Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Now that the Green Pug media frenzy is over, and Dutch got his time in the spotlight, we've got some catching up to do...

So, my girl Bellatrix's human had the supergenius idea to start a Pug Saturday group. The last few Pug Sunday's got rained out so I was superexcited to head to the Easy Bay for some serious pug fun (plus Dutch).

When we got to the dog park, Bellatrix, my man Spencer and a very cool pug named Phantom were already getting puggy. It was really warm, so we all played in the shade under a picnic table. Except for Dutch. He just hung out with his rubber chicken and barked at us for being pugs.

Dutch's barking was pretty annoying, but it created a diversion and that gave me the opportunity to snack. On wood chips. I know I'm not allowed to eat wood chips, just like know I'm not allowed to eat rocks. But there are some things a pug just can't help. And eating is one of them. So even though my human kept making me spit the wood chips out, I kept sneaking them in. No big deal, right?

Right. Until about midnight. When my stomach started hurting. And I mean hurting. I tried to pretend everything was ok, but my insides were were full of wood chips and anything but OK. So I paced. And I puked. And cried. And paced some more. And puked again. But the pain didn't go away. This went on for a few hours.

One trip to the vet and a dose of mineral oil later, and I guess the wood chips started moving because the pain went away. I won't go into all the gory details about what the mineral oil did to my butt - let's just say I could have used one of those Rear Gear doggie butthole covers to hide the oil spill.

I also won't say too much about the ginormous woodchip that finally came out of me on Monday afternoon. Except that it was huge. Like, the size of my foot. But square-ish. And made of wood. Yeah. And Dutch thought I had a case of Famousitis!?!

My human says we can't go back to the woodchip park until I can learn how to "abstain" from eating things I'm not supposed to. I really had fun and want to go to the next Pug Satuday, but I'm not sure I want to learn how *not* to eat stuff. Unless maybe I get lots of cookies for doing it.


3pugs2luv said...

We are so sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience with wood chips. It does look like all of you had lots of fun. Awesomecute pictures!We hope to go to the next PugSat, hope you can too. Maybe you can ask Miss Bellatrix if PugSat can have rotating locations-like next time at the beach or something like that. Maybe without as many wood chips. It's good that you got that out of your system, so to speak.
Don't feel too bad Zoey ended up at the vet on Saturday too. As you know it was warm & that's hard on us pugs(especially black pugs like Zo). Well the neighbor's decided to do an earsplittingly loud project in their backyard. Is was totally scary. Zoey started to hyperventilate & was not able to calm down. But it was nothing that a sedative & 3 hours of oxygen couldn't take care. That's much better than mineral oil & square things coming out of your butt.
Zoey & Phoebe

Lola said...

You crack me up, Puglet! Glad to hear you're feeling better.
Lafayette Lola said...

Hello Puglet's Human!

Just wanted to let you know I gave a bark-out to you and Puglet on my eco-blog:

What an amazingly dramatic and creative video you and the dog fam produced! (And the directing omg!) Kudos to you for training all of them and sending the green message out. They are cute beyond words.

I really enjoyed reading your blog and have fallen in love with Puglet's writing lol. Keep up the great work!

Crabbie Chris said...

Oh No Puglet!! My mom and I feel so bad that the wood chips caused you problems and a trip to the vet. I didn't even see you eating them, you must be very sly about it. Mom and dad are doing research into other parks, and I like the idea of rotating's all about getting pugs together right?
Oh Pug....I really hope you feel better. I'm sending positive pug thoughts your way. Let me know if you want me to send my mom over to rub tummies...she's like a pro at it and I'm willing to share.
Love you Puglet!!

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Puglet I eat things too that I shouldn' dead worms, cig butts (eewww), the occasional wood chip and paper...mmmm paper!

I hope you find a non-woodchip park!!!


Those Elgin Pugs said...

Hi Puglet...

It's Izzy here! Josie wanted to blog to you, but I totally got this. First of all...I totally understand your need to eat the chips. I eat rocks. Mommy and Daddy moved into an old house five years ago and the neighbors before them must not of liked to do much scaping because they had billions of little rocks everywheres. Mommy is so frustrated because they will have to dig them all out to plant vegetation. Mommy and Daddy just started their own gardens elsewhere...anyways...back to the rocks...they even are in the back yard too. Mommy and Daddy put alittle fence around them and I jump in and eat 'um! Mommy and Daddy never let us out by ourselves anyways because we can't be trusted. But boy are those rocks good when I can sneak 'um. I even poops 'dem out. But oh boy, I am sorry 'bouts 'dat big square shaped barks chip (ouchie) You needs a soak in the tub!
Anyway, I think your cutes, but that Phantom Puggie is smokin'! Does he date craZy pugs? I'm sort of in a relationship with TheBean...but it's on again off again...(hee hee)...
Hopes you feel better.
Pee-S Bella looks so cutes in that first picture!
Love, Izzy (not The Iz I have to respect my friend THE FOO)

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya GreenEggsAndZen ~

Oooh - thanks for keeping Green Pug alive on your blog! We hope it inspired a gazillion people to make some changes & grow some new habits :)

THE PUGLET said...

OH NO - Zoey! I'm so glad you're ok now too. And this totally made me laugh my butt off!!!!

"But it was nothing that a sedative & 3 hours of oxygen couldn't take care. That's much better than mineral oil & square things coming out of your butt."

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Bella-T ~

Don't feel bad! I know it was my fault. My human tried to keep me up on the picnic table and everything, but those wood chips! HMMmmm MMmmm GOOD!

I was pretty hurting until Monday afternoon when the demon woodchip, uh, left the building, bbut now I'm 100% totally fine. Maybe we can do a PugSat at the beach sometime? I have no interest in eating sand.

THE PUGLET said...

Hmmmm cig butts! My neighbor smokes those things and he used to leave them (and matches)lying around. I used to snack on them too until my human got him a special bin with a lid on it. BOO!

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Iz ~

I hear ya on the rocks. My human had to have an intervention and replace the little river pebbles (marble size) in our yard with ginormous pond pebbles (golf ball and bigger size).

The vet said rocks are better than the woodchips (but still VERY BAD) because rocks are usually round and smooth. The woodchip that came out of me was scary. More like a block of wood than a wood chip.

I don't know much about Phantom, except that he is a very cool guy and THE coolest looking pug I've ever met. I'll post some more pix of him soon because he is just so.... cool!

dw said...

Hi Puglet! I know the whole hoopla with your great Green video was totally covered in other posts, but I needed to let you know something. I posted your video on my LiveJournal, and one of my friends who is a Daisy Girl Scout leader just saw it and left a comment. Here's what she said:

oh my gosh that was soooooo cute! I'm going to show this to my littledaisies - they're working on their "make the world a better place" petalthis month and they're just finishing up their "use resources wisely"petal... this is perfect and something they can totally understand!

So you're also helping little 6 year old Daisy Scouts to understand how to "use resources wisely" and helping little kids understand can only be great for the future! Thanks, Puglet!!

THE PUGLET said...

Hi DW,

Thanks for telling us about the Daisies. That's just as exciting as being on TV! Seriously!! I mean, to think that an ordinary pug like me can help kids learn how to "make the world a better place" ?!? HUGE.

There's a great big AWWWWWWWW moment happening at my house right now. Thanks for sharing this news :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
Glad you are feeling better.

Can non-pugs particpate in Pug Saturday? I'd love to come play too, since pugs are so very much fun to play with, especially if it is a rotating location.

-Tobee the frenchie, but smooshy-faced like a pug =)

THE PUGLET said...

Heya Tobee!

You can totally come (trust me pugs, Tobee is very cool). Dutch came and he isn't pug-like in ANY way shape or form :)

SpencerBartholomew said...

Square wood chip out the butt? Oh my goodness Puglet, I am so sorry my friend! No amount of Pug fun is worth part of a tree coming out the rear. We will totally plan a non-wood-chip place for some pug fun and, Tobee, you must come too!! Puglet, I love ya man...I don't want your hiney to be upset!

Toby said...

I love wood chips too Puglet and when I was little cigarette butts. Im glad you are ok! Sending happy puggy thoughts

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

Hey Puglet - sorry to hear about your episode with the woodchips. Hope you can find a non-woodchip park to have your pug saturday at!

We try and sneak and eat stuff we shouldn't now and then too, but Mom & Dad watch us pretty good. The mushrooms that grow in the backyard are the best - unfortunately they gives me the poops and the urge to have to go about every couple hours (mom & dad do not find this amusing when they are trying to sleep).

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

Corrine said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better Puglet. We have had a few cases of wood chip sickness at our house as well. We have been working with our very own wood chip eater to no avail for 8 years now. *Sigh*

Unknown said...

HI Puglet. Just between you and me, I like to eat those soft foam bright orange ear plugs. Give 'em a try- you can chew and chew and chew on them and they still come out a day later, whole and still bright orange! Much easier on both ends :)

Anonymous said...

Hi puglet! My name is Simon da' Pug. I have never tried woodchips but while they sound tasty i don't think my mom would want me to poop a tree, she already gets upset with me when i try to get my furry guinea pig brother Fins poop out of his cag. It's yummy and looks like little jelly beans. But man oh' man you should see her freak out when i do it.
anywayz i hope the ol' butt is feeling better.

Peace, and pug luv ur way.

- Simon

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
Please come to Pug Sunday on May 1 the weather looks like it would be good, Dutch could come too!

Mia said...

Poor Puglet!! At least you passed your wood chip!! I have a scar on my belly from an emergency trip to the vet after I ate a rock (hence the blog name)!! I'm glad you feel better!! Hope you can find another park or manage to stay away from the wood chips!!



THE PUGLET said...

Corrine ~

8 YEARS and *still* battling the woodchip urge?!? Uh oh. I may never be allowed back at that park again.

THE PUGLET said...

Uhm, Scoutie ~

Does your human know you're eating those orange ear things? Sounds a little scary to me. Not as scary as rocks and giant square wood chips - but anything that comes out looking the EXACT SAME as it went in can't be good. right?

THE PUGLET said...

Oh, Lilo - I hear ya. My human thought the woodchip wasn't going to make it. Out on its own, I mean. The vet said I have "super colon" to be able to pass square chunks of wood.

"Lilo the great rock eater" sounds much cuter than "Puglet the magnificent super-colon" though, huh?

Unknown said...

oh my goodness! I am so glad you are okay! Stay away from those wood chips! xoxo Aine

Buddy the Pug said...

Hi Puglet,

Sorry to hear that the wood chips lead to stomach issues. I can relate. I once overindulged on a pork bone and ended up in the hospital for a few days. Blood tests, IV, subQ, liver function, etc. Lesson learned: don't ever eat pork bone--cooked ones are worst.

Just so you know, the small dog park in Alamdea has sand instead of wood chips. May be we can meet up some time.

Buddy the Pug

Otis said...

Hi Puglet. Just like Scoutie above, I've also been known to eat my human's bright orange ear plugs. They are just so tasty. Unfortunately, she put a stop to it when we were at a (wood chip) playground and I threw them up. She thought they were carrots! Then she looked closer and I was guilty. Maybe you can find a 'safer' hobby. Now I just chew on tree branches and plants.