Monday, July 9, 2012


 Testing... 1, 2, 3.
So, I'm not exactly sure what happened last week. One minute I was downtown supermodeling with Frank to test out some new spots for the next 1000 Pugs thing... next thing I know we're at home and my human is in some sort of huge hurry to get Nikon and and all of Nikon's stuff packed up into a great big box. 

This was totally not normal so I tried to find out what was going on. But my human was so, uh, whatever she didn't answer any of my questions. I even tried Jimmying on the box but still, not a peep. When Nikon was all packed up, she took the box and left. For like hours. And then.... nothing.

Model. Supermodel.

I don't know where she went or what she did there, but when my human came home Nikon was not with her. The rest of the week was kinda fuzzy, but I think maybe my human's brain caught on fire or something because I heard her something about being too burned out. I know her gimpy brain hasn't been so awesome lately. I also know she started taking some new pill or something that might help her brain feel less gimpy. Except instead of getting less gimpy, I guess her brain got sick.

Or something like that. Who knows. Humans can be so complicated.

Anyway. I'm back now, so back to ME. Uhm. Except I don't have much to say because I haven't really done anything in the last week but sleep, eat and sleep. My human said things are getting back to normal so hopefully my life will be exciting again too. She said we're going on a roadtrip this week, so that could be exciting.

I still don't know what happened to Nikon. But here's the last picture my human took before the disappearance. I have no idea why Frank is wearing my skully harness.


stellaroselong said...

I think the heat makes humans brains just plain tried to feed us cat food from a can yesterday instead of our wet food mixed with our we look like cats???????

Meredith LeBlanc said...

We agree with Stella and Rose, the heat makes humans very gimpy. I tried to put kibble in the coffee maker instead of coffee yesterday.

Meredith & Scarlet

Bruno and Diesel said...

Wow, we must be magic! We just moped in your last entry about missing you, and here you are! Really sorry Thumbs is having a bad brain/Nikon week =( Hope they both get better soon!
Obviously Frank thinks wearing your skull harness will bring out his inner supermodel. No worries; we all know who the real deal is ;)
Love to all,
Bruno & Diesel ♥♥♥

Sammy and Neko said...

Our mama put salt and pepper shakers in the fridge.. hello? Is anyone there? So no worries, your human will be back to normal kinda sorta.... you and Frank look awesome together....



Payton's mom said...

Hi Pug! I'm so in love with the pic of you and Frank in the middle of the water. Hope your human feels better very soon.

Noodles said...

You and Frank give me the vapours!
Love an oogly Noodles

Jasper, Sarge, and Pepper said...

I think Frank is wearing your skully harness to throw off any paparazzi that might be lurking around trying to get an unauthorized picture of the famous puglet. He looks almost as handsome as you do in it.

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

LOVE the yawn shot. So cute.

Did you ever send the links for our Dallas 1000 Pugs shoot? We never got it. Just checkin'.

You and Frank are totally supermodels, dude.


Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh man Pug...seems like your human needs some time off. Strange stuff happens to humans when they do work, then more work and then just keep working...well, that is what I've been told anyway so she just needs to relax and take it easy for a bit!!

Maybe now is a good time to update you about me. Didn't want to when it all happened cuz stuff was happening so fast but I've been told things are slowing down at my casa now so I can tell you. About 3 weeks ago I had to go to the big vet place where they do all kinds of stuff on dogs. They said I had a tumor that had to be removed. They said something like MCT. My human was all leaky eyed for days and days. But after I came home from the big vet place she told me later that they got it all...whatever that means and I guess I am ok for now. My human was so wimpy for so long until she got that call from them. Now she says she has to check me out all the time to make sure it doesn't come back. Well, whatever IT is I hope doesn't come back cuz while IT was here...she was very sad...but now she seems very happy you said, humans are so confusing!

Pearl and Tessa said...

Sounds like its time for the Tahoe trip...maybe Frank can go, leave Dutch at some plush pet hotel, then everyone would be happy!

Anonymous said...

Its all good, Puglet! Despite the gimpy brain, your human takes the most AWESOMEST photos ever!

~Massimo and Emelina

Otis from the Sunshine State #268 said...

Puglet, maybe Nikon had to get a tune up or oil change or something for the rest of the 1000 Pugs shoots. Anyway, glad you are back and hope you get to have some superawesome adventures this week. Can't wait to hear all about them. Glad your human is feeling better. Also, sending lots of good juju to Maggie the Pug in Dallas.

Licks and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Really hoping everything is alright! Remember to take time off when you need it and try not to get overwhelmed with all the craziness! Sending you positive thoughts!!!


Buddy said...

my mom is sending your human some good juju for her brain...and for it not to catch on fire or any other mishap like that.

Laura Bee said...

Hey Maggie,

I had a MCT last year and my mom leaked all over the place until the vet called and said something about "clean margins."

Glad you got the same results!

Otis the shop pug from Seattle

Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

Hey Maggie in Dallas, we're sending you lots of puggle ju-ju for a speedy recovery and a life time free from MCT.

Roxi, Riley & Lea

Sorry Gnat said...

Be still my heart. Life only gets better when you guys show up on the page.

Did you really mean to write Disapperance that way: i suspect so; one can never catch up with the wily pug's ways.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
I wouldn't worry about human our mom walks in circles and then stops and asks herself 'what was I doing?' Duh you were walking in frickin circles..what a dumb bat.

Oh and some days she tells us her hair hurts..really how can hair or fur hurt ?
Ellie, Emmit and Eli from San Antonio

Anonymous said...

Puglet, we're just glad to have you back. We missed you every day you were gone, we helped our human check.
Pearl, Trixie, and Mac

Anonymous said...

Darling Puglet,
Maybe Nikon had to go to the vet.
Human brains are strange, convoluted things, but she will be fine. It's good that you all got a rest; well, you did. Frank is handsome, but you...too sexy for your harness ;)
Love and kisses to your human.