Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Well, today was the big day. My human had to do some stuff over by our normal, official scale and said we could do a re-weigh. Y'know, just in case the Pet Food Express scale is stupid or broken or bad at math or whatever.

So we went. And I got naked. And when I stepped on the scale it said this:

Kinda hard to read, but this = 26.6. Yes! That's 0.6 lbs MORE than at PFE. My human said both scales can't be stupid/broken/bad at math, so even though we're not sure which is right, or exactly how much I weigh, it must be more than 25lbs. Waist or no waist.

Scales = bad news!

There is some maybe-good though. I kinda hurt my foot jumping out of the car and am a little gimpy now. Am thinking maybe if I act extrasuperpathetic, my human might give me SOMETHING with a little bacon on it to make me feel better. Maybe not a Baconator. Maybe not even a Son of Baconator. But some sort of bacon. Because I'm pretty sure bacon makes anything better. Even a gimpy foot. 


(this is where you all say riiiiiiiight)



Unknown said...

Riiiiigggghhhtttt! I feel ya, Puglet. I just got back from 3 weeks with my Auntie Ray and I am super tubey. Mom got me a new sports bra and even though it's the same size as my others, it's a little tight. Luckily for me she also bought me a game where she hides treats under things I slide with my snout-and since she's so proud of me when I find all the treats I'm getting lots of practice. It's supposed to test my I.Q. or something, and I think it shows I'm pretty smart since I can get her to put treats in it over and over so she can watch me find them. It's a win-win situation!


Payton's mom said...

Pug, you may be on to something about bacon having super powers because it does seem to be awesome. Hope your leg gets better very soon.
Love and prayers,

Jasper, Sarge, and Pepper said...

Pug, Muscle weighs more than fat so I think you have just lost fat and gained muscle. A skinny waist doesn't lie. Don't get too skinny, though!

Sammy and Neko said...

Yes, bacon makes everything better. We say so, so as our mama !! Hope you score some !!

Unknown said...

i agree with megan and jasper. lots of times we're told to not use a scale to judge weight loss but how our clothes fit and how our bodies look. so go flaunt that skinny waist!!

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Tell your human that bacon makes a good ace bandage, it has magical healing powers!

Juju & love to you!
Meredith & Scarlet

Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

Roxi says, "Riiiggghhhttt"
Riley says, "RIIIggghhhttt"
Lea says, "RIIIGGGHHHTTT"'s good for whatever ails ya!

stellaroselong said...

Go BACON!!!! Maybe if it was a turkey bacon your mom would be more willing...tell her its WW are evil..Mom keeps hers hidden under a table with a cloth over it...she is hoping it will just get rusty and die! Have a great day!! STella

JessieJane said...

Scale aside, if you endured enough humping to give you hump dents then you deserve at the very list the son of the baconator :)

Wonder if Frank wants to meet me, I will do anything for bacon even if it means hump dents....


Holdin27 said...

It's all muscle, dude. Muscle weighs more than dough.

Anonymous said...

RIIIIGHT! And you look GREAT! I hope you get at least a little piece of bacon.

Anne said...

But you look so svelte pug!!!! Maybe just a small piece of bacon? Buddy and Lucey get to split a plain hamburger whenever we go out to eat on a patio instead of their regular supper. Maybe mom could just put a little less kibble in your dish for dinner to make up for it? Buddy is finally back down to his 25 lbs and Lucey is still hanging in at 26.2. Good luck Pug!

Unknown said...

Awww...hurt pugs always need some bacon!! I got stung by a bee last week and I definitely needed some bacon to recover but I didn't get any either. I think those scales are wrong cause you look thin like me- and I only weighed 24 lbs last time I went to the vet!

Clarabelle the pug

Holdin27 said...

Oh my puglet, I didn't expect to that picture of you lounging around nekky when I visited the blog!

Noodles said...

riiiiiiiight times a million!
Love Noodles

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Of course right!! Used that excuse so many times now that I think I actually have a permanent limp! But it still works cuz when I get up sometimes I sort of limp and my human says..."aw, poor baby, your leg still hurts?" And sometimes I get a treat for just getting up! Gotta love the pug style!