Thursday, July 9, 2009


Keeping with my promise to be less self-indulgent, I spent the whole morning working by butt off so I could bring you another toy review. Testing toys with my friend Boka might look like fun but... ok, I'm not going to lie. It's totally fun. Especially when the toy being tested is the best dog toy EVER**.

Everyone, meet The Wubba.

The coolest thing about Wubbas is their tug-ability. They're kinda shaped like an octopus, so there's lots of different parts to grab onto. One Wubba can entertain multiple dogs at one time, so everyone can join in the fun (which make the fun even funner!). At one point, there were four of us latched on to the Wubba at the same time. Usually that kind of scenario ends in a dead toy, but the Wubba remained intact. We'd probably still be tugging on it if the humans hadn't interrupted.

(Note: my human says even if you accidentally rip the Wubbas fabric off, the play doesn't have to end. Unlike most toys, the guts of the Wubba are also playthings. Two tennis balls!)

Wubbas are also excellent for fetching, especially in water. Thanks to my lack of snout, I have a really hard time retrieving in the water. To get my mouth around a ball, I pretty much have to stick my whole face underwater (my human says to imagine bobbing for apples). It's not pleasant and I almost drown trying. Don't have this problem with The Wubba. The whole thing floats so it's super easy to just latch on to a leg and go.

Summary --

Entertainment value:
4 paws when shared with a friend / 3 paws solo

0 paws for taste - it's flavorless

Duration of play:
+ an hour (or until the humans break it up)

stood up to MUCH tugging without so much as a torn stitch

The Wubba comes in a bunch of different sizes, materials and with or without a squeaker. They even make a high-visibility night Wubba and Wubbas just for cats.


** as always, this list is subject to change minute by minute

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