Monday, December 7, 2009


I know you all think I look extrasupercute in my stripey sweater, but everyone else thinks it makes me look like a girl. Brother Dutch swears boys can wear pink, but when I wear the pink stripey sweater out in public all I hear is Ooh, she is SO cute and OoOoh, she is adorable.

Not that there's anything wrong with being a she --- if you're a girl. But I'm a he. A boy. So I told my human I need a boy sweater. No pink. She said the girly-sweater came from a place called Old Navy, so that's where we went to shop for my boy-sweater.

When we got to Old Navy, the place was packed. I've never seen so many people in a store before. My human said they were all there to buy presents for Christmas. I have no idea who Christmas is and don't want to ruin any surprise or anything, but Christmas must be getting a lot of new sweaters because there weren't any left by the time we got there. Lots of ridiculous things to wear on your head, but no sweaters.

My human said she'd order me a new boy-sweater from Old Navy's internet (on sale for $10). Guess I'm stuck with the girly-sweater until it gets here. Just call me Puglette.


Mr. Puggle® said...

oh poor puglet. :(

dw said...

Aww! You know, Puglet, it's take a boy very secure in his masculinity to wear pink. You are just that kind of boy, I think! Oh, and the reindeer antlers.... too cute!! Of course combined with the look on your face they are truly priceless! :)

3pugs2luv said...

Do not feel bad. From one He to another, people aren't as smart as us--they don't take a little sniff behind to get all their information correct, they just make unfounded assumptions. So, they will always get their hes & shes mixed up. It happens to pugs, all dogs everywhere. My human (she's a girl) puts me in pink all the time; there's nothing we can do but correct these silly people & look cute. That's what we do, that's how we roll...Cute. It's a pug gift & you have got tons of cute, my human went crazy when she saw your picture with antlers. Another burden of pugdom is silly things to wear, especially around Halloween(don't get me started). Hang in there & make sure that you geat a little something extra for your troubles:treats, love, treats.
Your Brother in Paws, Yoda

Momo said...

I have a similar but opposite problem. Everything thinks I'm a boy, although I'm usually dressed in red (collars, harness, etc.), no one seems to get it. I do have some pink sweaters where people will think I'm a girl, but otherwise its he is so cute and he looks like a fox. Humans are just really bad at this whole gender thing.

Kathy said...

Our friend designed that sweater and you just made her day!!

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

You look like a he no matter whats!

Anonymous said...

My mom is thinking of going to Old Navy's website to get me some sweaters. I'm pretty secure in my manhood to pull off a sweater. I was never mixed up with a girl, but my mom told me that she had my human sister dressed head to toe in pink when a baby and some car salesman said "what's HIS name?" needless to say, my mom didn't buy a car from that guy!

You do look cool even w/those antlers on! Your Pal - Frodo

Anonymous said...

PS Puglet - please ask your mom what size you wear and about how much you weigh (if not being too personal). Mom seems to have problems finding me clothes that fit properly. Thanks a bunch - Frodo

Fulmer the Pug said...

Sorry Puglet! At least your mom doesn't dress you in an awful Santa suit!!!

Lola said...

I wear a pink collar and dresses- people still call me a boy. 'he's so cute' and 'can I pet him'. I don't think it matters what you wear- people LOVE pugs- I think when they see us, they get confused by our cuteness! They get all squeely-voiced and can only say a few words and a couple weird noises.. 'sweet, adorable, cute, squishy, aaaah, ohhhh'.
Not just you- happens to all of us.
You are the bomb in that sweater!
My mom's boyfriend says it's salmon, not pink.
Lafayette Lola

Puglette said...

hi, people can't call you puglette cause that's me!
come on over and take a look, boy puglet.

THE PUGLET said...

You mean it's the humans, not the pink sweater?? OK.

I think Lola is right -- people must just get so overwhelmed by our cuteness. I guess it doesn't matter if they call us he or she as long as they call us cute!

THE PUGLET said...

Puglette! How cool... I have a she-me :)

Does your human call you 'Pug'? Mine does. She says I used to be a Puglet (little pug) but I kinda outgrew the 'let' part. But I guess you can't really outgrown the "lette" because you'll always be a girl, huh?

Anyway - good to meet you!

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Frodo --

My human says I wear an Old Navy size small. The sweater is snug but since it's stretchy that's OK. Stick with things that stretch.

People always say I'm kinda big for a pug. Not overweight big - just BIG. Last time I got weighed I was 22lbs but I had a, uh, "growth spurt" from eating pie and Cheetos, so I'm probably closer to 25lbs now.

The sweater fit me last year when I was still a pup - so I'd say if you're 17-25lbs, the SM should fit!