Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Not happy face.
Hey everybody! I know Dutch said I wouldn't be here but it's been too long and I couldn't stay away. So here I am. And that was me last week. Looking not-so-happy right after my human picked me up from Frank's. And if you think the look on my face doesn't exactly say I'm so happy to see you!!! you're totally right.

It's not because I wasn't happy to see my human. Or that I didn't have a totally awesome time hanging out with Frank and his blonde dude. I just think it kinda sucked that Dutch got to spend weeks on the Other Coast eating who knows what when I had to stay home and get humped by Frank.

Ok. So maybe I did a little humping too. And maybe I even liked it a little. And maybe my human did send me (and Frank) an entire package of pre-cooked goodness all the way from New Jersey:

But still. Half a pound of bacon is not enough to make me forget I was abandoned. So I put on my best you-don't-love-me-anymore face and waited for the guilt treats to start flowing. I stared. I waited. Stared some more. Waited. I even threw in an extremely pathetic Jimmy.


I was starting to worry maybe my human really didn't love me anymore. That's when she told me about this:

And this:

And this!

She also told me about all the awesomeness that happened here. How the whole flock came together to help Dutch pay for his $3089.64 new belly.

Um. Yeah. Who feels guilty now?

Me and Dutch and my human have been trying reeallly hard to come up with some extrasuperspecial awesome thing we can do to say  


Again (with bacon on top) for being SO FREAKING AWESOME. And everything else.

That doesn't really say everything I want it to say. Not even a tiny slice of everything. But I think you know what I mean.




Noodles said...

I missed you Puglet. BTW, did you know Bacon Bacon got a new truck and will soon be parking in a spot near you? Not THAT is something to smile about.
Love Noodles

Anonymous said...

I would really miss you both if something bad happened.


Meatball and his mom.

Jasper, Sarge, and Pepper said...

Pug, we'd do it again in a heartbeat! That's how special you all are.

Sammy and Neko said...

Oh, the auction was so much fun. Our human scored some awesome stuff....That's why we stop going to ebay now a days, lol.

We love you !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Can anyone tell me if I can donate to Dutch's belly zipper fund via PayPal? If so, how/where can I do that?

Thanks! And huge Colorado hugs to Dutch and Puglet! :) XOXOXOXO

Sabrina PugTails said...

Your flock loves you. And Dutch too.
Don't ever forget that.

Anonymous said...

Cousin Sophie here: Believe me, you would not have wanted to trade places with Dutch. All he ate was rice and chicken. No carrots. No bacon. No donuts. Nothing good happened on the eat coast, except that he got to sleep on the couch by himself because the couch is small and he takes up all the space.

Anonymous said...

We missed your smushy face - glad to see you Pug! Very happy Dutch & Thumbs are back home & everyone is safe & sound :)

Ann, Fro, Molly & Cleo

Suki said...

Hi Pug,
Welcome back, we missed you. Mom & I are proud to be a proud member of the flock!

Baah, Baah!


Barbara said...

Okay, okay... I haven't even got past the picture of Frank humping you, Puglet. I'm laughing so hard I"m crying!

Barbara said...

Okay, I'm back. Whew.

We are so glad the family unit is one again, and we would do it all over if it happened again.

But please, tell Dutch no more plastic surgery, okay? Oh, and you too.

We love you!
Barbara, Trixie, Minnie and Jeep

Unknown said...

We can still send donations to her Paypal address.....If you don't already have it you can contact me via email at laurenn68@gmail.com


Laurie and the Pack O' Pugs, and a Boston and soon to be a Petite Brabancon

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Puglet, give Miss Amanda a break and put on your happy face!

Mercy said...

Hi Pug!
It's so good to see you!!!! That humping stuff is naughty. I'm a virgin, I shouldn't be reading about that stuff...

The flock had a fun time getting the dollars for Dutch's zipper. My human said she made some new friends too!We'd do it again for you, Amanda & Dutch whatever the reason. WE LOVE YOU GUYS :)

Will check in tomorrow, rumor has it I'm getting a new (well, recycled) brother tomorrow.

Kisses, Kisses,

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Hi Puglet!!!! We missed your cute face, even if you were getting humped and humping! Glad to see you're all together again.

We love you all!
Meredith & Scarlet

Anonymous said...

It was our honor. We had a fun time, made new friends, and got warm fuzzies helping our favorites at the DP. We love you 3 & are glad you all are HOME. Love, Megan F. & Lola Pug

Bruno and Diesel's mom said...

Great to see you, Puglet! You really don't look happy =( Your back-fat seems to be in good shape though; I'm glad Frank didn't hump it all off.
Yeah, poor Dutch did not have a good time on the Eat Coast. We're all relieved your family is together again in one piece. That's something to smile about =)
Love always, Bruno & Diesel's mom ♥♥♥
p.s. Diesel got a zipper today too. He ate one of Bruno's toys & it got stuck. He's very sleepy, but feels much better now.

Michele said...

Nothing better than a family reunited:) SO happy you are all home, healing, and loving. You are all so very special to this world. My heart smiles to know how you are being taken care of by the universe of kindness that surrounds you.


Meredith LeBlanc said...

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! We're so happy you're all together again!!!

Meredith & Scarlet

Beatrix's Mom said...

Hi Puglet! We've missed you!

That was a great "pour on the guilt" face, although I'm sure your human laughed a little at seeing it, no?

Glad you're all back together, en famille. Be super sweet to Dutch and keep the updates coming.

And I think I speak for everyone when I say: we don't help for thanks. We help because Amanda, Pug and Dutch are our cyber-family.


Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

JuJu and puggle prayers going out to Diesel. Wishing you a speedy recovery from your surgery. And Please .... Don't eat any more plastic toys, silly!

Roxi, Riley & Lea

Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

We know your family is grateful, Puglet. That's why it made us so happy to help. We love you all very, very much. We will always be here for you and anyone else on this site that needs help and support.

Roxi, Riley & Lea

Bruno and Diesel's mom said...

@Jersey Shore Puggles:

Thank you so much for the well-wishes =) Diesel is 100% better today & ate his first meal in four days! xoxox
Bruno & Diesel's mom

Candace and Chiquita said...

So good to see your sweet face Pug, not sure about those attempts at romance ones...but you were missed...so happy you are all back together again!

Maggie and Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said...

We love all of you so much Pug!

Bunk said...

The bacon looks so good! I wish my parents would go away and let me have some bacon instead!

toddbuddy said...

We have been worrying and missing all three of you bunches ....Horton and Todd

Anonymous said...

We missed you Puglet and are so happy to have you back!!! We love you so much!
Pearl, Mac, Trixie and our mom, Sherry

Mercy said...

Hi Diesel,
Take it easy as you recover. I'm sending JuJu.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet, glad your back and super happy Dutch is feeling in the "PINK" again. That zipper he is wearing looks way nasty.
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli the San Antonio pugs

Bailey and Buddy said...

Puglet - we think that profile picture of you makes you looks super skinny. you need more bacon!

Bruno and Diesel's mom said...

@ Mercy:

Diesel says thank you for the good thoughts; we both appreciate it so much. He's doing great today =) xoxox

Pug Slope said...

We missed you, Puglet! Glad you are back. You have to be extra nice to Dutch because he had a traumatic week - your human did, too, so give extra snuggles and share your pre-cooked bacon (BTW HOW WAS IT?!?!).


P.S. Glad you humped Frank back - that dude deserves some serious payback.

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Hey, Puglet Pal,
Let me know if you need some "back up" in the humping Frank department!!
I can give you a little break and tell Frank to give "it" a rest:)
Just Sayin'