Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Meet Winston. Yeah. I know. It's OK, you can say it.


Winston is the posterpug for the next generation of supermodel-actors. He's only 6 months old and already knows how to work it for the camera. He also knows how to wave, play dead (complete with a yelp) AND roll over.

The yelping part of the dead trick might have been a lucky coincidence. But the rest? Totally the real deal.

Winston's ridiculous cuteness (and talent) reminded me that I haven't done a single talented thing since Green Pug. And people have already forgotten about that. I've seen that E True Hollywood Story show on TV - I know what happens when stars fizzle out.

I'm waaay too young to has-been.

So. Since my human's all busy with her stupid Frolic stuff, I need your help. I need... a new trick. Something that can compete with younger, cuter dogs like Winston. But nothing that involves rolling over. Please.

Any ideas??


Anonymous said...

Squid and Lola suggest -Maybe you could learn to talk. Squid saw a Pug on "you are a tube" saying I love you and another Pug saying Hi Bob. What do you think? What would you say?
We would say "Feed Me".

The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

Shake them paws Puglet...it gets you extra foodies...not that we've done it...but that sounds extra cuteums to usums.
-The Slimmer Puggums
George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

Anonymous said...

I personally don't like anybody touching my tootsies, so I refuse to learn to shake. However, very early on, when I was being crate trained, my people started to say "slammer" and I'd go right in, just to get the treat. Now, when I feel like I'm not getting the attention I need, I go into my crate, just to hear them say, "You don't need to go in there now!" ... and, of course, get a treat! Pretty slick!

Chang from Chicago

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
We dance for treats like we spin with our hands in the air and everything... ballerina style! we also run in circles when someone asks us if we are hungry... other tricks we know are sit and lay down. that about sums up our tricks! Dont know how you would feel about the ballerina thing since you are a boy and all but our mom says were really cute when we do it in our pretty dresses and we get a lot of awwwwws

THE PUGLET said...

I guess I kinda do the ballerina thing (minus the pretty dresses) except my human calls it The Yeti. Something about looking like some bigfoot dude? Not sure what that has to do with dancing though.

Holy cowpies - you know how many cookies I'd get if I could say "feed me"??? Gotta work on that.

And Chang, your non-trick is pretty slick. You get a cookie for going into your crate and don't have to stay there? Maybe I can talk my human into getting me a crate so I can pull that off.

Wilma said...

Hmmm Puglet, I sure want to help you out on this one, cuz my Mom lives vicariously through yours by seeing what it's like to have a a well behaved pug. If you fail to impress, she may start looking for me to do some of these, how you say, tricks?! I was going to suggest speaking as well. That always seems to impress the humans. Brigitte says chihuahua, but she won't do it when Mom asks her too.
You could try and do some kind of combo. Like opening a door and taking something out, or putting something away. The complexity factor should get you some points. I will keep working on this for you Puglet, and let you know if I come up with anything else.

THE PUGLET said...

Oh yeah, maybe I should list my current tricks. It's not very impressive though.

Give 5
Give 10
The Jimmy
The modified Jimmy (butt in air)
The Yeti
Under (this means stand underneath Dutch)

And all the stuff I did in my videos.

Kimmy B said...

Well, my mind was blank BUT my forever mom has an idea. We both loved your Green Pug video and the time you took the plane to see Jenny. How about encouraging people to vote in November? Your human could probably find a white t-shirt to fit you with the word VOTE in big black letters on the back. You could carry those little American flags in your mouth to people sitting in the park or at the beach and give them away. Then your human could show you doing research on the computer on the candidates and issues that will be on the ballot (everyone should think for themselves and do their own research), then a video of you going into the voting booth and pulling the curtain closed behind you. The end of the video shows you getting a sticker that says "I voted" and you could stick that on your head.

Crabbie Chris said...

Well mom googled fun tricks to attempt to show me (I'm on strike right now) and some suggestions are awesome....like "limp" I mean the sympathy treats alone on that one! Then there is the prison ones, like pulling a wallet out of a back pocket, you could play soccer and kick the ball (only good when the World Cup is happening)you can try to dance (all the girls want some pug who's got the moves) but mom's favorite came from a trainer friend. Her lab would "find his penis" and would look under his legs and find it. Not sure what that accomplishes, but it was pretty funny and unique. Good luck Pug! Oh and Sunday was f-u-n!!

Minnie and Mack said...

Hi Puglet...my humom saw a puggle (almost a Pug) play piano on a Facebook video. Mack and I were really impressed and like the tune she played!! So maybe you could learn to play, too!

Such good ideas posted above...maybe we might learn some new ones, too.

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

Pugs2Luv said...

We once saw a dog who could add & subtract and another dog who could spell about 10 words. If you could do that I know you would impress the pants off anyone. It would also make a great educational video. But really, we're don't have the right to suggest anything...if we SIT we think we're doing the world a big favor & we thinl that's a pretty impressive list of tricks anyway. Good luck.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

How about a sneeze? Our brother Levi is the king of tricks, and that's his "big" one. Another idea is to cover your eyes with your paw (Levi's never mastered that one.)

Arnie & Gracie the agility pugs (for the record, we don't roll over, either - just NOT happening)

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I think you should learn to bake. Maybe make your own treats? My human says that homemade treats are healthy and easy. Or you could learn to skateboard like that celebribulldog did. I have even seen him on tv!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Puglet...My trainer & mom taught me this when I was just a wee pug. I do a 'down' then mom says 'get it' and I put my chin on the floor & I don't move a muscle.. I don't even look at mom but once in a while I peak. I keep my chin on the floor til mom says OK then wow do I get treats. I won a Best Trick contest at a doggie party doing this one. Me and Ellie & Emmitt do 'front' when mom says front we sit directly in front of her and yep treats come our way. 'Touch' is just touching our nose on her hand to get cookies. Mom doesn't like parlor tricks..have no idea why she taught us this stuff. The 'Yeti' hmmm may try that one myself.
Eli...from San Antonio

Ellie, Bogie and Gertie said...

Hi Puglet,

The first thing our mom tough us was 'kisses.' Bogart gives a sloppy kiss, Gertie gives a single slurp, and I give air kisses. For this, we are richly rewarded *cookies!!*


Skippitydodaday said...

Wow, you do have some skills dude! I like the suggestion for the vote video that would be pretty cool and could go viral like your other videos!!

I'm not so sure what a Jimmy is, but I didn't see a speak trick on there. It's pretty easy for me cuz a very vocal guy, but my older sister Mae just learned it this year and she's 9!! I think watching me is what helped her. Her speak bark is pretty high-pitched and definitely different that her stranger-danger bark, mom says mine all sounds the same...

So if you don't do that one you can learn it pretty easy. Your human can have you "say please" for your treats.

Later dude!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. Winston is adorable. He looks part caterpillar

Lola said...

My mom has a friend whose dog 'gets the remote'. Totally cool trick- humans dig it!
Lafayette Lola

Ann said...

Me (Rocco the pug) and my (non-pug) bro Pickles know how to get our favorite toys out of the toy-basket-thingy. Mom would like for us to learn how to put them up, too, but why would anyone ever want to do that?!

Anonymous said...

Hummm....see if you might be interested in our tricks....Tessa's best trick is passing gas...a lot. You can hear it all the way accross the room. Pearl is really good at snoring, really, really good. We have worked hard on these tricks!

Pearl and Tessa

Sabrina said...

Hi Puglet,

I'm trying to teach Beulah to "clean"--I put her toys on the floor and get her to pick them up and put them into the toy basket. We're still on step one which is "take" and "drop", but you can already do those (like in the green pug video)so I think this would be easy for you to learn!

You can also try to be in a down with treats balanced on your front paws--I taught this to Beulah within 5-10 minutes. You start with a treat in front which you can't touch, then slowly move it between the paws and finally on top of them. The bonus is, you get treats at the end (the important thing is that the human never lets you eat the treats right off your paws!!!).

Umm...Barney's biggest "trick" is that he can wait near the door before we go for a walk (he still does the bum wiggle and makes a high pitched whine and bounces up and down on the spot...sigh).

Sabrina said...

BTW, when you give 5, if your human takes away your hand before you hit it, you can "wave goodbye"

Sabrina said...

oops--her hand

agent99 said...

Take a page from Martha, and spell out some fine pug wisdom with nodle soup. Or letters on the fridge!

No matter whether you learn any new tricks or not, we still think you are super-freakin-cute.


(trickless) Gen & Lefty

PeeS: we DO NOT recommend the bitey face till you pop somepugs eye out.

Christy said...


We're teaching Lexie, our 10-month-old puppy, (and we taught Jasmine, our former pug) a new spin on "play dead." What you do is you "sneak" on the ground...crawling & then we'd say "bang!" which meant "play dead." It's like acting! You'd be really good at it!

Christine said...


I think the nose trick at the end is awesome! You should totally do it!

Kitty+Coco said...

Wow, the voting idea really can't be beat. Mom has dreamed of us praying for treats. Like paws pushed together in a prayer gesture. To amp it up you could say Amen at the end. I bet the treats would fly for that!

Kitty and Coco

THE PUGLET said...

Oooh, Kimmy B. Good Idea. Dutch says he got one of those I voted things stuck to my head when my human made Obama president.

Can someone remember this in case my human gets gimpy and forgets??

THE PUGLET said...

Oooh, these are some pretty smart ideas. Thoughts:

Find my penis? Hmmm. Cute, but my human would have to say "penis" in public (to a dog) and she's afraid people might look at her funny.

Sneeze. My friend Harry can do that too (even though a vet said it's impossible to sneeze on demand) and it's very impressive. I don't think I've sneezed in at least a year though. Not sure I remember how to do it.

That pug on YouTube with the treat-on-nose trick is GOOD! My human has to warn people to count their fingers after they give me a cookie, so I could see the nose-treat-flip coming in handy. We'll give it a try, but it looks REALLY hard.

Eli in San Antonio's trick - pretty much sums up The Jimmy. Eyes up, nose down (the name "Jimmy" came from the main character of a book by the same name. Jimmy says you can get humans to do anything by pulling that move).

THE PUGLET said...

Hmmm. Wilma also had a good point with using 'complexity' to score, uh, points.

Maybe I could go to the fridge, look inside for something, not find that something, then make a shopping list with refrigerator magnets.

Do you think that (+ voting) would keep me in the running??

Edward the Pug said...

OOOhhh OOHhhh....what about a puglet music video. My human dances around the house and sings all the time just like those music videos...I can only imagine that your's would be just as good.

You could even make up your own lyrics to a song that is well known. Ya know....like to the tune of something popular but change the lyrics to something about cookies or food.

This could be good. Love the voting idea too puglet.

Can't wait to see your next video!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
A trick I have found to be quite lucrative I learned from my late pug sis, was the shoe chew shake down. Start by creating an environment in which your human is willing to negotiate-- shoe for treat-- it only takes one or two pairs of destroyed shoes to teach your human that its easier to reward you for bringing and dropping shoes at her feet, than to have to chase you around the house in search of the contraband. Once she's got that down, you just need to find the shoe closet and hope its not too well secured.

-Oscar the Chi-x