Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Thanks everybody (again and forever!) for all your kindness and love. It's made everyone here at Casa de Puglet feel really warm+fuzzy at a time when some extra warm+fuzziness is kinda needed. You are all ridiculously superawesome.

Now. Speaking of kinda
needing things... I might need some care packages full of food because I may never get eat again. Because it turns out that 26.1 was my BEFORE weight. As in my weight BEFORE the House of Meat. Your comments had me totally convinced that 26.1 isn't so bad, but then The Man had to go and tell my human the truth. And the truth is 28.8!

I totally forgot we took two trips to the dog food store/scale - once for food and once to get me a name tag because mine fell off or something. I also kinda forgot about the giant bag of cookies I ate a few weeks ago when I escaped from the dog pod and, well, helped myself to some snacks when no one was looking.

I think I was doing OK in the weight department until my human started leaving bags of cookies lying around. Between the stray cookies and a week at the HOM, I've never been fatter. My human says it'll be peas and carrots until my skull harness buckles :(

I haven't been commenting because I'm trying not to wear out my human's thumbs, but I don't need her dumb thumbs to read so I am reading.


Lola said...

The only kind of big you are is PHAT... with a PH. My mom says to google it- it's the best kind to be.
Lookin' good, Puglet- all 28.8 of you.
Glad your folks are feelin better- we're really close if you need anything.
Lafayette Lola

ChazthePug said...

Puglet, I would love to eat enough to weight 26.1... When I got my forever home, the doctor told my humans I couldn't get over 16lbs or so because my knees and hips are bad... I went a few months back and weighed 16.1 and got called "heavy".. so rude...

Anyway, so happy you are back.. you make my human happier (which means more apple slices for me)!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Puglet-
You are just a hunk-a-burnin' love!

Barbara said...

Oh again, what's 2.1 pounds between friends?

Anonymous said...

Its winter weight! As soon as you are able to run around in the sun and warm weather, it will melt off! (at least thats what our human keeps telling herself). As long as the treats were really, really good...its worth a little suffering. Glad you are back!

Pearl and Tessa

Crabbie Chris said...

Hey Pug,
If you want to burn off any calories with Spencer and I, we'd love help you. Spencer and I both have the "battle" going on, so we should all join a pug support group for weight loss. I'm pretty sure every pug would become a life long member. Dang tummies that are never full!!
I'm glad you're blogging again. Mom and I missed you guys something fierce.

Lola said...

That leash you've got on in the pic looks really heavy... just sayin'
Lafayette Lola

Anonymous said...

ok puglet, enough about you, what does your human need?

Wilma said...

Maybe you should try the points system. That's what mom is always doing. How many points a day do think the average pug requires. It is true, winter weight is a royal pain in the butt. A few trips to the beach and you'll be back in shape in no time.

Ollie said...

You don't look hefty. Maybe you're just filling in a bit. Have you been doing any weight training? It could be all muscle.
I'm up to 37 lbs and I was 30 lbs at your age but the vet says I'm ok..
P.S. My happy tail is thumping because your human is getting better but I'm still worried (I can't help it. I'm a beagle-we're sensitive!). If you guys should need anything, just use those paws to type out an email and I'll take care of it via overnight Fedex. What are friends for, right? :)

Anonymous said...

welcome to my world puglet. when people see me and chaos walking, they say, well, we know which one gets the food. So not fair!! You'll lose the weight quick, you always do, but gotta admit, 28 pounds is easy to maintain - just sayin!

Bouncer and Chaos the pugs

Anonymous said...

You don't look bad, maybe you're retaining a lot water, since salt makes the body hold water. I'm sure it's both-half water and half fat. Sorry Puglet, but good luck with everything--peas and all.

Suki said...

Hi Pug!
There is just more of you to love.

Myself & my Mom are so glad your back. Wish we lived closer, my Mom would bring your Human some homemade soup. We are keeping you all in our thoughts & prayers

Bella said...

Tell your human that it just means there is more of you to love! My mom's a shrink and she said something about maybe stealing treats because you missed your human and Dutch. WHATEVER! What does she know about the gloriousness of treats anyway? She eats things like lettuce and other green stuff so I don't really trust her knowledge on the finer yummies of life.

Snorts and snarfles,

Anonymous said...

WTF... I got bum knees, if I gain wait, I can not move around. My sister pug from pully mill is fine... life is not fair is it?? But I do not have an eye issue like she has... so it all evens out? We love you ~ N and S

Unknown said...

Hi Puglet. We missed you tons! And I'm not talking weight... I've been working on losing my back fat- which basically means I don't get to go to kink.fm, the radio station here in Portland where my human works. Too many treat dispensers there- they have no shame. One guy feeds me peanuts which go through me undigested! Mom is NOT pleased. Good luck- I don't see any back fat on you! VERY glad you're back!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet!

I'm Hudson and I'm a cat. My human really likes your blog and your weight story rang a bell at my house tonight. See, my human left me at the grandma's house for two weeks. Anyway, when my human came back I had to go for a weigh in at the vet. According to their calculations I gained an entire ounce in two weeks. I didn't think it was a big deal, but my human was not amused. So now my human is watching what I eat (as in no turkey/duck treats, which are my fave) and I have to chase after things that she throws as part of my "exercise regime." Don't get me wrong, I love a game of fetch, but only when it suits me and that's not every night. I feel your pain Puglet. Good luck shedding the pounds.


Molly in PA said...

Hey Pug!

Is 28.8 your heaviest weight? That's kinda a lot, I'm sure your human is freaking out.

You *really* better hope that she doesn't put you on the freakin treadmill or something. And with Valentine's Day coming up, you're totally screwed and are probably not going to get cookies until at *least* Christmas.


Hang in there Puglet!

Molly in PA

Daisy Mae said...

I don't comment often because reading your blog is all I need. I am glad your humans thumbs are working again. I know what winter blahs and assorted things feel like. As for weight, it will come off. Daisy can go to a friends house and use her treadmill! Now that is a sight to see!

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap Puglet...28.8 you may be on peas and carrots til the cows come home.
Best of luck with the weight loss, we feel your pain but sorry to say we are glad we are not in your shoes!
Former Fat Pug Ellie and her skin flint brothers Emmitt and Eli from San Antonio

Holdin27 said...

Does peas and carrots work? 'Cause I know a chubby little pug that could use that too. It's time for Biggest Loser the Pug edition!

SpencerBartholomew said...

Puglet... I confess... it was 29.2 for me last Saturday and that was after losing .4 from the week before. I feel your pain - literally!

Anonymous said...

Question - did you get weighed at night? My mom thinks she weighs less in the am then at night, so she will only weigh herself in the morning. Maybe you should try it - you just might be less than....ouch 28.8.


DMBY said...

wow Pug. 28.8. . .that's kind of a lot of poundage in a small package.

I definitely recommend whatever treadmill/digging/chasing Dutch action you can get in there, in addition to your peas and carrots. Diet + exercise is the key to success! (If only I could remember that myself more often...)

Coco the Pug said...

Hi Puglet! I'm so glad you're back. I hope your human feels best soon! I am also sad to hear about the weight thing. I am in the same boat. When my brother Chili came to live with us last month, I got worried about there being enough food and ate all of mine and his for several weeks. It didn't take long for me to gain a few pounds too. Now I have to take it easy on the cookies. Now my human gives us baby carrots and avocado slices for healthy snacks. Dont' tell my human that I don't see how they can be "healthy" because they are DIVINE! Chili and I go crazy for them.
Good luck with the weight thing.


Peggy2957 said...

Hi Puglet,

My name is Benjamin Blue but my human calls me "Benny", or "Benny Boy", "Benny Boo", "Boo Boo", "Bubba" and worse of all "Chub-A-Lub!! I have a sister, well she is really my niece since her human is my humans daughter, but I call her my sissy because it is so much less complicated. Anyhoo..... my "sister" is Gracie Lou, a.k.a. "Gracie", "Lou Lou" and "SKINNY".....that's right SKINNY!!!! We are tall and long as far as pugs go but Gracie is even a little taller and longer then me and VERY SKINNY. She is so skinny you can see and feel her ribs. Mr. Chub-A-Lub here makes her look even skinnier.....or maybe she makes me look a little tubbier....hmmmm. So a month ago Miss Skinny got to have her food increased and mine got cut back. She now eats twice as much as me!! My human has totally skimped on my treats too. Despite all of this I have gained a pound and now weigh 26.5 lbs. Miss Skinny still weighs 22 lbs. I'm a little worried that I'm going to get TOTALLY cut off from treats and will have to start eating lo-cal food. My human thinks you look PERFECT and not the least bit tubby. She was wondering if the scale may have been wrong or if you really are getting tubbier. Is your collar or harness getting tighter? Are you getting enough exercise? Gracie and I run crazy in the house, do the WWF SMACKDOWN thing and go for walks when it isn't say minus 30 like it was this week. We, well not really me, but my human was wondering what your human is doing to help you lose those few extra pounds. She is hoping you get her to share her plan with us especially if it works. There are a lot of tubby pugs out there and she thinks their humans would welcome ANY advice. I just want to say hang in there Puglet. I know personally what you are going through. Good luck and I do hope your human is feeling better soon. We REALLY have missed ALL of you and have been pretty worried.


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