Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I think brother Dutch felt kinda left out of the No-Contest, so today I'm going to write about him instead of talking about Pug Sunday (more on that tomorrow).

Lots of people ask my human why there's a Daily Puglet, but not a Daily Dutch. Am I her favorite? Am I more interesting? More cute? Well, yeah... but that's not why Dutch doesn't have a blog.

The problem is that Dutch hates cameras. More like he's
afraid of cameras. Unlike me, who gets all excited when the camera comes out, Dutch will do everything he can to avoid having his picture taken.

See today's photo? Case in point. My human had to ambush Dutch when he was too busy rolling around in the grass to notice her. She was able to get one good frame (fancy talk for picture) before he saw the camera... and died.

Well, not really died. He was just playing dead so my human would stop shooting him (more fancy talk; shooting just means taking pictures). See those five little pictures underneath the big one? My human took those while she was waiting for Dutch to come back to life.

Dutch didn't move for almost 2 minutes. At first my human thought it was kinda funny. So she kept shooting. When he didn't get up, she thought something might be wrong and stopped.
And as soon as she put the camera down, Dutch went back to rolling around in the grass. Happy as a pig in poop.

Looking at pictures of a dog playing dead would get pret-ty boring after awhile. and
that's why there's a Daily Puglet - but no Daily Dutch.


Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

We like seeing Dutch but we do enjoy your daily pictures!

PS The cute way you choose the no contest winners was awsome!

Mr. Puggle® said...

maybe you can manipulate his arms and legs to spell stuff? hahaha

Lola said...

Too bad he's such a scaredy-dog because he's so handsome. My mom used to foster 'spotted ones' for dalmation rescue (mostly deaf pups) and she says Dutch is quite the looker.
That would be sooo funny if you took Mr. Puggle's advice and spelled stuff out with his arms and legs!
Lola in Lafayette

pugsmom said...

My brother Harley (a keeshond) is afraid of cameras too. He's a very handsome boy. He's all fluffy with lots of hair and his tail curls up over his butt just like mine only bigger and more impressive. He does funny things, like smile and show all his teeth when he is happy or excited. My human keeps trying to take his smiling picture with his ears up, but when she holds up the camera he puts his ears down and hangs his head and backs away. I think he is a big scardy cat/dog. LOL
Phoebe Pug

THE PUGLET said...

Ooooh - I like the spelling stuff idea, Mr Puggle. Not sure if my human OR Dutch are that talented though. Especially not Dutch.

THE PUGLET said...


Brother Dutch does the SAME smiley-teethy thing. It makes him look like a werewolf. My human has never been able to catch it on camera either, but she's working on it....

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet - my big sis Cleo doesn't like the camera either. Maybe the bigger the dog - the more scaredy cat they are HAHAHA!!! We liked how you picked the winners too, my mom laughed when you wouldn't give up the name of the last winner!


Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! Poor Dutch to not like the camera. Maybe if you told him that he could have his own blog (The Weekly Dutch?) he would agree to some photos. I used to love the camera but now I'm just indifferent to it.

Stubby xoxo