Friday, May 17, 2013


ME: Where have you been??
MY HUMAN: Acronym hell.
ME: Well, Frank's been humping me for like 7 hours straight.
MY HUMAN: Do you feel like stabbing your eyes out with a freaking ice pick?
ME: Uhhhh.... I don't think so.

I could tell by the way she said freaking ice pick this was one of those times when you're supposed to shut your mouth and not ask questions. Frank didn't get the hint.

FRANK: What's an acronym?
ME: Are those HBO words?

No idea what my human's problem is. But just in case she's serious about the ice pick thing, I'm not going to ask. And if you ever hear your human talk about acronyms? Might want to keep your eyes open and mouth shut.


Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Does not sound good!! Can we help out??

Bunk said...

My human is in the field of education. We here a ridic amount of acronyms on a regular basis!

Anonymous said...

Ruh Roh...melt down in progress.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Pug,

To any human, "DMV" is DEFINITELY an HBO word...for us, going to the DMV is worse than when you have to go to the Vet.

Hope your human recovers quickly.

And "CHP" being involved can't be good, either...

Mooch and Aussie's dad

Chang from Chicago said...

Puglet, my research tells me that it might have something to do with parking tickets!

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Um yeah. That doesn't sound good. You better snuggle your human.

Meredith & Scarlet

Anonymous said...

We suggest you be very quiet and stay out of her way til the melt down is over. Our human dad gets speeding tickets not sure if they are as bad as parking tickets. When he does our mom says he uses bad words, unprintable bad words.
Keep your head down friend.
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli

Anonymous said...

Hi, Puglet - Sounds like your thumbs is having a really bad day(s). It happens here too and when it does I retire to my Temperpedic pug bed with my elk antler and just hunker down. It always works. Always!
Chubby T. Pug

Harry the pug from Oz said...

Oh no but Puglet you have needs, to get away from that humping frank!!!!!!!!! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

This ain't good.
We're sending you lots and lots of hugs and love and kisses.
Pearl, Mac, Trixie and our human Sherry

Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

We don't know what you're talking about today and that picture makes us dizzy so all we're going to say is "hang in there"
Roxi, Riley & Lea

Maggie and Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said...

Oh no!!! DMV is short for TROUBLE! Stay clear of the human!

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Hope you had a good weekend, and things are better this week at the Casa!