Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I forgot to tell you about the weird thing that happened at Pug Sunday: I met a dog whose smell I recognized. No biggie, right? I mean, we go to Pug Sunday all the time; I'm going to recognize some pug smells.

Well. It was weird because 1) this dog was not a pug and 2) I knew his
smell, but I didn't know him. Don't ask me how this is possible because I don't know. His smell has a distinctive hint of green beans (?!?) so it's kinda hard to forget.

But when I asked the mystery dog where I could have smelled him before, he ignored me. I asked him a whole bunch of times but he just kept ignoring me. Like he was trying to keep it a secret or something.

It was kinda frustrating and I started to get a little mad at Mr. Green Beans. That's when my human intervened. She told me the dog's name is Tobee and the reason he wasn't answering my question is because he couldn't hear me asking it. She said Tobee is deaf and deaf means you can't hear questions. Or anything else.

I've met like a gazillion dogs, but I'd never met a deaf dog before. At least not that I know of. I mean, except for his weird green-beany scent, Tobee was just like any other dog. I had no clue he was any different and he didn't seem to know either.

Then I heard my human say lot of deaf puppies have to go to sleep because they can't hear. HUH? I mean, pretty much every dog I know has "selective" hearing. Deaf isn't really much different than that, right? Just more selective. I pretend not to hear things all the time, but no one would ever make me go to sleep because of it.

Anyway. Once I knew Tobee wasn't ignoring me, I stopped being mad at him and we had loads of fun. We shared a stick but he kicked my butt at keep-away. I never did find out how I knew his smell. And I have no idea how my human knows so much about Tobee.


Rosie the Party Pug said...

Hi Puglet...deaf dogs are more common than you think. Here is a site where you can learn a little bit more about them:

Are you really sure you don't know where you know Tobee's smell from???? Think really hard Puglet :-)

Rosie the Party Pug

Lola said...

My mom used to foster deaf dalmation pups. She says they're super smart and learn commands with hand signal instead of words. Also, they always know where you are in the house because they can feel the vibrations in the floor. Mom said that deaf dogs have to ALWAYS be on leash, though, because they can't hear the cars.
That Tobee sure is a looker- extrasupercute in my book.

Smushie Ranch said...

Puglet, go find mom's leather jacket PRONTO! Hopefully you didn't take Stella's advice and pee on it because if ya did, the green beany smell might not be there anymore.

Sooo, the next question for mom would be... is this gonna be your new brother or somethin? Where's his own human?

He is really cute. He's so cute, you and Dutch could probably blame everything on him and your mom wouldn't get mad. This could be a win win situation for everyone!

Your pal,

dw said...

Looks like you found a cute friend there, Puglet! I think you'll figure out where you know that scent from!

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Tobie is a sweetie but you will always be the cutest dog on this blog!

Hrmph, wonder about that green beanie smell though?

Unknown said...

Anyone know why Pugs and Bostons always get along? Shared snouts? Similar faces? Cute butts?

THE PUGLET said...

OOOH - good thinking Gunther! I smelled the stinky leather jacket and guess what.... GREEN BEANS!

I still don't know what this means, but I think I'm getting closer. Ya think?

THE PUGLET said...

Everyone thought Tobee was extrasupercute. My human wasn't the only one taking his picture.

I had no idea about the whole deaf thing Lola - thanks for filling me in. Since Tobee can't hear me ask questions I'll see if I can talk to his human. Y'know, to learn more.

THE PUGLET said...

And I'm not sure why us smushfaces like other smushfaces (my human calls us 'smushfaces' because it sounds cuter than 'brachycephalic' which kinda sounds like a disease).

It might be the cute butts. Or it might be because we play different than snouted dogs. We have different moves - maybe to avoid unnecessary face/eye-plants??