Friday, July 11, 2014

DUTCH FRIDAY: it's Friday!

one Dutch + two pugs
Hello! It's Friday and I'm here and I'm happy. Happy because yesterday we went to the spa and finally washed off the escape-from-Pride-weekend camping nightmare. And ever since we got back from spider hell, I've been sleeping in the bed with my human - even on the nights Pug gets sent to the couch for snoring. 

Happy happy happy. 

I'm also happy because I found out I have a power animal: the majestic pegacorn. It's kind of a long story. Can you believe I've been on this earth almost 11 years and only just found out there's another animal living inside of me? It even has wings.

PUG: you have a power animal?
DUTCH: I do!
PUG: seriously?
DUTCH: yes! A mighty pegacorn lives inside of me. It has wings!
PUG: (silence)

I tried explaining to Pug that a pegacorn is half pegasus, half unicorn. First he didn't say anything, then he laughed, then he said neither of those things exist. I said yes they do. He said then show me one. I asked my human for help, she didn't want to get involved. Then Google made the whole thing very confusing.

I'm pretty sure Pug is mostly just jealous because I found my power animal and he didn't. I haven't showed him the picture Lulu's mom made for me (there's a make-me-a-unicorn app!) but I know when he sees it, he'll wish he had a mighty pegacorn inside him too.

Isn't that the most fabulous thing ever??

Butterflies + Rainbows,



Maggie and Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said...

THAT is the most fabulous thing ever Dutch! You rock! And the majestic pegacorn inside you does too!

Anonymous said...

heeeheeee, pegacorn....

Sammy & Neko

Noodles said...

HI Dutch
I am pretty sure Puglet is just jealous of your Pegacorn. It is indeed special and suits you perfectly.
Love Noodles

Anonymous said...

Dutch, You are amazing. To be willing to open yourself up to the mighty pegacorn inside you takes courage and pinkness. Waaaayyyyy to go!

Daisy and Scooter Pugman

Anonymous said...

We think Pug's power animal is a pug.

Paco the Pug said...

Love the pink wings! A powerful pegacorn! What a cool power animal, Dutch! My Mum says I have a Puggerpiller inside me. Which she thinks is awfully cute!
Jackie & Paco