Monday, July 16, 2012


The door to pink mecca
Hello again everybody! My human forced Pug to let me have the blog today because he made fun of me (again) for loving pink so much.

It happened during our trip to the mysterious place we went to last week. But I'll let Pug tell you about that because I just want to talk about the amazing store we found there. I was too excited to find out the name of the store, but there are giant blonde ladies in the window. They are impossible to miss. You can probably see them from space.

Me & Pink

I don't know who these giant blonde ladies are, but they love pink. Their store is pink mecca! Even the bags even say I LOVE PINK. The amazing part of the store is not the pink spots or giant blonde ladies though. It is their dog. I mean dogS. Many of them. In all different colors of the rainbow, including pink.

Pug, gagging.
I don't know if the blonde ladies are rich or generous or both, but a sign in front of the store says they want to give you one of their mini dogs. Yes, give! For FREE. I was very excited when I saw this and could not wait to get my own pink mini dog. That's when Pug started making fun of me. Right there, in front of the store. In front of the generous giant blonde ladies.

It was extremely embarrassing.

So we left. And I did not get a dog. Not a big dog, not a little dog. Not a pink or any other colored dog. And I am still a little upset about it. It's not fair that Pug can have all his special "things" like skulls and bacon and corndogs and I can't have just have this one special thing of my own. Why is that so wrong?

A little pink never hurt anyone.


Diesel, NOT Bruno said...

Poor, sweet Dutch... pugs rule the planet & it's just something we have to get used to. There's nothing fair about it! I'm really sorry you were embarrassed in front of the giant blonde ladies & didn't get a little pink dog =(
Try this: Get real close to Puglet & whisper in his ear, "birthday cupcake". Then stick out your tongue. You'll feel better, I promise =D
Love always ♥♥♥

Noodles said...

Hi Dutch
It takes an especially macho dog to admit to liking PINK. It is only a color after all. I think you certainly deserved a PINK dog of your own.
Love Noodles

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh my Dutch...I am with you on this one. I mean you SHOULD have your own pink dog if you want it and Pug should just leave you alone about it. I am so sorry you left the store without getting one! I am so sad for you. Uh, I still think you are so handsome and ALWAYS look forward to when you have the make me smile so much Dutch...I hope you can get something pink, anything pink to make up for all that disappointment. Pink is cool and Pug just hasn't realized it yet!

Anonymous said...

Guess it was lucky no none took Pug, since he was sitting in a sign that said free mini dogs ...hahaha! Here's another way to look at it, if Pug didn't love you, he wouldn't tease you. It's his way of saying he loves you without having to say it :)


Meredith LeBlanc said...

Pink is awesome and so are you Dutchie!

Meredith & Scarlet

Southern Fried Pugs said...

Dutch, trust us. Those little pink dogs are bad news. One little tear and a million little balls come flying out. They are not edible although we tried. They are vomitable though especially when mom pours hydrogen peroxide down your throat.
Stick with pretty pink bandannas.

Hugo said...

I WAS RIGHT! I knew it! But this still doesn't explain where you are..or what happened to Nikon....or if your human's brain really did explode? I lay awake at night asking myself so many questions and I don't have the answer to any of them!

-Hugo the Portland Pug

South shore pugs said...

You are pretty in pink Dutch. We're still anxious to hear where you and Puglet are.

Licks and hugs,
Rudy and Billie

Augustus said...

Hey Dutch, I think you should get Thumbs to dye YOU pink, then Puglet will have a giant pink dog. For free, no underwear purchase necessary.

Sweetie The Pug said...

I agree - you should go pink Dutch. And my human says that if she saw Puglet sitting there all cute-patoot under that sign, she totally would have helped herself! Tell Puglet to be careful where he sits!

Guy Noir, Private Pug said...

The ability to wear pink with aplomb is a sign of self-confidence. Plus it goes really good with black (or black and white, in your case). Obviously, Puglet is not secure enough in his manhood to wear pink with pride. I, and you, on the other hand, are able to wear pink and look AWESOME, dude.

Your friend, Guy Noir

Anonymous said...

Hi Dutch,
Sorry to hear that Puglet was such a big baby..big cry baby that you didn't get your pink dog. Maybe your human will take you back to where the blonde ladies are and you can get one.

As for you Puglet...shame shame shame!
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli...lovers of PINK

stellaroselong said...

I am so sorry dutch you did not get a little pink dog...maybe you should see if mom would buy you a little white poodle and dye it for you to play with. Pugs are often more babied than big dogs for some reason...people must just see our cute little adorable smussy faces and decide we need to be babies and get everything we want, when its really the big dogs that are the bigger babies! Maybe you should ask the giant blonde to go for a little walk with you, and she could put a pink scarf on your neck with a pink coller and leash! sTella

super smudge said...

Hi puglet i just want you to know i love your blog it inspired me to create my own called supersmudge the pug i read your blog everyday thx so much you are my pug idol

Sorry Gnat said...

adored "the blonde lady store," you sure are an eloquent pug.

MaxandLola said...

Dutch, you should not only have your own pink dog, you should have your own book of Dalmation photos, titled, naturally, "1001 Dalmations"! That will give Puglet his comeuppance.

Max and Lola

Anonymous said...

Oh, Dutch, my human's heart went out to you when she read this post, so she did a little searching and thought you'd be very pleased to know that your human can get you a pink dog (just like the ones that the giant blonde ladies give away) for pretty cheap on ebay! Hope that helps. Good luck, Dutch man!


Barbara said...

This is highly unfair.

I think Pug should be made to go back to the Giant Blonde Lady store and get you a pink dog.

What was he thinking??????

Charlie the Pugster said...

Lola and Max have a great idea!
Charlie the Pug and his human