Thursday, December 31, 2009


So of course when brother Dutch heard about my New Year's revolution he had to have one too. Brothers are like that.

ME: But you're not hefty. My revolution is about looking like a tube.
Don't they make revolutions for skinny dogs?

ME: Uh, maybe? I don't know.
Hey - what exactly is a revolution, anyway?

Uh, kinda embarrassing, but I had no idea how to answer that. I just knew my revolution would make me less tubular in the new year. So I asked my friend Google about it.

A revolution?


Puglet, a revolution is a
radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure, esp. one made suddenly and often accompanied by violence; an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed.
ME: Huh what?

Google then explained that maybe I really meant a New Year's
resolution, with an S. A resolution is when you decide you're going to do something and then do it. That makes a lot more sense to me than overthrowing a government, or whatever.

Now that I know what a New Year's resolution really is, I have a few of them:

1. Lose some heftiness.

2. Be a better bloggee. How do you all know to come here everyday?? I want to read your blogs too because they are really good, but my gimpy brained human never remembers. Unless someone says, Hey, go read my post from last Wednesday, she forgets to go to them. Any suggestions??

3. Help homeless pugs.

4. Uh....

I'm still working on #4. This resolution stuff is so cool, I don't want to stop at #3
(hint: Google says they work better if you write them down). Does anyone else here have resolutions??


dw said...

Hey Puglet! You know, the way I remember to read everyone's bloggie is to have a whole bunch listed on the side of my bloggie, or in my favorites list under doggie blogs. I really enjoy reading your bloggie and hearing of all your adventures, and Dutch's too! One of my resolutions for the new year is to get a puggie of my very own! I've been looking for a rescue puggie, and maybe very soon I'll find a little darling that would like my home as her forever home! :)

Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

Puglet, I think you are on to something with a New Year's reVolution. Well not the violence & overthroughing government part but I do think the the radical & pervasive change is an interesting approach to a New Year's resolution. I don't know if Google explained to you how hard it can be for humans to keep their resolutions & how some resolutions don't even last throught the month of January. It's a human weakness but I think that you won't have this problem. You're a pug & in my experience once a pug decides something they will stop at nothing to accomplish it.
This year Puglet you have inspired me to take a revolutionary approach to my resolutions. My resolutions are probably similar to a lot of humans: reduce my carbon footprint, help those who are less fortunate, save some money, etc...but maybe a small revolution will create large, positive change.
Thanks for the inspiration. Happy New Year!
Yoda, Zoey & Phoebe's human (3pugs2luv)

Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! I'm so glad your friend Google cleared things up. I don't know if you read my blog post from Monday but I asked him a question that he didn't have an answer for.

I like your resolutions and I think I may make some myself. Since I've lost some weight I feel like I need to make a resolution to try new and exciting foods. And of course eat more Popeyes!

Stubby xoxo

Ollie said...

Puglet, my resolution is to get me some nuggets! I'm seven and I've never been through a drive-thru. Is this crazy or what?! And it seems like everyone else here has. My strategy will be to let out my best wail whenever we drive past the Colonel's house or that guy Popeye's place. I can be quite operatic when inspired (like nail clipping time). Sooner or later (hopefully sooner), I know she'll give in. A beagle serenade can be very persuasive.
As for why we visit you every day, its because you and Dutch (and all the other dogs who stop by) make it so much fun to do so.
Best wishes for the new year, dear Pug!

SpencerBartholomew said...

Puglet... my resolution... or I should say, my grandhumans resolution is for me to get a waist... whatever that is! I guess that means they are cutting back on my treats and making me exercise more! Well, we will see how that goes... YOUR RESOLUTIONS.. your blogging??!! You do awesome bogs along with fantastic photos - my grandma says she makes her day... can't wait for your human to open her photography studio... she is fantastic with a camera!.. My human wants her to capture my "unique personality' with her photos... this 2010 thing is going to be great for all of us.. Happy New Year to you Puglet... I am so sorry I will miss SF Pug Meet Sunday.. I have school to lear how to listen better... do you do that? Do yo follow your human when you don't have a leaseh on? Is that a pug thing?.... My huans love your blog and your human and you and Durch and your extended family.. Happy New Year!

Rosie the Party Pug said...

Happy New Years Puglet!! I hope that we get to meet some day. I think our humans would have a lot to talk about. Here's to a less tubey 2010!

Kimmy B said...

Yappy New Year Puglet and Dutch!! I did see the ball fall off the building and lots of people being excited. My mom and I sat here this morning with some hot cocoa and organic dog cookies I got for Christmas and did some catch up on your stories. We laughed and laughed and she said this is a very good start to a new year. She said some people read their daily horoscope to figure out their day but she said she reads The Daily Puglet every morning to be sure her day starts off happy and full of warm fuzzy feelings (that's a little over the top but whatever..). She said she wishes your human could have a front page column in the local newspaper coz then everyone could smile and laugh and think about things that are important dogs who need a forever home and why we can't eat chocolate or too many cowpies.
I think your #4 resolution should be helping your human write her children's book. Every kid can relate to your stories and adventures, especially the window lady giving you popcorn chicken. Tell your human she could do a book signing at an upcoming dog adoption faire or a Dogs Raising Dollars event where humans and dogs walk a little or walk a lot and then give money to pugs and other dogs who need a little help. Your human is an inspiration to all of us. And if you are okay with it, maybe she could devote a page to your pug friends. I've lost some weight and would really like to show off my picture - hint, hint. And if I can do it, YOU Puglet can do it. Lots of carrots and apples and long brisk walks. My mom made me a new coat with red buttons for Christmas and she's already had to adjust the belt coz' it was too loose. keep chasing cows and cut down on the cowpies. Okay, bye. Give Dutch a hug!

THE PUGLET said...

Good luck with the nuggets Ollie. Dutch was 6yrs when he had his first nugget, so maybe I just got lucky? It's never too late for nuggets!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who needs a new waist. I still don't know what's so bad about being a tube though.

Spencer - hurry up and listen so you can come back to our PugSun. You can do it! I only wear my leash when we walk in the city (because of the cars). I don't like to be too far away from my pack so I usually stay close. Sometimes I forget though and wander off to look for snacks. When this happens my human makes a special whistle-noise and I run to her because whistle=cookies.

THE PUGLET said...

Thanks KimmyB for reminding me about my book! I forgot all about it. My human has made it one of her resolutions.

Mr. Puggle® said...

how in the world do you get him to keep something in his mouth?

i agree with #4. do a kids book! i have done two. so if *I* can do it, TRUST me, YOU can do it.

maybe one about a pug who has a TBI and how he recovers. it could teach siblings what to expect and help scared lil' kids going through the process. would help teachers by having a book to read to a class who has a student who had a TBI.

you are on to something. your style is awesome! do a picture book! do it! do it puglet! i double dog dare you.

THE PUGLET said...

Thanks Mr Puggle. You are always so encouraging :)

I never thought about it, but I know a lot about gimpy brains. After I had that heart attack when they tried to take away my boy parts, my human said I was blind and deaf and couldn't walk or eat(!). Because my brain was swollen.

And look at me now :)

THE PUGLET said...

Oh, yeah... and the holding-in-mouth thing? My human taught me "take" by holding something (I think maybe a stick?) in front of my face. She said "take" a lot when she was doing it.

Of course I couldn't just sit there and stare at a stick, so I bit it. When I did, my human got superhappy and gave me some cheerios. It didn't take long for me to figure out: bite the stick, make human happy, get cheerios.

Once I figured that part out, my human changed the rules a little. When she said "take" I would only get cheerios if I bit the stick for a long time. Well, it started out as a short time, but the time got longer and longer. Then the stick became a spoon. Or a flag. Or a bag of Pirates Booty: