Wednesday, November 16, 2011

1, 2, 3 THINGS

Today's going to be kinda random. Not Randomizer-random, so don't get too excited. More like all over the place random.

Randomness #1
In case you're not a big facebook fan (like my human the social-media wimp), you have to see this cool little tag thing we posted on the 1000 Pugs page. I've been wearing it the past few days to test it out and my human says if it survives the rain tomorrow we'll definitely go with them.

Randomness #2

I made my human promise to keep the other 999 pugs off my blog. But I guess if 1000 Pugs has something cool going on, I'm ok with it being here. And since you're my peeps (thumbs or not) I'm totally going to let you in on all the top secret stuff before anyone else knows.

Like this...

1000 Pugs will be announcing some sort of contest thing tomorrow. It will involve food and pugs and cameras and there will be a prize. I also heard my human say something about a 'Dutch version'. No idea, that's all I know for now. Stay tuned.

Randomness #3
There's been HUGE debate here at Casa de Puglet about this last one, but I won so here goes...

Some of you might be wondering why we've never done much with the local pug rescue. I mean, I want to help pugs and my human wants to help pugs - makes sense right? Right.

Except for one thing. Our local pug rescue (who isn't called Pugsavers) does a lot to help pugs but has rejected 100% of all the people we've sent to them. We get a lot of emails asking for the 411 on where to get an awesome pug. Since I'm awesome and also recycled, we always tell people to try rescue first. So it really sucks when the rescue makes it impossible for people to adopt a pug. And we're talking good people. Pug people!

I mean, our local rescue even rejected us. Yep. Before I came a long, my human applied to foster for them and was denied. Something about the wrong kind of stairs? No idea. Maybe the pug gods made them do it so she'd foster me instead, but it's still kinda weird.

They've rejected people for having a pool, the wrong kind of windows, the wrong kind of kids, cats, dogs, jobs. All sorts of stuff. A friend of mine just got rejected because his family has a German Shepard and big dogs eat pugs. And my friend is a pug!!

I'd be cool with all the rejection if there weren't pugs in shelters and on a waiting list to get rescued. But there are.

Anyway. The only reason I'm telling everyone this is because a little pug rescue birdie told us some changes are happening at the rescue and we think maybe things could get better if they got some feedback from people.
Like all at once and sent to the same person.

Sometimes a lot of little voices are louder than one big one.

If you've tried to adopt from the pug rescue here in the Bay Area (I'm not naming names, you know who) and were rejected, just got postcard and/or never heard back from anyone - please let us know your story like ASAP. If you don't want to comment in front of the whole internet, that's cool. Just email me:

We really want just want to help the rescue be better for pugs in need and the people who want to love them.


Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Puglet! Hope you are feeling better today. Ok, #1, love the tag you have on! #2, love that you give all 1K Pug details to your "peeps", that was cool! #3, love how you guys are trying to help out your local rescue. I can't believe they are picky about who can love a pug, I mean really! #4, uh, did I read #2 right when you said there would be food involved in the contest that is going to be announced? And a Dutch version? Uh, I can't wait!

Buddy said...

hi puglet!! So excited for the "additional" pug and dutch project!! Can't wait. If your human unburied my email, I professionally volunteered to help!!!! :-}

PR ~ sounds like ours, here in Ohio. (Which I couldn't get them to respond to me for any participation in 1000 Pugs, so we might have to trek to WI pugfest instead!!!) ~ but yeah, they wouldn't allow pugs to go to people for all the same reasons you listed, pools, apts, no fenced yards....such silliness!!!!
They have since rethought things, slowly, but at least.
It's great what you are doing!! Bombard them with little voices!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

Buddy said...

PS~ your human "social-media challenged"?!?!?!?!?!?! Tell her I don't believe that one ioda!!!
A vet, a web designer, a pro photog. and taking on multiple projects?!?!?! Yeah, not buying the whole gimpy brain thing...even though it's cute.

Payton said...

Hi Pug! Hope that honking has stopped at Casa de Puglet. I am totally into your #1 1000 Pugs tag, how cool! I'm also excited about this contest...especially the food part. No one wants a pug (especially one that has been mistreated or something) to go into another environment that isn't healthy, but those reasons sound silly to me! Hope you get the change going!

Lafayette Lola said...

Hey Pug- So we weren't rejected from our local pud rescue-the one you're totally talking about-but a really great friend of my mom's was. They have a few other little dogs, and were looking for another. She said that it was easier to adopt their son than it was to go through the pug rescue stuff. During their home visit, the inspector called their house 'dog heaven' until she got to the backyard. She said that the pool cover they had wasn't 'pug proof' and said that unless she got a new one, they would have to turn her down. Such a sad thing that a homeless ouggy would be denied such a fantastic home. She doesn't work, and babies her dogs like they are her kids! The good news is that they went to another rescue and gave another homeless dog, though not a pug, a home.
My mom hasn't referred anyone else to pug rescue because if D was turned down, who knows who they do accept? We don't have a perfect home or job schedule, have a kid, but we have a totally funtastic oug-centered life.
Lafayette Lola

Chfnman said...

Pug, that's a really cool tag and the other 999 should be incredibly honored to get one, especially with you at the lead!

The rescue's criteria must be warped, that's all I can say.

I look forward to helping my Grandpug, Payton, participate in this mysterious #2 project!


Anonymous said...

Bo from Sacramento says:

Hey Puglet: So my mom has to put her 2 cents in regarding the pug rescue you are talking about. The reason my mom has me is because the very same rescue rejected her when she tried to adopt a pug from them - simply because she had never owned one before!!!

At this point, I have to say thank you to them for rejecting my mom because she chose to "adopt" me from a very reputable breeder, and I am the happiest, most spoiled rotten, and most loved PUG in the world (my human sister says that I am more spoiled than she was). My mom totally rocks - thank you mom for picking me; I totally love you!!!

My mom says that getting me from this breeder was a very involved ordeal; something about reference checks, an adoption contract, and having me meet her before the breeder would even consider letting her adopt me, but we bonded the second our eyes met! How pawsome is that?!!

Mom has considered trying to adopt a brother or sister for me from this rescue but avoided doing so because she knew they would reject her again. Enough on that subject.

Mom says that I absolutey have to have one of those tags you are wearing - without a doubt so we say bring them on ASAP.

We can't wait to hear about the extra projects and contest, and so happy that Dutch is being included. My mom is falling in love with Dutch and wishes we had a big house with a big backyard so we could get a Dutch of our own.

Thank you Puglet and Dutch, and your human for all you are trying to do to help needy pugs. You guys ROCK!!

Sabrina PugTails said...

Puglet, I've been admiring your tag on Facebook. It sure is spiffy.
My human sent the 1000 Pugs an e-mail last week. I'd love for Winnipeg to be your one Canadian stop. Our city may not be huge, but we have 2 pug rescues here.
Your local PR does sound a bit overly picky. I understand the need to screen potential families to make sur they are serious and will be able to provide a safe and loving forever home. It is really heartbreaking when pugs (and other dogs too) are returned to a rescue due to poor screening. However, it sounds like this group has taken an extreme approach that is not benefiting the pugs who are in need, or other pugs who coudl be resuced if foster space was available. I do hope a bunch of local people send in their concerns so that the rules can be changed.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Pug!

Love your tag- hope I can be a number!! :)

FOOD?!? Sign me up!!

I live on the other coast (no idea?) but my mommy tried to adopt through our local rescue too, and was denied. She was denied because when they checked our vet reference, the vet said we'd always come for our yearly visits and were very well taken care of. The pug people asked when the last time we'd been in was, and the vet said about 6 months, our last wellness exam. Well, they rejected my mommy because she hadn't been to the vet in awhile. Um, call me crazy but if we don't get sick very often between our wellness exams I'd say that means we are very spoiled and well taken care of! (Which we totally are!) So my mommy rescued me off of the evil Craigslist instead.

Anyway, rescues have to be strict, but they also should know when to bend the rules a bit. It's in the best interests
of pugs!!!

Love and snorts,
Bentley (+ Louie the chihuahua + Binky & King Leo the cats)

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Puglet, you really are the #1 Pug. Thank you for fighting for all the pugs who need good homes.

I always say going through the screening process to adopt Scarlet was one of the most challenging things my husband and I have ever gone through but ultimately we're very grateful for the hard work they do. Our rescue isn't pug specific, but we did apply to our local PRs (PRoNE & Curly Tails) but Scarlet was already en route to us. It did take them awhile to get in touch with us but they couldn't have been nicer when they did. We would get in touch with them again.

Can't wait to hear what's coming up!

Meredith & Scarlet

Meredith LeBlanc said...

P.S. This maybe our all time FAVE picture of you! Big sigh...

M & S

Anonymous said...

I am curious which rescue group it is? pugsavers or pugpros?

THE PUGLET said...

Oops. Pugsavers isn't active here in SF so let's justtry say we're not talking about pugsavers.

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Hi Pug hope that you and Dutch feel much better!!!
I wrote it on fb but I can do it again, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tag, and know there are some ideas about these tags, hope Europe and other parts of the world can be involved:) and I imagine the picture of ALL 1000 pugs with the tags, I know it's imposible to take one shot of all the pugs, but maybe your Human could put them together on hal4 just like on this picture in the end of every Top Model episode, except no pug would melt away:)

And the pug+food+camera contest, will it be global??? Please please!!

And the rescue:( I thought that it's only our (Polish) problem:( I "work" for one pug rescue, but there is also another one. My friends told me at the begining that this other rescue is litte bit "crazy", but I didn't care. I wanted to help pugs not make new (crazy or not) friends. We try to co-operate but they also rejected everyone we sent, to adopt a pug became harder then to adopt a child ( almost), but we tried for this last time to help together one pug girl, I put some picture and other information of her on our fb rescue page, and they told me to erase it because it's not MINE picture ... So sad:( but our rescue found this girl a perfect home, she is so happy now:)
Hugs and kisses Misiober

Unknown said...


I agree that Pug Rescues and all furkid rescues need to be careful and even strict when they are fostering or rehoming. However, I don't think they should "bend the rules" a bit.

They need to CHANGE the rules. How rediculous it is to deny a pug a home because the new home's other furkids are healthy enough not to go to the vet except for Well visits.

That kind of thinking just makes the pug fur on my neck raise straight up. Grrrrr.

Guy Noir said...

Puglet, I was a boughten pug because up here in Upstate NY there aren't very many homeless pugs (YAY!) so it's hard to find one to adopt. But my fur kitties were all adopted; we got three black ones cos the lady said most people don't "see" black pets. Now we got me, Guy Noir, and Chelu, the poodle, and 3 black cats. We are coordinated.

If you don't have to be rescued to wear one, I would love a tag someday. I did email our local Pug & Small Dog Rescue about your project, so maybe you will hear from them...they are in Buffalo, NY.

Your friend, Guy Noir

Anonymous said...

First off, we all LOVE your neck bling, errrr, your 100K Pug tag. Makes us sad that we are only 1/2 pug and not 100% pug.

Our Mom isn't too social web site savey either so we only get our information through this blog, which we also love.

Our Mom and our Aunt Alison tried to adopt a dog through NJ Rescue Society and they were both REJECTED because the 4 foot chain link yard fence was not high enough and because they lived in the country ..... But, that rejction was not all that bad because Aunt Alison has friends in the military at Fort Dix, NJ who were being deployed to this far away place called Afganistan and they weren't sure if they were even going to come back to NJ. We could not stay in boarding kennel that long so our Mommy and Aunt Ali took us to live with them and now we are one big happy pack living by the seaside. Rescue groups must be run by all the same (silly) people in all places.

Anyway, we are still sad that we are not 100% pugs so we are looking forward to at least being able to participate in some contests, esp. with food involved!

Glad you're feeling better Puglet Baconator and Leader of the 1000 Pugs.

Lea, Riley & Roxi
Those Jersey Shore Puggles

Olivia said...

Hi Puglet!
I don't live far from you so I know which rescue you are talking about. My mama has had pugs for like forever and has always been a big believer in rescuing pugs but the local rescue has been too difficult to deal with which is why she rescued me from a bay area shelter instead. My mama's mama also had pugs that came from shelters because the rescue group made it too difficult to adopt from them.

My mama is also a dog groomer and was interested in volunteering for the bay area pug rescue. she put in an app. a long time ago, like over a year and never got a response.

And in regards to big dogs eating pugs, i can tell you that all the big dogs in my neighborhood are afraid of me!

Sabrina said...

Hiya Puglet,

I love the neck bling and when your human comes to Canada (hopefully close-ish to Ottawa so we can travel to meet her!) Beulah really wants one too!

As for rescue groups, I've heard lots of different stories. Although Beulah wasn't a rescue dog, I've done some volunteering with the local pug rescue ( and I find they are pretty realistic. They put their requirements clearly on their website so you won't be disappointed in advance, and seem to stick to them. I know they adopt to apartments and people with pools under certain previously stated conditions, and people I know who have adopted through them have only had good things to say. I'm glad, because if I ever get another pug, I want to get one through rescue! Barney came from rescue and they were really great and realistic too (

When I was researching pugs, I came across a lot of crazy pug info. That pugs cannot exercise and that they couldn't go outside if the temperature was below 10 degrees celcius (below 50 degrees F), or above 25 degrees celcius (above 77 degrees F). In Ottawa, that means a pug wouldn't be able to go outside for more that 3-4 months of the year! Once I talked to more reasonable pug people, I realized that pugs (like all dogs) just need to be conditioned to longer walks and hiking, and to cooler or warmer temperatures. I guess there is a lot of crazy out there if you go looking for it!

As for big dogs, Beulah is totally in charge of Barney, but they are both ruled by Marble (the cat). I'm pretty sure I am too.

Ollie said...

Hi Puglet,
It's sad to read how many pugs/dogs were denied good homes for stupid reasons. I'm glad you guys are fighting the good fight and trying to make changes to help your local pugs!
By the way, my human is also one of those rare non-social media types. She's convinced that Mark Zuckerberg is trying to take over the world. And when she isn't spending 10 hours a day working on the computer, she prefers to shut it down and spend off hours looking at the sky and trees instead.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet
Love the pug tag, hate the idea of pugs not going to a home because someone has a funky window...stupid, just stupid. Emmitt was a rejected pug from his first family we can't imagine him spending day after day in a rescue shelter instead of our house. This is making our heads hurt.

Oh, we forgot to tell you in 2012 Pug Nationals will be in San Jose and we will be there all the way from Texas.

Our mom thinks you could get lots of pug pictures there....maybe even pictures of the San Antonio gang.

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli - 3E's from SA

wombat said...

When I was looking for my first pug nearly 13 years ago, I was rejected from the local rescue because they didn't adopt to anyone with cats. But in those days pugs were not popular - they had very few dogs to find homes for, and even excluding all the homes with cats, they didn't have trouble finding enough places for them.

Around the same time, a zookeeper friend of mine was told he could not adopt any dog from a local shelter because he didn't have a fenced back yard. He had a fenced FRONT yard, but that wasn't good enough.

Times have changed a lot here and neither of those things would happen today, fortunately.

Another thing though - it does sound like your local rescue needs to change, but to encourage that change I think we have to be aware of where those people may be coming from. People who work in rescue have seen a lot of terrible things happen to animals. And imagine how you would feel if you'd approved the adoption to the home where the dog later drowned in the pool, or was attacked by the big dog. It's a scary thought.

Bailey and Buddy said...

Heya the bling. Maybe for those pugs who aren't part of the 1000 could have one that says #1000 + 1 :)

Regarding #3 that is very frustrating I would imagine. Luckly the rescue group in our area seems very reasonable about their adoption process. It is sad and aggravating that because they are so picky many loving homes are passed over. I am glad that things might be changing!

Laura Bee said...

Hi Puglet,

I received the super cute 1000 pugs cards yesterday and already gave one to a pug-loving guy who came to visit me in my store. (I have a major fan club.)

We started chatting because of your card - turn out he is a photographer too (with 3 pugs in his house), and I told him how much our local rescue needs good pictures for its website. He is going to take pictures of adoptable pugs for our rescue! Cute pics make all the difference sometimes in animals standing out online.

So 1000 pugs is already helping pugs in need and your human hasn't even started taking pictures! How cool is that?

Anyhow, I wanted to chime in about the rescue requirements issue. When I go home inspect with my human I try to find out details about fences and schedules and stuff, and then my rescue tries to find a pug that matches those needs. For example, an older mellow pug might do better in a smaller apartment, but a crack pug might need a yard, etc. It's all about the right fit.

Otis Redding the shop dog in Seattle

THE PUGLET said...

Hey everybody!

I'm feeling 100% better. The drugs from the pug guru totally slayed the honk. Dutch is still really honky (and kinda whiny) though. And my human spent yesterday at the dentist so she's been all whiny too. More dentist for her in a little while, so I won't have the thumbs for long....

I still don't know anything else about the announcement/contest thing, but I guess tomorrow isn't too far away. Dutch is pretty excited about having his own non-pug version, especially since it means he'll get to hang with the JSPs and Ollie and EMP3 and the G-kitties :)

Huge thanks for everyone's stories about the rescues. I wish there weren't so many bad ones, but if you have one - keep them coming! Hopefully it will make a difference.

My human was worried it might sound like we're complaining about the rescue(we're totally not) it's just really sad how many completely awesome pug-folk have been rejected. It's hard to tell people to 'adopt! adopt! adopt!' when your local rescue is best known for *not* adopting out dogs. I mean, I know one pug who was adopted all the way from China because our local rescue rejected them. Very cool the China-pug got adopted, but something is wrong if it's easier to adopt a pug from China than from San Francisco.

Wombat (+ others) are 100% totally right about a rescue being experienced and needing to be careful. The thing with our local rescue is they usually don't look past the 4 page mostly yes/no application people have to fill out. On paper, Casa de Puglet gets vetoed because of Dutch's bigness (and our deck stairs and our windows and our yard and our dog park and our off-leash cow hiking and...) but off-paper, none of those things matter. At least not to me and I'm a spokespug for 999 other pugs :)

Anonymous said...

1st I didn't get tome to comment yesterday but hello to Dutch and hope he's feeling better.
2nd your modeling of the #1 is superb! I love how you are looking off into the distance all thoughtful of rescuing pugs.
3rd I'm happy to be one of your peeps!
Paula from DE

Anonymous said...

The tags are great, your peeps luv you but number three makes my pug blood boil. My grandma has 4 dogs from the SPCA or animal control and she takes in other too. Now she has a hugh yard and a barn and friends that help. She finds good loving homes for the others sent her way. It is nonsense when it is harder to get a dog, any dog just cause of a pool or apartment then it is to get a kid. My g-ma has big dogs and little dogs and cats and a pig and goats. They can all get along because she cares. sSe has never tried the rescue for pugs but knows what you mean!I hope those that have not been acceptable come forward and do a poodle dance for them.!
Maggie Mae in Sacramento

Pearl and Tessa said...

We can somewhat understand being very picky at rescue places, they don't want to have to rerescue the same dog because someone has to give it up. Unfortuneately, sometimes even the best humans might have to give up an animal. Our human has a friend who is doing a clendar for next year on rescue animals, and about 1/2 have been "re" rescued. Also have heard some concerns about rescue places actually being in fact horders.

In any case, our human was good enough for us!

Pearl and Tessa

Anonymous said...

Before I adopted Boo, I did my homework. I bought and read so many pug books, researched, went to dog parks, talked to dog owners and decided that I wanted to adopt instead of get one from a breeder. I was excited when I mailed in my 5 page application to "them." I never heard back. I emailed, I called....nothing. I was sad...I actually cried. Fear not, I remained viligant and adopted Boo from a couple who could not care for him anymore. I love him to death even with his quirks and leash aggression (I know a pug who's not friendly...rare to find but I have one). It's a shame that the local rescue is so difficult.

SpencerBartholomew said...

Hey Pug...before my mom got me she tried to adopt from a local rescue group. She mailed in two applications, found out where the group had a function and went there to talk to the person in charge and still they never contacted her for an opportunity to love a needy pug. In fact, mom even indicated on each of her applications that she was very interested in a particular pug, George, who was 7 at the time. She says she will never forget George. She wanted him to be hers very badly but was never given then change. Well, I must say, the universe had different plans for mom. Many months of no feedback from therescue group her coworker told her that a friend of hers rescued a few puggies from a breeder who did not deem them as "qualifying show pugs"... Well, that's how she ended up with this stud, none other than Spencer B! And, if any of you know me personally, you know I am one spoiled rotten pug. Mom is so grateful she has me- we were meant to be

pugsmom said...

This is Phoebe in Oregon. When I first came to live with my human she already had a big dog. He was Keeshond about 8 years old and I was just a little peanut of a pug. We became best buds. I hope the rescue place doesn't turn people down anymore for having a big dog.
By the way, the last person we sent Flat Puglet to still has him and I asked her to send him back to me. He will make a great keepsake.
Hope your new prototype tag works out.
Pug hugs, Phoebe
PS It's raining buckets here today and really windy. Weee!!! fun

Sue and Annie said...

#3, sounds like this "rescue" is a hoarder situation. We have one of these here in Kansas. It is so sad. Wishing you the best.

Sue and Annie said...

#1, meant to say we love the tag. Let us know how it works out.

SpencerBartholomew said...

Mom forgot to say she thinks they didn't respond to her attempts because she also has cats. I love my kitty brothers and sisters. She says she understands and appreciates that the pugs rescues are picky because we do deserve to have our potential homes checked to ensure our happiness and safety.. But they risk the potential of overlooking some very elibigle people. They need to e dedicated enough to take the time to really evaluate the candidate trying to save a life.

Anonymous said...

German Shepard goes with pug!We adopted our pug and his previous owner had a German Shepard. We are planning to adopt another German Shepard to go with our pug! LOL!

Olivia said...

Hi Puglet! I want to add that my mama's mama felt that the bay area pug rescue people seemed very cliquish, like if they don't know you they won't adopt to you.

Luckily for my human the universe has always connected her with a rescue pug when the time was right without her needing the local pug rescue. I am so happy she found me at the pound!

Btw, I love your tag!

Anonymous said...

Puglet and Dutch,
I hope that yours are feeling better.

Thanks about the fellings. All friends of Daily Puglet are specials!
Soooo thanks!

Estelita and Fred

Deborah said...

Hey Puglet, I really your local rescue gets more pug friendly in the ways of helping pugs, because they keep on coming in and they stop playing silly games. I am doing pug rescue, full time and starting a whole organization from scratch is too much for one human ( although now with the help from a few fabulous pug peeps in the Bay Area )I am considering amending the name "Central Coast Pug Rescue" in the New Year to include the Bay Area, whatcha think about that? I need help Puglet!! and the Bay Area is reaching out to me in so many ways. So... there you have it - the pug is out of the bag!

Chfnman said...

That kind of attitude infuriates me. Payton's bestest friend in the world was our Giant Schnauzer, Isabella. If I could figure out how to post a picture of them playing together I would because it would put a big smile on everyone's face!


Noodle said...

Sorry to be so late on this comment. For some reason, MY "little miss thumbs" was busy and stuff yesterday.... Sheesh!

Mochi and I are so excited about getting our own 1K Pugs tags! We can hardly wait until New Year's Day!!!

My mom would like to say something:
My husband and I have adopted 3 pugs from this local rescue. Everything went extremely smoothly and we couldn't be happier about the outcomes. It wasn't until talking with Bellatrix's mom that I found out that we were the exception. It makes me so sad that such wonderful and loving families are being turned down. Obviously there are rules and criteria that have to be met--the well being of the rescued pug is the focus--but it seems like these rules are not consistently adhered to. For example, we have a cat. I made it very clear through the application process that we have a cat and our home inspector (who was AWESOME) met our cat. Having met Pug's human and some of the other wonderful humans in the DP community it boggles my mind that any of them would have ever been rejected. I've been singing the praises of this particular rescue, but now I'm kind of embarrassed. It is nice, however, to hear the stories of how everything worked out for the best. I hope this rescue can turn things around and produce more happy, rather than horror, stories.

Anonymous said...

Hello Puglet. I adopted two pugs from this rescue several years ago and all went well (and couldn't be more in love). I always hear how badly they need foster homes so I've applied many times and I've never been contacted. Now I'm worried when the time comes and we want to adopt again, we won't hear anything. Shame.