croc work? I might have to resort to throwing a faux croc with a faux hawk if it works. Lucy is really good about barking though, she just barks when people are at the front door out of excitement, at people and dogs walking by and the neighbor dogs... just to let them know she's there.

Anonymous said...

Puglet, you totally ratted out your human! lol those crocs are a funny story

Anonymous said...

The three of us can create quite a barkfest when given a reason. We bark at everything and sometimes we just start barking at each other. That drives Mom & Dad crazy and they yell HBO words. Mom put bark collars on us once for like a minute. They sprayed stinky spray every time we barked but we are smart and we learned to turn our heads either left or right when we barked and we didn’t get sprayed unless we were standing too close to each other and caught other’s spray. Mom returned them to Pet Smart and went to Wal-mart and bought a water gun that Roxi got hold of and chewed up ….. Go Roxi! BOL!

Riley, Lea and Roxi
Those Jersey Shore Puggles

Mia said...

I'm a barker too!! Momma hasn't figured out how to stop me yet. I'm hoping she doesn't take cues from your momma though!! I can't believe your momma would own pink "crocs" much less throw them at you!! You poor thing. We're with Sal, someone needs to intervene!!



Anonymous said...

Our mom has trained us (Lexi, Laci and Zoey) to stop barking at the PSSSTTTT !!!! sound that Cesar Milan makes....and it works!!!! We hate that noise!!!! We stop EVERYTHING when we hear that wretched sound....our mom has not one, but three pairs of the faux Crocs, and one authentic FUR LINED crocs!!!! :O)

Ginny said...

Just started following your it! From a pug lover in Virginia

Robinette said...

Oh dear Puglet; I have to say that my fat pug Weezer does indeed have a barking problem. He barks at all the same stuff you do, and more. He likes to sit at the window and bark at whatever passes by. And then he barks when someone leaves the house as well. It doesn't help that he went deaf a year ago, and now all my insane yelling does no good. And yes, I have to admit to throwing a pink "only around the house" croc at him one time or another. My bad. *hangs head in shame*

Robinette and Weezer

PS (I'm wearing said evil pink cros now; please don't tell anyone shhhhh.......)