Thursday, June 28, 2012


The chicken-fried bacon from Bacon Bacon was so good, I totally forgot there was a cupcake box in the fridge with my name on it. My human forgets everything so she didn't remember either. If it wasn't for Bruno + Diesel's comment about cupcake time, the Noe Bakery box probably wouldn't have been opened until Birthday #5.

Dudes. Huuuuge thanks for looking out for me.

My human is trying superhard to get caught up on Other Pug stuff and really needs her thumbs, but I did talk her into picking up Nikon so you could be in on the cupcake action. So if you're wondering how my cupcake was...

First it was naked. Cute, but kinda lame compared to chicken-fried bacon. So my human added a bunch of the REAL bacon bits Payton & her mom sent me for Christmas (Payton, if you can hear me - you rock!).

Then my human broke the bad news: I would have to share my birthday cupcake with Dutch. This didn't seem entirely fair until she reminded me that Dutch didn't get even a tiny taste of the chicken-fried bacon because I ate the entire order all by myself. Plus/minus any extra pieces from The Bacon Dude.

I didn't really want to share. But I would have. Except Dutch snarfed down like 99% of the cupcake before I could get my lips around it.

(click to biggify me)

 Instant replay:

Yeah. Apparently Dutch missed the whole SHARE thing. One bite and my birthday cupcake was pretty much gone. My human felt bad and tried to save something for me, but Dutch really wanted that cupcake.

So all I got was the stupid wrapper thingy and a few crumbs.


Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

Oh Man Puglet, you were robbed and right out from under your nose. That was like a one-two punch. You should note have to share your birthday wealth. DEMANDS for another cupcake are in order here for sure.

Roxi, Riley & Lea

Sammy and Neko said...

hahaha~ Go Dutch, Go ! Puglet, your human owes you a dozen more of these. Love it!

Noodle said...

Oh PUG! That last picture is heartbreaking!! We can feel your pain!! I guess having an actual snout IS beneficial to gulping cupcakes. Sorry, buddy. Here's hoping the BaconBacon truck comes by soon!!

Noodle (& Mochi)

Anne said...

In all fairness, you didn't share your chicken-fired bacon with Dutch...Karma sucks little dude! However, Dutch doesn't look a bit repentant!

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Say what??? You know, Pug, my brother used to do the same thing to me with Butterfingers bars. It just isn't fair. Sigh. Next time, your human should get you a dozen cupcakes.

Meredith & Scarlet

Anonymous said...

You were seriously robbed Puglet!! I would be on strike with cuddles until your human made up for this! I hope you and your human are doing well. Just wondering if you're ever going to let world hear you "howl?" Your human should have the video, I think the world would LOVE to see and hear you :)

Happy Belated birthday!
Trunks from South Florida

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Too cute...even if you did miss out it was funny to watch! Gotta love that Dutch...he does have a way about him Puglet...and remember, you DID get all that bacon stuff to yourself so it's not all that bad! But I hear ya, we want it all to ourselves no matter how much we get of something else! Love ya Pug!

Payton's mom said...

Hey Pug, I'm glad you finally got to have some of those bacon bits...well, almost! Remind your human that she promised to make you special bacon and spam cookies with the stuff that Payton sent you for XMAS. Maybe that will make up for Dutch eating your birthday cupcake?
PS. I'm sure she heard you and would say it right back!

Crabbie Chris said...

Dang you god $&@/?! Up by Dutch. Hmmm. At least you got some bacon, I've never ever had any. Mom days she doesn't eat pork, and it has nothing to do with religion. U think we should venture out to find some pork Pug. Maybe that truck or a butcher shop or something. You new to avenge that cupcake and I need to eat bacon!!

Anonymous said...

Puglet, dude, that is soooo not cool!!! I know that Dutch is your brother and all, but it was YOUR birthday! I mean, Dutch could have had something tasty so he wasn't totally left out of the birthdayness, but eating all of your one and only birthday cupcake? Not.Cool. You most definitely need to get a birthday cupcake redux. REDUX!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww Puglet! Any pug that lives with a big-nose knows your pain. My brother Diesel weighs 130 lbs; try getting your share of noms with HIM around =/ Just gotta look on the bright side; one bite of cupcake is better than no cupcake =)
Fab pics as always! Someday Mom will figure out how to get our pics on here so you can see us, too.
Love always, Bruno & Diesel ♥♥♥
p.s. Mom loves cupcakes even more than bacon; there was no way she was forgetting about it =D

Pearl and Tessa said...

Oh, so sad, looking forward to it for so long, and the Dutch man getting it...bummer, time for a redo. Love the bowl, was it also a bday gift? Obviously not Dutch's cause its blue.

Anonymous said...

Awww poor Puglet! That last picture of you made Izzy so sad. She's demanding you get a replacement cupcake since silly Dutch stole your Birthday Cupcake!!

Hope you're all doing well!

Anonymous said...

Puglet, so totally not fair! But the look of divine heaven on Dutch's face, priceless!

THE PUGLET said...

Replacement cupcake! Brilliant!!!!

dw said...

You totally deserve another now! Pug's human - go to the cupcake store and get him another one pronto! And make sure you put tons of those bacon bits on it. And next time, get two freakin' cupcakes! Pug, there may need to be an intervention here if you don't get the proper respect! *nods*

Noodles said...

Dutch, not being the mean sort, can't help it that he has a REALLY BIG mouth. He prob thought he was taking a nibble. HAH! I am so sorry you got less than half of your wonderful birthday cupcake. Tell ya what, Puglet. My birthday is coming up (July 4) and my Mommys want to have a Dog Park extravaganza for my local pups and their peeps. Nothing big cuz, frankly, we cannot afford it. Won't be til way after July 4, too. BUT I will make sure we have CUPCAKES with BACON on top for YOU AND DUTCH (and whoever else comes along).
Love Noodles

Noodles said...

My Mommy #2 keeps looking at the pix and laughing. What is there to laugh at, Lady! The PUG was robbed (unwittingly, to be sure)!
Love Noodles

Paula from DE said...

I guess mom didn't think about cutting it in half, huh? More bargaining power to try the bacon sundae at Burger King.
Just guilt her about the cupcake.

Venus said...

Happy Birthday, and bummer about the cupcake, maybe your human will get you a new collar from