Wednesday, September 8, 2010



Thanks to your ideas, I have now have a new trick to work on. Maybe two. And maybe even another video to make. Woo hoo!!

I'm kinda liking this 30+ heads are better than one thing, so I want to have one more brain tornado. This time, about parts. Y'know, like animal parts. Because just when I think I've eaten all of them, a new one shows up. Like the Tooble. Or those Bison ankles Belltrix gave me. Or crunchy back strap thing from Buford + co.

I think the only way to make sure I eat all available the parts is to make a list. Sorry if this grosses any of the humans out. I know a lot of you read this first thing in the AM and maybe that's not the best time to talk about animal parts - unless you're a dog. And I'm a dog.
So here goes...

Parts I have eaten:

some kind of bone thing
back strap thing
cow pie

I know there must be others. I mean, I've seen a cow and they're pretty huge. And you'd think huge = lots of parts, right? And then there are pigs and buffaloes and, I don't know, sheep and stuff?

Google says parts-for-dogs are the bits that human's don't want to eat, if that's any sort of clue. My human eats more carrots than parts, so she wasn't much help. The animal part diagrams I found were very inspiring, but didn't help me add any new parts to my list.

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Maybe your mom could take you to a butcher shop and you could pick the parts you want... Our mom would never let us do that and it would be kind of expensive but I'm sure they have a pretty big list of parts there!
<3 Mocha and Latte

Anonymous said...

Lola says-How about "Baa Baa Qs" made from lamb's lungs. Kind of a sweet way of saying
"I wanta rip your lungs out".
Squid says- Anything but duck. I'm so sick of duck. Cuz of my "itchy" I only get duck-potato everything and nothing else. And if I get a treat, guess what? It's made out of duck!

Greta said...

Yeah I send my humans to the butcher all the time. They have hearts, kidneys, livers, cheeks, all kinds of good stuff. My humans also get canned tripe from the pet stores in our area. You really shouldn't limit yourself to just pig and cow parts. The butcher has rabbit, venison, sheep, and duck. Also, my humans say the more "exotic" parts the butcher sells are pretty cheap, because most humans don't want to eat them.

THE PUGLET said...

Butcher? What's a butcher and where do I find one???

Squid. Dude. Sorry about the duck. I've never had duck before, but you don't sound all that into it so maybe I'll keep it off the list?

Pudgypug Reggie said...

Hmmm we were just having this issue at our house this weekend when I received a bully stick for my birthday. I had no idea what a bully stick was. I had never had one.. My human Eric laughed at me and said I'll eat anything! We find great smoked pig and cow bones from the farmers marketing in Portland. My human likes them because they are grass fed and organic. Whatever they are, they sure are good! Maybe next time I go I can find you one... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet, Our mom came home with Merricks Lamb Legs... they are the bomb! She is really picky about what she feeds us. Pumpkin, green beans,carrots, organic stuff big Yuck! Pugs can't live on food colored like the rainbow we need meat any way we can get it. That Tooble looks great we're going to ask mom to find them for us.
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli the San Antonio pugs

THE PUGLET said...

Lamb Lungs. Lamb legs. Check.

I don't think I've ever eaten anything in the lamb family.

And I'm all about those "exotic parts" Greta mentioned. I wish my human was a Butcher and not a dog shooter. Uh, photographer.

Anyone here know a friendly butcher in SF??

Georzetta said...

Elk Antlers are supposed to be good although they may take a year to eat.

Crabbie Chris said...

Um..where did you get that tooble thing, I think my orbs just popped right out of my head!The long flat sticks I gave you and Dutch are actually Turkey Gullets. They are super yummy and are low fat!! I love to eat turkey and chicken stuff, it's always better on my tummy, and tends to be lower in fat (oh the never ending diet). I've had duck, but it's kinda oily and tummy...grumble.

Anonymous said...

Puglet...the Tooble, where can we pugs find it. Mom said as long as its not made out of liver we can have it.
The San Antonio Pugs

Miley said...


here is a link to a list of all kinds of parts your human can buy for you. Its called a co-op so it cheaper than if you go to a regular store. You just have to buy large amounts.

Also on your list you for got chicken, like at popeyes..

Miley said...

Anonymous said...

Along with Elk antlers deer antlers are also tasty!

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

We love toobles. They are also called "moo tubes".

Hmmm..... there are lamb ears too and pig snout.

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

THE PUGLET said...

Large amounts of BARF? Cool! Thanks Miley. They only sell veggies at the coop my human goes to. I smell an East Bay shopping trip! maybe we can make a group thing and divide all the, uh, parts.

THE PUGLET said...

Toobles. You can find them all over the place - and they are lowfat! Our local neighborhood dog store has them and so does Petsmart. They come in GINORMOUS sizes too. Dutch got one for his birthday that's bigger (longer) than me!

THE PUGLET said...

Turkey Gullets, Bella-T? I was recycled into the wrong house. When my human shops, we get carrots.

Sue Van De Berghe said...

Yeah, but parts for dogs not edible for humans are not the best for dogs either.

THE PUGLET said...

Antlers. Fascinating!

THE PUGLET said...

'parts for dogs not edible for humans are not the best for dogs either.'

You mean like the animal digest I found in my Chewnolas??

Lola said...

I got an antler, but wasn't interested- only good for chewing, doesn't fill you up like, say, lamb's lungs... YU-MMY!
Lafayette Lola

Anonymous said...


You are just awwwe cute today! I grew up on a farm, with lots of cows and lots and lots of their pies. Gotta tell you tho' I never once heard of a tooble! I must have been asleep.....

Crabbie Chris said...

Mom got me an antler so yummy! It's not as good as my Yak Chew, but still tasty. I've told mom she has to get me that tooble! I hope you like the gullets, I love them so much I avoid mom and dad, and won't give it back. Oh Puglet, you're blog today is making me wish I was chewing on something super yummy right now!!

citydog said...

Puglet, there is a wide world of parts out there!

I am a "foster Pug" which apparently means that I get mostly kibble, but the resident dogs (who are neither fosters or Pugs--hmmm) are fed according to something called the "prey model" diet (I bet if you Google it you'll find out more about it), and get all sorts of fresh and frozen parts like hearts and kidneys and liver and green tripe and poultry necks and backs and oxtails and stuff. There aren't a lot of parts you can't eat! (And in many places humans *do* eat them, too!) And if you eat whole mackerel or something, you can eat a whole bunch of parts all at once!

You can get freeze dried parts (if your human eats mostly carrots it might be less gross for her than fresh) from companies like Bravo and Oma's.

The resident dogs say that the antlers and moo tubes are natural sources of chondroitin, so are good for arthritis.

I hope this helps. Gotta go lobby for "permanent resident status" so I can get more parts. The human keeps telling everyone that I'm a foster, but she doesn't sound quite so convinced lately.

Your Pug Pal in Vermont,

Mel said...

Wow Puglet, I didn't know there was such a large world of treats available for you. I'm wondering if there is as much variety in Australia. Will have to look into it.

Sabrina said...

Hi Puglet,

Beulah and Barney are partial to beef knuckle bones used to make beef stock. In our area they are near the butcher in the frozen meat section. I just thaw them and remove the marrow (or else the dogs get squirty) then they go to town for a few hours. I'm not much of a meat eater so they only get to eat them outside (raw beef bone--eww!).

Barney is a big antler fan. Beulah isn't so excited about them unless Barney has one--then it becomes the best treat ever!

Pugs2Luv said...

We don't get a lot of meat at our house; our human is weird about animal parts. But she worries about us having a balanced diet. So she'll got to the butcher & get hearts, livers, gizzards, etc then she'll cook it up for us. However most of the time we get fruits & vegetables. She's really not a lot of fun when it comes to edibles. We do sneak over to our hunter neighbor & sample all kinds of exotic animal parts (please don't tell her, she doesn't like him & all of his guns). So maybe you should make friends with a buthcher & a hunter, then you'll fill up your animal chart really fast.
Zoey & Phoebe

Dutch the Pug said...

BOL you sure have eaten alot already! I am a big fan of antlers to chew on. My mommie is a big fan because they don't stink like my cow hooves!

Anonymous said...

We really like beef cheeks. They are much more digestable than rawhide, and better for our tummies.

<3 Waldo and Beatrice

PS: We are shelties, not pugs, but we think you are one cool dog!

THE PUGLET said...

Beef cheeks? Like butt cheeks or face cheeks??

Noodle said...

Hahahaha... beef butt cheeks!

Pudgypug Reggie said...

I forgot to say I love beef knees... Yum yum!

Simply Pug said...

All this talk of yummy parts makes our mouths water. Now we know what we can and can not eat thanks to you puglets!
~Baby and Lucy

Salinger The Pug said...

Mmmmm...PENIS! Nom nom nom!

Mom buys me frozen CHICKEN FEET! They are the best when they have the scratchy nails still on them (crunchy!)


Moplehopkins said...
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Anonymous said...

Face cheeks... I think, they look like the rawhide chews we are not allowed to eat any more after one got stuck in Bea's timmy, but they are thicker.

<3 Bea and Waldo

Miss Annie said...

Oooh - you should eat the Merrick knee caps! so tasty and the flavor just keeps on lasting. I like to eat them on my mom's bed, but she gets mad, so then I move to my pillow on the floor.

It is "the perfect size for smaller dogs". Which is me.