Friday, March 16, 2012


OK. Before I say another word about Dallas, I have a comment about some of yesterday's comments. Uhm, yeah. I had NO idea so many humans cared about bagels. I thought mine was the only freak.  

Bagel freak, I mean. 

I'm trying to convince my human we should do some sort of official tasting of all the bagels in San Francisco and places we go on the tour. You know, as a public service to other bagel freaks out there. 

Example: you need to ask for a well-done Boopa's bagel or else it might be perfect on the outside, but kinda dough-y when you bite into it (got that Gracie + Arnie??). Katz Bagels here in San Francisco are perfect on the outside too, but way too fluffy on the inside. At least that's what my human says. I don't really care if something is doughy or fluffy, I just like to eat stuff.

Anyway. Back to Dallas. So, Dallas was cold. And it rained a lot. Kinda like it's doing right now here in SF, except here at home I don't have to stand outside all day in the freezing cold watching my human give away all my food and use Nikon on other pugs.
Luckily the Local Texan Dude (aka Mark from Shagly Photography) loves me waaaay more than my human does and let me crawl inside his fleece to stay warm. When the weather got really really bad, LTD let me hang out at his house with his two pugs and their blonde lady. She was supernice and totally didn't care that we all cracked out the whole entire time. I'm pretty sure she loves me waaaay more than my human too.

Even though the weather was bad, I'm so glad I got to meet Texas. It was supercool to see everyone in the fur and when the days were over I got to snuggle with my human like I've never snuggled before. I still don't love that she gave my food away or didn't take a single picture of me with Nikon the whole entire time. But whatever. There's always next time, right?

PS: I really want to go to Florida + Atlanta!!


Noodle said...

DUDE! I'm still shocked you got to go to Texas!! My mom says you can climb into her fleece anytime. Uhm, HELLO? She never offers that to us!! Just sayin'....

Noodle (& Mochi)

Noodles said...

Are you fishing for sympathy?
Love Noodles

margie said...

Yeah the adventure sounds cool!! Florida is so cool!! You really need to make the trip!! Shedding here is okay!! It's apart of life. We even have good bagels, I think alot of people who lived up north have relocated to our part of the woods!!! I really hope to meet you soon, you can even stay at our place!!! PS How is Dutch today?
Grumpy #250!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Puglet, you are *so* spoiled. You get to sit in a fleece, eat bagels, crack out, meet lots of admirers, travel more than some humans, and at the end of the day, snuggle!

Anonymous said...

Yes, keep us posted on Dutch. We're sending him our good-bye texas lovin'

Agent Bosco said...


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come to Atlanta! My human is driving us there from Nashville just to get my pic taken since our pug rescue closed its doors! I have been hoping and hoping to meet you! You are like a rock star to all us pugs out there! Please BEG your blonde lady to let you come! Promise you won't eat poo or bagels ever again! anything!

Anonymous said...

A bagel tour sounds awesome! My favorite is the everything bagel. I'm from Philly where bagels are fantastic, so in DE, only about an hour south of Philly, I had to search , but did find one good bagel place. Your human is correct , doughy is bad.
Love that you had some fun times all cracked out. But it looks to me like she did take some pictures of you and the extra snuggle time might trump the extra treats.
Paula from DE

Anonymous said...

Dude,you would so love Florida and yes, we have "good bagels" here. Please tell your human to take you!

Bouncer, #276 & Chaos #277; plantation, Florida

Sammy and Neko said...

We are not in GA nor FL, but knowing all of us who signed up for the 1000 pug project is wanting to meet you. You are the biggest reason for us to sign up for it. We care about helping rescue organizations and meet your human, get our picture taken by super cool professional photographer.... but YOU, Puglet, YOU are the BIGGEST reason. So please ask your human (nicely) to take you to GA and FL and all other places. I am sure everyone is willing to buy a bagel or two for her.

Peace out !

Lulu Louise said...

Hey Pug,
Maybe we can play once this stupid wet stuff stops! I hear your mom and my mom are planning a date WITHOUT us...what gives?

On the bagel front, Mom doesn't like Katz's either. She doesn't really have a favorite, cuz "nothing compares to NY bagels, yada yada yada".

She never gives me any of her bagels, so I can't really comment. I do have opinions on SF pizza crusts, if you are interested!


Elgor82 said...

Don't forget Milwaukee ... only 65 days until Pug Fest!

We can't wait to meet you!!!!

Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty

DMBY said...

Hey Pug, that is some excellent super modeling you are doing in today's post. I wold definitely let you snuggle inside my fleece.

Scruffers said...

I SOOOO want you to come to Atlanta!!!!! Pretty pretty please. My mom said she'd bring your mom perfect bagels.

Robin and Randy said...

Hey Puglet - tell your human if you come to Orlando, you can stay here at my house on the lake and kick back in the hammock with your human. It's way cool here and such beautiful scenery for pics of pugs!
Much love to you guys and you are always welcome! I have a whole half a house you can have to borrow!

Lea Anne said...

You have to come to Atlanta - we are coming from Florida and have to meet you Puglet. We would be honored. Olga and Otto - #173 and #174.

Dutchess the Pug said...

Puglet, you are so popular. And why not, after all you fabolous! Sounds like you had a great time in Texas and met lots of great people. And that picture of you in the fleece is priceless!

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Thanks for the bagel tip. Mom went, had a bagel cooked to perfection, and we now have a freezer full of yummy everything (for mom) and orange/cranberry (for dad) bagels. She was most impressed with their service and attitude. Top notch!

You have to go to Florida and Georgia. When they make the movie of your life, the actor that plays you won't be in those scenes.

Jack the Pug said...

Dear Puglet's Human... Can Puglet Please Please PLEASE come to Seattle?? My human is convinced that Puglet and I are pretty much twins. She wants to see us side by side...even though all the cuteness will probably make her pass out.

Keepin my paws crossed!

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smudge the pug said...

I have that poo prob to hope you go to Florida and Atlanta too a me for Dutch you should both go I hope u liked Texas I live here

smudge the pug said...

You rock note to noodle your name is my humans catch phrase she's 10 turning 11 April 5 she can't wait