Thursday, May 10, 2012


We made it to state #3 late last night. It was so late I got to eat a hotdog for dinner because somebody forgot to buy pugfood and Petsmart was a closed and 7-11 is always open.

Don't get me wrong, I'm complaining or anything. I mean, its not like a get to eat hotdogs everyday. Or even ANY day. With a bun and everything.

This morning we got up super early to go scout locations in Minneap. Petsmart wasn't awake yet so I got to eat a bagel for breakfast again. It was from a place called Brueggers and kinda 'meh' but it was still a bagel and not pugfood. I hope we never make it to PetSmart.

Right now I'm cooling off in the shade before we walk back over the arch bridge. For a place that gets a ton of snow, Minnesota is pretty hot. Not like Hotlanta. Or Miami. But it is very cool, just not the kind of cool that keeps you from melting.


Anne said...

I love you under the stone arch bridge! You are so close to where I work! Enjoy the beautiful day :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet,
So far Minnesota is treating you pretty good, hotdogs and bagels what more could a guy ask for.
Can't wait to see more pictures.

Ellie, Emmitt & Eli

JessieJane said...

I hope you don't get too tubey on your vacation that when you get home the bacon gets rationed :)


Sammy and Neko said...

Welcome to Minnesota. We can go get pugfood for you if you need it. Let us know.
ps. we will bring some chicken nuggets as we promised on Mother's day!!

C U soon~

Emily said...

Puglet, we are so excited that you're here in Minnesota! It's a beautiful state and we hope you LOVE it here. We'll see you on Sunday. Our mom is super excited for it for some reason. She says we need baths on Saturday before our big "photoshoot" even though we have no idea what that means.

Our mom also wanted to tell you we'll see you again next weekend at Pugfest, she's super excited for that too. Two weekends in a row with Puglet? Sweet!! If you need anything at all, let our mom know. She's really good at getting pug food. Bummer for us because that means we never get hot dogs or bagels. :(

~Chewie and Penny

Magie the Pug in Dallas said...

Bagels AND I am really jealous of all your travels. I never get that kind of food! You better hope you find a PetSmart soon or you won't be able to fly back home you'll be so fat!

Sabrina PugTails said...

I just got here this afternoon! My pals Harley and Hannah got to go check out the Petsmart already.
Can't wait to meet you tomorrow.

Noodles said...

Hi Puglet
Minnesota can be humid, I hear from my Auntie B who lived there. Look out for those 'skeeters! They can be wicked.
Love Noodles

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Lovin' the travelogue Pug!

Anonymous said...

Do you really feed your like this?

Pugs2Luv said...

Hey Anonymous,

Have you ever been stuck in a place you don't know with a hungry pug, kid or someone who depends on you alone. I don't think you would let them go hungry over less healthy choices & if you would please give them up for adoption.

When you can figure out how to get dog food through airport security, without paying extra baggage fees then you can get on your soap box.

Pepper the Pugalier said...

A whole hotdog??? Oh Puglet, I am GREEN with envy. I don't think I'll ever taste one again. The mommy and the vet are trying to get a handle on my allergies. The vet even said I might be allergic to dogs. Not sure if she was kidding or not. :(

I love reading about your adventures! Have fun!


Huber said...

Puglet! Frankie and Tanka are so excited about their photo shoot next week. I'm glad to hear that you discovered the Public Market, and our "beach". Milwaukee is a cool place....quirky, but cool. Did you get to see the Bronze Fonz? (Kinda lame). There's a lot of interesting landmarks and such, which I'm sure you'll get to discover next week when you are here. Frankie wanted me to let you know, that if you run out of food again, you should try some cheese curds at Culvers. They are one of his favorites, even though the drive through experience is a little unsettling for him. You're such a good traveller! Reading your blog, has made Frankie and Tanka decide they should travel a little more. Tanka's only been on a plane once he came from the Pug Farm in South Dakota, and he was just a tiny baby so he doesn't remember. Frankie's never gotten to ride on a plane. Maybe this year they'll get to vacay somewhere other than Mimi & Bopbop's and/or camping. Anyway...we are so excited that you are in town (relatively speaking)! Wait until you get to go to Pugfest next weekend!

Anonymous said...

Your next stop will be a stay at the fat farm! but I'll love you no matter what.

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Hotdogs??? Hotdogs totally rock! You're a lucky guy Puglet!

Glad we get to follow you on your world tour :~3

Meredith & Scarlet

Unknown said...

Enjoy Minnesota! The weather is beautiful today. Can't wait to meet you tomorrow!
Lily & mom Sylvie

Harry the pug from Oz said...

Dear anon, wow where does the angst come from, it's hard when u travel and he is a superstar!

Pug Slope said...

Puglet - you mean our food runs out we get to eat HUMAN food. And not just ANY human food but HOT DAWGS?! Oh man, I need to sit down. I always thought it'd be the end of the world if my food ran out, but I think you've enlightened me.

Hope the midwest treats you well!


Anne said...

So good to meet you Puglet! I hope the WCCO news camera found you! They came to get footage for the pug happy hour and I told her about you and where she could find your mommy! PUG POWER!!!!!

Anne said...

They did find you!!!!

Jenny H. said...

My favorite line of the interview with your human was when she said "My Grandmother was a Pug". I know exactly what she's talking about.

Anonymous said...

Puglet! It looks like you are learning to rock climb. You are so macho! Daisy

Joanne said...

Hi Puglet,
Maybe now that Target is a SuperTarget with food, they thing pugs will eat everything! When we are in south Florida, stores are more friendly! Up north, we get to go into Home Depot! (no food :()