Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Hello? Internet? It's me, Sophie. I'm here because Pug, Dutch and somebody named Frank couldn't be. The people said I should tell you about Dutch and I said I just met him last night and it was only for a few minutes. He's very tall and is covered in spots. Seemed like a nice guy. What more can I say?

Tell everyone about our trip to the hospital today.

Oh. The hospital. We went there today to visit Dutch. He didn't seem all that happy but everyone was excited anyway. The doctor people unhooked his tubes so he could go outside in the sun to pee. Holy squirrels! He peed the biggest pee I have ever seen. His person said it was from all the fluids. I was worried he sprung a leak.

Dutch has a funny haircut now and a belly zipper just like the one I had after they took my girl parts away. Don't worry, he still has his boy parts in real life. His person cut them out of the picture because everyone knows the internet is no place for pictures of your parts.

If you ask me, Dutch is going to be fine. Today I could smell I'm going to be fine all over him. Trust me: the nose knows. We'll still visit him again tomorrow. The doctor people think he might be ready to come back to my house in a day or two. It will be awhile before he can go back home to Pug and California. 

I will leave you with a poem:

Try not to worry
or fret 
too much 
about Dutch.

Yes, he loves a boy named Justin
(and the color pink)
but don't let that fool you!
Inside he's a fighter
and mightier
than you think.



PS: I think all your love today saved Dutch's person from imploding. Leaking human = bad, but OK.
Imploding human = very very bad.


agent99 said...

Oh Dutch, I am SO glad you made it thru surgery! It just wouldn't be the same without you around. But that zipper thing just killed me. I know it will heal soon, but we ate sorry you're feeling so punk now :(

Wilma said...

Thank you Sophie for telling us about Dutch, and for visiting him in the hospital. I bet seeing you all in pink made him feel a lot better. We have been thinking about him all day and sending lots of healing juju. It won't take long to get to him, cuz we are on the East Coast too.

Anonymous said...

Great report Sophie! Thank you so much for letting us know that Dutch is going to be ok. We'll keep sending good juju, just to be on the safe side.

Bruno and Diesel's mom said...

Dear Sophie,
Thank you for sitting in for Pug, Dutch, Thumbs & everyone. You did a great job! Thank you the most for the good news about Dutch; we are so relieved. Please give Dutch a big kiss from us!
Love always, Bruno & Diesel's mom ♥♥♥

Ritaestelle said...

I'm so glad that Dutch is on the mend! Prayers, hugs and a whole lot of love to all of you!


Pearl and Tessa said...

Nice to meet you Sophie, and thank you so much for the good news about Dutch...and thanks for not showing the boy parts, we are ladies after all. Juju works! Our human is sending a donation to help.

pugsmom said...

Thank you. That was so cute. We have all been so worried and anxiously awaiting an update. We also wish we could visit Dutch and let him know how much we are all sending him good thoughts and prayers. Tell him when you see him tomorrow. OK? Please give Amanda a juicy puggy lick for us too. We love her.
Phoebe and the pug pack in Oregon

Anonymous said...

Oh Sophie, you are a DOLL!!! If you every make it to Winnipeg, you can count on me to entertain you & give you snackies. Thank you for the update on Dutch! Send him good juju and plenty of love. We are so glad he IS okay and know WILL recover. In the meantime, we Internet Pug & Dutch lovers are working our very hardest to help make his recovery easier.
Love to Amanda, Dutch, Puglet, Sophie & the gang!

Hugs, Megan F & Lola the Pug

kbs1952 said...

Been so very very worried
Glad all is ok
Love you Dutchie Boy
Your amazing Momma too,
Hooman hugs galore, puggie hugs, and slobbery kisses!
Your Pal Eddie:)
Pee Ess
Did I write a PO EM??

Anonymous said...

Sophie - Thank you most kindly for the update. We are so happy Dutch is smelling more well. You have very beautiful eyes, by the way and you are a great writer. Love and prayers to all of yours.
Your friend,
Chubby T. Pug

kbs1952 said...

Been so very very worried
Glad all is ok
Love you Dutchie Boy
Your amazing Momma too,
Hooman hugs galore, puggie hugs, and slobbery kisses!
Your Pal Eddie:)
Pee Ess
Did I write a PO EM??

Barbara said...

We are still praying for Dutch!! Poor Puglet, he must miss Dutch a bunch!

Anonymous said...

Sophie - Thank you most kindly for the update. We are so happy Dutch is smelling more well. You have very beautiful eyes, by the way and you are a great writer. Love and prayers to all of yours.
Your friend,
Chubby T. Pug

Idaho PugRanch said...

thank you Sophie for the update. big relief that Dutch is recovering well. We will keep the juju coming.
Bailey, Hazel & Greta

Jen said...

Prayers for Dutch to get better fast! Sending love and bacon to all doggies involved. Love Max the pug

Mel said...

Very good news to hear that things are much better for Dutch. Still thinking of you all and sending positive juju thoughts.

Buford T. Justice said...

Dutch......WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Get better quick so you can come home to Pug.....

Buford T. Justice, Bambi, Miss Lacey Pug, Tre - A Boston and from the Bridge - Miss Peg and Per-Li-Mae

PS. It's ok for a dude to say I love you when you're not feeling well......or anytime for that matter....I love pink too

Anonymous said...

Oh thank pugness Dutch!!!! I'm sooo sorry you had tummy troubles! I'm so happy your human takes such good care of you she knew what to do for you. You do what your human and the Dr tells you and get better really soon. Tell your human that if she needs help with the unexpected expenses to speak up. You've got lots of humans that can kick in some dollars to help.

Dalia, Madgie, Emmett, Rosie, & Jake from Iowa

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Been so very worried
And glad all is okay
Love you Dutchie Boy
Your amazing Momma too,
Hooman Hugs Galore, Puggie Slobbery Kisses, Bacon For All the Believers,
Your Pal Eddie
Pee Ess,
Did I write a PO EM?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much, Sophie, for the great news about our sweet Dutch. We just love him so very much. I'll never forget meeting him at pug sunday. He was so funny with his Henrietta the rubber chicken. It was like he was in love with her! Please tell him we hope he continues to feel better, and to get lots of rest.
I would also like to say that you have beautiful eyes, Sophie!
Lafayette Lola

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update Sophie. Glad to hear that Dutch smells like he is on the mend.

Sending lots of juju and Pug hugs!

Bert (pug 876) and Earnie (the Bloodhound) and their leaking HuMom.

Hugo the Portland Pug said...

Oh we are SO HAPPY! I think we checked the blog five kajillion times today to look for updates! Dutch, you're such a sweet and strong boy! I think Biebz should come visit you in the hospital and bring you pink roses!

We love you!

Hugo and family

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

So sorry my comment posted twice! Just so very worried and couldn't read the fine print to prove i is a PUG, not a robot!

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

So sorry my comment posted twice! Just so very worried and couldn't read the fine print to prove i is a PUG, not a robot!

Annie Fannie said...

Sophie, thank you for the update.

Dutch, tomorrow you will feel better than today, and each day after that will be better.

Peggy2957 said...


Thanks sooooooo much for the update!!! I've been worried sick about Dutch and Amanda. I'm currently on the west coast but will be heading back east tomorrow. (I can't wait to see Emi and Benny). At any rate tell Amanda if she needs anything to let us know. I'm not sure exactly where in NJ you are but we are about 200 miles north of NYC. PLEASE take good care of our Amanda and Dutch and we will keep sending LOTS of AWESOME juju!!!!!


Rachel's Thoughts said...

Your such amazing troopers Dutch and Amanda! So happy to hear the good news. That zipper will soon heal and be like it never was. Thanks to Sophie for filling in. :)

Rocky, UK said...

Nice to meet you, Sophie! My human is leaking like crazy ... I keep telling her it's GOOD NEWS but she just said I'd never understand humans. Anyway tell Dutch we're all rooting for him and give his human a pug hug from us. Love Rocky xxx

Jasper, Sarge, and Pepper said...

Thank you for the update, Sophie. We're so glad Dutch is doing well. We've donated towards his hospital bill, a lot of people have. The last thing a Mommy needs is to worry about money at such a scary time. By the way, I bet those orbs of yours can make your humans do anything! So pretty! Love, Jasper and Sarge and our Mom.

Mercy's Mom said...

Dear Sophie,

That was a very sweet (and funny) post, especially since this was your first time posting. You're a natural :)The picture is adorable too!

Soooooo glad to hear Dutch is on the mend, even if it will be slow going. I kept checking the DP every hour for an update. I can help drive Dutchy back to SF when the time comes, if flying is out of the question. In fact, it would be my pleasure. Such a small thing I can do to repay Dutch, Amanda & Pug for all the joy they bring into my life (and Mercy's).

I'll be making a Paypal contribution today to help w/Dutchy's medical expenses.

To the Laurie(s) - Once again, thanks to both you gals for all you do too! Please keep us informed if we need to dig deeper in our pockets to cover the vet bills.

To Amanda - Not the way you thought you's be spending your vacation; but nice (if that's possible) that you are w/family during a time like this. I'm sending all the juju I've got for you & Dutch. You are a strong lady, you'll get through this. I think your strength is one of the things all of us who follow the DP admire so much about you. Keep the faith, Sweetie!

Much love,
Jane (Mercy's Mom)

Mercy said...

Dear Sophie,

It's nice to meet you! Thank you for the update. You sound like a good cousin. Thanks also for visiting my studmuffin Dutchy! Does he have to wear the cone of shame so he doesn't lick his new zipper? I hope the vet has pink cones....

Kissis, Kisses,

Andria said...

I'm a bit of a lurker on your blog, I follow, I read, I love, I don't comment, it just isn't my way. Today I just have to say I am so so glad that Dutch is going to be OK, he's wagged his way into my heart (Pug too!).

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

Thank you for the update Sophie!! We are so glad that Dutch is going to be ok!! Sending tons of good healing JUJU to Dutch!!

Pugs & Kisses,

Brutus & Ellie

Anonymous said...

Yeah I am so glad to hear some good news! Sophie you sure are a cutie! Give Amanda a big kiss from the Plantation pugs! I am sending more JUJU Dutch's way. Keep us posted. Grumpy

Sammy and Neko said...

So glad to hear he is doing ok. We keep sending him more jujus.
Hang in there, Dutch and human!!
Thank you for the update, Sophie.


Butch and Sundance said...

Sophie, thank you so very much for the update, our human was sooo worried, but, we were sending all kinds of pug JuJu to Amanda and Dutch it even snowed yesterday!! Get better soon Dutch!!

Sabrina PugTails said...

It's good to meet you Sophie. Thank you for the much needed update on Dutch.
More healing and calming juju to Dutch and his human.

Elisa said...

Stay strong Dutch! I'm sending you and your human big hugs over the internet!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sophie, for the update. My mom was so worried! They're going to be in NYC this weekend, so if you need anything - just ask. They're not taking me... I pooped in my dad's office this morning just to prove how upset I am about this turn of events.



Meredith LeBlanc said...

Sophie, thank you so much for the update, we really appreciate it! We're so glad to hear Dutch is doing well, take good care of him!

Meredith & Scarlet

TriHardChris said...

This is fantastic news Sophie. Thank you for your excellent story telling. Hopefully the hospital is giving Dutch TLCand wrapping him in pink. He must be scared, so be sure to give him lots of pug kisses.

So happy to see he's on the mend.

Michele said...

Sophie, Sounds like Dutch has inherited some of thumbs super-power strengths to fight and heal!! Look forward to hearing more on Dutch's forward progress. Sending lots of healing thoughts and hugs!

Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

Keep on smelling better.

Roxi, Riley & Lea

Unknown said...


A couple weeks ago my pug Buddha (he and Tessie Pug helped you with Puglet all day during the Boston Common shoot) came thisclose to dying from hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. It was SOSO stressful and awful. I understand what you're going through and I feel so bad for you. I hope you are managing ok. If there us ANYTHING we can do please let us know!!!!

Sending lots of love and good wishes from the Cape,
Erin, Tessie and Buddha

Maggie and Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said...

Thanks for the update Sophie. So worried about Dutch and now I feel he will make it. Still gonna worry some but not as much now. Oh, and still sending BIG TEXAS juju cuz ya never know when you might need it and you can never have too much! Luv to you Dutch and Amanda.

Mary Ann said...

Sophie, thanks for the great update, and we are so glad that Dutch is going to be fine!

Anonymous said...

Sophie that was a great update! I'm sure you passed some great pug juju along to Dutch. Soooooo happy to hear Dutch is on the mend.

Anonymous said...

Dutch, so glad you are okay and on the mend! Would someone that knows how, set up a fund where all of us that wanted to could contribute to help pay vet and hospital fees? Maybe Sid at Pug Slope, cuz I think he knows how to set it up----remember Sid's Treat Fund?

Thinking of you
Charlie the Pug

Anonymous said...

Mooch and Aussie in Florida:

Dutch, thank God you're going to be OK. We like to pee outside in the sun. Often. As often as we can. Even when we just peed five minutes ago. We're glad you're gonna heal up, but that belly looks CRAZY!

Get well soon so you can go home to California and tell Puglet all about it.

And tell Thumbs, their person, that we'll be thinking good thought for all of you.


Mooch the Pug and Aussie the Cattle Hound

Janice, 2 Pugs and a Boxer Mix said...

Sophie, thank you so much for giving us a update on Dutch. We were so worried. We are praying for his speedy recovery. Give Amanda some extra pug love.

Deanna said...

So glad to hear Dutch is on the mend. What a scary situation! Sending lots of love and hugs from Portland!

Deanna & Mabel

Noodles said...

Thanks for the wonderful and reassuring post about our mighty FURiend Dutch.
Love Noodles

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sophie! There is a lot of "pug power" pulling for Dutch and it's working!!! So glad to hear he's improving, kudos to his great doggy mom.

Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

Hey, will Dutch be able to unzip his stomach and carry things inside himself now ??? Just wonderin. Puglet is really going to be jealous.

LOVE YOU DUTCH !! Get better real soon.

Keep on keeping us posted Miss Sophie and let us know how we can help with their vet bills

Roxi, Riley & Lea

Anonymous said...

Amanda, Dutch and Puglet

PUGS and KISSES from the San Antonio Pugs.

Buckets of JUJU heading your way.
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli

Anonymous said...

Amanda, Dutch and Puglet

PUGS and KISSES from the San Antonio Pugs. Buckets of JUJU heading your way.
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli

Anonymous said...

Buckets of JUJU heading your way Dutch.
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli the San Antonio Pugs

Candace and Chiquita said...

Sophie you are so cute!!! Love your face!

Thank you for the news on Dutch, will keep sending prayers out for him, his human and Pug

Anonymous said...

Buckets of JUJU heading your way Dutch.
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli the San Antonio pugs

JessieJane said...

Sophie you look like such a lady sitting there with your pink purse.

Thanks for the update, we will keep sending JuJu to Dutch.


CHINAPUG said...

Thank God...At least you have all the people on your blog who understand what a dog can mean to you. Around here they just think I'm nuts. I have 4 pugs, a boxer and a husky. Have fostered 7 deer (who stayed in my house most of the three months) Have raised 4 squirrels and released. I've raised more rabbits than even I want to think of. But it takes a very special person to understand how someone can think about animals this way. Anyway...I'm so glad to hear about Dutch doing better. When he's well, don't spoil him with too much bacon. And thank you for making me aware of this condition. I had never heard of it. Get well Dutch and tell Puglet the Ohio bunch say hi to him also. Elizabeth, Katie, Cooper, Maggie, Brooklyn the boxer , Nanook the huskey and the crazy lady that loves them all!!

Ollie said...

Thanks for the good news Sophie!! Now my human can get back to work instead of just aimlessly staring at the computer.
I had a long zipper on my left side a few years ago. It just looks worse than it is and shrinks pretty fast.
And to Mercy's mom Jane: you are one super-cool human to offer to drive Dutch back! Those of us who can't make the trip will use our keyboards to assist in defraying the cost.
Oh and one more thing- Dutch, you're my Justin Bieber.

Boppa said...

Sophia, We are really happy to hear about Dutch, and glad you stepped in to keep us updated. Now we need you to take care of Dutch's human. I'm sure something like this is so stressful on humans. Give her a big lick for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sophie - nice to see you although under such sad circumstances. Thanks for the update on Dutch, we were all so worried. Please give everyone a hug from us.

Tell Pug's humom thanks for the link, I read & was shocked to see we don't feed big dogs from an elevated feeder. I have been feeding my big gal Cleo this way for many years & will stop.

Sending lots more Juju to our Dutch Boy!

Ann, Frodo, Molly & Cleo

margie and oscar the pug said...

Glad that Dutch is improving. Lots of pug hugs,well wishes and positive thoughts from SoCal!

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that Dutch is on the mend!
Noodle and Ellen in NYC

Miley said...

Hey Miley here,

Could everyone offering to give a ride to Dutch say where you are and how far you will drive? I making a list.



If you don't want to post here just send me a email.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sophie for update,thank god Duch is all good...we love him so much .
Sending on your way Lots of healing


Anonymous said...

Hi Miley ~ what is ur email? I'd like to help :). Marina

Loring said...

Such great news! All the love in the world to you all!

Miley said...!/groups/511139895617102/

here is the link to the facebook page

Anonymous said...

So glad you are ok Dutch !!! Sending positive pink love to you ! Hugs Althea Verbena and Lavinia Rose

Huber said...

Thanks Sophie! Please tell Dutch we hope he is doing better. Bloat sounds really scary!

Paula from DE said...

Lots of juju and love for you Dutchie! Feel better soon!

Southern Fried Pugs said...

Sophie, it's awesome to see you again! Thank you for letting all of us know how Dutch is doing. Give him and Miss Amanda our love. Make sure she rests as much as she can by sitting on her lap a lot. Humans don't like to disturb us when we are on their laps.

Bruno and Diesel's mom said...

Hi Miley
I'm in the Akron/Canton area of Ohio & would be willing to drive a leg.
We can go as far east as the Ohio/Pennsylvania border to meet up, and then can go as far west as the Indianapolis area (about 300 miles). Hoping to see another good update on Dutch soon!
Love always, Bruno & Diesel's mom (Lisa) ♥♥♥

Caylee and Chloe said...

From Caylee and Chloe in Tacoma... Dutchy, you scared us so bad! We are so happy you pulled through! Our Mom has seen this surgery, and it is pretty hairy and scary. We can go from Tacoma to the Oregon/Cali border to get you home if you are going to take this route. Our Mom has lots of experience caring for critters, so we know you will be in good hands.
Love n licks,
Suze, Caylee n Chloe

cristina said...

Feel better Dutch! <3 Rocky

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sophie! You're so sweet!

Heather said...

Phew! Thanks for the update Sophie. So happy that Dutch is going to be okay!

Mercy said...

Hi Miley :),
Mercy here, about the driving. My pack will drive whatever is necessary, EXCEPT drive through the mountains. My Mom is a whimp going through mountains. My Mom would have to drive the northern or southern route if doing the whole drive.

If you want specific stretches, my pack could go to Toledo or Inianapolis (depending on the route) and as far west as Iowa City or Des Moines - with cheap (but fun) overnight accomodations at Casa Mercy, outside of Chicago. I think that would be good for Dutch, he will be in need of some "big dog" bonding by that time. Don't get me wrong, My pack & I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pugs,but you and Dutchy & I know sometimes you just gotta have some "big dog" play time.

Kisses, Kisses,

P.S. Miley, you are a rockstar! I wish I had spots like you & Dutch....hum... maybe I'll get some tats....:)

Anonymous said...

Kelley and Violet the pug here, we usually just read and don't post on here, but we just wanted to wish Dutch the fastest recovery! We're so happy your human knew to get you to the vet and we're so happy to hear your surgery went well!

Patty said...

Sophie, thank you so much for the update. I'm sure glad to know that Dutch is on the mend. Big hugs to you for letting Pug, Dutch and Miss Amanda's blog friends know what's going on.

xoxo Patty

Pug Slope said...

OMP! I'm so glad to hear Dutch's surgery went well. That was sure scary! Sending him all my Windy City good juju to make his recovery quick and painless.


JessieJane said...

Sophie, every time I look at your pic it reminds me of my grandma all lady like and sitting there patiently with her white hair. Not calling you old or anything ;)

I keep coming back just to see your picturem, it brings back memories.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sophie, Emma and their cat mom are so very happy to hear that Dutch is going to be alright. We think it must have been so overwhelming to think Dutch was in such danger .. and even though we are cats .. we understand how scary that must have been.
Head butts and purrs for a full recovery and more funny quips from Sophie of another variety ? ^..^ ^..^

Luana said...

Thanks for the update Sophie. Next time you visit Dutch, give him a big pug kiss from all his internet friends that are worried about him and sending him good juju.

Yoda and his human

Unknown said...

Hi Sophie,

THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE UPDATE!!!!! Give Dutch lots of hugs from us....

Buford T. Justice, Bambi, Miss Lacey, Tre - a Boston, and from the bridge, Miss Peg and Per-Li-Mae

Anonymous said...

Hope to hear some more good news today! We are still pretty worried.
We love you, Dutchie!

Roscoe and Champ