Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Yes, me again. Puglet is still on lockdown for being a poo eater. There was another incident yesterday and now my human is using me to torture him into submission. I don't think this technique will work, but I will torture Pug if it makes my human happy.

Pug will be quite tortured if I talk about how easy it is to be a supermodel and you tell me how excellent I am at it. Here is my part, you can do yours in the comment section.

Supermodeling is so easy I can do it in my sleep. Even on a hideous green bench in the middle of the sidewalk.

Pug is also quite jealous of my lean neck, which you cannot see in the first picture so here is another. It doesn't look skinny to me, but it's skinnier than Pug's. Perhaps you can mention that in your commenting too.

I hope this silly plan works. I don't like it when my human gets mad and she gets very mad about the poo. If having me torture Pug doesn't work, my human will have to do it and I don't think any of us want that to happen. I heard her say something about:

* a remote control device

* high powered water gun
* a bee hat

And bananas. Just in case Anonymous' comment yesterday was right.


Bailey and Buddy said...


Wow, you are a good supermodel! You better tell Puglet to stop eating poo or this blog will become the Daily Dalmation...kinda has a good ring to it, huh?!

Bailey & Buddy

P.S. Buddy is also a member of PEA (Poo Eaters Anonymous).

Michelle + Myko said...

Oh Dutch you ARE good at super modeling! The fact that you know when to show off your perfectly skinny neck and when to just give us a peek at your paws and face is impressive!

Hey Pug, maybe if you promised to join Poo Eaters Anonymous your human will give you your blog back:)

Pug Love!

Nugget said...

Hi Dutch,

I think you are a fantastic supermodel! And I have to say I'm a little jealous of your neck. Like Puglet, I am a little tubey and on a diet, so I don't have a nice thin neck like you.

I need to ask for some juju for my brother Murphy. He has the C-word in his stomach and doesn't want to eat anymore. I hope the juju works and he eats because our human is very sad.

Pugs & kisses,

Sabrina said...

I have no doubt that supermodelling is easy when the model is as handsome as you!

Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III said...

Dutch, you could be "professionally good-looking"! Supermodeling comes so naturally to you. And that long, thin neck of yours could showcase some fabulous designer collars...

JUJU to Murphy!! Let's get you eating!

Your feline friend,
Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III

Taryn said...

For Puglet's human: It really could be much worse. At least you live in a city where there isn't nearly as much poo scattered around. I live where there are plenty of wild animals milling around day and night, and on any given walk, my dogs probably eat fox poop, followed by raccoon poop, followed by copious amounts of deer poop, throw in a dog poop or two, and topped off with gobs of fresh goose poop. My walks sound like this: Jimmy, drop it, No! Leave it! Jimmy, I said DROP IT! bad dog! No! NO! No! Drop it! EWWW! Bad dog! And then finally, to top off the grossness, he rolls in deer pee.

Obi Wan Pugnobi said...

Puglet, my mommy learned about the banannas from dude named cesar who says he is a dog whisperer, but he didnt whisper to me...yet! Let me know how that goes!

-obi wan pugnobi

Anonymous said...

Dutch, you are totally rockin' Nikon! Pug stop eating poo! Like. Now.
BTW we have heard about the superpowers of banana over poo also. I rarely am tempted except when it comes to wild bunny poo, which is kinda like caviar....I think...

Jackson from PA

Anonymous said...

We are sending major serious puggle prayers and healing juju to Murphy. Hang in there, dude, and eat something / anything ... even poo! No-no, not poo - eat a cookie treat.

Roxi, Riley & Lea
Those Jersey Shore Puggles

Chfnman said...

The Daily Dalmation....now that has quite the ring to it! And it's true, while Pug is adorable, he doesn't have the boldness that you bring to the Nikon, Dutch!

Payton's Gampy

Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

Dutch .... 2 days in a row. What a treat .... OK, not a "treat" but nice to hear ya and see ya. Pug may think he's a model but Dude, you have got it going on! Ernest Merriweather is right, with that long, lean neck of yours, you could absolutely showcase some fabulous designer collars...Dutch we love that you are so "Metro Sexual"

Roxi,Lea and Riley

Anonymous said...

You are a very talented supermodel, and you have the right attitude too! You are Superkewlio. I am particularly fond of your black and whitness against the green bench...glorious! Now, I have to share a tip with you that my Mom knows about for naughtydogtraining.
My Mom knows a German Shepard whisperer that rehabilitates all of the sad beautiful BIG dogs who have naughty tendencies and want to have a nice home with a nice family. Avoiding ANYTHING agressive, he carries a small water mister with bitter apple (like the stuff you put on nail biter humans.) When any of his fosterbeauties has any issues of unwanted behavior, Ray mists the air around the front of his pup and gently reminds them that that is BAD behaviour. Depending upon the offense, he may walk them back and forth in front of the bahavior a time or two....each time gently misting the air and causing an unpleasant but completely safe correction. Maybe Puglet and your Mom can try that...so there is no power struggle and thus such unhappiness. We all just want to have Puglove and Puplove, and absolutely Amandalove...cause she too is SUPERKEWLIO!

Katie said...


Your black and white colors really bring out the neon lime green of the bench. I don't think Puglet's fawn could really do it justice!

(pssst...tell me if that's enough - i don't want to make puglet TOO sad...just enough to leave the poo alone).

Anne said...

We just saw the Banana thing too Dutch. Lucey keeps trying to eat "salted nut rolls" out of the cat box and mom gets very mad! Mom started giving us bananas and it did help Lucey cut back on them, but she still tried to sneak one occasionally! Lucey's got some 'splainin' to do about that! Mom even had to make a "Fort Knox" litter box that they get in from the top! It's now very entertaining to watch the cat's heads pop up for air as soon as they are finished with business! Maybe we could have an intervention for Lucey and Puglet!!!

BTW- that is one sexy skinny neck bro! But where is your back fat?!

Anonymous said...

Dutch, ook at you on that bench--total supermodel posing! You're a natural, you make it look so effortless... : )

Anonymous said...

meant to say "look" not ook

PS Is it just me, or are the Comment Verification Words (to post a comment) harder lately?

Anonymous said...

Dutch, you are the epitome of supermodels, skinny, elegant and photogenic! Ooh, I bet that one gets him!

Noodles said...

Uh. . . love you Dutch, you know that, but I kinda miss Puglet's take on the world. And I am HOPING the banana thing works because I loves loves loves Puglet except when he goes all BOY on me and I am not at all used to THAT! But POO breath might make me GAG!
Love Noodles

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Dear Dutch,
You look soooo very handsome lounging on the green bench:) I am so sorry to see the watermelon art ruined by some ghetto punk tagger! Tell Pug to not eat any more yucky poo bc the girl puggies, esp Bellatrix, won't want to come near him! Tell your momma that Sid and his pawrents want to meet her when she comes to NY in the fall!
Keep rockin' with Nikon,
Eddie the Pug

Jenny said...

I have fostered many poo eaters, so I understand how absolutely AWFUL it can be. That's not what I am posting about now, however.

I was at a dog park called Six Wags. Molly and Stan are chilling and getting butt scratches when a fellow comes up to us and sits down. He's carrying a remote control and of course I ask what it's for. I assumed it was for a bark collar, but soon you will see how wrong I was. Here's how the conversation went *please read in an extreme SW VA southern drawl*. **please understand that when I say poop, this fellow said sh*t*

"Well, this here is our first time back at the dog park in a good while. Ya see, he *pointing to his dog* has this bad habit. He like to eat poop. He always came down to the park and at the poop. Big poop, little poop, fresh poop, old poop. He ate it all. It's like caviar to him. So I got me this here collar and every time he tries to eat the poop, I shock the poop out of him."

At the end of this statement, the gentleman said "poop" and started hitting a button on the remote control repeatedly. Doggie spit out a pile o poop and ran off, then came back and tried to eat it again. Dude just said..."It's just like caviar to him" and ambled off.

Augustus said...

Has Puglet had bananas? I love bananas and I might just stoop to poo eating if it means my humans would give me more of them, who knew?

Maybe if he doesn't like them plain he could score some sort of banana treat, my boston terrier sister isn't a fan of bananas like I am.

Oh, and you are a pretty good super model, your neck is definitely sleeker than any pug. My sister is super model material, but we don't have an awesome photographer like you and Puglet do.

Augustus said...

Oh, Nugget! I just read your comment and I want to send your brother Murphy some super duper pug juju for his tummy.

I Love Lucy said...

Oh Dutch,

You're a sleek, lean, modeling machine. So debonair.
Sending lots and lots of juju to Murphy. We have your back Murphy.

Love ya


I Love Lucy said...

Jenny: By the way, I think that southern guy who shocks his dog for eating poo is really, really mean. Dogs, especially pugs are not meant to be shocked with collars. My mom says if you don't want your dog to continually eat poo then don't constantly take him to places where he can get it. My mom thinks that southern person is playing some sick game with his poor little pug. Sad. :^(

Dutchess the Pug said...

Hello Dutch! You do have a lean, beautiful neck. Definalty great for modelling collars as Mr. Picklebottom said. I dont want to say to much about your good looks because you do look good, but I don't want Bellatrix accusing me of trying to steal you.

About the poop, I don't eat poop myself, but in the winter when it freezes, I like to throw it in the air all over the back yard. My granny had a Boston who would eat anything, once my mommy caught her eat a dead, flattened mouse in the driveway!! Ewww.

Sammy and Neko said...

You are DA super model....

Love you mucho

Anonymous said...

HUGE juju to Murphy... please eat, but please not poop.

Even if this doesn't cure Pug's poo-eating, I am enjoying this Pug torture.

Hugs + Pinkness,


PS: In my first home, I used to have to wear a collar that zapped me whenever I barked. My human says Puglet's remote control device will smell bad and beep but not zap him.

PPS: There is poo EVERYWHERE. It cannot be avoided.

Tucker and Lola said...

You are beautiful Dutch!

Crabbie Chris said...

Hubba Hubba Dutch! I think you needed a splash of black on that green bench. Your lean neck is so wonderful to snuggle up to. So lean and elegant and the most handsome. I might have to start stalking you!
I do love your poo free breath, but the only thing missing is back fat. You're so skinny I have nothing to sink my teeth into.
Tell Pug I like The Dutch Dish, and he can just keep eating crap. I like seeing all these pics of you. If you were in print you'd be the centerfold, and I'd have to take it into the bathroom.....grrrr

I am sending lots of juju to Murphy.

Jazz Girl Pug said...

Dutch, you are an elegant supermodel, your spots and long,lean neck are very sexy,I think!

Anonymous said...

You are right. You make any venue look good! Love the feet.

Chloe & sissies

Lulu Louise said...

Dutchie, you know how handsome I think you are. [swoon!!]
Puglet, stop being so gross! I once met a pug on the beach and the human introduced him as Booger, The Poop Eater. You don't want to be introduced like that, Puglet, do you?



Miley said...


Spots Rule, Pugs drool or in Puglets case eat poo.

love Miley

JoonBug said...

Please tell your human that we have found a cure for my pug brother Brandon's poop eating. We got it at PetSmart and it's called "Nasty Habit" for Dogs. It's a liver flavored chewable and it has stopped Brandon from eating poo! Sure glad because it really ticked off our humans when he did that! We definitely recommend it for Puglet!


Meredith LeBlanc said...

Well, we knew Bella-T would bring it, but Gampy is gangsta! The Dutch Daily! love it!

Dutch you are a very elegant, suave super model -pure perfection. We think you'd look wonderful on the cover of Dog Fancy or Vogue. Show us more!

Meredith & Scarlet

Anonymous said...

Ohhh pug, your brother Dutch sure does a great job super modeling! His long skinny next is just beautiful and manly!
Stop eating poo!!!!!
<3 mocha and latte

pugfish said...

Gotta say Dutch you put that Dalmation to shame at Westminster!!

Jenny said...

I Love Lucy: I agree. Shocking the poor doggie was awful mean. I imagine that when I was listening to him tell me about how he shocks his dog, I had a horrified look on my face. He probably thought it was because his dog, a HUGE thingy that looked like a Great Dane fell in love with the Hound of the Baskervilles, was into the poo eating scene. I never saw the fellow at the park again, and I'm a little bit glad about that.

I sprained my knee when I slipped on ice a few years ago, and one of the dogs I was fostering (a pug mix named Ethel) was kind enough to bring me a frozen delicacy in from the back yard. She brought me in a poopsicle and dropped it right on my lap. Of course I was couch-bound and couldn't get away...

Pug Slope said...

Dutch you look super cool against that bright green bench! I feel bad for Pug and his poo-eating addiction. I think he needs some help. Have you tried taking him to a 12-step program?


Anonymous said...

Duglet, you have a very masculine neck. Ha! Duglet, I just thought of that.

Payton said...

Hi Dutch! I know I'm late commenting, but I just had to say that I am absolutely in love with your feet! Totally cute sticking out from that bright green bench.