Friday, February 17, 2012


Waaaaay back in April of 2009, when all my face furs were still black, I hurt my foot fighting with the neighbor's evil chihuahuas through the fence. It must have been super traumatic because I don't really remember much about it, but according to my human, the pug in today's photo, his human AND the DP archives, my foot was so gimpy I couldn't go hiking.

Instead of staying home with me and my bad foot, Dutch and my human went hiking anyway. Nice, huh? Even worse, they met a pug on the hike to replace me. Kinda like a body double, I guess. But still.

Fast forward to last Sunday. Me and my girl Bellatrix were greeters at a 1000 Pugs photoshoot when in came Pug 81, aka Prince Charming. His human introduced him as "the replacement pug" and my human got all excited. Of course I had no idea what was going on because somebody was sitting home alone with a bad foot when Prince Charming came along.

I kinda didn't want to like the guy for replacing me and then showing up years later to suck down treats and show off for Nikon. But Charmy (that's what his friends call him) turned out to be a pretty cool guy.
He promised not to eat all the treats and totally sold my human on getting me a very studly Paco collar that makes my skully harness seem so lame it might as well be pink.

I don't always 100% love the whole other 999 pugs thing. It kinda sucks when my human comes home smelling like 20 other pugs and then stares at them on HAL4 for days.
And it really sucks when she's too tired or too busy staring at HAL4 to take us for a hike. But after meeting Charmy/81 and all the other pugs & their people at the photoshoots, I'm starting to think 1000 pugs is mostly kinda cool.

* * * JUJU FOR ROSE, Pug 98 * * *

Even though it kinda sucks sometimes to be 1/1000 and not just #1, I still love the other 999 (+). And right now there's a pug in Texas named Rose (pug 98) who really needs some good juju.

Rose is 12 years old and her heart is doing something funky that's making her cough. The vet doesn't know exactly what's going on yet, but she has an ultrasound appointment on Monday to find out more. That gives us 3 whole days to flood Rose's funky heart with a ton of juju (her worried human could probably use a little too).

Rose - all paws are crossed & loads of good juju is on the way...


Misha said...

Lots of juju to Rose from Harley Bean (Pug #55) and a belated Happy Birthday to Puglet's human from all of us!

Dutchess the Pug said...

Oh, Rose will get tons of juju from Maine.! We are wishing the best for her and her puggy heart.

On a side, it must be hard Puglet, but rememeber 1000 pugs won't be forever. Your very gracious to share your human with other pugs. Thank you to you Puglet and your human!

Anonymous said...

Juju tsumani coming!

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Dear Rose, we are sending our Polish juju your way right now!!!! And we will be keep sending it whole weekend! Feel better soon!!!!

and mom is awwwwwing like crazy because of Charmy!!! We also think he is soo cute:)

Have a nice weekend Puglet, Dutch, Human and all DP friends:)

Anonymous said...

we had an old cairn that coughed because of a heart murmur. she took daily meds and lived to be 13! good luck to Rose.

Crabbie Chris said...

I loved meeting Charmy! He had back fat that I was giving the eye to when you weren't looking. Just so you know....I totally know there's no replacing you. Your mom seems to like having you around. I even offered myself as your replacement, granted I'd have to grow more back fat, but I did offer. My plan was to come live with Dutch and eat your bacon.
Also you have to like the other 999 dude because I'm one of them!
Major juju to Rose. You're going to be in good hands and will have lots of juju backing you up!

Pugs2Luv said...

We are sending lots of juju to Rose and look forward to a positive update.

As far as a "replacement" pug; well that would be a more permanent situation. Think of it more as a pug proxy or better yet since you are a celebrity pug thing of it as your stunt pug. You must realize that you can never be replaced.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Payton said...

Pug, I'm glad you are coming around to this 1k Pugs thing! Charmy is just plain charming. Hehee! Sending prayers up for Rose.
If there is some juju remaining, I could use some too...and some positive thoughts and prayers. My liver enzymes took another BIG jump in the wrong direction. I may have Hepatic Encephalopathy. Mom and dad are scared so they need your prayers too.
Thanks Pug. Have a fun weekend. Hope you get to hike soon.

Jes said...

Lots of juju from Chicago to Texas. We wish you speedy recovery Rose!

Anonymous said...

Bellatrix and Puglet are the two most hilarious pugs on the net! No wonder you guys are BFFs

Anonymous said...

Sending huge amounts of good healing juju to Rose! Hang in there sweet girl!

Woody & Angus

margie said...

Puglet you know there is not another pug around who could take your place!! Your lucky that you get to have so many friends around the world and lots of pugs to play with! Much JuJu to Rose and Payton too. Your bud Grumpy

margie said...
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Sue and Annie said...

Rose and family, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Lulu Louise said...

Dear Rose and Rose's Humans,
Sending you LOTS of good Juju!!! It worked for me and I hope it works for you!

Anonymous said...

No one replaces you Pug! Charmy may have the large orbs going for him, but just look at the supermodel face--totally unfazed!

Emma said...

Lots and lots and lots of JuJu for ROSE! All paws crossed for her!

Anonymous said...

Lots of juju to Rose and Payton! Hang in there guys, we're praying for a good out come.
- Lea, Roxi and Riley (the Jersey Shore puggles)

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Puglet, we're beginning to think you're the George Clooney of Pugs ~ handsome AND diplomatic.

Lots of ~~~juju~~~ to Rose, Payton, & Park Slope Sid and his cyst biopsy.

Meredith & Scarlet

George said...

George Clooney! I love it. You should do a post on your similarities.

Anonymous said...

My mom melted when looking at Charmy's precious puggy face!

Sending lots of JUJU to Rose & Payton. Get better soon!

Frodo, Molly & Cleo

Laura Bee said...

Hey Puglet,

I'm nine and have mostly gray face fur now. My mom told me that I'm kinda like a Silver-backed Gorilla now - a silver-faced pug. She says I'm wise and kingly and mostly in charge of my pack.

I've earned these grays. Just thought you'd like to know of all the wisdom and responsibility that comes with those gray face furs.

Otis Redding the shop pug in Seattle
(soon to be a 1000 pug!)

Jen said...

Puglet, I think someone is impersonating you!