Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I knew when my human said "Puglet, what are you eating?" the correct, 100% truthful response was not "Nothing".

And I guess I also knew I was busted when my human continued the interrogation with "Puglet, did you eat one of my new plants?". I should have just said yes. I know I should have. But at the time, I just couldn't fess up. So I just shook my head and tried to look innocent.

It's not that I'm a dishonest pug. Really. I just didn't want to disappoint my human by being bad. By being a plant-eater. Besides, I figured she'd never even know I ate the plant because I only ate part of it. It's not like the plant was gone. It was just... less. Plants at our house die all the time, I figured she'd never know it happened.

I was so wrong.

I knew it was all over when my human's tone of voice got all slow and serious. "Puuuuglet, is that a LEAF in your mouth?".


Everyone, learn from my mistakes:

1) Don't eat the plants.
2) If you eat the plants and are asked if you ate the plants, just say yes.
3) If you eat the plants and get caught eating the plants but decide not to be truthful about it, be sure to swallow ALL the evidence before lying.


Rosie the Party Pug said...

I've adopted the eat plant and run tactic. Unfortunately I have 3 big brothers that run also just to see what I have. Hard to get away with anything with 3 big dogs following you.

Odysseus said...

Hi Puglet. I like leaves. We don't have any in the house so I take them from the yard.

That and mommy conveniently keeps the flowers out of reach.