Friday, September 17, 2010

FFF: don't touch my tooble!

Frank + his/MY tooble

I'm going to finish off this week's sharing streak by dedicating today's Freeze Frame Friday to my buddy Frank. And MY tooble.

I've been trying reeeeally hard to be good around the camera so maybe my human will start taking me with her on stupid photo shoots. Or at least maybe when she shoots dogs for the stupid Daily Frolic. So last weekend when we met up with Frank and his friend Boomer (she was yesterday's Daily Frolic and is extrasupercute) to work on a top secret project, I was on my best behavior.

Things were going fine until my human had the genius idea to let me and Frank share a giant Tooble. I guess she thought a 3 foot long Tooble would be enough for two pugs to share. Uh, hello!

She thought wrong.

Frank, in a moment of un-Frankness, decided to try and hog the whole Tooble. Today's picture is the look he gave me when I tried to hog it back. My human was too busy trying to keep us from killing each other to take pictures of what happened next, but it wasn't pretty. And it wasn't 100% my fault either.


Robin said...

Hi! I have a question: what is a "tooble"??? Is it what I call my pug's favorite toy, his "woobie"?

Anonymous said...

Hiya Puglet!

Oooh, top secret project, my tail is wound tight waiting to find out what it could be!

Frank's the man and all, but sounds to me like he needed a pug check, hopefully not too much fur flew :)

Molly in PA

Foodie Girl said...


Is that a tooble in the picture? If so I never knew that's what it was! My human gave me one once and it was so yummy! She said that she won't get me anymore because I was trying to hide it from my cat brother and the best place I found was in her hair while she was taking a nap. Apparently it got all sticky and goopy in her hair and she complained that she had to wash her hair 4 times to get the smell out.

Oh well, at least I still get my bully sticks! And if Frank tries to be a hoggy again, I got your back.


Crabbie Chris said...

mmmm....I love my toobles, but I too try to run from mom and dad when it comes time to toss it or I've had enough already. These things are yummy and I don't want to share, so I don't blame you Pug or Frank even. Pugs and sharing food/treats just don't mix. When I go to daycare and they give me a treat...they're lucky if they don't loose a few fingers. Have a great weekend Pug!

Minnie Moo said...

I don't even know what this tooble thing is that you speak of!!!!
But I don't blame you for not sharing!


Minnie Moo

Minnie and Mack said...

Yum, yum. We love ours. Humom gives each of us our own, because, Mack, being a Pug,does not all. And me, being half Pug, do not share much either. Just makes it easier in the long run, she says.
Frank certainly looks serious in that shot!!
Drools and licks,
Minnie and sometimes Mack

agent99 said...

some things are just not meant to be shared. Hope Frank is OK.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but I wish she had caught it in freeze frame action. but I hope it wasn't too serious-the pug hog fight

Anonymous said...

I love how you credit your human with "the genius idea" lol

Anonymous said...

I forgot to ask, did you guys snort & make up ok?

Molly in PA

Mr. Puggle® said...

And it wasn't 100% my fault either.

*****you are so funny puglet!

Lola said...

I think Frank means business- priceless look on his face.
I only have a cat to share our house with- she doesn't try to get at my treats, and if she did... they'd be hers. She's in charge around here.
Someone needed to teach Frank a lesson, and I think you were just the pug to do it. Did Dutch have your back?
Lafayette Lola

THE PUGLET said...

Yeah, that's a Tooble in the picture. Don't tell Dutch, but it's the GIANT Tooble he got for his birthday. My human ended up breaking it into 3 huge pieces though. There was plenty for everyone. Especially since Frank wasn't allowed to have one because of the time he projectile vomited everywhere.

Suki said...

Hi Pug!
Frank's expression is priceless. What a determined expression & he's not sitting, must be really yummy. A tooble?... A what?



Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for turning me on to Toobles!

My human bought me some after she saw just how much you l-o-v-e LOVE them. And I've got to tell you, I LOVE them too! I ran all around my house today trying to bury one. Did you know you can't really bury things in pillows? My human thought this was funny, but I was very concerned. Where do you hide your Toobles?

Let's hope you get to keep yours all to yourself from now on. If you're like me, you're one pug who's not big on sharing his chewies.

Lots of licks,

THE PUGLET said...

Heya Brooklyn ~

So glad your human found you some Toobles! I think they make the perfect snack for pugs. Well, I think anything makes the perfect snack - but Toobles are low-fat and long lasting and that seems to make my human happy.

Happy humans = Happy pugs.

Personally, I've never tried to bury anything anywhere because I'm usually too busy eating to think about burying anything :)

pugsmom said...

Pugsmom here: I'm going out to look for Toobles today. In the meantime I have a food question. My pugs have always eaten Canidae dry food. My daughter feeds her Golden Science Diet and says it's as good and cheaper. Having to watch my pennies I'd like to know what other pugs are eating out there. Also, is it hard on their little tummies to change foods? Any advice?
Pugsmom in Oregon