Friday, May 7, 2010


Y'know how I asked everyone to donate their unwanted fur to help soak up oil in the Gulf? Well, I thought you might want to see how fur goes from being stuff our humans can't stand, to something really useful. I mean, the whole shedding-to-help-the-Gulf idea sounded a little crazy to me. Good, but kinda crazy.

Well. Yesterday I got a text from my man Stubby about a "Boom BBQ to help The Gulf" right here in San Francisco.
Have to admit I had no idea what a 'boom' was when I got Stubby's message. But the BBQ part sounded great, so I talked my human into going.

It turns out "booms" are tubes of fur/hair that soak up spilled oil and keep it from spreading. Before our spare fur can do its thing to save the planet, it needs to be stuffed into a tube. Kinda like a great big sausage - only made of fur/hair and recycled panty hoses.

I didn't get to eat any BBQ, but it was really cool to see boxes of spare fur & hair get turned into Gulf-saving fur sausages. There was even a Pug standing by, in case of a sudden fur shortage (hi Triton!).

We're picking up bags of fur from our local groomer later today and me & Dutch have been shedding overtime to make our donation really count. If you have fur (or hair) to spare and would like to help clean up oil in The Gulf, please visit for info on how to donate your extra fluff.


Those Elgin Pugs said...

Hey Puglet!!

This is so amazing to us!! We had no idea how useful our little puggie fur would be until we ready Stubby and your bloggy!! We were so proud to point out our Mommy and Daddy who we hears sometimes complaining 'bouts shedding issues when Mommy be vacuuming the sofa or Daddys rolling his clothes (tip - stop wearing black... geesh) that it's our little furs that helping. Well, along with others of course!! But everyone knows puggies can donates the most!! ; )
Thanks Puglet!! We will do our part!!
Josie Izzy Anakin

3pugs2luv said...

That is so cool that you got to go & check out where they make the big fur sausages. You're the pug version of Anderson Cooper! We're doing our part too; shedding & collecting from human & pet salons. We also tought it would be fun to have a grooming get-together; where we could all bring our brushes & collect a giant ball of fluff. We could even make a Pug Saturday out of it. We already know Miley(a Dalmatian with a pug heart) is interested. All we have to do is pick a good time & place for the big pug brush-out.
Zoey & Phoebe

Aarin said...

so i took a little initiative and called petsmart corporate headquarters in phoenix today. im not super green like you or stubby but this was something i felt i could do to really make a difference. get this- they said they were already trying to coordinate help for the gulf coast but when they asked if they needed fur, whomever they spoke to said NO. i felt they had been lied to and told the person of that matter of trust place and that everyone else says yes please send fur! so why couldnt a country wide chain of stores devoted to animals step up and do whats right? i think theres something rotten in the state of denmark (or in this case, the gulf coast) now that you are all famous from the green pug video maybe you can get the word out and if enough of us bombard them with calls/emails saying you should be donating all the waste fur from your grooming salons, which normally you'd just throw away that maybe we can get them to understand that whoever they spoke to was wrong. use your tv connections! put pressure on them! i called my local tv station and spoke to friends who work at petsmart who said they'd be happy to donate but wondered why corporate hadnt done something.

SpencerBartholomew said...

Wow- that is amazing Puglet. What a great photo of you. My mom says I shed a lot. Maybe I can donate some of my fur to the sausage. Mom wonders if they can just come over to our house cause, with my cat brothers & sisters, we got lots o' hair! Mom says she can't even imagine how much of our hair she probably consumes herself. Maybe the cats can teach her how to cough up a hairball and she could be useful too, eh?

Unknown said...

My puggie Irwin is very excited about sharing his fur for a good cause. We had a good brushing tonight and have started our bag. Thanks for telling us about this!

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Aarin ~

That's SO awesome that you stepped in and tried to help!! YAY for you!!

I don't know what the deal with PetSmart is, but I definitely know Matter Of Trust wants our fur!! They've set up warehouses and stuff down on the Gulf Coast and everything.

I'll do what I can to get PetSmart to be, uh, not dumb.

Yay to you for trying to help, so Please don't let this get you down. Stubby's mom didn't have ANY luck with the first hair salon she visited... but the second one (and all the rest) were all for donating their spare hair.

THE PUGLET said...

Way to go Irwin! Use those puggie powers and shed up a storm :)

THE PUGLET said...

Heya Spencer B ~

That's such a cool picture of me because that's not me!! It's a pug dude named Triton who was on hand in case of a fur shortage.

Those Matter of Trust people really must know their stuff. I mean, they picked the world's greatest fur donor: a pug!

I think the hairball idea could work. If the fur came in a ball, they wouldn't have to turn the hair/fur into sausages!!

Lola said...

Hi Pug! Isn't that you standing on the table in the second pic? I swear I'd know that pug mug anywhere! You are so super cool for getting involved and trying to help save the Gulf. Usually, if it doesn't involve eating or dog parks, I don't care; but, this is something I can do (I do it anyway- mom says I shed an extra dog every day) and I don't even have to think about it. It wont interrupt dinner, naps, play time, or anything else puggy. Way to go Puglet!
Lafayette Lola
ps- SpencerB is too funny sugggesting his mom cough up a fur ball!

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Lola!

You're so right - that is me on the table next to the lady holding the ponytail (!). The pug at the top is Triton. He's a very cool looking pug so my human told she *had* to take his picture. His fur was kinda like cammo. He totally blended in with the fur sausages.

I'm glad you have extra fur to share. I figure pugs (and dalmatians) could soak up the entire world's spilled oil, with all the shedding we do.

And superthanks to Stubby - the greenest pug on earth - for telling me about Matter of Trust so we could spread the word.

tyler said...

Great meeting you the other day! I've got a great shot of Triton sleeping against the pile of booms you would love. nice page, love pugs! keep spreading awareness.
Matter of Trust
if you want to swap photos shoot me a email.

Mr. Puggle® said...

that is so amazing! genius. i finally am able to post on your blog today. i tried all week and nothing.

karen and capone said...

Can Canadian pugs send fur to make giant fur sausages? Where do we send it? Capone is shedding his winter coat in big tufts and is cleverly storing all this extra fur under the sofa and bed, just waiting for a chance to do something useful with it.