Monday, February 27, 2012


My human said I need to apologize for grossing out any of the other humans on Friday with all the poo talk. Especially right before lunch. So I'm sorry. But I still say if you've never eaten poo, you don't know what you're missing. Seriously. But I guess the less poo-eaters there are, the more poo there is to eat so don't listen to me.

Anyway. It's insanely crazy here at the Casa right now, but we did see th
e light of day (and the cows, and the awesome Bill+Susan) on Saturday. On the way to the cows, we drove past the stupid Pear wall and my human said if she had any spare time (and/or a clone) she'd go on Craigslist and wrangle up a bunch of people to paint over it.

I thought that sounded like an awesome idea. But if my human doe
sn't have time, I don't have thumbs so there wasn't much I could do. Luckily somebody with time (and thumbs and/or a clone) also wanted to get rid of Pear because on Sunday we drove by again and the whole entire wall was green. Not nearly as cool as the happy watermelons, but way better than the evil Pear.



I was kinda hoping whoever painted the watermelons would come back and make the green wall happy again. I totally thought maybe it could happen. Until we passed by the wall today and saw it's already being repainted. And not with cool new murals, just a stupid new name: Pico 121.

Pico is smaller and cuter and pinker than Pear, but still not very cool. Dutch says Pico will never make people happy the way the watermelons did, even though pink is the best most happiest color on earth (his words not mine). And I kinda have to agree with him. Not about the pink part though. Just about Pico.


Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

I don't get people Pug...that was a cool wall and dumb Pear ruined it. Yep, Pico is not cool either and even tho Dutch tried to make it better by saying it was pink and pink is cool, it's still not cool like the watermelons were. But glad ya got to see the cows and all on Saturday! Oh, and poo talk is cool with us it anytime!

Noodles said...

Hey Puglet
I am thinking of sending Mayor Ed Lee a petition to END STUPID Graffiti. I mean, good artistic graffiti is welcome. Just the DUMB Pear and Pico stuff has GOTTA GO!!
Love Noodles

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Pico 121? What does that even mean Pug? Better than the stupid pears. But I'd like to see the watermelons come back to make you happy.

Meredith & Scarlet

Augustus said...

You know what that wall needs? Pug art! You could dip your paw in paint and put little footie prints all over it, or maybe someone somewhere knows how to paint a picture of a pug. Or I suppose even a dalmatian or any other dog, I mean we're all better than Pico and probably cuter than fruit.

Hahaha, knowing you, you'd like a big steaming pile of poo painted on it. Oooh, or bacon! So many things that would be cooler than Pear or Pico.

Anne said...

Well at least pico is smaller than milli and even smaller that that means mathematically his name "Pico 121" means 0.000000121 which is likely equivalent to his...ummm...IQ? Yes, I wanted to go there, but Lucey is a lady and wouldn't let me!


Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
Long time no talk.
Maybe just maybe some nice people will come along and fix the wall, not idiots like Pear or Pico..

Tag art us just well you know STUPID.

Ellie, Emmitt & Eli

Payton said...

So silly! I feel sorry foe the person that keeps having to paint over the graffiti! Some one give him/her a treat!

Wilma said...

Hmmmmm, sometimes I hear my rents talking about a cat they used to know named Pico. I don't think this is the same guy. This one seems kinda lame for messing up that wall again. Humph.
Well Puglet, I know someone who really admires your appreciation of poop. Her name is Brigitte, and she's my sister. She too, like you, is a poop eater. She prefers her own though. She nominated you for a Wimmy. Those are some awards I gave out on by blog last night. So when you get a minute, come on by and check it out!

bzgirl said...

Susan of Bill+Susan here. It was great to see all of you in the park the other day even though you, my dear Puglet, were totally distracted by "poop alley" and had this look of complete defiance on your undeniably cute puglet face. Your human could only roll her eyes and shake her head. I know we just don't get it.

citydog said...

Hey Puglet, the artist who painted the watermelons was Pico Sanchez, and he was in studio #121. He died last year. I wonder if someone was doing a memorial tag in his honor? Unattractive, to be sure, but maybe outtagging the taggers?

Happy watermelons:

Iggy and Charlie

Sammy and Neko said...

It was "PEAR", now "PICO"... think we should paint "PUGLET" next... yeah... all starts with "P"!!!!


Anne said...

I just read Citydogs I feel bad :(