Friday, November 4, 2011


Hello again everyone. My human made Pug give me the blog today to make me feel better. There is no need to send juju, I'm not sick. I just feel bad inside.

Ever since The Epiphany, it is nothing but pug this and pug that. It has always been Puglet, Puglet, Puglet at our house, but at least when Pug was anti-1000 I was not alone.

Now, I am alone.

I am not, and never will be a pug. I am not, and never will, be 1 of 1000. And that makes me feel like nothing, a zero. Like... Jan Brady.

I saw this poor Jan on the television once and didn't understand why she hated Marsha so much. Now I understand: she didn't hate Marcia, she just felt left out. Like a big empty zero.

I love Pug(let) and think 1000 Pugs is a marvelous thing. But I'm feeling sad and Jan-ny because I can't be part of it all. I will never be a pug. Neither will dogs like Ollie the Canadian beagle, the Jersey Shore Puggles, or Gunnie and Gabby and EMP 3, who are cats.

And what about
the pugs who live too far away to be 1 of 1000? Like Misiober's pugs in Poland, or Carlos Santana in Berlin. How can they be part?

I asked my human and now she's a little sad too. Her heart is much bigger than Puglets and she wants everyone to be included... but she can't turn cats and beagles into pugs and something called a budget won't let the tour go to Poland. Now I feel bad for not being a pug AND for making my human upset.

Does anyone have any ideas???

* * *

I can't find where my human hides the special Day calendar, so let us all eat cookies to celebrate just in case. If it is your day - VERY BIG HAPPY TO YOU!


Crabbie Chris said...

Dutch, I totally get you, I mean I don't fit into any kind of mold either (boy or girl anyone?). Even though I am a pug (and I'm gonna be 1 of the 1000), I still totally sympathize with you. I think your mom should have like Pug Ambassadors! As an ambassador you can like wear 1000 shwag, tell pug friends and spread the word. Part of your mom's 1000 pug idea, is to get the word out about maybe the ambassadors can donate cookie/treat money to any rescue (not just pug rescue).
Ambassadors are super important! They get special treatment and everything. They have a huge job to do and they're the best at getting the word out.
But don't worry Dutch, you're still my #1.

Payton said...

Hi Dutch! Don't you think for one second that when we chanted Tour Bus you were not included in that sentiment! We want to meet you too! Someone has to stay sane around all the pug-ness and who better to do that than you who has had tons of experience?!? Please don't be blue...we love you too! And all of our far away and non-pug friends!
PS. Good call on the cookie...just in case!

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Dutch, the mere fact that you want everyone to be treated as special as the pugs in the 1K project is as important as the project itself. It's called intention, and good intentions make things happen. Perhaps someone will come up with a 1K Dalmation, 1K Cat, 1K Puggle, & 1K Polish dog project!

And may I say you look very dreamy in this picture, not at all Jan-ny.

Meredith & Scarlet

Anonymous said...

Dutch, you are the best! If you had a blog of your own I would read it every day. You are dashing and handsome and kind hearted. I think you need a day of action to campaign for "The Daily Dalmation."

Deb and Daisy said...

Dutch you are a wonderful unique dalmation! I don't think many others would take such good care of Puglet and your human! You are part of the team and will always be. We love you too!

Gabby The Cat said...

Wow oh Wow Dutch,

I thought today was a TGIF day, but after reading your post I too am now feeling a little sad.

I know what you mean about feeling like a zero! When you are an inside cat and watch the world passing you by through a window you feel like you have no catidentity. I have to live vicariously through others in any way I can, which is why I love you and Pug so much.

Even though I have my sister Gunnie, she's just another cat and brings no excitement in my life.

I can't tell you how many times I wanted to be an outside cat and run in the fresh air amongst the birds and squirrels and be an active part of the outside animal community. My human says that I am an inside cat because it is much safer for me and less worry for her, but for me it is LONELY.

Even though I am a kitty, my human considers me more like a dog because of the "dog like" things I do (fetch, chew, speak, destroy, etc.). I wish all the time that I was a dog because then I could do all of the cool things you and Pug do and I would not feel like an outcast and be so lonely. I sometimes dream I am a dog and am running on the beach with the wind blowing through my fur with you, Pug and the crazy labrador brothers and then I wake up as the same ol' grey tabby. :o(

The only advice I can give to you Dutch is try to find a way to be part of 1000 Pugs in anyway you can and establish your own identity. My suggestion is to add a new chapter to the 1000 Pugs book and call it "Non-Pugs Who Love Pugs" and you can be the creative director of the chapter. The chapter would include yourself, kittys like me and EMP III, Ollie, the Jersey Puggles, Crazy Lab Boys, etc. Perhaps Carlos and Misiober's humans can have Pug photos taken where they live and send them to you human to include in the book if they also make a donation to Pug rescue.

Hopefully someone will come up with something to make you feel better Dutch, know that I am right with you buddy in spirit.

Gabby "The Gabbinator"

Noodles said...

Hi Dutch
You totally act PUG and I consider you an honorary PUG bruddah! Yes, I do.
And Bellatrix is so right that you can totally turn 1000 pugs into an Ambassadorship representing all dogs who need rescuing/forever homes!
You are just as special as Puglet, in my book.
Love Noodles

Pugs2Luv said...

We think that Bella is on to something. Maybe there can be a special section of the 1000pugs site For "Dutch's Ambassadors" for those who can't actually be part of 1000 pugs (pugs who live too far away , pug fractions and non-pugs) but want to help by giving a donation. Maybe you could do your best pug impression to try and sneak in and there is always the "about" part of books and you can insist on being part of that photo. Plus you are very good at being a back drop for Pug, maybe you can get in that way. Anyway we love you and always considered you an honorary pug.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Pepper the Pugalier said...

Dutch, at first I was sad I couldn't be one of a thousand (who has ever even heard of a pugalier anyway???), but then j thought, I might not be an all pug, but I have lots of friends who are. So I've been telling them all about about it and hoping they will all sign up. I like Bellatrix's idea of being an ambassador. Sounds very official. In fact, I'm going to ambassador 1000 Pugs to my vet today. Maybe she can spread the word. Your human is doing a great thing, and she shouldn't be sad. I hope you feel better soon.

Unknown said...

How about 101 Dalmations? Whoops. It's been done. Perhaps 1000 Pugs will be dedicated to one self-sacrificing Dalmation. If that doesn't work, try a Jan Brady wig.

Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III said...

Oh Dutch, you are the sweetest!! I can totally imagine how you must be feeling but it's okay that you're not a pug. Because you are a very special YOU. And there's only one of you which also makes you #1, right? Please don't feel have all of us! :)

True, I can't participate in 1000 Pugs directly, but I will be enjoying it vicariously through all of the great pugs your human meets on tour. Plus, I can be a part of it by donating and spreading the word. Cheerleading is very important. pompoms, anyone? ;)

Chin up, Dutch. You are the bee's knees!

Your feline friend,
Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III

Anonymous said...

Hey Dutch,

You look so sweet in that picture. You may not be a pug, but you are totally special because you make someone very happy, your human!

I totally like the idea of having non 1000k pugs and non pugs sending in donations and maybe getting a name mention in the book. That would be cool! If we aren't part of the 1000 we would totally send in some $$ to have our names mentioned....and that would mean much more $$ for the rescues!! And it would be all because of you Dutch that more $$ would go to rescues! So cheer up, buddy!!

B&B love Dutch!

THE PUGLET said...

Oh, everyone! You are the best. Best!

My hunman is atthe the printer to pick up more pug cards. I'm going to keep reading your words over and over until she gets back so she can help me write you back better.

Love + Pinkness,


Christa said...

Aww Dutch. Dont be sad buddy. It is all going to be okay. I think the idea of you being an ambassador is awesome! You love Pugs as much as we all love Pugs so you woukd be the perfect ambassador. Cletus has a spotted sister named Callie and she loves him nut sometimes feels left out too. On those days I give her extra love and extra cookies to make her feel better. Hopefully your human will give you some "extras" too.
Keep your head up buddy!
Christa, Cletus and Callie.

Anonymous said...

We may not be pugs but we are all animals under the fur! And you know what …. we are more alike than we are different, so we all need to look past the reflection we see in the mirror or in window and join the ranks of Non-pugs in Support of Pug Rescue Everywhere.

Dutch, just think of all those lonely pug souls out there longing for a forever home and then imagine youself as Mr. 1000 Pugs Ambassador. That's very prestigious and hey, Puglet doesn't have a title unless you consider that time he tried to get Baconator added to his name.

One Photographer / One Year / 1000 Pugs and one very important Ambassador holding it all together. Oh Dutch, you would be perfect for this job. After all, you’re the true brains in the family.

Roxi, Riley & Lea
Those Jersey Shore Puggles

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Oh Dutchi please don't be sad!!! Your Human LOVES you, and I don't say that just to make you feel better, I really know it!!!! And look here, all these comments, all that love sent your way. Don't you see what is going on every time you blog, it's madness!!! and Pug propably don't tell you about all the comments about you even when Pug is the blogger. 5 words: LOVE LOVE LOVE TO DUTCHI !!!
We love you so much, you remembered about us: Ollie, JS Puggles, Gunnie, Gabby, EMP 3, Carlos Santana and even us. How cool is that! I think you shoul be in the cover of 1000 Pugs book!!! It would be so funny!
Remember Pug loves you (he always say that) your Human loves you, and everybody here loves you!!

Have a pink weekend sweet boy!!! European pugs and Gosia loves European brother Dutch:)

Anonymous said...

Oh Dutch! Don't be sad! You don't need to be part of 1000 Pugs because you have 1000 SPOTS!! Each spot brings a smile to someone every day so you are always surrounded by HAPPY SPOT JUJU!!!!

(Rocky in Tx's Hu-mom.)

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Dutch oh Dutch ~ you the Man, man! Don't be feeling down cuz you're not a pug, you're part of anything Pug or your human does so never feel you are a zero, you are loved by all of us, uh, remember, I've always thought you were handsome but more importantly than that you are sweet and caring and have a BIG HEART, we read it all the time when you get to post!

Buddy said...

Hi Dutch!!
I think you should stop watching JAN and watch a little of 101 Dalmatians!!!!! I know it isn't 1k pugs...but it is a good start!!! Maybe next year your human can do 5k dalmatian tour!!!!!!
sending cookie love!!

Anonymous said...

Aww, Dutch - we love you and look forward to every time you post! We love Pug too, but you are so uber-cool, and besides, you LOVE pink (just like me, Roscoe). We're not pugs either. Or dalmations. We're mutt mixes. Don't be sad, k? You're too awesome to be sad.

Roscoe and Champ in Colorado.

Anonymous said...

Dutch. We understand how you feel. Why not wait to see how Pug's 1000 pugs thingy goes? When it's done and successful, your human can do 1000 x 4 legged friend tour, which includes you, Ollie, MP3/Gabby and such. I am a pug, but willing to participate.


Treat Lover said...

Dear Dutch,
We love you so much, my human says there's no greater feeling in the world than being loved by pugs, so I think that makes you the greatest! You have so many pug fans, and other non-pug fans because you have such a big heart (and you're so handsome). That's something worth keeping your chin up for!
Happy Friday, and Happy Day to everyone. Chili and I will follow Dutch's lead and eat cookies for everyone! That's what he suggested, right? My human is trying to argue with me about it...


Rocky, UK said...

Dutch! Please don't be sad. We don't know what the answer is because we're not all that smart, but my human and I both love you so much. My human says she loves your writing style. I just love you because I wish I had a big brother like you to snuggle with... that Puglet is SO lucky!

Ollie said...

Jan was the frumpy middle child while Marcia got all the attention and made the cheerleading squad. You are not Jan to Puglet's Marcia.

You are loved and adored by everyone here. Look at the way Bellatrix shamelessly throws herself at you -I think she's the president of the "Dutch Is Dreamy" movement. Jan never had these kinds of problems.

Those of us here that aren't real pugs, are honorary pugs. To be an honorary DP pug means to have a good heart.

No need for all this philosophical angst. 1k Pugs is an awesome project that we're all going to be part of even if it's just cheering from the sidelines. Can't wait to get my t-shirt and book!

Sabrina said...

Oh Dutch! I empathize with you! I have a Barney (lab) and a Marble (cat) who can't come to local puggy stuff. Marble is too cool to care, but it makes Barney a little sad.

I think there should be a section for "Friends of Pugs" on the 1000 puts website where for a donation, a Pug or non-pug friend can have their photo on the site with all donation money going to needy pugs. You could be the "Friends of Pugs" icon since you are the best friend of Pug! Everyone can be part of 1000 pugs!

THE PUGLET said...

Hello Bellatrix,

You are always so sweet to me. I'm glad I'm someone's #1. It doesn't feel good to be a zero.

THE PUGLET said...

Hello Payton,

I despise camping, but I think a tour bus would be acceptable. I heard my human ask the universe for a Tour Prius and a hotel sponsor. That would be more than acceptable!

I would really love to meet everyone too. Please don't tell Pug, but going to Pug Sunday is one of my #1 favorite things to do. Everyone there is so nice. Pug-People are the best.

THE PUGLET said...

Meredith & Scarlet,

Yes, good intentions. I think I understand. And I'm glad you think I look dreamy and not Jan-ny.

What you see there is my modified-Jimmy pose. Sort of a sideways Jimmy. You may have noticed it's my new go-to move.

THE PUGLET said...

Hello Anonymous,

Thank you for the encouragement but I think I'd rather be a weekly or even monthly contributor. I've made peace with Nikon but the thing still creeps me out.

THE PUGLET said...

Aw, thank you Deb & Daisy. Maybe I could be the ambassador for all the non-pugs?

THE PUGLET said...

Oh Gabby!

I cannot imagine how it feels to watch the world (and its' squirrels) go by from behind glass. My fur is too short to blow in the wind, but next time I see a squirrel, I will think of you and run my heart out.

Your idea about how to include us non-pugs is very smart. My human said she picked pink for the color of the 1000 Pugs logo just for me, but I don't think that is enough. I still don't *feel* like a 1000 Pugs pug. I will tell my human what you said and keep you posted.

THE PUGLET said...

'Honorary Pug'

Oh, Noodles. That makes me sound like royalty. I really like it!

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Z+P,

I did hear my human say my butt will be in the book and it will be the only non-pug in there. I don't really like people doing thing with my butt, it makes me nervous. I think a picture would be OK though.

Thank you for being such nice pugs :)

THE PUGLET said...

Hello Pepper,

I think you just made me have an Epiphany. I love that you went from sad all the way to ambassador-ing your vet. That is amazing and I want to be amazing too!

You are right. I shouldn't be sad. I should be as proud as a pug of what 1000 Pugs means - even if I'm not one.

Thank you Pepper!

Ambassador Dutch

THE PUGLET said...


Re: Jan wig. Please don't give my human any ideas.


Ambassador Dutch

THE PUGLET said...

Oh, EMP3!

Pink pom poms would be, in Pug's words, AWESOME!

Can an Ambassador also be a Cheerleader??

Sue and Annie said...

Dutch, you may not be a pug, or a part of 1,000 pugs, BUT YOU ARE SPECIAL. Don't ever forget that. Hugs and kisses to you sweet boy

Anonymous said...

Dutch two have gorgeous spots and Henrietts. Two things non Puglet. While we love Puglet at Pug Sunday he is usually too busy super modeling to give us much attention. You on the other hand will always run after a slobbery Henrietta over and over. We love you for that and because you rock!

Anonymous said...

Dutch, I totally wish your human could get sponsored and/or lots of media attention, and THEN tour by bus and all the states could meet you and Puglet!!

Oh, the universe indeed!

Kim and Kip said...

Cheer up Dutch,

I think you should bring out some treats and enjoy "101 Dalmations" this weekend:) You have a movie that has your breed on the title! Your breed is probably more famous than pugs by a million viewers (of that movie).

But in any case, my Kip totally sympathizes with you! He's an Australian Terrier and he hasn't met a single person on the street that has guessed what breed he was.

agent99 said...

Why can't you be a pug? Get human to make one of those mask things to put in front of your face! Or one of thee cut out we love to put our faces thru atvthe amusement park? You are totally an honorary pug in my book! Who would provide moral support to pug and human if not for you?

Salinger The Pug said...

Oh...sweet Dutch!

You are so fabulous in all your spottiness, and we hate that you feel slighted!

BUT...we totally KNOW that you're the whole AGENT AKA "Brains of The Outfit" behind this whole project! You are a great Ambassador for PugKind (like Belly says) and they NEED you as their frontdog!

Keep your snout up, dude! Just many people get all squealy over other Dutches when they see 101 Dalmations....OR a fire truck zooming by??? You can use your spotted noteriety to help the Pugs in your life!

Now put on a nice pink collar and try to smile! You rock, dude!


THE PUGLET said...


Putting on the collar now. Proud to be a pink-loving, pug-loving 1000 pug firedog (even thought that's what all the little humans call me and I hate it).

You always make us laugh.

Anonymous said...

Hi friend Dutch,

I have been kind of busy on the week-end, entertaining my pug girl Dolly and showing her Berlin. It was awesome, she is soooo sweeeeet!

And now I read your blog and wanted to tell you that you are so important to me and all the friends here - as a fellow European who also loves pink, a beautiful Dalmatian, brother to Puglet and wonderful compagnion to your human.

What would we be without you?

I think you deserve to be the Pug Ambassador for your human's wonderful campaign! Bellatrix is right.

It is not important to fit into any kind of mold - important is to be yourself and stay like this.

You are our very special pug, one does not need to look like one to be one - it is all happening in the mind!

Your pug friend
Carlos Santana from Berlin

Robinette said...

Oh Dutch, I totally understand. I think you shouldn't worry about 1000 pugs, and just concentrate on being Dutch. You are unique! Yeah, sure you are not pug or a beagle or anything or anyone else. But you are Dutch--and no one else is Dutch! I bet you are sweet and wonderful just as you are... You don't need to be a pug to be happy or complete.

Robinette and Weezer the Pug

THE PUGLET said...

Dutch would like Weezer's saying on on a Tshirt:

You don't need to be a pug to be happy or complete.

Pug thinks it's blasphemy.

- The Thumbs