Friday, July 17, 2009


Sorry I'm a little late posting today - got hung up in the bath tub. I had an early morning rendezvous with the Labradors and came back feeling not-so-fresh.

(I think NASTY! is the word my human used to describe me).

Since y'all
have seen me take a bath before, thought I'd share a picture of why I always get so dirty whenever I hang out with the crazy Labrador brothers. Even though I don't swamp-dive for sticks, somehow I still end up covered in mud. OK, maybe not THIS much mud, but enough to land me in the tub.


pugsmom said...

Is Puglet's name Puglet?

THE PUGLET said...

Well, my "official" name is Puglet. But usually I just get called 'Pug' or 'the Pug'.

It's funny - everywhere I go, people I've never met before know my name. They point and say, "Awwwww, look at the Pug!".

Maybe that's just what happens when you have a blog? You get famous like that Brittney Spears girl.