Thursday, March 25, 2010


I'm a little late today because of something my human calls 'technical difficulties'. But I just call them Jack and Vegas.

So, last night we went to The Man's house. It's where our friends Jack and Vegas - aka The Crazy Labrador Brothers - live. I love T
he Man and Jack and Vegas are ridiculously fun. I little bit crazy, but totally fun.

Anyway, my human and The Man went out to eat and left us all at home to have some serious play time. As usual, we went completely nuts. Even Dutch - and he hardly ever plays and never goes nuts. It was all fun and games... until Jack and Vegas played tug of war with my human's laptop, Mac!

I have no idea what they were thinking. Mac was waaaay up on the kitchen counter, just hibernating away in his little carry pouch,
totally minding his own business.... and next thing you know, Jack and Vegas are out in the backyard playing keep away. With Mac.

Me and Dutch knew it was wrong and tried to stop them, but Jack and Vegas wouldn't listen. They didn't stop until Mac's carry pouch was torn to bits. Which was right about the time my human and The Man came home to find poor little Mac lying in the driveway, full of teeth marks.

And that's pretty much when the f
un ended.

My human says it's a miracle little Mac survived the attack. This morning she took him to the laptop vet and they said he will be fine in
a few days. Luckily my human's other computer, HAL 4, is too big to leave the house so he didn't get eaten. I'm pretty sure if Jack & Vegas ate HAL, the world might come to an end. At least for Jack & Vegas.


Today's visit with Flat Puglet is very cool. He goes to Phoebe & Kizzy's house in Oregon and meets a BRAND NEW baby! (He does other stuff too, I've just never seen a new baby before)

You can read about it here (and meet the VERY cute Mr. Chance Wayne) at


Smushie Ranch said...

Whoa Puglet, that's the most expensive tug-o-war toy I've ever heard of! I bet there was a lot of yellin' and what not when your mom saw that. Whew, glad it wasn't me this time.


Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! Mom said she would freak out if something happened to her 'puter. You're lucky your human kept her big computer just in case of a freak accident like this. Imagine poor Mac being tossed around like a doll. Poor thing!

Stubby xoxo

Crabbie Chris said...

Yikes that was a bad move on Jack's and Vegas's part. I bet your mom was mad Puglet, but thank goodness you didn't join in. I think this proves that pugs are smarter (and cuter) thank labs!

THE PUGLET said...

Yeah, my human was not happy. She just kept shaking her head and saying

"What is WRONG with those dogs???"

3pugs2luv said...

What a night! Jack & Vegas better get jobs with impulses to play with such expensive toys. We're just glad we were not would have been a long drive home with a very stern lecture even if we didn't do anything. In fact we're getting a lecture right now (we were no near the attack!)the human's going on about things that don't belong to us, the toxicity of the insides of computers, we can get on & so on. Oh, glad it's over for you, Dutch & your poor, poor human. Hopefully tonight will be less eventful & a little more relaxing for all.
luv, Zoey & Phoebe

THE PUGLET said...

My human tried to look on the bright side.

"At least it wasn't the Pug!" she said.

Those Elgin Pugs said...

You should see Mommy and Daddy's cordless phone. It has Izzy's teeth marks all over it. Mommy's dad (my Grandpaw) was over a while ago and wanted to borrow the phone...He took one look at it and ran to his car and grabbed his cell phone charger. Daddys old cell phone has Izzy teeth marks in it and so does all the TV remotes and DVD and such.
Hopefully Mac will get well and Hal will help you guys out for now and The Man will tell his Labby's to listen to you and Dutch next time!

Your friend,

SpencerBartholomew said...

Relieved to hear Mac survived! I know I get my teeth around a few things..there's teeth marks on mom's furniture and even the emergency brake in the car...I'm talented, eh? Not as talented as you,, I'm still amazed by that modeling video...can't get the song out of my head either!

Mollie Jo and Bobo said...

Poor Mac Hope he is better soon and back to blogging. Awww what an adorable human puppy!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo