Friday, September 10, 2010

FFF: Alkemie

My human is really sick of wearing fleece, so yesterday we headed south (again) in search of sun.

We ended up at Water Dog Lake Park (again) even though the lake is really a scuzzy pond. My human got to shed her fleece and we made it through another hike without being eaten by a snake or lion.
Everybody was happy.

On the way home, we stopped at Whole Foods to buy tomatoes because my human forgot to water our tomato plant and it died. She also bought some ice cream, which has never happened before. Because my human HATES ice cream. Something about a bad tonsil experience and ice cream being too "creamy"?
No idea.

Brain freeze?

I guess when I was cooling off in the scuzzy pond, my human talked to some guy who makes this cow-free ice cream called Alkemie. And I guess a long hike in the hot sun made cow-free ice cream sound really good. So she bought some, thinking it wouldn't really be creamy.

Hello! If you hate the cream part, why not just buy ice??

Anyway. Turns out cow-free ice cream is just as creamy as the kind made from cows. Which is good news if you want your ice cream to be, uhm, creamy. But since my human is a cream-hating freak, me & Dutch got to eat it instead.

Mmmm, mmmm.

I'm not sure how Alkemie gets creamy without the cream. Or how it compares to ice cream made from cows, because cowy ice cream has never set foot in our house, but Holy Cowpies does it taste good!!


Anonymous said...

Holy Cow pies Puglet, what is it about humans not liking ice cream. Our mom doesn't like it either, something about ice cream not being refreshing. If you want refreshing jump in a lake even a scuzzy pond lake. Once she bought us Frostie Paws.. then she read the ingredients thats why we only got them once. You and Ducth are lucky pups to get even fake ice ceram. We're drooling! Ellie, Emmitt & Eli your Texas pug friends. P.S. Our mom is taking Emmitt to Ohio next week, he's competing in Pug Nationals Agility. He gets to fly in an airplane.

THE PUGLET said...

Dunno. But I'm glad my human isn't the only weirdo. Maybe your mom had a bad tonsil thing too??

I've never had a Frosty Paws, but my human checked the Alkemie ingredients to make sure they were dog-safe. I kinda ate the container when my human was taking pictures of Dutch, but I think it's made from cashews, coconut cream, vanilla and agave? I do know there isn't any sugar and isn't any cow.

Pug Nationals Agility? Cool! Will that ever come to California? I'll start practicing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,

In our house we are a fan of creamy ice cream, myself included!

And, hey! You never shared your blog with Dutch for him to tell us about his birthday weekend! You were doing soooo well with the acceptance of other beings and sharing, Puglet - don't regress to your narcipug self again!

Enjoy your weekend!


Molly in PA

Unknown said...

OK. I couldn't help but blog about this:


agent99 said...

We love the sideways sneer on you face Puglet!!
Tell mom to try Gelato - less creamy, hopefully.

Clandestine Cats said...

Hey Puglet, we Clandestine Cats know a thing or two about two things. But we forget easily or maybe distract easily is more accurate. What we want to say is to watch your tail. We found out that in some countries that cat parts are cooked and consumed. We are becoming xenophobic if someone comes over and they are from another country because it could be one of *those* countries. Anyhow, all your talk about animal part eating and eating unknown cream products has us thinking and while we do that you should be sure to make sure a strange animal does not come by and think that a pug tail would taste good, especially since you need it yourself. We will get back to you when we know more.

Granite State Pet Sitting said...

We all Love Ice Cream! Glad to hear that you didn't get eaten by anything on your hike. Have a Wonderful Weekend.

pugsmom said...

You look a little hesitant to try that ice cream. Me, I would have tried to eat the spoon too, without even thinking.

Our mom had never really taken the time to check ingredients in the stuff she gave us, until she started reading your daily blog. I'm not sure we want her to read it anymore if it means we miss out on tasty treats. JK (that means "just kidding"). We wouldn't miss a single day of seeing what you and Dutch are up to.

Mom says her favoirte post and picture of you is the one where you tried to protect your human from your own image in a picture in the middle of the night. (August 25, 2009) She calls it the woof woo woo woo post. Every time she reads it she giggles and says it reminds her of me.

Anything that reminds her of me is OK in my book. PugHugs to you and Dutch.
Phoebe in Oregon

Anonymous said...

Our human doesn't hate ice cream, but she says she completely understands what you are saying...kind of causes a scratchy throat for her. Sorbets are nice...

We have a dog park a couple of blocks away from our house, but we don't go too often, official reason is there are rarely small dogs on the small dog side..but we think it has something to do with the watch for rattlesnakes sign on the way in.

We are thinking of all the people and doggies (and all critters) in San Bruno.

Pearl and Tessa

Anonymous said...

That picture of you Puglet, is priceless! How do you get your eyes to do that??

Anonymous said...

Puglet, tell your human to mark your calendar, Pug Nationals, October, 2012 San Jose, CA. Is San Jose far from San Francisco ?
Ellie, Emmitt & Eli from Texas

Minnie Moo said...

Looks soooo yummy. No one has ever given me ice cream before. I've heard all about frosty paws but no one has ever bothered to buy me any. Which kind of stinks. Sometimes my human makes me "ice cubes" which consist of bananas and fruit juice. They are super yummy and probably the closest I've ever had to ice cream.


Minnie Moo

THE PUGLET said...

Minnie Moo ~

I've had the cubes before and hate to say it, but you've been cheated :(

THE PUGLET said...

October, 2012
San Jose, CA

Woo hooo! It's now on the calendar. San Jose is kinda superclose to us. And I think 2 years is enough time to become more agile. Right?

SO excited!

Noodle said...

Hahaha... Okay, that might be my new personal favorite picture of you! You lucky dog!! I don't think my humans will ever let me eat ice cream even though it doesn't have corn, wheat, or soy in it!! I will continue to live vicariously through you, my friend.

Ditto Pearl and Tessa's comment about San Bruno. How horrible!

THE PUGLET said...

I'm not really sure WHAT my eyes are doing in that picture but it's kinda embarrassing. It was too dark to take normal pictures so my human had to use the flashy thing. She doesn't use it very much, so that's probably why I look a little hesitant.

Hmmm. Maybe the flashy thing makes your eyes go sideways?

THE PUGLET said...


He hee. Can I borrow that??

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Oregon Phoebe!

Sorry if I interfered with your treats. That's like, criminal. Hopefully your human will read the New & Improved official part list. In case anyone missed it:

* beef cheeks
* beef knees
* lam lungs
* lamb legs
* duck
* anything/everything from a butcher
* canned tripe
* smoked pig bones
* antlers
* turkey gullets
* chicken feet!

Miley said...


Whenever Boka does good at a trail he gets a milkshake and I get to sure. They are awesome. I have also had frosty paws and real ice cream. Maybe next time we go somewhere we can talk our moms into milkshakes??? I know you would like them.

THE PUGLET said...

Ditto the ditto from Noodle on Pearl and Tessa's comment about San Bruno.

For non-CA peoples:

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

OMD Puglet you are too much sometimes! We love your sad eye picture with the spoon of ice creams.


Minnie and Mack said...

Hi Puglet,

Love your picture with the googly eyes! Thanks for re-running the parts list. My most favorite are chicken feet, especially if frozen. That's my ice cream!

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

Wilma said...

First of all, I am so glad you are OK Puglet. I was thinking of you as soon as Mom told me about that horrible accident. I hope all your friends are OK, as well as all the other folks involved.
Now, about ice cream. My Mom is the total opposite of yours. She thinks she needs Ice Creamaholics Anonymous. She doesn't even bring ice cream in the house, because she can't walk through the kitchen without sticking a spoon into the container.
I did a post recently about going to an icecream social where they had doggy ice cream by Nature's Variety. It was pretty delicious, but an edible container. Thats green!

THE PUGLET said...

If Alkemie can make cow-free ice cream, I bet someone could make some out of chicken-feet.

I've never even had a chicken foot and I'm already all drooly.

I think the container was accidentally green. I got kinda talked at for dragging it under the kitchen table & eating it.

Caitlin Williams, MFA, CPC said...

Puglet, I LOVE your hilariously hesitant/goofy/curious/vaguely weirded-out expression! I laughed out loud (I've seen similar pug faces on our pugs before when tasting things that made them go "hmmmm.....")
Thanks for ending my week on a super-funny high note! As usual, you're a rockin' puglet!
Squeezes from Caitlin in Portland (and the twin tabbies)!

Crabbie Chris said...

I must request that all these blogs with food stop! How is a pug to resist licking the monitor?? Mom has never given me human ice cream, but did give me an all natural yogurt based dog ice cream and it was yummy! Pug I'm super jealous that your mom lets you have real ice cream, although mom does give me whip cream (light). Maybe I can talk her into giving me some ice cream...I did manage to orb her into getting me one of those "toobles" you posted about. Oh Pug I have to thank you for the suggestion...those are super yumm-o!

Anonymous said...

Sideways indeed! It looks for a split second you're deciding whether the ice cream is worth it. But please don't eat any more inedibles Puglet Oogly-Eyes

Anonymous said...

I think you even got your nose to go sideways. Eyes one way, nose another lol I would say that takes talent

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

You BETTER be ready for agility in 2012!!! That's plenty of time. We'll both be there (mom's helping to run the agility part.) Maybe your mom can take pictures?

Arnie & Gracie the agility pugs