Monday, November 9, 2009


Whenever we ride in the car, my human makes us listen to NPR. Sometimes it's reeeeally boring, but sometimes I learn things about the world and it's OK. On the way to Pug Sunday yesterday (more on that tomorrow), the people on the radio were talking about some place called Berlin and a wall that fell down or something. I wasn't really interested until my human said she was there, in Berlin, right after the wall fell over. Said she still has a piece of it.

Huh? When did she go to this Berlin place - and why didn't I get to go too??

When I grilled her about about it, she just laughed. It was 20 years ago, Pug. You weren't even born yet. Your mother's mother's mother wasn't even born yet.


This is one thing about my human I always forget and will never get used to: she had a life BEFORE me. She's been places and and done things and seen stuff that I know *nothing* about. And this kinda freaks me out a little because I like to be as close to her as possible at all times. She says I'm sticky like velcro because once velcro sticks, it doesn't let go.

I told my human I want to know every single thing that happened before me, starting with Berlin. She laughed and said that's a whole lot of stuff. But she did tell me about the Berlin place, the giant wall that used to split it in half, and how different the two halves were when she visited them.

It doesn't sound like I missed much (especially in East Berlin) but I still wanted to know what it would have been like to be there. So I found a wall and tried to imagine it... which didn't really work. So from now on I'm going to stick super-close to my human and never miss anything she does ever again.


Smushie Ranch said...

We learned all about Berlin on Saturday. Dad watched a documentary about the giant wall. We know this because we stick like Gorilla Glue to our mom and dad too.

BTW Puglet, did you see that Stella received her Henrietta Rubber Chicken? Thank you so much!! We love it!

Lola said...

My mom calls me her velcro, too, because I'm always stuck to her side. She sits down, I sit down. She gets up, I get up. She gets in bed.. well, you get the picture.
My mom says your human doesn't look old enought to have been in Berlin 20 years ago- she says she only looks 20!
Lola in Lafayette

Meg n Lola in Las Vegas said...

I'm my Mom's little Shadow. She's so needy... Pug Hugs, Lola in Las Vegas

Mr. Puggle® said...

i have a pieces of that famous wall in my house. i used to live in germany. maybe we were in the same place? that would be funny.

you look super cute puglet posing on your wall.

THE PUGLET said...

Stella & Gunther,

I think we have the same TV - I saw the wall docu-thingy too. Kinda boring because there were no animals, but watching people escape from the East was OK.

THE PUGLET said...

Ha ha ha Lola in Lafayette -

I asked my human how she was old enough to be to Berlin 20 years ago. She said she is "plenty old enough" but likes that she doesn't look it!

I also found out that back then she was going to school in a Whale or something (maybe she said Whales??) and was much closer to Berlin. Another thing I didn't know!!!

Mr. Puggle - did you know your human lived by the wall??

Go ahead everyone - ask your humans where they were 20 years ago. I bet you have no idea what they were doing without you!!

Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! I too was very upset to learn that my mom had a life before me. She didn't visit Berlin but she did lots of cool stuff that I would have loved. I really thought that her life started with me but I guess I was wrong.

Mom was old 20 years ago and she had a dog but it wasn't a pug. What was she thinking?

Stubby xoxo

Lola said...

My mom says she was in 7th grade 20 years ago- the same grade Whitney is in now!
Lafayette Lola

THE PUGLET said...

See! I TOLD you. Humans have alllll sorts of secrets. Like they were young once and had other dogs and lived in Whales and stuff.

I'm sure your human was saving pugdom for you, Stubbs!