Monday, November 23, 2009


So I guess my human promised brother Dutch that if he looked at the camera, we'd put his picture on The Daily Puglet again. So here's Dutch's great big head, looking at the camera for a change. I don't know why this is such a big deal, I mean, hellloo! I do that all the time.

But anyway...

It's kind of a good thing my human took this picture of Dutch's giant head because the highlight of my weekend wasn't exactly photo-worthy. At least that's what my human said. And since she's the one who does all the picture-taking, I guess I can't argue.

The highlight happened on Saturday when we hiked with the cows. There were lots of baby cows and if you've never tasted fresh baby-cow pies.... you just haven't lived. My human says it's because baby cows eat mother's milk, not grass. But whatever it is, they are TASTY!

Me and Dutch ate soooooo many baby cow pies that I got sick. All over our bed in the back of the car on the way home from hiking. My human said it smelled so bad, she thought one of us had exploded. We had to make an emergency stop to clean out the car and wash off Dutch's tail because I got sick on it by mistake and he was NOT happy about that.

I got sick four more times before we got home. There were plen-ty of chances to document my cow pie adventure but my human said no way. I don't understand why -- I just hope you can enjoy Dutch's giant head as much I enjoyed the tasty baby cow pies.


Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! Are baby cow pies better than Popeyes? If so, then I have to get some asap. Maybe I will put them on my Christmas list.

Eating too much of anything will make you sick. I'm sure the baby cow pies didn't smell that good to your human before you ate them and even worse when they came out of you. Lesson learned, right?

Stubby xoxo

Pee-s: Dutch is becoming quite the camera ham.

Rosie the Party Pug said...

I hope your tummy feels better! I got sick on my human once. She wasn't very happy but hey, with 4 doggies there is always someone getting sick...having runny poops...etc.

3pug2luv said...

Dearest Puglet, We hope you are feeling better now. It is always best when you're not sure how something will effect you later, to just throw it up. At least that has been the general pug-practice in our family. A couple of times our human got very upset about something fun we ate & she force a whole bunch of yucky, salt water down our throats to make us throw up. UGH! So do not feel bad, it's just part of being an adventurous pug. It gave us a perfect opportunity to enjoy the very handsome picture of your brother, Dutch. (Dutch, don't tell anybody but I think you are cutest pug I've ever seen! XOXO) Hang in there Puglet. Tell Dutch hi from Phoebe.
Love Always, Phoebe & my parents, Yoda & Zoey

P.S. My human would like to thank you for sparing us any photo documentation of your trip. We are already quite familiar with the situation.

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Mmmm that sounds like something I need to try with you!


Ollie said...

Puglet, I'm so jealous. You had baby cow poop? I've never had any kind of cow poop but I can't imagine a better way to spend a Saturday. I'm a goose and duck connoisseur myself. Why is eating this stuff considered a bad habit? We're recycling food and isn't recycling a good thing? Though, pace youself next time, there will always be plenty of poop to be enjoyed. Beagle hugs!
P.S. Dutch looks quite dashing. I wish I had all those spots!

Smushie Ranch said...

Oh poor Puglet! We love cow pies too. Rolling on your back on them is just as wonderful as eating them.

How horrible that your tummy got upset after indulging a bit on the delicious round poo cakes.

Sending loving and healing vibes north...

Stella and Gunther

Anonymous said...

You're a naughty Pug!! My mom said you better be a good boy from now on or your human mom will tell Santa Paws not to get you anything for Christmas besides some Pepto for your ailing tummy!

Your Pal Frodo

PS we do hope you feel better.

Fulmer the Pug said...

I threw up in the car once. On my mom. On the way to the spa so they could steal my stink. My mom was going to her spa when she dropped me off so she wasn't happy about going to the spa with dog puke on her jeans. She said I threw up because I was a bank teller gave me a treat and I was so excited and bouncing all over the ca.

THE PUGLET said...

Phew, I'm glad I'm not the only car-puker!

My human made such a, uh, stink about it. I thought it smelled kinda good, actually. I don't know if this is gross or not, but I tried to help clean up by eating the "recycled" cow poo. My human TOTALLY freaked out on me for that.

NO! UGH -- YOU SLEEP ON MY PILLOW!!!! she said.

Humans can be so weird.

agent99 said...

Aw, Puglet, sorry to hear about your tummy. Today I ate all the stufins out of a dirty diaper. It was so yummy! Mom was mad when she saw it, I donlt know why. I'm not saying if I puked, cuz mom hasn;t found anything yet - if ya know what I mean.

hope you feel better soon!

Gen & the Foo

Arlo The Pug said...

Poor Puglet. Hope you feel better soon. Glad you had fun while it lasted!

Mr. Puggle® said...

hahha, good one!