Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hey everybody, remember me? Well, I'm back. And even though you totally got sucked into some evil plot to make me feel bad about having a fat neck and eating poo, I still love you.

In my defense, I do have a few things to say about poo. But I'm not going to say them today in case my human freaks out about it. Poo is a four letter word here at Casa de Puglet and I don't want to get grounded or tortured again. Especially since I'll be going to Dallas two weeks from now.

Yep, Dallas. Y'know, the one in Texas. I guess I did such a good job greeting pugs here in San Fran that my human wants me to greet pugs in Texas too. I've never been anywhere but California and Reno, so Texas is practically another planet. I get to fly on an airplane and everything.

So. Freaking. Excited.

And the coolest thing? You all get to come to Texas with me! Here on the DP, anyway. I'm not sure exactly where we're going yet, but I do know one place called Fort Worth has cows. Google says everything is bigger in Texas, so I can't wait to eat some of their extra big and tasty pies. Yumm!


Jasper, Sarge, and Pepper said...

Pug, you look like you're wearing a 'dutch' hat...I love it! We missed you (but we love Dutch, too).

Anne said...

We LOVE your back fat Puglet :) Have a blast in Fort Worth. The cow pies are astounding in size! But promise you won't eat them :)
Buddy & Lucey

THE PUGLET said...

But cow pies aren't poo! They're pies!

Sammy and Neko said...

I think it is wise to eat TX sized cooked cow, called "Steak" in stead of the pies you are referring to..... we are jealous, you will be in TX !!

ps. I love Dutch, ...but don't get me wrong, you are still my dream boy, Puglet~

Anonymous said...

Love that shot!

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

We are SERIOUSLY excited that you're coming to Texas.

Yes, there are cows, but not your ordinary cows - we have longhorns here. And they'll be at the Stockyards.

And despite what Suki says, the poo here tastes delicious. I would know, since I eat poo all the time. Yup, just like you. Never ate a longhorn poo, but I'm game.

We're counting the days till y'all get here.

Pug Slope said...

I'm glad you're back, Pug! While Dutch is cool and all, he does lack that certain "pug-ness" that you possess in spades.

That's rad that you get to travel to Texas. My dad said he drove through Texas once and passed through this part called the pan handle or something and there was a restaurant there that served a 72-OUNCE STEAK! And get this, if you ate the whole steak you didn't have to pay for it! Puglet, I think that steak is calling out your name.


Pearl and Tessa said...

Pug, you were a great greater...but I am not sure we would have found you without the spotted Dutch, who tends to stick out a little around the Pugs. Texas sounds really exciting!

Pugs 71 and 72!

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

OH have to come to the Grapevine shoot to see me, #148!!! Yes, I am #148 of 1000! I am so excited you are coming to Big D! There is so much to see here and so many good things about Dallas you will love! I can't wait, I truly can't wait to meet you...I so hope you come to my shoot and don't just hang out in Cowtown...we can find some poo in Grapevine I'm sure...we'll just sneak away from the humans to do it! Have a safe trip to my town, wish Dutch could come too!!

Dutchess the Pug said...

I can't wait to hear about your trip to Texas.

Cow patties sound great....maybe there will be some horse patties you can try too. Have fun!

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Maggie - you'll be in Grapevine? Me too!!!!

Hal and Opal said...

Hey Puglet, so nice to have you back! How exciting that you get to go on an adventure in Texas! Our mom went to Austin last year and really liked it (apparently there aren't many cows in Austin. Maybe because there are a lot of vegetarian people like our mom). Anyhoo, we hope you have a great time and maybe you can come to Seattle in June!

Your friends,

Hal and Opal

Anonymous said...

Buddy from Houston, Tx says,
Yay! You are finally in my neck of the woods. Now, if I can just coax you into coming a bit further south. It is rodeo time in Houston, and we are one of the "Top Ten Fattest Cities in America" for a reason. Deep-fried beef jerky, chicken-fried bacon, 4 pound any of this tempting you?? Texas is the land of milk and honey, my friend. Welcome home, cowboy!

BadAnnie said...

YES!!! Please let us know when you will be in Dallas! We live 4 hours away in Austin and we totally want to meet you! We can trade cookies and sniff butts!!

My human said something about needing to put in for a "Da-Yoff" from work so we can go so as soon as you have the dates please share!

Rocky in Texas

Crabbie Chris said...

Are you going to sport a big 'ol Texas hat when you're in Dallas? Reading about all the yummy food does sound're making me a little jealous.
I really love that picture of you and Dutch...he's just so versatile. I guess we missed you, but Dutch did a great job taking over.
Don't let all this super stardom go to your poo eating head!

Tiffy said...

I'm so excited you are going to Texas! Your human is so smart to take you along as official pug ambassador.


Guy Noir said...

Jealous, dude. The poodle has issues, so we don't travel much. She spazzes if I go off on my own to socialize, and she tweaks out in public (except for walks around the neighborhood or quiet parks). But, her poo is pretty tasty, when my human doesn't catch me.

Your Poo Pal,
Guy Noir

Oakley and Swisher said...

Holy Smokes you're gonna get on an airplane? Sounds a little scary and exciting. Can't wait to read about it.

Glad you're back!

Lots of licks,
Swisher and Oakley

Suki said...

Hi Pug,
Welcome back, I missed you! I so cant wait to meet you in the fur! Like Gracie, I'm counting down the days!


Suki said...

Maggie -
I will be in Grapevine with Arnie & Gracie! Look for me, I will be wearing the pink skully harness with a yellow ribbon.


Anonymous said...

lol Puglet! I had to look and look again at your picture! I thought it was a fuzzy hat.. Bit I figured pugs in California don't wear fur hats!!!But you're standing under Dutch, right?! Your mama takes the besssssssssssst pictures!!Awesome about Texas! I think you should get to go to all the photo shoots! Frequent flier miles for Puglet!!

Noodles said...

Yeehaw! Get along lil DOGGIE!. I know you will have fun in Texas Puglet. All that attention. . . all that steak!
I almost got to go to New Mexico (which is near Texas) but didn't.
Love Noodles

THE PUGLET said...

Awww, thanks Sammy + Neko. I mean, I want Dutch to feel loved and everything but only when you're done loving me.

THE PUGLET said...

Gracie -

Me. You. Longhorn poo.

Go Texas!

Payton said...

Pug, I think you know where I the cow not the pies!

THE PUGLET said...

Heya Sid ~

Google says 72 ounces is almost 5 pounds. Of steak?!? I bet I could eat that in about 45 seconds.

THE PUGLET said...

Heya Maggie,

I'll be at the Grape place too :) If I can smuggle you some Longhorn poo I totally will!

Sue and Annie said...

Do you get to ride with your human on that plane to Dallas? I hope so.

THE PUGLET said...

Hal + Opal,

Yeah, my human isn't good at meat either. Maybe she's so bugged about me eating the poo because she thinks in the meat group??

Anyway.... I will be in Seattle! And I'm pretty sure Dutch will too. I'm pretty sure I get to be everywhere except Atlanta & Miami.

THE PUGLET said...

Heya Rocky & Annie ~

I'll be pug greeting in Dallas the 9th - 12th. Uh, of March. Friday and Monday are going to be the best days. Friday we're meeting at the Love Shack (the burger one that likes dogs) and Monday I'll be hanging out at the dog park in Deep Ellum then we're going to another dog-loving place nearby. You can email me for the 411 > dailypuglet/

THE PUGLET said...

Poodle Poo? Hmmm. Closest I've ever been to poodle poo is having my human go poodle on me for eating poo.

Noodle said...

Holy Bacon!! You're going to Texas?! That's awesome!! I'm so jealous that you're going to meet my buddy Suki!! Be sure to tell her hi from Mochi and me!!

scrub4pups said...

Wow Texas. BTW I found some stuff better than poo


scrub4pups said...
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Anonymous said...

I love how you turn Dutch into a hat!

Anonymous said...

Does that mean you will be in Fort Lauderdale???? Please say YES :)

Trunks from South Florida

THE PUGLET said...

Heya Trunks!

I think that's the Miami trip I don't get to go on :(

Unknown said...

Wow, we can't wait to find out what it was like for you in Texas. You must be a great greeter:)

Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

S said...

Why dallas? Austin is where it's going to be in 2 weeks!! Cute picture :)

moPSY+MISIOber said...

:) Pug do you know that PIES in Polish means DOG ;) it's always funny for us when you talk about cow pies :) hugs PT

Anonymous said...

Bummer :(

That sucks. Wish we could have met, South Florida is like San Fran except its the other ocean and probably hotter than what you're used too.


Scruffers said...

Totally and completely sad you aren't coming to Atlanta Puglet. I don't eat poo so all this deep fried southern poo around here is yours for the taking! What do we have to do to get your human to bring you?

Anonymous said...

No more poo-stash, k?


Anonymous said...

P.S. You're going to Texas!!?? AWESOME! Have a great trip, Pug. Let me know how it feels to ride a plane!

Anonymous said...

Have fun in Texas! I grew up in Arlington which is smushed right between Dallas and Fort Worth. It is a lot of fun! Tell your mom to go to the botanical gardens in Fort Worth, they are beautiful!

Caylee and Chloe said...

Ha! Our humans thought it was a hat too! But us pugs knew that was Dutch.. who by the way did an outstanding job while you were "grounded". So nice to have you back, Puglet!
We like poo too... me, Caylee likes the random poo, but I usually throw it up. Chloe, on the other paw, follows our older uncle like he's a Pez Dispenser, drives our humans crazy! I just follow along cuz it's just too funny to watch our human juggle a flashlight, unbrella, and poop scooper in the dark and rain to get the poo before she does:)