Monday, July 13, 2009


Hey everybody. Sorry about sleeping in on Friday. Not sure what's going on - I've just been really tired lately.

Anyway. When I finally did get out of bed on Saturday, the weather was really nice (no fog!) so a bunch of us went to the beach. Even though we go there a lot, I'm always a little freaked out by the ginormous birds that live there. I mean, they are HUGE. Like small airplane huge. Like, big-enough-to-eat-a-pug-whole huge.

Usually I just see the scary birds swooping high above the cliffs, but on Saturday they were a whole bunch of them just sitting around on the ground. Being with my friends made it feel safe enough to investigate (y'know, the whole pack-mentality) so I snuck up on the scary birds to check them out.
I figured they'd fly away when I got close - but they just sat there. Kinda creepy. When I got close though, I could smell they weren't birds at all. Lots of metal and fabric and stuff my nose didn't recognize, but definitely no bird.

I was all ready to bolt when I saw what appeared to be one of the not-a-bird creatures EATING a human... until I heard the human being eaten tell human (and I quote)
Yeah, you cannot have more fun than this!! Hmmm. Turns out the guy wasn't being eaten by the not-a-bird creature, he was riding it. And he was having fun doing it.

I was so confused until my human explained the whole thing to me. Apparently, the not-a-birds are called hangliders and humans ride on them to fly. I have to admit, this sounds really cool. I tried to convince my human to let me try it, but she said you kinda have to know what you're doing.

I'm going see if Google can teach me --I really want to fly now!

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