Monday, November 29, 2010


One thing I've noticed about humans is that they get really into the specialness of their special days. Google says it's called tradition. And apparently one tradition we have after Pie Day is walking off the pie weight. Before pie turns into rolls, my human says. Whatever that means.

Last year, we walked off our pie on the Big Orange Bridge. So this year, we headed over there to do it again. Because I guess doing something two years in a row is how traditions happen.

On the way to the bridge my human stopped to take our pictures. N
othing new there. Until a bunch of people rolled by. Yeah - rolled. Like on a bike, minus the bike part. Dutch was kind of afraid of the rolling people, but I wasn't. What I was was kinda tired from eating pie and canned white stuff. And rolling off the pie weight sounded a whole lot easier than walking it off. Right?

By the time I caught up with the rolling people, they'd parked the roller-y things (technical term: Segways) and wandered off to take pictures of the Big Orange Bridge. I didn't think they'd mind if I tried out one of their Segways, so I hopped on and tried to roll away. It wobbled a little, but didn't roll.

I thought it might be a thumbs-only situation because sometimes there a things a pug just can't do - but the leader of the Segway people said it's more of a helmet thing. No helmet - no Segway. He didn't have a pug-sized helmet, so I didn't get to roll off the pie weight. Before it, uhm, turned to rolls.

* * *
Have you voted?

Not to be annoying or anything, but I'm asking everyone I know to help put Frolic on the ballot for "Best Bay Area pet photographer". It takes like 10 seconds - you just skip to question #29/Best Pet Photographer on the survey and tell 'em Frolic Photography is #1. Or whatever. Just as long as you mention Frolic, I'm pretty sure your vote will count.

So please vote. Whatever happens after that is up to the whole Fate thing. You can only do it once, but if you have friends who like to vote - they can vote for Frolic too!

Oh, one more thing. In the beginning of the survey they ask you what's the best thing that's happened to Bay Area dogs in 2010. I think it's to make sure you're not a robot or something, so when I voted for Frolic I just said 'the weather'.

(Don't worry, polls close tomorrow so I won't be annoying too many more times)


Molly in PA said...

Hey Pug!

Look at the humans in the background admiring the modeling skills of you and Dutch! I'm totally with you, sucky that they don't make pug helmets for the rollers. By the way, those roller things are *so* cool, they don't have stuff like that in boring Pennsylvania :\

The big orange bridge is on my Human's bucket list, whatever that is - you're lucky to live so close!

Molly in PA

Minnie and Mack said...

We voted! Love the picture of you walking under Dutch. I guess the pie didn't cause any rolls on him!

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

Sara said...

Hey Puglet,

I voted! Today's my birthday! I am very excited. My puggy says hi!
Paw-shakes, Sara

Crabbie Chris said...

Wow! I think I might be afraid of those rolling things, I just haven't seen anyone on them before. You're so brave and daring Pug. BTW, I think you looked so skinny last time I saw you, so don't worry about any of that pie you enjoyed turning into rolls.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
Haven't talked to you in a dogs age. Well mom left us at K9 Country Club while they were out of town and I think we all lost weight! But..we did get white stuff from the can after Thanksgiving and it was lucious.
Those Segways we've never seen one, they look lopsided..not something we would try, you are brave Puglet.
Mom is going to vote right now, we'll keep our paws crossed to your mom will win.
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from San Antonio

PugMommy said...

Looks like you had a tone of fun on your walk, loving the pictures.


Mel said...

I wonder what Frank would say to those roller-y things. LOL

Minnie Moo said...

Hmmm that looks pretty fun. I'm not sure about the thumbs part. You might need to eat more pie and grow to make it go :) hehe


Minnie Moo

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet,
My human has voted for your human, she loves the Frolic pictures, even the ones that are not of pugs. Hmph!

Those roller-y things sure do look scary. You are such a brave pug to go stand and pose on one.

I have yet to try the canned white stuff but I've been begging and orbing my human and I think she may be on the verge of giving in.

Many licks,

Anonymous said...

Hey Molly in PA,
Our mom is from PA... she misses the cold and snow. We've never seen snow, mom says its white and pretty..until the snow plow turns it brown. We have no idea what a snow plow is either.
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from texas

Kitty+Coco said...

We voted! You totally deserve it by the way.

Instead of the House of Meat, we went to the House of Treats and came home as round mounds. Maybe the roller things would help us too? You looked very sexy on it Pug.

Kitty and Coco

Anonymous said...

You're looking pretty slender to me Pug. I see no evidence of pie whatsoever. Bring on the white stuff anytime.

Anonymous said...

Puglet you sure know who to pose. Look at you, all looking off into the distance, all slender-like. Very model-esque.

Pug Slope said...

Just voted for you - Good luck! Loved the photos of Puglet vs. the pumpkin pie. If Sid wasn't allergic to everything, I'd love to give him a piece too. He's also got "the Jimmy" down pat now - it's now his "go to" move whenever treats are present - I'll try to get a video of it soon.

SpencerBartholomew said...

Hey pug! Great idea- I think we should roll to cayucos, whatcha think? Hmmm... Wonder how long it'd take us.

snore stop said...

Love the picture of you walking under Dutch.Bring on the white stuff anytime.This is a fascinating post!

Molly in PA said...

Heya Ellie, Emmitt & Eli,

Man, are you missing out -- snow is *the bomb*. But only if it sticks. We totally had a false alarm on Pie Day, got my hopes up and then it stopped :(

Molly in PA