Friday, February 3, 2012


Thanks for sending Lulu so much awesome Juju! Her leg isn't better yet, but I know it would be way worse without your help. The xray expert said there aren't any broken bones or anything, but Lulu will need to see a special vet if things she's not walking by Monday. I'll have my paws crossed all weekend for walking.

So, today I was going to tell you all about the terrible thing that happened to me at Lulu's vet (hint: starts with an S and tells you you're fat). But right now I have bigger problems than a bad scale day. MUCH bigger problems.

Gracie = Girl

Gracie from Pug Mecca is staying with us this weekend. Gracie's cool and everything, so I guess this isn't a problem, exactly. It's just... weird. I mean, my man Frank stays here all the time - but Frank is a dude and Gracie is a girl.

I don't hang out with many girls other than Bellatrix, but she's a Hermaphrodite so I'm not sure she even counts.
I know girls don't like to be humped the way Frank does and I've never met a girl (other than Bellatrix) who likes to face wrestle. Girls smell kinda funny too.

I'm pretty sure girls have their own special rules, but I don't really know what they are and that makes me kinda nervous.

Do I have to let Gracie play with my toys because she's a girl?
If she tries to hog Nikon, can I shove her out of the way?
If she goes in for the hump, am I allowed to hump back?

And the big #1 question:

Am I supposed to let a girl sleep in my bed??

If any girls out there (or dudes with girl experience) have any clue what I'm supposed to do/not do with Gracie, please let me know ASAP. She might look all sweet and innocent, but I'm afraid she'll totally kick my butt if I do the wrong thing.


Payton said...

Hi Pug! Girls, especially pug girls, are princesses! We should definitely get all the toys and treats and Nikon time and so forth. She should totally lay in your bed, if she wants to, and you can snuggle with her, but only if she says it's ok. Oh, and if we kick your butt, which we totally can, you can't kick our butt in return. I know it doesn't sound fair, but that's just because you are not a girl. Good luck and have fun! I know you will!

THE PUGLET said...

Thanks Payton, but I'm not so sure I like these rules. I mean, Dutch is a princess and I don't have to give him all my stuff. And I kick his butt all the time.


moPSY+MISIOber said...

Hi Pug !! Fredzik from Poland here. There was a time when I lived just with my mom and dad, and it was a HAPPY time. Then mom brought Zuzia (she's a girl) and to make things worse, then she brought Pucia (she's technically is a girl, but more then a girl she's a monster !!!) so I have some experience with girls, and want to tell you 3 words LEAVE GIRLS ALONE. Mom says pug came from the space, and I say pug girls came from the most strange space there is !! I don't mess with girls and I'm happy. But please share your toys, Nikon, Human, Dutch, and bed with Gracie, because girls can be pretty mean, when they don't get what they want !! have a nice weekend anyway Pug !! and GOOD LUCK !! Fredzik

MochiMachoMarshmallow said...

Hi Puglet,
Payton said it all. Oh and if any treats are around we get first dibs. If Gracie wants to use you as a pillow or bed you have to stay still so our rest is not disturbed.
Or are you getting butterfly nervous feelings?


Sammy and Neko said...

Payton is RIGHT !!!!
It's not every weekend, let her have it, Puglet~


SpencerBartholomew said...

Wow, Puglet, sounds like (from Payton) that you are in for an interesting weekend! I only have experience with Bellatrix so I know how you feel. Good luck with that!
Crossin' my paws as well in hopes for LuLu walking!

Anonymous said...

Girls rule ~ enough said.
Roxi & Lea
The Jersey Shore Girlie Puggles

Wilma said...

Oh Puglet, I am glad Gracie has no broken bones, and I'm sending walking juju her way this weekend.
Now, on the second issue. You crack me up, all worried about girls. In a way, that's good. You should have a healthy fear of girls. But, don't worry Puglet, Gracie will let you know exactly what she likes and doesn't like. As long as you go along with her plan, things will be just fine. Who knows, maybe there could be some romance in the air!

Wilma said...
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Anonymous said...

Puglet, Don't even try to defend what is rightfully yours against any girl pug or pug fraction b/c you will lose and you may get injured (body and ego)in the process. It is easier (and safer) to let them take what they want, when they want. Every now and again you can try to play the "sad eyes up" card to your human and that may result in a guilt-trip treat which you then have to gobble down before the Diva(s) get wind of it. Good luck buddy.
~ Riley
The lone Jersey Shore Male Puggle

Dutchess the Pug said...

Hi Puglet. Oh don't worry about Gracie. Just use your handsome Puglet charm to woo her. Talk to her and let her know your nervous about her being girl and ask her what she likes. Everything will work out...but you should probably give her first dibs on treats and toys. Payton is right, girl pugs are princessess. But you show her what a gentleman pug you are and I'm sure you'll have a great time! Sometimes I like humping my lab friend, but you should ask first........otherwise it could get awkward.

Meredith LeBlanc said...

We ditto what Miss P says, she's totally right. Basically what's yours is Gracie's, and what is Gracie's is Gracie's.

Don't worry Puglet, everything will be fine as long as you realize that she is in charge and you tell her she looks nice. If she asks you is she looks fat, just say no. Trust us.

Scarlet & Meredith

Pug Slope said...

Hey Pug. I have first-hand experience with girl pugs. They aren't actually that bad. My girlfriend, Timothy Buttons, is totally cool and lets me lick her ears all day. The only problem is that she's a young lady and so she WEARS ME OUT. I mean, I can only do so much playing before I gotta crash out. The young ladies don't seem to understand this. And I just found out one of the other lady pugs of my 'hood is coming to stay with us in two weeks. I need to start getting into shape! And yeah, although it may sound unfair, you gotta do what Payton says. On the plus side, I bet if you're nice to Gracie it'll get you more treats from your human.


Anne said...


This is Buddy and about 6 weeks ago my mom said she was going to 'dopt another pug. I was so excited for him to come home so we could play and hang out. But when she brought him home she wasn't a him!!!

At first she played with all my toys and stole my treats and even humped me sometimes! Mom tells her I am not a ride-on toy, and she is learning not to do that at least! She is super smart and knows lots of tricks. I only know one- "look adorable"! When mom asks Lucey "How's life?", Lucey answers "ruff!" and I just didn't believe her with all the attention she was hogging!

But you know what? Now I have someone to snuggle with and she even plays like a boy dog (but she doesn't lift her leg when she does her business and I think that is just plain strange!). Plus when mom has to leave for work I have someone to hang out with now...and I don't even mind sharing my toys with her so much anymore and I discovered our mom is very fair on making sure we both get the same amount of treats!

Hang in there Puglet!

Anonymous said...

Sorry missed the post yesterday about Lulu, but a day late JuJu still helps.....sending her lots & lots to get better soon!

Dude, you gotta share all your stuff w/the girl & if you don't, they just move in & take it anyway. I should know, my mom adopted Molly a bit over a year ago and she thinks everything that's mine is hers and everything that's hers is hers! The old saying goes, what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine...that's the females way.


PS my mom said hopes your mom's paw is feeling better.

Opal said...

Hey Puglet, this is Opal from Seattle. I am a girl who lives with a boy pug. And really, I rule the house. I'm the humper and I totally steal all of Hal's toys and totally kick his butt when we're playing. Oh yeah, and I face wrestle! I'm not sure how Gracie is, but you should probably be ready for anything!

Still sending juju Lulu's way!!


Opal in Seattle

Wendy said...

My friend sent me this blog to cheer me up and I absolutely love it! I will be a new follower!

Buddy said...

I don't have girl experience, but I'd say compromise. If she hogs Nikon, then poke your head in the shot. If she steals a toy, don't steal it back, but encourage her to play. If she is in your bed, just lay somewhere else, and be like, "ha ha, THIS is better." I'd say don't give her *everythng*, it is YOUR CASA after all, but have fune, be playful. But, I'd def say, no humping. Try a face wrestle, she might think it is a ton of fun!!!

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Pulet..if Gracie is anything like me she will just do what she wants when she wants and not deal with you anyway. I mean you can share your toys to be nice, and let Nikon get a few shots without you hogging it and of course let her sleep in your bed cuz that will just be fun anyway! I don't think you should be nervous..if I was staying with you I would show yous ome real face wrestling so go for that too! Girls can be just as cool as dudes! Have fun!

More Juju coming Lulu's way!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet

Ellie here 1 of the 3E's from San Antonio.

Just to let you know, I face wrestle, hump (the cat), fight over toys cause Eli thinks he owns absoutely everything, chase squirrels, cars too if my mom would let me, fight thru the fence with the dog in the next yard, I've been know to bite (dad and the vet but they totally deserved it).
But I'm also a girly pug, I like my fancy collar & leash, love full body rubs, my blanket, my chair and best of all I love sleeping with boys!
I think Gracie would love you if you give her the chance.

Ellie from SA...

Crabbie Chris said...

Ha Ha! Gracie is so gonna kick your ass, and if she's looking for back up, I'm right there with her. She's gonna take all your stuff, eat all your food and treats, and take your mom's attention. Then, when you least suspect it, she's gonna take your Dutch too! I bet your mom is going all "AAAAAWWWWWW" on her too, because that Gracie is a cutie.
Don' hump it, remember what happened when you tried that crap with me? And whatever you do, don't sniff her "bit" like you do with me. It's just rude man, and she might not like it too much.
I'll let you in on one golden rule when it comes to the female species in general....they are always and I mean ALWAYS right!!

Anonymous said...

I would listen to Bellatrix and be a gracious host. You can handle that.

Minnie and Mack said...

Bellatrix and Payton are telling the truth. You NEED to listen to what they are saying!

Drools and licks,
Minnie and (not Mack) today

Suzy said...

Puggy girls LOVE to wrassle, trust me. And chase mini tenny balls. And snuggle :)

Chfnman said...

Puglet, this trail of "advice" seems to be somewhat slanted to me. This idea of the girls being always in the right, having priority on everything, well, its just plain nonsense.

What you should really do is not even be in the same room with a girl because it will only be your destruction. Find a place where she has no chance of finding and stay there until she leaves. It's your only chance........


Anonymous said...

'Shove her out of the way' LOL that made me laugh so hard love it

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
That Gracie is as adorable as it gets, so you should enjoy every moment with such a beautiful girl. She will rule the house for sure, but maybe you can enjoy just sitting back a bit? I am a girl and I like humping and wrestling, but eating treats is my favorite...BTW: you should probably give Gracie first's the gentleman-ly thing to do...
Hope your human's paw is better and sending JuJu to LuLu daily.
Your Friend, Gidget

Noodle said...

Hi Pug! Mochi here! If Gracie is anything like me, I'm pretty sure she'll let you know when you've crossed the line. Noodle used to try to hump me, but I put a stop to that first thing. In fact, I think I've trained him pretty well. I let him totally clean my face for me (though my parents usually make him stop.) On second thought, I may have trained him too well because he just cries when I try to get him to play with me! I'm not sure he know WHAT he's "allowed" to do anymore! Hahaha.... boys.....

Michelle + Myko said...

Sorry Pug but I have to agree with the majority of the comments here. However, if you are nice to Gracie she will probably be nice back, and she is a very cute pug, can't hurt having one of those as your fan.

I am sorry to hear about Lulu, lots and lots of juju, and hopefully she gets better soon.

Pug love!

THE PUGLET said...

Ok, no offense to any of the girls but I'm really glad Dutch and Frank are boys. You guys, uhm, I means girls sure do have a lot of rules!

And if what's mine is yours and what's yours is yours, than what do I get? Doesn't sound very fair to me. I'll share with Gracie, but that's where it ends. Nobody but me is the boss of me!

THE PUGLET said...


You really hump the cat?

THE PUGLET said...

PS: thanks for the plan b, Gampy!

Augustus said...

Dude, that there is a really pretty girl!

I have only ever been around girls at my house. When I came there was a big girl who was in charge, then my human got me my own dog, and she is a girl. I like the girls, I mean Emily play with me a LOT, and she takes my toys and my eatables but at the end of the day she is great to snuggle up with and I'm so glad I'm not alone now that the big girl dog isn't here anymore. Emily is a little hard to handle, she is a terrier after all AND she is deaf, which means I can bark at her all day and she just never listens.

Good luck with Gracie, I hope she finds herself a wonderful pug loving family!

Crabbie Chris said...

Puglet...I'm the boss of your back fat!!

Miley said...


Puglet I'm a girl!! In case you forgot! Girls rule boys drool!

Love ya

Fun said...

LOL this is a fun post! enjoying all the comments

Anonymous said...

When it comes to girl it is best to let them do what they want and for you to do what they say. And definitely share. Girls like it when you share. Gracie is very cute, and Valentines day is not so far away. Maybe you can win her over by giving her a thoughtful welcoming gift.

Scruffers said...

Gracie is Gorgeous with a capital "G"!! She can stay at my house any time, and I do mean any time. Wowza. My paws are getting sweaty just thinking about it. So give her the treats, the toys, and boy oh boy, if she'll cuddle in your bed you are ONE LUCKY DOG...oops, I didn't mean that literally, cause of course, we're pugs.

Pugs2Luv said...

Hi Pug! We think that what most of these girls is saying is probably good advice depending on the type of girl she is. You have always been very respectful towards us old girls & our old girl ways. As far as humping, we think you just shouldn't go there. If Gracie is anything like Phoebe she'll take you down by the throat. Gracie looks like a sweet girl and a lot of fun; you should have a fun weekend.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Tucker and Lola said...

Girls always rule Puglet! Especially pug girls.

Jazz Girl Pug said...

Well, Pug, I can tell you that it all depends on the girl pug. We are as much alike as snowflakes--like, you know, we're all unique. I tend to be very bossy, but also I am super sensitive. I do like to hump my housemate, Gus, which everyone thinks is weird. Not at all--I just like all dogs to know that I am the "top" dog, no matter what gender you are. We are supposed to meet when you and your human do our photo shoot (gee, I hope you're there--I think Super Model dogs are sexy!). By then, you'll know all about girl pugs and I probably won't hump you. Unless you let me!

Peggy2957 said...

Hiya Pug,

Since the only other guy I know is my pop I think I'm pretty much an expert on girls. Let's start with my Gracie. I TOTALLY LOVE Gracie. She face wrestles, chases me around the table, lets me chase her around the table, runs crazy through the house and army crawls under the bed and I'm right there with her every step of the way. She humps me, I hump her and life is good. If your Gracie is like my Gracie you'll think it's Frank and you'll have the BEST weekend.

Next up is Maya. She doesn't like me and rags on me all the time. She likes Emi even less. Maya only likes Gracie. Period. If Gracie is like Maya you're in deep doo doo and there isn't a darn thing you can do about it. Just mind your own business. Let her have what ever she wants. It's the ONLY way to survive the weekend. Dude trust me on this one.

Third girl is Emi. You know Sweet Little Emi. Yeah Right. She's CRAZY. WILD. FUN!!!! I LOVE Emi!!! She's GREAT and you know why?? Well because like Gracie she loves to face wrestle, run crazy through the house and play, play, play!! The best part is I'm so much bigger then her so the only one doing the humping is ME. I'm a HAPPY boy!! So if Gracie is like Emi. PERFECT WEEKEND!!

As far as sharing your bed goes. Doesn't matter what you want. If she wants to be in your bed or even snuggle with you it's a done deal. I say put your energy into protecting your food. Heck protect yourself. If Gracie is anything like Emi and my Gracie they will go poodle on you even worse then you could go poodle on them. Just make sure you aren't asked to share a treat as girl's don't know the meaning of that word. Eat your treats ALONE. Go on the other side of a gate. Heck go in a crate and lock yourself in. It's for your protection. If you don't take my advice and Gracie goes all poodle. YOU. WILL. LOSE. PERIOD. END OF STORY. END OF PUG and NEW title of book 999 PUGS. Just saying dude.

On that note Pug don't worry about a thing. Just have a GREAT weekend!!!


Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Quick! Call Sid from PugSlope bc he has had "sleepovers" at his house:)

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Oops! I had not read all the posts...I see he has already given you good advice!

Pearl and Tessa said...

Girls rule! Remember, Jenny is a girl! Seriously though, better watch out. Hope to meet you at Pug Sunday, we go for our shoot on Sunday.

We can also sympathize with the scale advice, never, ever, talk about that topic with a girl!

Lots of Juju for Lulu

Anonymous said...

just look at Gracie's eyes in that picture,,,she is surely a sweetheart and will love you up no matter what you do.

**Note to Bellatrix, YOU CRACK ME UP!

Paula from DE

Oakley and Swisher said...

We don't have a lot of girl dog experience.. our Gfs live in Alabama. Bol. But we live with a human girl. And Aunt V is around a lot. So we asked them.. they said:

1. Yes share. Cuz you're a nice pug.
2. If you can share nikon w 999pugs, we know you can do it with Gracie too.
3. Sure why not. It's your place.
4. You're bed? We vote no. Let her sleep with Dutch. Bol.

Good luck Pug!

Lots of licks,
Swisher and Oakley

pee.s. don't forget to comment on our blog to try and win a prize!

Anonymous said...

Ellie here and yes I HUMP THE CAT !