Friday, September 24, 2010

FFF: attention deprivation

Lately my human's been so busy shooting strangers, that she hasn't been taking that many pictures of me. Y'know, her muse or whatever.

I've been trying to be good about not hogging the camera, so I've been waiting (kinda patiently) for her to start shooting me again. Waiting. And waiting. And waiting... but the waiting hasn't been working.

So yesterday I tried my hardest to get Nikon's attention. I Jimmied. I ran around with stuff in my mouth and looked cute. I splashed in the water like it's the first time I ever saw water, even though I see it all the time. Nothing.

In one last desperate move, I did my best pose-on-something. There I was, all twisted up like one of those pretzel things, and my human totally didn't notice! Until some lady walked by an said "Oh! Look at the pug. He's posing for the camera!". That FINALLY got me some attention. And today's picture.


Chrissi said...

Well done! And you are such a good poser -like it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Puglet,

You sure are contorted in your picture today, looks like you've been working hard to get attention - this can't continue and I think it's time to put your paw down!

Have a good weekend!

Molly in PA

Anonymous said...

Very contortonist. I would say that's a Level Difficulty 7! You really twisted and contorted to get into that position!

You definitely deserve attention for that

Suki said...

Hi Pug,

You know how to work the camera. Hope you got extra cookies for looking so dapper.

Noodles said...

Who could resist you Puglet. You are SO camera-worthy.
Love Noodles

Crabbie Chris said...

I for one know for a fact that your mom gives you tons of attention, I'm just thinking you want more...which I'm all for!! You've been so kind sharing your camera, I mean you shared it with me and Dutch just this past weekend. This is the thing Pug....sometimes when you get away from doing the same thing everyday (ie take pictures of the Pug) when it finally comes's like 10,000 times better. Now look at todays picture. Pure Pug Perfection. You're looking real slim, your pose is in top form, your tail has an extra curl to it. So dont' worry Pug, your mom will never stop capturing your cuteness. We all demand us some Pug (and I'm all for more Brother Dutch)

SpencerBartholomew said...

Nice interception, Pug! You got it down! I have to say, you are one of the best looking pugs I've seen around.

agent99 said...

Do we need to change your name to Pretzel-et? Nice work on the pose. (Your skills have rubbed off on Stubby too!)

Minnie and Mack said...

Nice head position there Puglet. Love your photos!

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

Oskar said...

Wow it seems like my mom person always has the flashy box in my face. I'm glad you finally got the attention you so deserve!

Guess what? My mom person & I have created a new blog at

We'd love it if you would come over and check it out & become a member. It's a great new place for pet bloggers to find each other, and get an opportunity to be a featured blog!

Nubbin wiggles,

the teacher's pets said...

Ha! Ha! Sometimes the kindness of strangers is all that we need to help us get noticed by our loved ones! Thank goodness you finally got photographed or else you'd be exhausted by now!

THE PUGLET said...

Pretzel-et! I kinda like that. It's totally what I felt like. I was standing there all twisted for like HOURS before my human took my picture.

PS: I got NO cookies for being a pretzel.

Anonymous said...

Very flattering pose, makes your waist super slim Very nice!!

Pugs2Luv said...

At least you are with your human. Our is always gone at school it totally sucks. We like our grandparents but we want our Momma back & when she is here she's reading, writing or on the computer! We are definitely attention deprived... one walk & an hour at the park is not acceptable. We are willing to trade humans.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

citydog said...

Work it, Puglet!

Mr. Puggle® said...

Mr. P learned a new trick. in honor of puglet, we named it the jimmie. makes me chuckle every time i say it!