Wednesday, February 29, 2012


And I'm a pooaholic. My human says admitting this is the first step to something called recovery which I think is the same thing as not eating any more poo. I think she's been watching too much Intervention, but we had a really bad moment yesterday and my human says I will stay on-leash forever if I don't quit the poo ASAP.

She'll also take away The DP. And I won't get to go to Texas or anywhere else.
I REALLY don't want any of those things to happen, so I'm going to do everything I can to kick the poo. Even if it means eating a nasty banana for breakfast (nasty!) and admitting to stuff I'm not 100% guilty of.

So here goes...

I am powerless over poo and this is hurting me
and the people I love. Yesterday my human had to throw Droid at me to my stop poo-inhaling. It didn't hurt because she was like 30 feet away and has no aim, but I guess it could have hurt so I guess that counts. Google says I can get sick from eating poo, and I guess that could hurt too.
Being stuck on a leash doesn't exactly hurt but it does totally suck.

I know my human must be hurting at least a little because poo-eating makes her yell and she never yells. I also know she wouldn't throw Droid or cancel yesterday's Daily Puglet unless something was really wrong with her.

Poo is everywhere and hard to resist, but I don't want to hurt anyone. Or lose you. Or spend the rest of eternity on a leash. If anyone here has ever kicked the poo habit, please please please tell me how you did it!


Unknown said...
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Taryn said...

For your human: You could try some of the training principles in a book called Control Unleashed by Leslie McDevitt. While not written about poo-eating, it contains some sound training ideas that could be applied.

Unknown said...

Puglet have your mom try this product for you, it worked really well for us with our welch terrier who did the same thing and it stopped her right away.

Payton said...

Wish I had some good advice, Pug. Good luck with the withdrawal. We will all be thinking about you during Boycott Poo 2012!

Dutchess the Pug said...

Puglet, I hope you find a method that helps! I have no real ideas. You've taken the first step admitting you have a problem. Good luck and I'll have my paws crossed for you!

Anonymous said...

Puglet, have Google and dogster show your human a book called When Pigs Fly: Training the Hard to Train Dog. My mom opens it every time my evil scare-the-dog-away bark makes her eyes drip and she gets better. Then I get carrot treats for easy things like looking at her.
Besides if the book lady can make terriers do stuff, helping you kick the poo habit ought to be easy!
Luck and Liver, Porter in Portland

pugtux said...

Tell your mom that "poop" eating is really the secret to a LONG life. My Pug, Winston, was really good at this, & lived 17 years! He had a heart of "gold", like you...maybe? That had to help.

Sabrina PugTails said...

Sadly Puglet, if more people picked up their dog's poo, this wouldn't be so much of an issue. I know this may not be so easy in the fields, but you've also talked about eating poo on the street, in your own city. There's no reason for stray poo to be there.
the next time your human yells at you, you should remind her that it is humankind's fault that there is so much poo, way too much for you to resist.

Anne said...

That Dis-Taste looks like it might be worth it! I think I will buy some for my Lucey and see if it helps her coprophagy....fancy word for poo eating pug/

Anne said...

WAIT! That Dis Taste must be given to the dog whose poo is left behind! Not the poo eating dog! That's not going to work. We'd have to give everyone else in the world the stuff to prevent it from happening :(

Pug Slope said...

Poor Puglet. I'll be rooting for you to kick the poo habit. I know you can do it, man - you're an amazing pug!

Maybe your vet has some suggestions on how to help be free from the poo cravings. I know whenever my 'rents don't want me to eat something, they say "LEAVE IT!". I learned that move from Paul Owens ( He might have some tips, too!

Good luck, buddy!


Anne said...

Try this ASPCA article:

Anonymous said...

Puglet...I've convinced my Mom to break her silence and have her tell your Mom how she fixed our poo-eatin' ways! It was really, really easy...well, for us it was.

It all started when we moved. We were *not* always poo eaters! You'll see, this was not all our fault. Things were different in this new house. Actually many things: smaller house, really busy outside, loud skateboarders that sound like their coming right in the door (!), and the yard is down below the house so it was kinda like we were on our own...a lot! Well Puglet, you know what happen. First it was all about the exploration. Well, what is exploring if there is no finding....and I will also submit what is finding if there is no eating? Our Mom can *shriek* like the world is ending when she sees us eating poo?! We still don't get it. Well, good luck dude. Here's my Mom...

(Amanda, Mom to Mom, my vet said that it had nothing to do with the new environment. He asked if we had filtered water..."yes, of course...". Seems that they were being deprived of some minerals that spring water or less processed water provides. We started carting home the "bottled at the source" spring water for our pug babies. No more poo eating period! This solution does make sense with banana theory also cuz bananas are full of good stuff.)

Hugo (and his Mom)

Anonymous said...

Punishing a dog for something that DOGS DO is crazy and mean. Of COURSE you don't want Puglet eating poo ALL of the time, but for pity sake, just be more mindful......our dog Frankie eats poo very rarely, but we watch her closely. This is especially important if you're taking him where there WILL BE POO.......

Lisa Gibson said...

spray with a water bottle every time! Works and is non evasive!

Unknown said...

Puglet, this here is your supportive pal Howie. I have not ever tried poo, but now that I have read from yew how delectible it is, I will definitely have to try it. Mommy said I need to find a new vice, since she is getting tired of my peeing on her favorite bathrobe, over and over and over again every time she washes it. Mommy has not thrown the phone at me yet, but she says colorful words that precede my name in loud tones a lot.
your bestest bud in excretory activities,
Howie aka "D___MMIT HOWIE!!"

Unknown said...

Puglet, sending you JuJu to help You to stop eating Poo. (p.s. we liked poo too until our humom started giving us a couple of bites of bananas in our dinner).

Poo Free - Otis and Black Pearl

Mubi Chitose said...

Hi, Puglet & Thumb, I am passing on an information I read on the ML of Yahoo Group called Dog Read... this answer was given by a canine nutrition specialist, Monica Segal:

"Although there are a number of theories as to why some dogs eat poop, nobody
really knows the reason. Dogs consider cat poop to be irresistible -
probably because it's have protein and fat in it more so than other animal
feces. Herbivore poop seems to be a taste treat as well, and then there are
dogs that eat their own feces and those of other dogs. I cover all this on
pgs 178-179 of the K9Kitchen book and include these steps:
1. add acidophilus to food
2. increase green veggies, or add alfalfa powder to food
3. add digestive enzymes to food
4. increase dietary fat (assumes dog tolerates an increase)
5. add vitamin B compound daily
6. add a small amount of very well-cooked grain

One addition is made weekly. No need to continue down the list if the
behavior stops by steps 1, 2, etc. If none of this has helped, you can try
adding a little Accent (aka MSG) to food. I don`t like doing this, and
consider it a last resort, but it works very well for most dogs, and only
needs to be added for 1-2 weeks before the behavior stops cold. For the odd
dog that doesn`t react as expected, you`re stuck. There are products on the
market that can be tried for this behavior, but none are successful for all

In the same reading list, another subscriber gave us the following info, which may be helpful.

Ellen Ward wrote:

"A trainer told me about Bunny Cookies. Huh??? Yep, that's what I said too. They are a snack made for rabbits and other small furry pets (and birds) ~~~ also called alfalfa cookies.These treats put an abrupt end to my newest rescue dog rushing out after dinner to eat the morning's pooh...

The cookies may be available in a feed store in your area but I couldn't find any near me. I've been getting ours on line. There are a couple of different brands and I chose Falfa Cravins Alfalfa Cookies from FM Brown's Sons made in Canada."

I hope this is helpful. There may be some nutritional deficiency that is causing the "pooh" craving, so it might help if you re-evaluate the diet.

Holdin27 said...

Hey I can comment today! Puglet, you nasty son. I think you should try the argument that if your stomach was full, you wouldn't be interested in poo.

Crabbie Chris said...

Ok Pug you're like one of my bestest friends and I love going and running (off leash) with you. It's how I get my back fat fix. You have to stop! You never really seem to eat it when we are together, we just play. Maybe you need a distraction from the poo, get the habit out of your system. I can't stand the sight of seeing you on *gulp* leash.
You have to do better! You need to go to Dallas, I need to molest's all planned. Your poo eating won't ruin it for me. So eat the damn banana, take some pill or other and stop pissing off your mom. Remember she's gonna want pug kisses from a non poo eating pug....and I am happy to oblige.

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Sabrina's got a good poo-point ~ humans are enabling your poo habit! We agree, people need to do a better job picking up the poo.

However, since we can't control that, just think of this: when you eat poo & your human takes you away from us, it hurts us. So think of us who love you and don't eat poo.

We're here for you Pug...

Meredith & Scarlet

Satch & Owen said...

Learning the "LEAVE IT" command is your best hope. Mom can teach it to you with lots of treats.
If our mom uses that deadly tone of voice with us we always listen because we know we're in big trouble and she buys the dog food and treats to we have to listen.
You don't want to be on restriction, trust us.

Oakley and Swisher said...

I'm sure it's hard to kick a habit, but we think it'd be harder to be with DP. Good luck Pug! We know you'll do the right thing.

Lots of licks,
Oakley and Swisher

Anonymous said...

The leave-it command works for me, mostly. Of course, my thumbed-one gives me something delicious in trade, at first all the time and still sometimes, so it is worth my time.


Gracie the Agility Pug said...

I am a poo eater too. Mom's theory is that it starts out as "food" and quickly becomes a learned behavior.

Dog eats poo.
Owner screams and yells, "giving the dog attention"
Dog learns that poo eating means they are rewarded with attention.

No poo eating = being ignored
Poo eating = attention

She says your mom should reward you with a tasty treat for looking at her JUST before you poo eat (I know, hard to do, since us poo eaters can scarf the stuff up fast) and ignore you if you happen to get some of the stuff. You get rewarded for eating, but not with attention.

Does that make sense?
Worth a try.

Anonymous said...

I think your mom should carry a little squirt gun with her! My mom would do that when I bark too much.
I don't partake of the poo, but sis Molly does, we've all been eating the bananas which we like. So far we haven't seen Molly munching on her frozen milkways! Yuck!


Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet! Your human should try a vibrating/noise making collar (not a shocking one!) to get your attention when you are going for some poo. Cheap ones on ebay like this work just fine:

When you are going for some poo, your collar will vibrate like a cell phone. It doesn't hurt at all, but it is enough to help teach you that eating poo causes annoying things to happen.

Anonymous said...

Puglet, they say admitting it is the first step.

scrub4pups said...

I don't know if anyone know this but the stuff you feed to keep from poo eating needs to be given to the critter providing the poo, not the eater. So if you are eating Dutch's poo then it will work if fed to Dutch, but it won't stop you from eating other kinds of poo.

This is just a time honored dog thing and you can just refer to yourself as a fecal gormet!

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Puglet, you have gotten so many tips to help you "kick the poo habit"...something has to work!

pugsmom said...

OMD, I am laughing so hard right now I can harldy see to write. I am the humom of the pug pack in Gladstone, Oregon. (Phoebe, Kizzy, Olita and Dutchy). I only have to fight with Dutchy about eating poo. Phoebe used to eat it when she was a puppy. Then Autumn ate poo and I broke her of it by just being there every time she tried it. Now Dutchy is eating it and I have been trying the banana trick one of your commenters suggested. You little puggies are such rascals. There's never an hint of what you might decide to do next. I'm thanking all of your followers for all their suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet,
Don't know what to say but without DP would be just awful....

We have no idea on how to stop poo eating...


Life without DP...please say it isn't so.

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli, the 3E's from SA TX

Sammy and Neko said...

My name is Samantha: AKA Sammy:
I was once a poo eater - but only my own. It was the way of survival at the puppy mill. We had to eat our own poo to fill us up. When I came to my pugprents' mama stood there, watch me do my business, and clean my poo up right away with "No". Later, she just said "No" when I tried to eat my poo. If I come to her without eating the poo, she gave me treats. I slowlyl learned eating poo isn't good. There are many other treats out there better taste then my poo. Now I am NOT a poo eater.

Still dream about eating the poo, but I can live with dried liver treats in stead.

Good luck, Pug !!

Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

Puglet, supermodels do not eat poo. Actually, they don't eat much at all, but when they do eat, they do not eat poo.

You better listen to all your followers .... especially Bellatrix cause she's kinda scarey, funny but scarey too.

If you do not stop eating poo you will forever be leased and the Daily Puglet will become the Dutch Daily, or Frank Thoughts (by F-R-A-N-K!) or The Gracie Gazette ....

Dude, wise up! You're Mom is M-A-D! Eventually, you may never be allowed to go outside, except to do your business. Think about that, no house-of-meats, no post office, no pictures with funny ladies in front of artwork ONLY TRAVEL WILL BE TO THE VET.....unless BEllatrix kills you first

Roxi, Riley & Lea

Amy said...

Unless it's goosepoop or what have you that is the issue, you need to talk to other puppers and have them talk to their people about being responsible for their their supposed to be. Then you won't have to worry so much.

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Please, please talk to Laura at @AustinDogZone on Twitter or visit their website at
Laura knows TONS about dogs and even these poo-eating issues. It's might not be your fault. She might ask you to see your vet or even help determine if there's something in your food that might be a factor. Please don't blame yourself, Puglet; there could be things out of your control making you do this. Good luck!

Carmen said...

Puglet, my name is Frida and I am also a poo eater. I have been sober 43 days and have fallen off the wagon at least three times.

Tell your Mama that what worked so far for me is reinforcing the 'leave it' command and coupling that with a special doggie treat that tastes better than poo.

Let me tell you though that it is hard I have fallen off the wagon a few times because I just can't help myself. It has to be the right cookie/treat and I have to be watched like a hawk when my brother is pooping. He has the most delicious poop and I would risk his wrath by sneaking up behind him and eating his poo during the "production process."

Puglet, I am a lab and if I can do it you can do it too!

Dexter and Rizzo's Mom said...


I admire your honesty and compassion towards others around you.

You will get through this, I promise.

wkmtca said...

one of my dogs is a poop eater too (i call it much worse than poop).. i have found the only way to make sure she doesn't eat it is to make sure that there is none available.. so i am out in the yard many times a day cleaning up 4 dogs poop so the one dog doesn't get to eat any of it and i can stop wanting to kill her..

badkittygothgirl said...

Soo happy we are not the only ones with this dirty secret! Our pug, Jambi, is a connosieur of all things poo and poo related. He has gotten sick twice before so we keep a close eye on him which means he rarely to gets to visit the neighborhood dog run. Needless to say, his brother and sister are none too pleased the juvenile delinquent ruins all their fun.

Jambi is lucky he is big on personality! Funniest pug I have ever met...but then again, aren't they all?

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