Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So, we're pretty healthy here at my house. My human's idea of a "special treat" is a carrot. Not that carrots are bad. I like carrots. Me and brother Dutch each get a great big fat one everyday. But a pug can't live on carrots alone, right?

OK, to be 100% honest, we get other stuff too. Once a week we get a bully penis or a great big marrow bone. And every now and then - usually when my human wants us to leave her alone - we get something really... special. And by special, I mean junkfood.

Well, last night my human must have needed some alone time because she made a beeline for our junkfood stash and
fished out the last bit of junk: a package of Busy Chewnolas. But instead of giving us tasty Chewnolas to snack on, she just stood there, reading the package.

ME: Uhm, what are you doing?
MY HUMAN: Checking the ingredients for propylene glycol.
ME: Uh?
MY HUMAN: It makes your snacks chewy. There was just a thing on TV about it being a common ingredient in dog treats - even though it can kill your liver or something.
ME: Oh. Can I have that Chewnola now?

And you know what she said? No. And not because of the liver-killing glycol stuff. Chewnolas have none of that in them. But they do have something called "animal digest" and that TOTALLY freaked my human out.

Because "animal digest" is just a fancy way of saying poop.

Poop! In my Chewnola? Uhm, Ok. I can live with that. But clearly my human couldn't because she threw the perfectly good Chewnolas in the garbage!

So you know what I did when she wasn't looking? Of course you do. I fished a Chewnola out of the garbage, hid under a pillow, and tried to eat as much as I could before getting caught. I didn't get very far because Dutch totally narc'd on me, but I don't think the part I ate had any poop in it.


Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! When are our humans going to learn that we don't care what's in our food? I mean seriously, we are dogs and we eat poop all the time not to mention lots of other delicious things they don't want us to eat. Mom knows to just turn a blind eye to my treats. I have her trained!

Stubby xoxo

allijag said...

LOL - such a little stinker there Puglet ;)

Odey said...

Gee, Puglet, you got my human looking up all kinds of chemicals now, to see what's in her products. Forget the poop, she said, I want to know what this propylene glycol stuff is. As usual, I told her, its just another good reason for me to go online and read my blogs--to find these kinds of informative things!

Molly in PA said...

Hi Puglet!

Molly's mom here, I'm new to your blog but your human sure does crack me up.

Nice fetch from the garbage :)

Odey said...

Ha! She just found propylene glycol in her "natural" deodorant, along with methylparaben! Puglet saves the day again! I guess dogs and humans both have to watch out for things in their food/products.

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Hey Puglet!!
'Dats Funny!! Your little spot dot doggie bro tolds on yous? ~hee hees!!
Even though we all kinda picks on eachothers rounds here we try to sticks together. If Anakin poops on 'da floors and Mommy comes in the rooms...we will all sit on the couch and stare ats the ceilings ~ hee hees.
Izzy steals toys though and she doesn't even try to hides 'dat.
Anyways, it's always interesting to flip over a package and see what its contents are!! (well, at least 'dats what we hears Mommy says)
I just flips it over and see
nom nom noms (hee hees)


Mr. Puggle® said...

you are hysterical puglet! i can finally post again. i have tried so many time in the last two weeks. and hey, don't forget you get fresh cow pie occasionally too. that has to be better than the packaged poop. i wonder if cow pie is organic? at least it doesn't have propylene glycol in it.

Mr. Puggle® said...

i don't have time to go back and comment on all your funny posts i have read lately. i just have to tell you i really enjoyed them and you find such clever things to say. you crack me up. the broken frank thing was hysterical. the chicken. all so funny. keep up the great job!

Ollie said...

Hi Puglet,
I'm stunned, poop in our chews? Those sneaky snack makers! We can eat poop for free any time we want just by taking a long walk. Sometimes it's a poop buffet out there. Why spend good cookie money on it?
My human has been studying labels ever since way back, when she found out what "animal by-product" was. Now, if there's one thing on the label she doesn't understand, it doesn't end up in my mouth.
Me? I'll eat poop but I just don't want to pay for it.

agent99 said...

Puglet.....sneaking the Chewnola out fo the trash was NOT nice! Your Momma is trying to keep you save, so cut her come slack, OK!

Gen & the Foo

THE PUGLET said...

Yeah, doesn't she know they probably sprayed "animal digest" on my Chewnola because poop TASTES GOOD to a dog?


All I know about that propylene glycol stuff is that it makes chewy treats chewy, isn't allowed to be in cat treats and isn't great for dogs either but for some reason, it hasn't been banned (yet?).

3pugs2luv said...

Thanks for the information Puglet. Our human gives us Chewnola when she has to go some where for a long time & can't take us. Now she says she'll have to find something else for us. Although, we don't really mind that there's poop on it but she says we get enough of that without having to add more. If you find another time consuming treat, let us know.
Zoey & Phoebe

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

OMD "animal digest" that is so Tuni's area of interest. Yuckies but funny!!! I wonder what animal...hmmmm.

Oh and I am allergic to propylene glycol anyways...but usually we just look for it in medicines. We didn't know it was in foods. Good thing mom only gives us kongs and nylabones to chew on....I thinks.

Sequoia (and Tuni the animal digest lover)!

THE PUGLET said...

Tuni ~

you're allergic to propylene glycol? Interesting. What happens?

My human only caught the end of whatever show it was that made her read the ingredients on my Chewnolas. I guess the propylene glycol was on the TV because it made some dog go to sleep?

From now on, my human says we're going to stick with "whole foods". I think that means stuff without ingredients. Like hoofs and bullypenises and marrow bones. And of course carrots.

Noodle said...

That's probably the safest way to go, Puglet. My humans have to constantly check the labels because I'm allergic to corn, wheat, and soy. I think that's why it took so long to find my forever home. I scratch and scratch and give myself skin infections. People find me frustrating to deal with. My new humans are trying their best, but I still sneak a treat whenever I can. Sometimes, people give me cookies without asking my human first. Those people mean well, but it drives my human nutzo! It all tastes so good! How could it be so bad?!

George Brown said...

Wow, that sounds like a great time, I love eating POOP! Especially CAT SNACKS! I'm not allowed to go near the cat litter now though. But I totally SNEAK IT whenever I can!!!!!

When I go to grandma and grandpas house they get liverchip cookies for me from the farmers market. Which is good because I LOVE liver AND chips!!!!! AND ESPECIALLY COOKIES!!!!!!!!

Arlo The Pug said...

Hey Puglet! How are ya? Thanks for the heads up about the propylene glycol. I didn't know it was bad! We already knew about the animal digest stuff though...My mom was freaked out about it too! It is pretty gross! Bol! Hope you are having a great week! Love, Arlo.

Wilma said...

Ew poop in treats. I was going to be smart and say Brigitte would like those treats, but she only likes her own poop. She is a big tattler though. She'd be right there with Dutch telling. What a buzz kill.

Sandy said...

This is a great photo of you Puglet. I don't know if you're hiding or not, but your face is totally doing what Jimmy taught. You must've learned well!

Oisín said...

Aww silly Puglet,

Manda and Oisín

Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

Hi Puglet, we are new to your blog and so far are loving it! Our Mom is absolutely FANATICAL about what we eat and is always reading labels and doing research, that's why all of our treats are all natural. But doesn't she know that we still eat icky stuff, like stuff we find on the floor of our house?? BOL!!

Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell

Beth Terry @ Fake Plastic Fish said...

Holy crap! Literally! Gross. Okay, it's true that dogs will eat their and other animals' shit sometimes. But still. Gross!

citydog said...

Oh handsome Puglet, animal digest isn't poop! It's all sorts of awful things, and best avoided, but it isn't poop.


THE PUGLET said...


"A cooked-down broth made from specified or unspecified parts of animals (depending on the type of digest used). If the source is unspecified [...] any kind of animal can be included: "4-D animals" (dead, diseased, disabled, or dying prior to slaughter), goats, pigs, horses, rats, misc. roadkill, animals euthanized at shelters, restaurant and supermarket refuse and so on

That's even grosser than poop!

citydog said...

It is!