Thursday, July 16, 2009


First jellyfish, now sharks. Yes, that thing in the picture is a baby leopard SHARK. I watch Animal Planet, I've seen shark week. I KNOW what a shark is and I know what a shark can do. I just didn't know they live near the beaches *I* go to.

To be fair, the only reason that shark was on the beach was because some guy with a pole pulled him out of the water. And, in the shark's defense, he didn't seem all that threatening. After the first 3 seconds, he kinda just laid there in the sand and didn't move. But still. He smelled scary.

My human pet a Leopard shark at the aquarium once and said I shouldn't be afraid of them. They eat little things like crabs and small fish - not pugs. Google says the Leopards like to hang out in San Francisco Bay (where I swim!) to avoid getting eaten by a Great White. Bay water is too warm for Great Whites, so they stick to the waters off the coast (where I also swim!).

The beach has become a dangerously exciting place.


Anonymous said...

Love Puglet's expression!

chasingtales2 said...

Gotta love that puggie!